Too Good to Happen: Anthony Davis to GSW

Apparently, the Warriors are willing to give up two stars for Davis

As it is right now, the Golden State Warriors are headed for another top-seeded finish and are seasoned for another Finals trip, their 4th straight trip if ever they make it that far. They have the Splash Brothers in Steph Curry and Klay Thompson who can make it rain from deep at any given time. They also have Draymond Green, a workhorse who does all the dirty works, figuratively and literally. But there’s one player who makes the Warriors a better team. His name is Kevin Durant- a guy who was acquired by the Warriors just a few months after the Warriors blew a 3-1 Finals lead against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
And as it is right now, they are not yet done building a super team, just yet. Apparently, the Warriors were willing to send Draymond Green and Klay Thompson in exchange for one star, Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans. While  many pundits believe that the deal won’t happen and ESPN’s Trade Machine has already stated that such deal involving the mentioned players will fail due to the complex cap space issues plus tons of luxury taxes that will be penalized upon the Pelicans, a few believers think that this deal could actually happen in the future.
Here’s the catch, Anthony Davis is just in the 2nd year of a 5-year deal to stay in New Orleans. Klay Thompson is expected to stay until 2019 while Draymond Green’s contract expires in 2020. While the trade would not happen this season or even in the next season, this deal could actually make sense two seasons from now because both teams will have someone to gain instead of letting the players walk away into the free agency.
Now, assuming that the trade does happen two seasons, this will be the starting line up of the Warriors after trade:
  • Steph Curry
  • Nick Young
  • Kevin Durant
  • Zaza Pachulia 
Or, Steve Kerr could start Kevin Durant at the power forward position then start Andre Iguodala at 3 then Davis at the 5 spot. Now that’s a super 5, right? 


While Anthony Davis has said that he wants to remain a Pelican until such time when he finally calls it a career, we all know that nothing is certain when it comes to the NBA. As scary as the potential star power that the Warriors could gain, there’s also the potentiality of a chemistry issue that could run down Golden State. But yeah, Anthony Davis in a GSW uniform could also mean that Golden State could become a legitimate super team even without Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. 

Trae Young of Oklahoma University making his mark towards the NBA 2018 Draft

Trae Young just lift his team to win over arguably the best coached team and the most defensive oriented team in college basketball, the better part about it is its in the opponents home court.

Saturday Dec 16, 2017 before the game Oklahoma Sooners (7-1) vs #3 Wichita State Shockers (7-1) , Young was in a very hostile environment but right on the get go he ended the first half with 21 points and 5 assist. 

This is the highlight of this game;

and a little bonus a good team as well against Oregon Young scored 43 points on them

Young is also leading the nation is scoring at 28.8ppg and 3rd in assists 8.8, he also played good d on Landry Shamet the Senior PG for Wichita state who is a tough nut to crack but Young made it look as if he is the Senior held Shamet to 2 points.

You heard it here first am calling it top 5 pick in 2018 NBA Draft

The Chef is Out for Two Weeks: No Notable Effects to GSW

The defending champions should be just fine without Steph Curry

Stephen Curry out for 2 weeks

The Golden State Warriors are getting their groove back as they are currently on a 4-game winning streak after a stunning loss at the hands of the Sacramento Kings. At 19-6, they are now just half a game behind the West-leading Houston Rockets.
However, things might need to change a little bit for the defending champions as they are currently dealing with another injury problem. This time, Stephen Curry, the two-time MVP, is reported to be sitting out for the next two weeks owing to the ankle injury that sustained during the Warriors’ win against the New Orleans Pelicans which was highlighted by a spat between Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins. Both players were ejected, by the way.
The good news is, MRI results came back positively, showing that Curry’s ankle is still intact but also shows a significant amount of swelling and has to be evaluated for the next two weeks which means the Chef will be out starting against the Charlotte Hornets.
While Curry’s injury adds to the injury problem of the Warriors who also have Shaun Livingston, Zaza Pachulia and Patrick McCaw all doubtful to play against the Hornets, GSW will be just fine even without half of the Splash Brothers.

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Why? Here’s why:
Kevin Durant has been playing like an MVP although he’s in 9th place in terms of total points per game, 4 places lower than Curry. With Curry out, expect Durant to take over much of the scoring load for the Warriors along with Klay Thompson and of course, Draymond Green. Sure, you will lose Curry’s 26 points per game average but Steve Kerr shouldn’t be worrying right now because GSW still has more scorers.


