Too Good to Happen: Anthony Davis to GSW

Apparently, the Warriors are willing to give up two stars for Davis

As it is right now, the Golden State Warriors are headed for another top-seeded finish and are seasoned for another Finals trip, their 4th straight trip if ever they make it that far. They have the Splash Brothers in Steph Curry and Klay Thompson who can make it rain from deep at any given time. They also have Draymond Green, a workhorse who does all the dirty works, figuratively and literally. But there’s one player who makes the Warriors a better team. His name is Kevin Durant- a guy who was acquired by the Warriors just a few months after the Warriors blew a 3-1 Finals lead against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
And as it is right now, they are not yet done building a super team, just yet. Apparently, the Warriors were willing to send Draymond Green and Klay Thompson in exchange for one star, Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans. While  many pundits believe that the deal won’t happen and ESPN’s Trade Machine has already stated that such deal involving the mentioned players will fail due to the complex cap space issues plus tons of luxury taxes that will be penalized upon the Pelicans, a few believers think that this deal could actually happen in the future.
Here’s the catch, Anthony Davis is just in the 2nd year of a 5-year deal to stay in New Orleans. Klay Thompson is expected to stay until 2019 while Draymond Green’s contract expires in 2020. While the trade would not happen this season or even in the next season, this deal could actually make sense two seasons from now because both teams will have someone to gain instead of letting the players walk away into the free agency.
Now, assuming that the trade does happen two seasons, this will be the starting line up of the Warriors after trade:
  • Steph Curry
  • Nick Young
  • Kevin Durant
  • Zaza Pachulia 
Or, Steve Kerr could start Kevin Durant at the power forward position then start Andre Iguodala at 3 then Davis at the 5 spot. Now that’s a super 5, right? 


While Anthony Davis has said that he wants to remain a Pelican until such time when he finally calls it a career, we all know that nothing is certain when it comes to the NBA. As scary as the potential star power that the Warriors could gain, there’s also the potentiality of a chemistry issue that could run down Golden State. But yeah, Anthony Davis in a GSW uniform could also mean that Golden State could become a legitimate super team even without Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. 

Anthony Davis to the Lakers: The Rumor

Will the Lakers pull the trigger?

The Los Angeles Lakers have been included in the numerous trade rumors as of late and that’s not surprising at all considering the mere fact that the team hasn’t been consistent in most of their games despite having Lonzo Ball, one of the most-hyped rookies in recent memory.  Right now, the Lakers are sitting at 11th place in the Western Conference with an 11-18 record. They have lost 7 of their last 10 games.
The Lakers are said to be targeting various stars from other teams and among those stars whose names have been making loud noise is none other than Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans.
To begin with, the Pelicans, despite having their own Twin Towers of Davis and DeMarcus Cousins, are not in a good situation either with regards to their standing. Sure, they are in 8th place in the West right now with a 15-16 record but if you want to make a deep run into the playoffs, then you need to win more games to improve your playoff position and avoid meeting stronger teams in the first round.
Anthony Davis has been averaging 25 points per game this season, the second leading scorer of the Pelicans. Any team who will acquire Davis via a trade will benefit in many ways because Davis has also been known as a great defender and a rebounder.
Now, the Lakers are said to be willing to give up 5 players plus a 2020 draft pick. Who are these players?
  • Jordan Clarkson
  • Julius Randle
  • Larry Nance Jr.
  • Corey Brewer
  • Andrew Bogut
In return, the Pelicans will send Anthony Davis and Ian Clark.
Assuming that this trade will happen, will the Lakers’ state improve?
If you look at ESPN’s Trade Machine, the analysis states that this trade will have no effect on the winning percentage of the Pelicans and, this trade will also decrease 4 wins on the projected number of wins by the Lakers.


While getting Anthony Davis will improve the atmosphere in the locker room of the Lakers in terms of having a big star, giving up 5 players is too much. But then again, anything is possible in the NBA, right? And in the past, the Lakers have been making lopsided trades. 

