Derek Fisher’s Goods at $300,000 Including 5 NBA Rings Were Stolen!

The home of retired LA Lakers guard Derek Fisher in Los Angeles was burglarized Monday morning (Jan. 30) and they stole his five championship rings he won during his run with the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to TMZ, Fisher told police that he left his home at around 7:30 a.m. on Monday, and when he returned three hours later, he realized someone had broken in.
The robber made away with more than $300,000 worth of jewelry, including his five NBA championship rings. Police in Los Angeles are currently investigating.

Fisher and the Lakers jam with 50 cent Video

Fisher and the Lakers jam with 50 cent, pretty awesome! 50 Cent was on FOX’s X-Factor together with some Lakers playah!, Derek Fisher a close friend of 50 cent introduce him while Matt Barnes, Steve Blake and  Rookie Darius Morris join 50 cents and the sexy hot dancers on stage. This is just one perks of being a Lakers that the players are enjoying. 

Fisher and the Lakers jam with 50 cent Video

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A Text, A Tweet , An NBA season?

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Even if there are no NBA season sports fan or basketball fan like me continues to read about news in the NBA. The recent article that I have read spark up my eyes and put a semi-smile on my face. It looks to me that a 2011 NBA  season is now more than likely. With today technology everybody and everyone from around the world could easily get some insider information about what is going in with the NBA lockout, take for example the tweet of Roger Mason implying that an NBA season is more than likely and recently,  I heard that Derek Fisher text some of his fellow baller to get back in shape for the season. If you are optimistic then you see something good about this news but of course nothing is final until we hear it from the NBA official them selves. Let us just home the these text and tweet could turn in to reality. These players belong to the basketball court and not anywhere else.