Steph Curry has always been one of the main reasons why the Warriors have been successful as of late. But mind you, folks. Even without Kevin Durant and Steph Curry in the line-up, the Warriors have been able to win some games. That’s how fully-weaponized the Warriors are. They can play with or without their Big 3.That’s one of the reasons why they are the defending champions.

By the Numbers: Champs Win Despite 0 for 10 Start for Curry

The Warriors recover from an early deficit to beat the Pelicans without Durant

Despite Curry’s offensive woes, the Warriors still won.
If you are playing against the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors, with or without Kevin Durant, you can only pray that the Splash Brothers, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson woke up on the wrong side of their beds. Why? Over the past few years, we’ve seen them broke notable records in terms of shooting especially from behind the three-point line. Even if one of them struggles to make his shots, the other one will make up. That’s how fully-weaponized the Warriors are. And yes, they are winning without Kevin Durant.
Steph Curry started this game by missing 10 consecutive shots- the first time he did that since 2012. The Warriors put themselves in a 14-point deficit. Kevin Durant is still nowhere to be found on the court. And yet, despite these woes, the Golden State Warriors won over the New Orleans Pelicans, 110-95. What happened? Below are the numbers:

Steph Curry’s 27 Points

Sure, he took 25 shots and only made 9. Sure, he went 3 for 13 from the rainbow distance but these shooting woes still enabled Steph Curry to finish with 27 points to lead the Warriors in scoring. Why was this important? It’s simple, folks. The Warriors played without Kevin Durrant and Draymond Green only scored 6 points so the scoring loads went back to the hands of the Splash Brothers. Klay Thompson, for his part, added 24 points on 9 for 19 shooting. 

The Warriors Shot Slightly Better

  • Golden State: 41.5%
  • New Orleans: 40.5%
Sure, the Pelicans were slightly better than the champs in shooting threes as evident by their 35% shooting from downtown, better than the Warriors’ 30% but that doesn’t away one thing: the Warriors shot slightly better than the Pelicans throughout the game despite a horrible shooting night from Steph Curry. 

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How poorly the Pelicans were shooting? Jrue Holiday had 24 points but took 20 shots and only made 8 of them. Rajon Rondo went scoreless as he missed all of his 9 field goal attempts. New Orleans’ bench also struggled to get anything going offensively as they only combined for 10 points. 


Antonio Davis top-scored with 30 points and 15 rebounds for the Pelicans but we all know that it will take more than one man to take down the Warriors. As for Golden State, they can miss more shots as long as they are making more, too. However, Steph Curry must avoid missing that much or they will eventually suffer. 

By the Numbers: Warriors Hold on For Win #13

Curry sets season highs but fouls out late

Steph Curry’s  season highs reminded everyone that the Warriors are still the team to beat.
With super teams left and right being formed heading into the 2017-2018 season, most people have predicted that it will be harder for the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors to dominate the league or at the very least, the Western Conference- something they have been doing during the past 3 seasons, to say the least. Sure, they were already countable times this season where the Warriors have been playing lost but most of the time, they were dominating. Most of the time, they are winning regardless of who Steve Kerr sends out on the floor.
Kevin Durant was out. Steph Curry fouled out. The Brooklyn Nets scored 42 and 27 in the 3rd and 4th quarter respectively and yet, none of those things mattered as the Warriors held on to beat the Nets, 118-111.
What happened? Check the numbers below:

39 and 11 from the Chef

With Kevin Durant not in uniform, Steph Curry carried most of the scoring load for the Warriors. He set two new season-highs with 39 points and 11 rebounds plus dishing out 7 assists.  He made 14 of 24 field goals including 4 of 10 from three. Aside from that, the Chef also had 3 steals, 7 turnovers and yes, 6 fouls. The latter two didn’t matter after all as long as you get the big W, right?

More Made Baskets

The Warriors won the game by making most of their scoring opportunities. As simple as that. As a team, GSW made 46 of 90 shots- good for 51% field goal shooting. They were even better than the Nets from three- making 10 of 24 attempts from rainbow country. Sure, the Nets made more threes than the Warriors but it all boiled down to making the shots that mattered, right?