By the Numbers: Champs Win Despite 0 for 10 Start for Curry

The Warriors recover from an early deficit to beat the Pelicans without Durant

Despite Curry’s offensive woes, the Warriors still won.
If you are playing against the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors, with or without Kevin Durant, you can only pray that the Splash Brothers, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson woke up on the wrong side of their beds. Why? Over the past few years, we’ve seen them broke notable records in terms of shooting especially from behind the three-point line. Even if one of them struggles to make his shots, the other one will make up. That’s how fully-weaponized the Warriors are. And yes, they are winning without Kevin Durant.
Steph Curry started this game by missing 10 consecutive shots- the first time he did that since 2012. The Warriors put themselves in a 14-point deficit. Kevin Durant is still nowhere to be found on the court. And yet, despite these woes, the Golden State Warriors won over the New Orleans Pelicans, 110-95. What happened? Below are the numbers:

Steph Curry’s 27 Points

Sure, he took 25 shots and only made 9. Sure, he went 3 for 13 from the rainbow distance but these shooting woes still enabled Steph Curry to finish with 27 points to lead the Warriors in scoring. Why was this important? It’s simple, folks. The Warriors played without Kevin Durrant and Draymond Green only scored 6 points so the scoring loads went back to the hands of the Splash Brothers. Klay Thompson, for his part, added 24 points on 9 for 19 shooting. 

The Warriors Shot Slightly Better

  • Golden State: 41.5%
  • New Orleans: 40.5%
Sure, the Pelicans were slightly better than the champs in shooting threes as evident by their 35% shooting from downtown, better than the Warriors’ 30% but that doesn’t away one thing: the Warriors shot slightly better than the Pelicans throughout the game despite a horrible shooting night from Steph Curry. 

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How poorly the Pelicans were shooting? Jrue Holiday had 24 points but took 20 shots and only made 8 of them. Rajon Rondo went scoreless as he missed all of his 9 field goal attempts. New Orleans’ bench also struggled to get anything going offensively as they only combined for 10 points. 


Antonio Davis top-scored with 30 points and 15 rebounds for the Pelicans but we all know that it will take more than one man to take down the Warriors. As for Golden State, they can miss more shots as long as they are making more, too. However, Steph Curry must avoid missing that much or they will eventually suffer. 

Anthony Davis Adds his Name to the Growing List of Injuries, No Definite Time for Return

The Grim Reaper of injuries have collected a lot of bodies early in the season

In a game earlier today against the Blazers, one half of the big brother duo of the New Orleans Pelicans got injured on his left knee.
Starting with Gordon Hayward, Derrick Rose, Jeremy Lin and now Anthony Davis, the NBA may already have an average of 2 to 3 players on their injury list and Anthony Davis just added to that list giving the New Orleans Pelicans a total of six players including Omer Asik and Rajon Rondo.
Anthony Davis has no structural damage in his left knee according to Shams Charania of The Vertical, but does have some swelling.

A lot has been waiting to see how the combination of Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins would work but injuries are not forgiving as it continues to plague players early in the NBA season. Anthony  Davis’ injury does not look serious compared to the others but he currently has no timetable on the return yet as they are still waiting for the MRI.
Anthony Davis scored 2 points and played 5 minutes against the Blazers. The Pelicans also lost with the score of 103 -93.


Grindfather Tony Allen Signed a Deal to Play for the New Orleans Pelicans

Grizzlies, Grit and Grind no more

First Zach Randolph, now Tony Allen. The Grizzlies that we know will be different this coming season as many of the players that gave them the identity of Grit and Grind will no longer be wearing the Grizzlies jersey.
Zach Randolph who had been with Memphis since 2009 will be playing for Sacramento and now Tony Allen reportedly signed a 2.3 million deal to play along side Rajon Rondo and two of the best big men in the NBA today, Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins.
Tony Allen will bring his hard nose defense and will surely contribute on and off the court with his veteran leadership.

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Update on 2017 NBA All Star

The NBA decided to move the upcoming 2017 NBA All Star weekend in New Orleans almost a month after the NBA pulled and change the intended plan that should be at Charlotte. The chosen city which was Charlotte had a controversial House Bill 2 that discriminated  the LGBT Community in the whole state. The NBA did not agree in the said law.

