Roy Hibbert Traded Again! How Much is He Getting Paid?

After spending some time in Charlotte, Roy Hibbert is on the move again and this time he is heading to the Rocky Mountains where there are already a lot of big and talented guys.

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The 9-year veteran is on a decline in the last two years. After spending 7 years of his time in Indiana, the Pacers team has not been able to utilize this big man to its full potential due to injuries and just this year Hibbert is finding himself on  a journey from Charlotte, to Milwaukee and now Denver. It probably won’t stop until he shows that he can be durable and play like he used to in Indiana.
The Bucks is receiving a future protected second-round pick. Hibbert signed a one-year, $5 million deal with Charlotte. Before this season ends, he probably won’t be getting a new contract if he continues to slump.

Jordan Clarkson Highlights 10/13 /2015: My First Year Aint a FLUKE!

Jordan Clarkson – Proud to be pinoy!
Clarkson scored 17 pts dished out 4 assists with 2 steals, even though the Lakers lost, he managed to put up a decent game and proved that his first year was not a fluke, with Russel D’Angelo injured its time for Clarkson to really step up and proved to everyone that he is the real deal.
Here is the highlight’s from the game:

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Aldrin C.
Team Powcast