Missed Free Throws Doomed the Nets

The Nets were awarded 39 free throws which were a far cry from the Warriors’ 23. Now, out of those 39 attempts, Brooklyn only made 27.  Imagine the possibilities had the Nets made more of those freebies. Given how close the final score was, making more free throws would have allowed the Nets to pull out an upset win. Yes, they were able to fish 27 fouls from the Warriors and yet, they missed a big chunk of their free throws. 


Wins like this can prove one thing: the Warriors are a dangerous team no matter who is out. They won an NBA championship before Kevin Durant joined and won another after Durant joined the team. Despite the fact that the rest of the West have been reloaded, Golden State will still find ways to win, to dominate, one way or another. 

A Wheeler’s Opinion: GSW will Beat the Celtics

Boston may be on a streak but the Warriors are the champs

GSW’s trio of firepower will definitely cause problems for the Celtics

When the 2017-2018 season started, one of the major storylines that most people are following is the inevitability of another Finals duel between the Golden State Warriors of Stephen Curry and, the Cleveland Cavaliers of LeBron James. 
Even when the Cavs swapped Kyrie Irving for a still-injured Isaiah Thomas from the Boston Celtics, the Cavs are still relatively a talented team- at least on paper, thanks to the signing of former MVP Derrick Rose.
With the regular season almost a month old, after dropping their first two games which were highlighted by a freak injury that hit Gordon Hayward, 6 minutes into the season, the Boston Celtics went on a rampage, winning 13 straight games. Mind you, folks. Various injuries hit various players along the way which included an injury in the face that forced Kyrie Irving to wear a mask. And yet, they’re flawless in 13 games heading into their match-up against the Warriors.
The Warriors, on the other hand, are on their streak on their own- a 7-game winning streak and yes, they’re back on top of the West after stumbling during the early goings of the season.

Question: Will GSW beat the Celtics? 

Yes. They have their Big 3 intact

Let’s begin with the obvious one. Sure, Kyrie Irving may have been playing one of his best seasons despite wearing a mask. Sure, Jayson Tatum is making a case for the Rookie of the Year. But the Warriors have one thing that the Celtics don’t have at the moment: a healthy and playing Big 3. Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are averaging over 20 points per game. 


Firepower is another thing that will enable the Warriors beat Boston. They are the best offensive team in the league as of the moment, averaging 119 points per game. They are also the top shooting team making 51% of their attempts, including a league-leading 41% from three.  

The Durant Effect

Like it or not, Kevin Durant is one guy that will cause more problems for Boston. Why? The Celtics have no one on their team that can match-up against Durant. He’s the second-leading scorer in the league with small forwards, averaging 24 points per game. He’s also the top rebounder in his position with 7 rebounds per night. Kevin Durant may be the reason why GSW will keep their streak going after playing against Kyrie Irving and company.  


The Celtics may be undermanned against the defending champions but they are not certainly lacking talents. But they may need more than the talents of Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum to beat GSW team. But who knows? Brad Stevens may have prepared something for Steve Kerr and the Warriors. 

By the Numbers: Warriors Beat Spurs Anew

GSW fell behind early but dominate in the 4th

Klay Thompson led the way with 27 points

One team is hoping to get back to their dominating self while the other is hoping to end their miseries. Unfortunately, only the team who wanted to regain its dominating self was able to get what they wanted as the Golden State Warriors recovered from their early struggles and went on to score a 112-92 victory over the still free-falling San Antonio Spurs who are still without the services of star players Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard.
So what happened? What did the defending champions do right this time around? And how did the Spurs drop their 4th consecutive game after starting the regular reason with a 4-0 start? Below are the numbers:

72 Points for the Warriors’ Big 3

Once again, it was the most hated trio of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Steph Curry who poured in the points for GSW as the Big 3 of Oakland combined to outscore the entire starting 5 of Gregg Popovich who was ejected late in the game, 72-65. Klay Thompson top-scored with 27 points including 5 three-pointers. Kevin Durant had another stellar night with his 24 points, 8 rebounds 5 assists and 3 blocks. Curry had 21 while making 3 of his 4 attempts from deep. Now that’s how a Big 3 should be. Dominating.

50% from Deep. Splash!

During the course of the last 3 seasons, if there’s one team can shoot threes and make threes like there’s no more tomorrow, it’s none other than the Warriors themselves. 
Against the undermanned crew of Gregg Popovich, the Warriors unleashed a barrage of threes all game long. Golden State went 14 of 28 from long distance, good enough for 50% 3-point shooting. 
The Spurs, on the other hand, were miserable as their 4-game losing streak, only made 7 of their 24 attempts from beyond the arc. This disparity in the 3-point shooting alone, is what doomed the Spurs in the first place.