It must be a celebration of the New Orleans community.


Two-time NBA Champion Norris Cole in Manila, weighs in on balancing academics and athletic career.

Norris Cole is not only a two-time NBA Champion. He is a salutatorian of his high school, and earned a BA in health sciences.

Manila, Philippines, April 19, 2016 — Norris Cole of the New Orleans Pelicans and WNBA Champion Taj McWilliam-Franklin arrived in Manila Wednesday morning for Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2016 National Training Camp. Cole and McWilliams-Franklin visited NBA Cafe Wednesday morning and Powcast had the pleasure of asking Cole and McWilliams-Franklin some questions and you will be inspired with some of their answers. Read on below.  

I think being sharp mentally and being educated helps in basketball but also helps in life and that’s what it is all about. Norris Cole


Powcast: Who are your inspirations growing up?

Norris Cole: My father. Michael Jordan as far as basketball is concerned. I’m a family guy. My uncles, aunties, my cousins and I spent a lot of time with them. So my family is my inspiration.  

Powcast: What are your advice for the young athletes here in the Philippines? 

Norris Cole: My advice would be to work hard. Put your time in and don’t cheat the game. That is the only way to be good at something. In Jr. NBA that’s what we teach, we teach sportsmanship, teamwork, attitude and respect for the game and if you keep that in mind, you can be successful in this game.

“I think being sharp mentally and being educated helps in basketball but also helps in life..” – Norris Cole, New Orleans Pelicans.

Powcast: Do you think a lot of student athletes could actually achieve the same thing as far as graduating with honors and balancing their athletic career? 

Norris Cole: Yes, it is very possible. It makes you a well-rounded individual and that’s what I wanted to be. I didn’t want to be stuck in one category. I wanted to be able to be multidimensional and be good in multiple things. I think being sharp mentally and being educated helps in basketball but also helps in life and that’s what it is all about. Achieving high in life and not just in the game of basketball. 

Always be passionate about what you are doing. Whether it is basketball or something else, if it is something you enjoy, you enjoy it with all your heart. – Taj McWilliams-Franklin

“If it is something you enjoy, you enjoy it with all your heart.” -Taj McWilliams-Franklin

Powcast: With all your achievements and accomplices what would you impart to the campers of the Jr. WNBA?

Taj McWilliams-Franklin: I think the main thing is passion. Always be passionate about what you are doing. Whether it is basketball or something else, if it is something you enjoy, you enjoy it with all your heart. I love to exercise but I’m also very energetic and passionate about basketball and so for me they go to hand in hand, it thought me life lessons life like teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, attitude that I carry with. I take this life lessons wherever I go.

Norris Cole will have an appearance tomorrow Thursday at 2:30 pm NBA Store TriNoma. The Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA Philippines 2016 National Training Camp will be held at the Don Bosco Technical institute April 22-23 and at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall on April 24

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Twolves young Big 3 stepped up to beat Pelicans 112-110

These young core of Wolves is starting to work great together as a team as they manager to beat the Pelicans without Anthony Davis. Karl Anthony Towns led the team with 30 pts 15 rebs and 4 assists, followed by Zach Lavine’s 25 points while Andrew Wiggins contributed 20 points and the game winning Free Throws in the dying seconds to help his team seal the victory.

Anthony Davis is out with sprained right big toe, Eric Gordon is back and led his team with Ryan Anderson both with 31 points. 

Here is the highlights of the game:

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Pelicans Trio: Davis, Anderson, Holiday Beats OKC 123-119!

This is probably the most significant win for Pelicans this season at this stage of the game. The Pelicans are looking to make the playoffs and they are just 6 games behind Utah who is on the 8th spot. It will be hard because their roster is quite debunked right now. The starting line up was Davis, Ajinca, Cunningham, Gee and Cole. 

Who would have thought that they could beat this OKC team with this roster, Well Ad is the first guy who would say anything is possible. AD led his team with 30 pts 6 rebounds and 4 block shots. Anderson was the side kick and added 26 pts, while Holiday made some clutch plays in the end to help seal the win and put up 22 points out of 8-12 shooting. The Pelicans bench were huge and everyone stepped up. 

