Noisy Rip City!!

Rip City: How the Portland Trail Blazers got their calling card

Portland Trail Blazers are back in the second round of the NBA Playoffs!
The Trail Blazers aka Rip city started the series with 0-2 deficit but managed to pull off a 4 game winning streak that ended the 2015-2016 campaign of the L.A. Clippers.

The “BEAT L.A” chant originator will face the no.1 seeded Golden States Warriors in the second round.

It’s definitely a tall order for Damian Lillard  and CJ McCollum, good thing  Mason Plumlee seems to be having a basketball series of his life.

Can the Portland Trail Blazers pull off the biggest upset of the year against number 1 team; Golden States Warriors?  Let’s all wait and see! in the mean time check out the highlights below.

                                                              Game 6 highlights!