Ayesha Curry throws shade on LeBron James following Draymond Green’s one-game suspension

Ayesha Curry (Wife of Stephen Curry) took the opportunity to go all-out on LeBron James, not holding back after Draymond Green has been suspended in Game 5 of the NBA 2016 Finals.
Ayesha made a statement via twitter, just right after Klay Thompson mocked LeBron having his “feelings hurt” after Draymond Green hit him in Game 4, James just shook it off by saying, “It’s so hard to take the high road.”
After several hours, Ayesha threw a jab on LeBron with a tweet consisting “High Road,” she wrote. “Invisible bridge used to step over said person when open floor is available left to right.”
 See the tweet below: 

So how will LeBron respond to Ayesha? hmm… Things are getting exciting as the NBA Finals is coming to an end. We’ll see after LeBron releases his statement.