OKC’s Big three of Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka put up 91 points total (Durant 32, WB 44, Ibaka 15) but the rest of them team were almost a non factor. 

Davis has also stroke it from 3 shooting 2-3 which is not bad at all. He is showing he can do everything and has really taken his team on his shoulders. 

Here is the replay of the game:

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Anthony Davis is UNREAL! 59 pts out of 24-34 shooting. AMAZING!

2 handed Jam by Davis

Davis has once again surprised everyone and this performance reminded me of a young KG blossoming into the league as one of the top players in his era. Davis showed a wide array of moves from jump shot, to step back, 3 points, layup and breath taking slum dunks. Davis is clearly becoming the franchise player at a young age, it was just a shame that they were not able to find a trading partner for Ryan Anderson who isn’t at all a bad fit alongside AD but certainly they would want someone who could create for him self like Nic Batum or Kent Bazemore which they could get at the start of the next season.

This is a proof that Davis will make noise for the years to come. Here is the breakdown of this monstrous performance by AD:

59 points 24-34 shooting
20 rebounds
4 assists 
2 block shots

With that stat Davis joined Shaquille O’ Neal and Karl Malone as the only 3 players in NBA history to record a 50-20 performance in this modern era.This performance gave the Pelicans a much needed victory to boost their morale against Detroit Pistons with a score of 100-106.

The highlight of this game of brought to us by Free Dawkins:

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Lakers Beat Pelicans; Bryant Left Earlier

New Orleans Pelicans came up short after losing against the home team, Los Angeles Lakers 91-95 at Staples Center, January 12th 2016

Point guard Jordan Clarkson was the star of the night, noting 18 points on his name plus 7 rebounds. Former Raptor Lou Williams, added 19 points and 8 assists for the home team. Lakers’ first pick this season from Ohio State, D’Angelo Russell scored 13 points from the bench. 
Pelicans, who played without Anthony Davis in this game, had Tyreke Evans as the top scorer with 21 points, Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon added 15 and 14 points.
Lakers’ very own Kobe Bryant was on the court only for 16 minutes. He had a problem with his right Achilles, felt sore, and it made him did not return to the game. Bryant apparently had strained his Achilles last Friday during the Lakers-Thunders game.
Lakers, currently at the bottom of Western Conference standings, will play defending champion Golden State Warriors January 14 away from home, and Pelicans will play another away game against Sacramento Kings tomorrow.

Introducing: Brandon Ingram Top 3 pick in 2016 NBA Draft. KD Jr?

Brandon Ingram 

This kid is a freak of Nature like KD, just 18 years old but this kid is already 6 foot 9 inches tall with a massive i say MASSIVE wing span of 7’3 and a standing reach of 9’1.5″. That is insane and what’s more insane is his recent game before Christmas where he dunked over a defender for the and 1, displaying his length and athleticism as well. 

Here is that NASTY dunk and the reaction of his team mate Chase Jeter says it all. 


Ingram is averaging 14 pts almost 6 rebounds per game and at least 1.5 blocks. 

Here is the wide array of skills displayed by Ingram that included the Nasty Jam over the defender from Georgia Southern.

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AD put His Team on His Back to Beat the Rockets! 24pts, 13 rebs and 3 blocks!

Anthony Davis put his team on his back and showed that as long as they can keep healthy they will contend, however he needs a better supporting cast because Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon has been inconsistent due to injuries. This victory doesn’t really reflect how good their team could be because they are sitting with a 10-20 record 2nd to the bottom from the Western Conference. 

AD even had an emphatic alley oop jam that gave them the lead @ 110-108 with 2:15 remaining in the game. The score remained that way because the two teams were battling for every possession. James Harden led the Rockets with 25 pts and 4 rebounds. Dwight Howard only scored 7 pts and grabbed 9 rebounds. Eric Gorden led all scorers with 26pts (6-8) from 3 points. 

