Cavs Interested in Lou Williams

Cleveland has been said to be willing to send two players for Williams

There’s no doubt in the minds of every fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers that their team is struggling DESPITE LeBron James’ brilliance and the fact that Isaiah Thomas has been playing. They have dropped 7 of their last 10 games and the last one wasn’t a good one either. The Cavs got themselves destroyed by the Oklahoma City Thunder. 148-124, ON THE CAVS’ OWN FLOOR.
The Cavs have been included in the teams that are looking to make a move before the trade deadline this February and among the players whom the Cavs are targetting is DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers. And apparently, DJ isn’t the only player from the Clippers who is being targetted by the defending Eastern Conference champions.
Ladies and gentlemen, can you imagine Lou Williams in a Cavs uniform?
Yes, folks. Lou Williams, one of the few bright spots in the otherwise an ugly season for the Clippers, has emerged as a trade target for the Cavaliers who are looking to reshape their roster because people are beginning to worry that they might not make it past the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics- should both squads make it that far.
To begin with, Lou Williams has been on a tear in the last 10 games as he is averaging 31 points and 6 assists per game. And the Clippers are lurking around in the 8th spot in the West with a 23-21 record.
Apparently, the Cavs are willing to send JR Smith alongside Tristan Thompson in exchange for DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams. While the ESPN Trade Machine has indicated that the trade involving the said players will work without the complexities, the Trade Machine also indicated that the Cavs will add 4 wins to their projected number of wins assuming that they pull the trigger on this one.
Assuming that both teams will make this deal a reality, the Cavs will now have two elite scorers off the bench in Lou Williams and Dwayne Wade. With DeAndre Jordan at the 5 spot, Kevin Love can now focus on playing at his natural position. With JR Smith gone, Tyronn Lue can start Kyle Korver at the 2 spot to provide some early long-range bombs.


There’s no doubt that the Cavs are in dire need of upgrade despite having one of the best players in the NBA on board. Hopefully, having a player like Lou Williams and having one of the league’s elite rim defenders in DeAndre Jordan will improve the Cavs’  situation because if not, they will become the laughingstock of the NBA. 

By the Numbers: 3 Things that Failed the Cavs Against Indiana

And because of these things, the Cavs endured their 4th consecutive loss

The Pacers outscored the Cavs, 32-22 in the 4th quarter to come out with the win.

The defending Eastern Conference champions reloaded themselves during the busy off-season, bringing in Dwayne Wade back alongside LeBron and getting Isaiah Thomas and a bunch of role players from Boston in a deal that sent Kyrie Irving to the Celtics. 
While those deals made the Cleveland Cavaliers, a much-stronger-on-paper “super team” which, according to their fans, can finally match-up well against the Golden State Warriors- should both teams meet again in the NBA Finals.
Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and stay in the course of the regular season, for now. 
8 games into the new season, the Cavaliers are now 3-5, the same record that LeBron James has in his 8 trips to the Finals. 
After starting the season with a win over the Celtics which was followed by another victory against the Bucks, the Cavs went 1-5 since then, including 4 straight losses, the last one from the hands of the Indiana Pacers who are by the way, playing well despite being without a consistent center or a superstar after trading away long-time star player, Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder during the early months of the 2018-2018 off-season.
So what happened to the Cavs against the Pacers? Below are the numbers:

22% Shooting from Deep

Let’s start with the worst one. To begin with, the Cavs are shooting 34% from long distance during the course of those 8 games- placing them tied for the 19th spot in that category. Against the Pacers however, LeBron James and company only made 7 OUT OF 31 ATTEMPTS from the 3-point line- that’s 22% 3-point field goal shooting, folks. And yet they allowed Indiana to hit 16 of their 26 attempts from that area. You see the difference? It was a huge difference. 
Need any more? Here are the players who miserably struggled from outside:
  • Kevin Love: 2 of 6
  • LeBron James: 1 of 5
  • JR Smith: 2 of 6
  • Jae Crowder: 0 of 5
  • Kyle Korver: 1 of 5

8 Turnovers for The King

While there’s no doubt in everyone’s mind, or at the very least, in the minds of his fans, that LeBron James is on a course to win another MVP this season. But, how can you even win a basketball game if you are careless with the ball? Despite his 33 points, 6 rebounds and 11 assists against the Pacers, one of the many things that haunted LeBron and eventually the Cavs, was his 8 turnovers- that’s half of the turnovers Cavs had during the entire game. 

Lack of Intensity from the Starters

If your starters are struggling, then pray that your bench steps up. In this case, the bench of Tyronn Lue outscored the bench players of Indiana, 34-18. The problem was: the Cavs’ starters failed to match the intensity and consistency of the Pacers’ first five as the latter outscored the former, 106-73. Indiana could have beaten the Cavs by relying on their starters alone but fortunately, they had little help from off the bench. 