Running on the Break: GSW got 24 Fastbreak Points

Aside from making it rain with bombastic three-pointers, there’s another weapon that makes GSW a dangerous team to face: their ability to score on fastbreak opportunities. And the Spurs surely witnessed this weapon potential as the Warriors outscored the former, 24-7. 

Faltering in the 4th: Spurs only scored 14 Points

To begin with, the Spurs were only down by 7 points during the early goings of the 4th quarter after Kyle Anderson drained a pair of charities to make it, 89-82. Klay Thompson then scored the next 5 points for GSW to increase their to 12 points and the Spurs never got closer than 11 the rest of the way. San Antonio only scored 14 points while allowing the Warriors to score 28 points during the last 12 minutes of the game.


Maybe the Spurs were undermanned against the Warriors but certainly not undertalented. Maybe the Warriors overwhelmed the Spurs because they got a complete starting unit while Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker were nowhere to be found.Golden State is still the favorites to repeat as champions this season. However, them beating an undermanned team such as the Spurs means nothing as they have yet to beat an elite team this season. 

By the Numbers: SPLASH! GSW Route Clippers in a Splashing Way

There were three things that enabled the champs to splash. Anew

After a surprising loss to the Detroit Pistons, Stephen Curry and rest of the defending champions, Golden State Warriors quickly went back to work against the Los Angeles Clippers who are enjoying some sort of success during the early goings of the season despite losing former star point guard, Chris Paul who is now with the Houston Rockets but is currently injured. 
Yesterday (Manila time), the Warriors started out splashing through in the first quarter and never looked back as they scored the highest number of points any team has scored this season, so far, en route to a 141-113 victory at Staples Center. 
While GSW fans have grown accustomed to this kind of dominance by their team, this is different considering the mere fact that they’ve already dropped 3 games to open the regular season and that’s huge for a team that is loaded with stars, primarily heavy scorers. Now, speaking of scorers, let’s check the numbers that enabled GSW’s super scorers to run away from the Clippers:

141 Points

Yep, folks. As mentioned above, that’s  the highest score any team has scored this season and it’s not surprising at all that the Warriors were the ones who able to do it considering that they are averaging 121 points per game- the best in the NBA. 
4 of the 5 starters of Steve Kerr finished in double figures led by Curry who had 31 points who shot 7 of 11 from the three-point line, Kevin Durant had 19 while Draymond Green added 16 points to go along with his 9 rebounds and 6 assists. Klay Thompson, despite missing 3 of his 4 attempts from deep, scored 15. That’s 81 points from 4 players alone, folks. Keep in mind that every player Steve Kerr had sent against the Clippers had scored at least, 3 points. Now that’s how you dominate. 

Attacking the Paint= 64 Points

Sure, the Warriors attempted 29 shots from rainbow distance, making 14 of those shots. But that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to attack the shaded area because we all know and we all have witnessed them demolish defenders when they are attacking the paint. 
Against the Clippers, the Warriors scored 64 points in the paint, alone- a far cry to what Los Angeles managed which is 40 points. 
See? The Warriors have both an inside and an outside offense which makes them a scary team to play against despite their 5-3 record heading into their next game against the free-falling San Antonio Spurs. 

58% Field Goal Shooting= Efficiency

If there’s one thing that the Warriors can perfectly do even during their sleep, it’s taking shots that have a high probability of hitting their targets. Sure, they shot 57% in the field against Detroit and yet they lost. Why? They only shot 37% from deep. 
Against the Clippers, they made 58% of their 89 attempts. And they shot 48% from outside. Result= a big win.


The Clippers are still among the dark horses who can dethrone the Warriors come playoff time and yes, they will definitely get better after receiving such a heavy pounding from the champions.
For the Warriors on the other hand, a win on Friday against the Spurs- regardless if Kawhi Leonard finally plays or not, will send a message to the rest of the NBA that GSW is still very much capable of demolishing any team, at any given court, on any given schedule and if that 141 points that they’ve produced against Los Angeles don’t worry you, then you are doomed. 