Here is the exciting highlight of the game:

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Introducing: Ben Simmons – the #1 pick for 2016 the target of 76ers NOT A CENTER!

Ben Simmons

Benjamin “Ben” Simmons (born 20 July 1996) is an Australian basketball player, currently a freshman on the 2015–16 LSU Tigers basketball team. The 208 cm (6 ft 10 in) forward from Melbourne previously attended Box Hill Senior Secondary College and Montverde Academy in Montverde, Florida, and has represented the Australian national team. He is touted as the possible first overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft.[1]

I guarantee you he is not going to be a disappointment like Exum, I am not sold on exum as a top first round pick why? See Jordan Clarkson 44th pick outshining Exum.

Going back to Ben Simmons he’s a monster at 6’10 he plays like a PG with the tenacity and the knack to deliver when it matters.He is not the second coming of Lebron to be honest but he is going to be good in the pro’s.  To me Ben is more of a combo of Shareef Abdur-Raheef and Lamar Odom.  Ben is targeted by LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, Philly 76ers, New Orleans Pelicans and Sacramento Kings.

If you are to ask me I would rather see him play along side Davis they would make the Pelicans have a stronger future. The 76ers on the other hand has the biggest chance of them all and certainly have the pieces to go after Simmons if they dont get the first pick in 2016. I know the NBA season has just started but for teams like Sixers etc. They are looking forward to 2016 Draft already. I cant blame them at all why? Here is what they could potentially get. 

Monster GAME!

Highschool Highlights

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Warriors Rout Pelicans in Season Opener

At last, NBA is back!

After long drought of no NBA games since the Golden State Warriors beat Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games to win the NBA  championship, last night finally the best game in the world is returned in action.

The reigning champs, Golden State Warriors start their journey to defend their NBA title by playing New Orleans Pelicans in Warriors’ home, Oracle Arena.

It was all about hype in Oracle Arena. Before the game even started, the whole building cheered since the Warriors received their new rings and raised their 2015 NBA Championship banner. All the Warrior enjoyed and cherished their life-changing moment, and surely the fans would enjoy it since it was the first Larry O’Brien Trophy in 40 years,

In their first game of the season, The Warriors are simply dominating. Their superstar, and also last-season’s MVP-and also known as Chef by rapper Drake, Stephen Curry, went hard on the Pelicans, scoring 40 points, 7 dimes, 6 rebounds, and 2 steals in only 28 minutes. Curry also made an astonishing stat by being 5 for 12 from 3 points line last night. Meanwhile, Pelicans’ 2016 MVP hopeful Anthony Davis scored 18 points. Warriors’ Center, Andrew Bogut added 12 points, 5 boards and 5 dimes on the opening night, also Festus Ezeli scored 13 points. Final score, Warriors rout Pelicans 111-95.

The Warriors are scheduled to play away game versus Houston Rockets this Friday, while Pelicans will play tomorrow against Portland Trailblazers.

The Brow: Anthony Davis with Monstrous stats 25 Pts, 13 Rebs and 5 BLOCKS!!! and shooting them 3’s

The Brow : Anthony Davis

Davis has been playing insane since he joined the NBA and it just keeps getting better just his 3rd year and only 22 years old, he has been touted to be the favorite to win this years MVP. I know that’s not his ultimate goal but despite playing without 6 players the Pelicans headed by Davis beat the sizzling hot Miami Heat in the last day of the pre-season NBA game with a score of 93-90. 

It is scary for the rest of the league for AD to be this great at such an early age, I remember my hero KG! the Kid, Kevin Garnett back in the day. Davis’ game has evolved a lot and its looking like his squad just needs to be healthy to make more noise in the playoffs.

Injured players for pelicans:

Pelicans: New Orleans played without six injured players — centers Omer Asik and Alexis Ajinca, guards Tyreke Evans and Norris Cole and forwards Quincy Pondexter and Luke Babbitt

Enough about my chit chat, here is the insane highlight of AD:

*I will be using team colors for every NBA Articles I am writing moving forward.
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I Love me Some Gerald Green! 24 pts with insane dunks vs Pelicans.


