D’Angelo Russell’s "Ice in my veins"

D'Angelo Russell Ice in my Veins

One of the most famous NBA Celebration is the “Ice in my Veins” of LA Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell. We saw this celebration first on March 1, 2016 when D’Angelo Russell had a career high 39 points with 8 three pointers against the Brooklyn Nets including a dagger 3 with 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

Last July 9 in 2016 NBA Summer League, we saw this celebration again when D’Angelo Russell hits a game winning 3 point shot against the Philadelphia 76ers. Let’s watch the videos below:

Against the Brooklyn Nets (Watch 1:18):

At summer league against Philadelphia 76ers:

Rondo playing inspired B-ball again! 42 points combined with THE BIG D.COUSINS!


Rondo 21 pts 8 assists 3 steals, Cousins with 21 points and Gay with 19. If Rondo would play inspired basketball all the time they would be deadly because everyone knows how good Rondo is.

He showed he can toy around with everyone including the 2nd pick D’Angelo Russell and Cousins is just a man among boys out there over powering every body. Cousins had a double double and the Kentucky Connection surely clicked on this one beating the La Lakers 132-114. Clarkson led LA with 22 markers. 

Here is the highlight of the Kentucky Duo. Courtesy of GD’s Latest Highlights

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Jordan Clarkson Highlights 10/13 /2015: My First Year Aint a FLUKE!

Jordan Clarkson – Proud to be pinoy!
Clarkson scored 17 pts dished out 4 assists with 2 steals, even though the Lakers lost, he managed to put up a decent game and proved that his first year was not a fluke, with Russel D’Angelo injured its time for Clarkson to really step up and proved to everyone that he is the real deal.
Here is the highlight’s from the game:

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2015 NBA POST DRAFT Analysis : LA Lakers and Their 2nd Pick!

2nd Pick (LAL) D’angelo Russell

Yesterday June 25, 2015 a lot of Philly fans got a bit disappointed because they were expecting Russell to fall under their organization but LA Lakers had other plans. They made sure to get their hands first in drafting this young fella whose game is oozing with confidence and a stroke that is smooth already. Not only that his passing skill is a thing of beauty if it connects. With that said D’Angelo is no push over and when he was asked if he was ready to carry the burden as the next superstar, he was proud to say that he would love that. I know confidence is one thing but this kid isn’t going to be a let down. The only concern is defense and knowing that Kobe will be there to mentor this kid, the only thing that’s stopping him from reaching his potential is his discipline.

I am sure they are not done yet because the Lakers have $23 million dollars of cap space that they can use to get a couple of proven guys already. I am sure they are looking for a big man since they are already set in their back court. They already have Clarkson, Kobe, Lin and D’Angelo. They have “Swaggy P” and Wesley Johnson at SF. They have Boozer, Hill and Ed Davis. I can’t wait as a fan am definitely excited.

I will now leave you with D’Angelo Russell’s Interview, courtesy of Lakers Nation.

Here is a highlight of what he can bring in the NBA: 

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