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Main Weapon Unarmed: Warriors shall Dominate the Rainbow Country

Poor three-point shooting equals a loss for the defending champs

Warriors are in full control in the opening bout, racking up a double-digit deficit 21-11 against the ferocious Timberwolves. Draymond Green unleashes a Zaza Pachulia, followed by a monster block on the defensive end to wind up Steph Curry’s long ball from way 29 feet out. It was Green who bombed the guest team wolves with his magic passes for the big Pachulia to punish the rim. The Splash brothers both connecting from the rainbow country. Warriors up by 12 points in the first 12 minutes of action, 32-20
That was the Warrior power only in the 1st quarter when they faced the Timberwolves which gave them a shameful loss in their own land. As the remaining quarters passed, the Timberwolves managed to eat up the massive lead and cracked open their own lead to finish the warriors at 111-95.
Ironically, the winning dagger for Minnesota was the Warriors’ primary weapon – outside shooting which came to be a double backfire for the champs as they fail to deliver consistently from beyond the arc, on the other hand, the Timberwolves drilled the basket thrice, approaching the last minute of the 4th. Warriors only shot a shocking 28.6% from the 3 point area which spelled the huge difference as compared to Timberwolves’ 46.2%. 
Naturally, if there is dormancy from the outside, the offense will be more focused inside the shaded area but still, it didn’t work so well for the Warriors, being outscored by Wolves 40-34. Frequent misses from the outside would ultimately trigger the rebound battle, Minnesota dominated the offensive boards 15 – 8.
There is no room for the Warriors to overthrow Minnesota in that form. They need to tighten their game from the shaded area to score and get more ball possession if their outside gunners fail to deliver.

Stephen & Seth Curry’s Asia Tour Continues in China! Learning Taichi

When your brother is a global star, the fame kind of rub on to you as well.
Stephen Curry has been in the limelight for awhile now while his brother is slowly emerging to be a good player in the NBA. Both have spent a lot of time together, just like in this tour.
Seth Curry is already a 4th year player in the NBA. Last season was his best so far averaging 12 points per game.  This is far fetched from the production of his brother Steph which averages 17 points right off the bat in his rookie year.
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Who will have a better career?

Seth Curry
Steph Curry

survey maker


                                                                    #Lockin #Alllin      
                                                                    by: Dex Monzon
If the Cavs lose tomorrow Lebron James  may never win a championship in Cleveland… ever. Many have criticized Lebron, his game, his flops, even his post game interviews. All of that will be silenced once he wins a championship for his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has made Cleveland an elite team in what can be considered a “weak” Eastern conference. If they have faced any other team in the finals except for GSW or the Spurs , I believe the Cavs may have the upper hand in winning the series early on and not have it reach to a game 7 on the road.
A lot of people criticized the Cavs after their game 2 blowout loss, Steven A Smith gave a harsh but truthful comment after the game,  he said-“ Cleveland had an embarrassing performance, didn’t know if their was anything in their left chest…Coz they showed no heart” after being beaten by 30 points by Golden State.
But the Cavs showed heart  the next game, got checked again on game 4 and on Game 5, beat the odds by stopping the Warriors win the championship at home. It was probably their best performance of the series with their 2 superstars Lebron James and Kyrie Irving each scoring 41 points and shutting down the Warriors offense in the 4th quarter. On Game 6 the Warriors looked ineffective, not gaining any momentum from start to finish, and after 2 straight losses the tides have now turned. Cleveland is now the favorites to win the series. The only advantage GSW has is that their playing at home. That’s it. Momentum is clearly on the Cavs side, Lebron has finally awaken and left noting to chance as he has made his presence felt on all the games, proving he is still one of the best players in the game.

Game 7 should be a good one, this series has become one of the most boring NBA Finals to one of the best and all it took was an explosive game from two of the NBA’s biggest stars, whatever the outcome may be, we were given a threat by the basketball gods. All we are hoping for is for the superstars in the two teams to show up, and how fitting it would be if the game came down the wire with one shot left to win it all. Imagine that. Whether your #Lockin or #Allin I hope everyone gets to enjoy it and appreciate greatness that we will witness on game 7.

Curry injured his knee but Warriors blew past Rockets to take a 3-1 series lead

Curry leaves the game due to strained knee and the Warriors draw inspiration from it and blew past the Rockets, 121 – 94.

Warriors tally a new playoff record, 21 3 – pointers made and used a 41 point 3rd quarter to take control of the game. Curry will set to have an MRI tomorrow to determine further his injury.