Gerald Green is playing insane in the pre-season last 3 games he has led the Heat with 20 or more points. He also led the team in pre-season with 17.3 ppg. He has accepted the role in this team making the Heat squad looking like the favorites to go up against LBJ and the rest of the NBA’s Eastern teams. 

This game against Davis’ and the Pelicans,
Green scored 24 pts in 26 minutes with 10-15 shooting 1-2 from 3pt. 

I have discussed a lot about Green in the past few days so let me just give you the highlights below. 

Caution: The Rim got murdered!

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Pelicans Introduce Mardi Gras-Themed Uniform

The New Orleans Pelicans’ seemed to have a good time during this offseason.

After they re-signed point guard Norris Cole, the Pelicans unveiled their new uniform for next season which celebrate the famous carnival at New Orleans, Mardi Gras. The uniform unveiling is also joined by a big parade in the city of New Orleans, September 16,2015.

However, the jersey is not yet to be released for sale. New Orleans Pelicans’ official Twitter, @PelicansNBA tweeted “For those asking, Mardi Gras uniforms will be available for sale soon! We’ll keep you up-to-date with details” on the same day as the launching.

Beside securing Norris Cole, Pelicans also signed former Cavaliers’ Kendrick Perkins and guard Sean Kilpatrick for the upcoming season.

Shaq tells 15-year old son to pattern his game to Pelican forward Anthony Davis and not him

In just three seasons, Anthony Davis has already established himself as one of the best power forwards in the NBA. Davis was selected to the All-NBA First Team last season, is a two-time All-Star. At 22 years old, New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis is just scratching the surface of the player he could be but that hasn’t stopped Shaquille O’Neal from already telling his 15-year-old son Shareef to pattern his game after the Pelicans forward.

Instead of pushing him to pattern his game after him, O’Neal said he’s told his son to learn the game by watching power forward Anthony Davis, the New Orleans Pelicans’ transcedent star who finished fifth in the league’s MVP voting last season.

“I told him to watch Anthony because he’s probably going to be the same height and have the same type of build, not skinny, but long.” said O’Neal.

Pelicans sign Norris Cole to one-year qualifying offer

Norris Cole has signed a $3.03 million, one-year qualifying offer with the New Orleans Pelicans.

The deal, which will have a no-trade clause, sets the stage for the 6-foot-2 Cole to become an unrestricted free agent after this season.

The 26-year-old guard joined the Pelicans from Miami in February in a three-way deal with the Heat and Phoenix Suns that also brought forward Shawne Williams and center Justin Hamilton to New Orleans.

Chris Douglas-Roberts agrees to two-year deal with Pelicans

Free-agent forward Chris Douglas-Roberts has agreed to a two-year deal with the New Orleans Pelicans, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Douglas-Roberts has started workouts with the Pelicans and will sign for the NBA’s veteran minimum. Douglas-Roberts, 28, has averaged 7.1 points and 2.1 rebounds over six NBA seasons while playing for the Nets, Bucks, Mavericks, Hornets and Clippers.

Report: Alvin Gentry to coach New Orleans Pelicans

                                                 Alvin Gentry

Alvin Gentry could be the one that would guide the Pelicans to a better season. 

Gentry, who is currently a top Golden State Warriors assistant, has been hired as New Orleans’ new head coach, according to a person familiar with the situation.”

If there’s one thing that I would remember about Gentry, it was the time when they sweep San Antonio Spurs in 2010. This was probably the best season of Grant Hill post injury and Amare Stoudamire who was just a monster during that season.  Steve Nash was also effective but it was Stoudamire who led them in points and reb per game (23.1 and 8.9 reb). The Suns Reached the Western Conference Finals but lost to the Lakers.

Gentry will be mentoring another great Big and his stint with the Warriors will play a major effect on Anthony Davis. Gentry is also in a win now situation so any moves that he would make would be critical to the organization and that could effect the decision of Anthony Davis when he becomes a free agent.  

One thing is for sure barring any injuries expect that the Pelicans would have a better seeding in the playoffs under Gentry.