Jeremy Lin from Linsanity to Hairsanity: What are the Reasons Behind his Hairdos?

Forget about his basketball performance, Jeremy Lin’s hairstyle is making the headlines these days 

From sleeping over on a friends couch to an instant hit in New York, Jeremy Lin’s basketball career has taken him places and has given him the leverage he needs to be well known worldwide. Jeremy Lin isn’t your average basketball player from his humble beginnings in basketball. He has strived and became one of the key players for his team. 

At 29, Jeremy Lin has taken us to a roller coaster ride from the early days in Golden State, to his rise in New York, to Houston, Los Angeles, Charlotte and now in Brooklyn. We have experienced such basketball Linsanity but it isn’t just his basketball skills which have taken us to a roller coaster ride. Late in his career, especially when he was playing with Charlotte, Lin developed a knack for changing hairstyles and it isn’t your average coiffure. 

From Linsanity to Hairsanity

His latest hairstyle garnered a lot of attention that he even needs to write about it in the Players Tribune as he explains the process and the reason behind his newest hairstyle, the dreadlocks. He spoke about cultural appropriation as his hairstyle has become more popular than ever.
Jeremy Lin has taken some backlashes, praises and mixed reactions from fans and players but Jeremy Lin’s game outside the court, his intelligence, and mental toughness is much greater than his basketball skills so it would take more to put him down even if the scrutiny is coming from one of the best players who ever played in a Nets uniform, Kenyon Martin.

Here is Jeremy Lin’s response to Kenyon Martin:


We stand by Lin and we are not just a fan of your basketball, but also a fan of your hairstyle!
Go Hairsanity!

Jeremy Lin Talks about Conflict with D’Angelo Russell and Brooklyn Nets

There is not much news about Jeremy Lin recently, nothing exciting compared to his early years in the NBA, until D’Angelo Russel got traded to Brooklyn Nets.
Jeremy Lin was considered to be the main point guard for the Nets this upcoming season, however with the arrival of highly touted second year player D’Angelo Russel, it put some cloud to his starting role.
Jeremy Lin showed up in the Las Vegas off season game and had a chance to talk about the situation.
Jeremy Lin thinks that D’Angelo Russel is a very talented player and that he is looking forward to playing alongside with the former Lakers. He also dispelled all the rumors about a potential conflict between the two and shared that he and D’Angelo has been talking and discussing how they would be playing together and complementing their games.

Highlight: Net’s Jeremy Lin Exploded with 32 points in a No Bearing Game Against Orlando

The battle of bottom teams.
Brooklyn is dead last on the standing in the east, while Orlando is 3rd to the last.
This is not going to stop us from publishing this news because Jeremy Lin, the most popular Asian player today just scored 32 points and yes I know you would like to see those highlights.
Jeremy Lin while averaging in double figure this season at 14 PPG, is still a complete disappointment playing only 35 games that is half of the total games of the season. His injury was the big problem.
We are not sure if we would see him in the same uniform next season so let’s enjoy the 32-point highlights of Jeremy Lin wearing the Net’s jersey.

Brooklyn Nets Reach Three-Year Agreement With Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin will play for another team again next season. According to the reports, Lin has agreed to a three-year, $36 million deal with the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets are in hunt of a point guard after they waived Jarrett Jack a couple of days ago.

The Nets will be the 3rd team of Lin in a span of three years and fifth overall. Lin had a very successful season with the Charlotte Hornets as a sixth man. He is a big part of the Hornets as they made the playoffs last season but he said this summer that he want to go in a team that will play him as the starter point guard. 

Lin has averaged 11.7 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3 assists in 26.3 minutes per game last season with the Hornets.

Lillard, Rose and Lin Headline Asian Summer Tours. Who’s coming to PH?

Lillard, Rose and Lin Headline Asian Summer Tours. Who's coming to PH?

 After a season of playoff runs and making highlight reels, the league’s best will head overseas to Take on Summer. Inspired by the grueling off-season training, mentality and hard work that prepare the game’s best for the upcoming season, the latest adidas Basketball tours will connect millions of fans to their favorite athletes.
“My approach to basketball has always been this; you can only get out of the game what you put in – and that’s what Take on Summer is all about,” said point guard Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers. “That’s the mentality I bring to my training and being able to share that attitude overseas to fans and players is an honor. I’m excited to get back to China, Taiwan and the Philippines to spend time with some of the best hoops fans in the world.” 
Fans attending the Take on Summer tours will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet and interact with their favorite players at exclusive events including basketball demonstrations and games, in-store appearances, social media campaigns and more.
Damian Lillard Tour
Take on Summer tips-off when Damian Lillard arrives in Beijing on June 8 and his tour continues through June 14 with multiple stops in China and visits to Taipei and Manila. Damian is coming off an outstanding season where he posted careers high in points (25.1) and assists (6.8). His play and team dedication led what was widely believed to be one of the bottom teams in the Western Conference to the second round of the NBA Playoffs in one of the season’s biggest stories.
City                                             Date
Beijing                                 June 9-10
Chengdu, China                  June 11-12
Taipei                                   June 13
Manila                                  June 14
Jeremy Lin Tour
Charlotte Hornets point guard Jeremy Lin will arrive in Guangzhou, China on June 18 and make multiple appearances in China. Lin’s consistent play helped lead the Charlotte Hornets to the NBA Playoffs.
City                                             Date
Shenzhen, China                June 18
Guangzhou, China             June 18-19
Shanghai                            June 20-23
Beijing                                June 24-25
Derrick Rose Tour
Derrick Rose is coming off one of his best seasons in recent years and showed his trademark playmaking and explosiveness. He will visit Asia August 10-17 with stops in China and South Korea. More specific plans will be announced at a later date.