Thompson led the Warriors with 23 points with 7 3 – point shots made followed by Iguodala with 22 points of the bench. Curry finished with 6 points before leaving the game.

One Big reason why NBA fans love Steph Curry

Photo by Google
    Steph Curry is undeniably one of the most popular NBA star this season. Many people love him because of his attitude and he is popular because they won a championship  last season, but what is the main reason why do NBA fans love him??
    PLAYING STYLE. Many of you will probably agree with me. Many people love him because of his playing style. He is such a talented player, a guy who dribble the ball very well in fact many people consider him as Top 3 of the best ball handler in the League. What made the people to really like him? His shooting ability, he can shoot the ball from any part of the court, he can shoot the ball from very very long range and even half court. He can knock down threes anytime, he is a very deadly shooter. He is one of the best shooter in the NBA history. He broke many records this season, and he even broke his own record. He is also a very good passer, he is a superb scorer but at the same time he is a good passer. He can facilitate the offense and he can break you team’s defense. Curry can also make his own shots using his dribbling ability. He can break your ankle anytime you are guarding him.  And most important, he is a clutch player, he can make shots when you needed him. He is very interesting to watch every game.
    Everyone let us all appreciate what a player can do. 

Damin Lillard all star snubbed blasted GSW with 51 pts, 6 steals, 7 assist 9 THREES!!!

Yes Sir! They hear you now! 137-105 Victory against GWS!

Damian Lillard gave a masterful performance against Curry and the warriors, early it was a shootout between the 2 great PG (Curry and Lillard) at half time it was 68 -62. Lillard wasnt an alll star this year because all three from Golden state got the nod over him and of course Russell Westbrook plus Kobe. 

Did Lillard feel bad? I don’t think so this game is more of an invite for the free agents out there to see how good this team can be. Lillard is just 25 years old and certainly one of the best PG’s out there. I would even go out on a limb to pick him over Irving, because Lillard has played full seasons already while Irving that is another story. 

This is one of the best statement game, I’ve seen this season and this would really help the franchise. 

Highlights courtesy of FreeDawkins

Written by:
Team Powcast

Cavs lets get physical but lost at home by 34 pts to the Warriors

Smith bulldozered his way towards Barnes

The Cavs tried to be physical against the Warriors but still failed to beat the warriors. They were playing at home and they are healthy this time but yet they got embarrassed again by the defending Champs! This is also the biggest lost by Cleveland at home by 34 points. Steph Curry led all scorers as usual with 35 markers followed by Andre Igoudala with 20 points and surprisingly LBJ only got 16 pts, 5 rebounds, 5 assist. (are you sick LBJ?) 

He also shoved Curry just so you know, here is the highlight.

The Warriors shot 19-40 from 3 pt distance and led Cleveland from the get go and never looked back till the end. One can say oh well the Cavs just had an off night, but this game is so important to get over that nightmare they had against this team but instead they were completely lost. People are quick to point out Kevin Love didnt produce, how can a player produce if you only ran a play for him 3 times per game 🙂 yes I maybe exaggerated but this is the same team that lost to the spurs and everything goes from Lebron or Kyrie and sometimes it stops on their hands. 

The Warriors and the Spurs are a team game I cant say the same for the Cavs.They move the ball well? maybe, I don’t know I will just leave you with the highlights or maybe the low lights of the Cavs.

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Team Powcast

Nuggets Handed Warriors Their Third Loss of Season

Golden State Warriors got their third loss of this NBA season, after a close game versus the Denver Nuggets that ended 110-112 for the home team.

The loss snapped their 7 consecutive wins streak since when the Stephen Curry-less Warriors played Dallas Mavericks , December 30.

In this game, Warriors star Stephen Curry scored 38 points for his team, and the another Splash Brother, Klay Thompson added 17. Former North Carolina Tar Heel forward, Harrison Barnes made 18 points for the away team. Australian center Andrew Bogut led the team in rebounds (7) and Curry led the assist bank for the team.

Danilo Gallinari scored 28 points, including his free throw at the end of the game which secured the victory for the Nuggets. Darrell Arthur led the Nuggets in rebounds with 11.

The Warriors are scheduled to play a home game against the Lakers tomorrow, and The Nuggets will host the traveling Miami Heat, this Saturday.

