2018 Ginebra Calendar Girl: Cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa

 Myrtle Sarrosa is Ginebra’s 2018 Calendar Girl 

 Myrtle Sarrosa Ginebra Sexy Boss

Every year, Ginebra San Miguel calendar girl takes a new form and for their 30th year, they chose a woman who literally takes different forms as a Cosplayer.

At 22 years old and aside from being a well known cosplayer, Myrtle Sarrosa is also a singer and actress and has appeared on multiple TV shows and movies. 

From the poster above with Myrtle Sarrosa in her sexy yet bossy outfit alongside all of the Ginebra drinks, Myrtle will take you to a journey inside the forest as she turns into an enchantress wearing nothing but leaves with her red hair. Myrtle Sarossa turned Forest Fairy for Vino Kulafu drink.

Myrtle Sarossa forest Fairy
She turns up the magic and pours a Primera Light Brandy while wearing a skimpy magician costume which bedazzled all the drinkers. 
Martyle Sarossa is the great and sexy magician.
It’s time for an intergalactic space travel as Myrtle Sarrosa takes on a high tech sexy chic as a GSM Blue cover girl. 
Myrtle Sarrosa Ginebra  GSM Blue

Last but not the least, Myrtle Sarrosa takes a page out of San Miguel as she dons the version of the archangel to fight evil and make men happy, I hope. 
Myrtle Sarrosa Ginebra photo