Jeremy Lin wants to stay but will opt out from his contract for more money

Jeremy Lin wants to stay but will opt out from his contract for more money
Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin finally got a decent season after year after year of journey he finaly got something going on with the Charlotte Hornets.

I would love to [return]. I don’t like moving every year, I don’t like packing and unpacking boxes. So we’ll see. But I’m definitely interested in coming back. … This is the most fun I’ve had in my six years [in the NBA]. Being around a great group of guys and a coaching staff that really cares. I’ve learned so much about the game of basketball, particularly at the defensive end.

Jeremy Lin and his Monster Game! 35pts Highlights

Jeremy Lin was feeling it against the Raptors dropping 35 big points and leading the Hornets to another victory. He looked very poised and confident out there. This is one of the better performances of Jeremy Lin this year. His averages are down and we hope this will be a start for him to bounce and make a comeback.

Jeremy Lin was just signed by the Hornets this year.

Hornets wins over Magic in pre-season match-up

Charlotte Hornets newly acquired guard Jeremy Lin had 17 points, Jeremy Lamb added 16 and leading the team to a 106-100 victory over the Orlando Magic in their exhibition opener.

While Orlando Magic reserve big man Andrew Nicholson made the most of his 21 minutes, scoring 23 points and grabbing eight rebounds.

Hornets forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist left in the second quarter with a right shoulder injury after going to the floor following a foul in the second quarter.

Hornets’ Jeremy Lin says security didn’t believe he was NBA player

New Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin says he had trouble convincing a security guard that he’s an NBA player when he showed up at the team’s Charlotte arena.

The 6-foot-3 Lin signed with the Hornets in July.

The NBA’s first American player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent, Lin tweeted about the encounter Saturday afternoon: ”Went to the Hornets arena for 1st time and tried convincing security I’m a player. She said, ‘What team?!?”’

In February 2012, he led a winning streak by New York while being promoted to the starting lineup which generated a global phenomenon known as “Linsanity“. In the summer of 2012, Lin signed a three-year contract with the Houston Rockets, for whom he played two seasons before the Los Angeles Lakers acquired him in a trade. He played one season with the Lakers before signing with the Hornets.

Omg! What happened to Jeremy Lin?

Omg! What happened to Jeremy Lin?

After another year of frustrating performance, Jeremy Lin have decided to give up on his conditioning and is now looking like an old middle aged Chinese.

Not Really, Jeremy Lin will be playing next season for the Charlotte Hornets, this would be his 4th team in the NBA and he is fit as ever, not in this Adidas marketing stunt however.

Jeremy Lin undercover as a trainer.

Photo: Jeremy Lin Meme photo contest!

Looks like the Lin are having a lot of fun! And you can join in too.

Fan Appreciation Week Day 2: I have seen a lot of funny meme photos this year so let’s see what you guys can come up with for this photo!

You can either create a meme or write a caption. Post it in the comment section. Be creative!
I will choose 3 winners this Friday (8/21) to send a signed item to.

Fan Appreciation Week Day 2: I have seen a lot of funny meme photos this year so let’s see what you guys can come up…
Posted by Jeremy Lin 林書豪 on Monday, August 17, 2015

Jeremy Lin is going East side once again, announced his new team

Linsanity going to Buzz City!

Jeremy Lin hornets highlights

The once called Linsanity is going east side once again, After spending time with three teams in the NBA, The New York Knicks when he first captured the imagination of fans and blossom, Houston Rockets and the Lakers were he did not live up to the expectation.
He found himself once again in a new home and this time he could be given a chance to really play to his potential.
Jeremy Lin announces he will play for Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets, he would be a key player in Charlotte and could be the number two guy beside Kemba Walker.  According to sources the deal is 2 years for 4 million.
Here is the free agency announcement of Jeremy Lin ” Going to the Hornets “

Going into my first true free agency as an NBA player this off-season, the one thing that mattered to me the most was…
Posted by Jeremy Lin 林書豪 on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Look Jeremy Lin is teaching young Chinese ballers in China

Look Jeremy Lin is teaching young Chinese ballers in China

Jeremy Lin had a subpar performance as a Rocket but he still continue to be a hot commodity for the NBA and Adidas, still very marketable. Thank to the millions and millions of Chinese fans.

Jeremy Lin visit China to attend and teach young Chinese how to play basketball.
Now that Jeremy Lin is a Laker he will get a lot more exposure in the Asian market, it is a perfect fit, the Lakers are one of the most popular basketball team in the NBA especially in Asia.

Did you know that the Lakers had been pursuing Jeremy Lin since his rookie year?

Jeremy Lin Story Lakers

Perhaps not a lot of people knows about this story, but the Los angeles Lakers did actually pursue Jeremy Lin two times until finally acquiring them from the Houston Rockets. GM Mitch Kupchak reveals this is the third time the Lakers have went after the young point guard.

Lost for Words short movie featuring Jeremy Lin is inspiring

Lost for Words short movie featuring Jeremy Lin,

We think that Jeremy Lin is a real nice guy on and off the court but I can’t really validate that until I meet him personally. Anyway we want to commend Jeremy Lin for doing this video and helping people around the world be aware of some situations of youth refugee’s in the states. Like Jeremy Lin we care a lot about the youth and respect for other people.
Lost for Words was produced to support the Jeremy Lin Foundation (@jlinfoundation) and PAIR Houston (@pairhouston), an organization that works with refugee youth and the winner of last year’s Making A Difference campaign. Go to to join the Acts of Love Campagin. Together we can show acts of love and service to those around us. Written, Produced and Directed by Jubilee Project.
Behind the scenes