Maybe the Cavs are dealing with many things nowadays, LeBron’s impending departure, Derrick Rose’s injury, Dwayne Wade coming off the bench, possible chemistry issue. You name it. Maybe having too many superstars have finally caught on the Cavs. Maybe it’s affecting their chemistry to begin with. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. If they don’t sort things out by themselves, then they won’t be making it back to the Finals this season. Just maybe. 

We Got Dizzy Watching JR Smith Hits 20 Consecutive 3’s! Could Be Up for a Bigger Role

With 13 years experience on four NBA teams including New Orleans, Denver, New York and currently with Cleveland, JR Smith had shown that he is a reliable player on the court, especially with scoring.
The 31-year-old however had his lowest output in 11 years averaging 8.6 points. It’s his second lowest scoring average since he was a sophomore where he would score 7.7 points in 18 minutes of play.  Last year, he also had his lowest FG percentage in his career at .346.
This season, JR Smith is looking to improve his shooting and based on the video we could be looking at his old form. The shooting guard just might have a better opportunity to take more shots next season especially with the impending departure of Kyrie Irving.
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Will Kyrie Irving have a great 2017 -18 season?


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Warriors finish off the Cavaliers in 5; Durant Caps his MVP Performance with a 39-point Game

Golden States Warriors dominates anew as they dismantled the Cleveland Cavaliers via 129 – 120 home win to claim the NBA Championship.

Kevin Durant finally won his first championship after a decade in NBA. He finished the game with 39 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists and he took home the Finals MVP Award. While his buddy, Stephen Curry managed to collect 34 points, 6 rebounds and 10 assists.

But it was Andre Iguodala who sparked the Warriors of the bench as he finished the game with 20 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists. It was a big help for them as Klay Thompson was struggling in the game and finished with 11 points only.

LeBron James collected 41 points, 13 rebounds and eight assists in 46 minutes of action while Kyrie Irving and JR Smith finished the game with 26 and 25 points each.

Tristan Thompson also managed to have a good game with 15 points but it was Kevin Love who the Cavaliers missed a lot in this game as he only managed 6 points on 2 out of 8 shooting.

This is the 2nd title for the Warriors and they finished the playoffs with an impressive 16-1 record.

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Powcast Top 5 NBA 360 layup

Powcast Sports brings you the Top 5 360 Layups in the NBA

Nick Young

5. John Wall 

Vs. Clippers

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4. JR. Smith

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3. Kobe Bryant

Vs. Atlanta

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2. Vince Carter

Vs. Knicks
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Vs. Heat
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1. Nick Young

Vs. Mavs
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Vs. Grizzlies

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Basketball Culture : #Cavshion is here

The hashtag “cavshion” is being used on Instagram and twitter to show off some of the players’ flawless fashion game. Iman Shumpert, Tristan Thompson, Kyrie Irving, J.R. Smith, and LeBron James can be seen posting some of their freshest gear on their personal accounts. Many of the outfits seen on the team Instagram page show how the guys arrive for a home or away game. Lets look at some of their posts.

A photo posted by Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) on Dec 8, 2015 at 5:46pm PST



A video posted by Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) on Nov 28, 2015 at 3:31pm PST


Photo and video courtesy of : & Pix11

J.R. Smith accused of choking a NYC teen who mocked his deal to Cleveland

Justin Brown, a 19-year old and hails from Harlem, was with pals who chided Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith for ignoring their fan request for a photo. Smith is seen on a cell phone video walking away from the group, sources said.

“That’s why New York kicked you out, yo!” Brown remarked.

Brown told cops that after the verbal brush, Smith, who is 6-foot-6 and 225 pounds, checked him against the exterior of the building and put his hands around Brown’s neck, police sources said. Smith’s lawyer, in talking to the Daily News, called the allegations “completely false.”

J.R. Smith Re-Signs with Cavaliers

J.R. Smith announced Thursday via his Instagram account that he is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Reports said it’s a two-year deal with $5 million being earned next season with a player option on the second year. The deal also included a no-trade clause.

While he struggled early on in the NBA Finals and shot just 31.2 percent from the field in the series, he became a crucial offensive producer in the postseason in general, especially when Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving went down to injuries.

Smith had previously opted out of a $6.4 million contract for next season and became an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

LeBron James took to Twitter to welcome Smith back to Cleveland:

“Welcome back brother @TheRealJRSmith! happy you’re sticking around. #TheLand #StriveForGreatness” – Lebron James (@KingJames)

Photo Credit: teamswish/instagram