Draymond Green ala LBJ VS the CAVS! 22 pts, 15 rebs, 7assts 2 BLOCKS!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and NBA has given us the rematch of last years Championship game between Cavs and The Warriors. For the first time this season the Cavs starters was complete and isnt it just the perfect timing against the Warriors their rival.

Yes I am not crazy Lebron James is still LBJ, But the fact to the matter is Draymond Green played a better overall game to get the W for his team. LBJ ended the night with 25 pts, 9 rebs, 2 assists and missed 2 free throws in the last 2 minutes of the game to somehow give Golden State a scare to put the game within a field goal but the score stayed at 77-81 with a 1:33 remaining. The Warriors won over Cavs with  a score of 89-83 to stay unbeaten at home with 14 wins so far the only team that can blemish that record would be the Spurs which would happen on Jan 25, but the Spurs just lost to the Houston Rockets on Christmas day as well.

This game showed that Kevin Love is and will always be a black hole on defense he had a few possession where he could have at least tried to alter the shot but just backed away from it. 

Curry had a scare a bit in his right calf but returned in the 3rd quarter and ended the night with 19 pts, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. 

Right now I think that the Cavs doesn’t have a better chance of beating Golden state compared to last year. Simply because how things ended with Tristan Thompson situation.

Here is the highlight of the game by Green:

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Team Powcast

Has Steph Curry Already Sewn Up MVP?

Has Steph Curry Already Sewn Up MVP?

Toward the end of November, as the Golden State Warriors seized the record for the longest-ever win streak to start a season, ESPN ran an article that posed a fascinating question. Basically, it asked if Stephen Curry could be both MVP and Most Improved Player in this year’s NBA season. Logically speaking, that’s an absurd proposition, but if you’ve been watching Golden State and seeing the way Curry is taking his game to another level, it actually makes some sense. And more importantly, it suggests that Curry may have all but wrapped up the 2015/16 MVP debate before Christmas.
In a way, it’s basic math. If the reigning MVP is even in the conversation for Most Improved Player, could anyone else conceivably be considered a better MVP candidate for this season? Wouldn’t someone else have to have improved even more to overtake him? These questions may not matter specifically because “improvement” is not completely quantifiable, but conceptually ESPN’s proposition would seem to put Curry way out in front in the MVP race.
The current odds on the MVP race agree, but to a less emphatic extent. At Betfair, odds are updated throughout the season for this and a few other award races, and currently the projections favor Curry at 8/15 odds. That’s a pretty solid outlook for the Golden State guard, though Pelicans power forward Anthony Davis remains hot on his heels with even odds and LeBron James can’t be forgotten at 12/5. But even with relatively confident projections that Davis and James will remain in the competition, 8/15 shows a lot of faith in Curry for so early in the season.
And if that wasn’t enough confidence regarding Curry’s shot at a second straight MVP, consider this: Steve Nash, another uniquely creative point guard with a deadly shooting stroke who happened to win two MVPs, recently suggested he believes Curry is a transcendent star. Quoted at CBS Sports, Nash discussed his own outlook on Curry, which now includes first-hand experience due to Nash’s role as a player development consultant for Golden State. For his part, Nash says Curry has taken what Nash did to a new level, which is about the strongest praise one player can offer another. The two are very different players of course, but at the same time it’s harder to find a better comparison for Curry in recent NBA history than Nash.
And then there are the raw numbers, where Curry is basically eclipsing everything he did last year and stampeding toward various records in the process. He’s leading the league in scoring, and his points per-40 minutes advantage on the rest of the league is even greater. He’s on pace to obliterate his own record for most three pointers in a season, and he’s leading what suddenly looks like one of the best teams in NBA history. Depending on your point of view, you may even count the fact that LeBron James has faded somewhat from the media spotlight as further evidence of Curry’s pure dominance this season.
To say the Golden State guard has already sewn up the award is premature, because we’re only about 20 games into an 82-game campaign. But he certainly has a bigger lead than we’re used to seeing at this time of year, and if he stays healthy, it’s very hard to imagine him losing ground at this point. We could very well see Curry win a second consecutive NBA MVP.

Warriors Makes history 15-0 Start and still going at it !


The Golden State Warriors set a golden record in the NBA and is set to break the tie if they beat the Lakers tomorrow. Curry only played 29 minutes to beat the Denver Nuggets. This is also the first game that he scored less than 20 points but that didnt matter at all because for Curry its all about winning.

Highlights of the game:

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