Efforts in Vain: OKC Fell One Step Short to Victory Against Wolves

Big shot after big shot!

Andrew Wiggins’ winning three-point shot against OKC

The Oklahoma City Thunder went through another unfortunate lost with their foe Minnesota Timberwolves winning with a 2 point lead via Andrew Wiggins breath-taking 3-pointer that beat the clock winding down.
The final 8 seconds of the game was a long thrilling 8 seconds, before Wiggins hit the winning shot, it seemed that Carmelo Anthony’s three-pointer was the supposed to be winning shot bringing the OKC up by 1 point but two big shots in a relatively short period of time is a phenomenon we do not see every day.
After OKC’s lost against Utah Jazz – Westbrook’s dormancy, the triple threat’s missing link Russell Westbrook redeemed himself with an ultimate explosion in their game against the Wolves, Russell finished with 31 points plus 10 assists.
Despite the ultimate performance of the triple threat and Steven Adams, still Thunder’s starter production had a missing link, Andre Roberson started the game and finished scoreless after 22 minutes of play whilst all of the Wolves’ starters were in double digits. Roberson was the missing link that made OKC fell one step short.
All in all, it was obviously a very close game, no significant difference in the team stats. It just happened that the Timberwolves were the last to hit the winning shot before the final buzzer buzzed and ceased the whole arena, leaving a throng of crowd stunned of what they have witnessed right before their eyes. The victory was in Thunder’s palm but then it slipped away in a blink of an eye.
Wolves 115 – Wiggins 27, Towns 27, Teague 19, Butler 15, Gibson 11, bench – 16
Thunder 113 – Westbrook 31, Anthony 23, Adams 17, George 14, Roberson 0, bench – 28

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights / Oct 22 2017 / 2017 NBA Season

Ball Scrutiny: 5 Reasons Why Golden State Warriors Dominated Their 2nd Preseason Match Against Timberwolves

Pachulia Blocking Towns

After a shameful loss in their first game against Minnesota, the Golden State Warriors awakened their true spirit, thrashed the wolves in their second preseason match up 142-110.

Splash Brothers with a Tsunami

Klay Thompson and Steph with a huge domination from beyond the arc – Warriors’ main weapon. Klay Thompson shot 80% from the rainbow country with 28 points, Steph Curry with a monstrous 40- point explosion, shooting 66 % from the 3 point area. Thompson and Curry shot 14 three-pointers combined, which doubled up the whole Timberwolves 3 point shooting.

High Scoring Ball Game

The first quarter ended, 41-36. A high scoring ball game equals a high-paced ball game which is very evident that the game is going on the Warrior’s run and gun style of play.

Impeccable Play Execution

No matter how they throw in the ball, the hoop just seems to suck it down.  It’s just because of the incredible Warrior’s passing style plus the every player really connects with the hoop everytime they take a shot.

Inside Control

Warriors limited the Minnesota in Offensive Rebounding to just 6, thus limiting their extra possession and 2nd chance points.

The warriors, known as outside gunners yet managed to neutralize the inside,  they even had a 2 point advantage in terms of points in the shaded area. It leaves no room for Minnesota to start a sizzle as the Warriors are ferocious inside and outside.

Every Drop Counts

The Golden State Warriors shot 80% of their free throws (20-25) which is far well than the first game when they missed 12.
Watch GSW vs Timberwolves game Highlights

(video courtesy of Rapid Highlights)

Son of Benjie Paras Kobe already making name in Los Angeles

Kobe Paras the son of former Philippine Basketball legend Benjie Paras is already getting some attention in Los angeles.  The Los Angeles times featured an article for him ” Boys’ basketball: Another guard named Kobe is ready to star in L.A.” check out the link here.

Here is Kobe Paras in a slam dunk contest 

The Grizzlies grind to win game 3 against the Thunders, highlights videos

How sweet it is to win games against the heavy favorite Oklahoma City Thunders! The Memphis Grizzlies took advantage of the bad shooting of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, shooting at a combined percentage of 35% (19/53), The Thunders showed resilience and getting a bit of luck at the end of the game to scare of the Grizzlies with a four point play by Russell Westbrook and a bad foul from Tony Allen.

In the end The Memphis grind it out and carried out the momentum to finish the dejected Thunders with the score of 98-95 in the overtime, 6 Grizzlies players in double figure scoring.

Box score click here 

Westbrook 4 point play

Bad foul by Tony Allen

NBA Number 2 overall draft pick wears Google Glass

Victor Oladipo’s experienced the 2013 NBA draft through his own eyes, thanks to Google Glass. check out the number 2 overall draft pick of Orlando Magic shoots his experience at the 2013 NBA draft, I wonder how much he got paid for promoting the Google tech? I am not how the Google glass is going to progress, I am still kind of hesitant how user friendly it is to use, it really looked awkward using it, look at his eyes. I am sure however that Victor Oladipo’s will be successful in the NBA. Victor Oladipo’s Google glass. 

A Catchy Jeremy Lin tribute song

An impressive Jeremy Lin tribute song. Aside from catching the Linsanity fever this song is really good. There are a lot of tribute songs out there but there is one of the best out there. Watch the Jeremy Lin tribute song and be the judge.

 A Catchy Jeremy Lin tribute song

So what do you think?

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Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert sings Video

Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert sings. Landy Fields did a good job singing I want to be a millionaire by Bruno Mars and putting his won lyrics into it.   While Iman Shumpert  Rap about what he feels. New York Knicks will most probably be in the playoff this season however Championship may still be a long shot especially when Lebron James, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant lurking around, But who knows they have become an instant favorite in the east, Maybe Jeremy Lin luck can get them to the championship this year.

Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert sings 

“I want to be a champion so frickin’ bad
Buy all of the the things I never had
I want to be on the cover of SLAM magazine
Smiling next to ‘Melo and Amar’e

But every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night, oh, I swear

The room better prepare
For when the Knicks win that hardware”

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Colten Moore’s Crash at Winter X Games 2012 , Scary Landing

Colten Moore’s provided some extreme stunts and intense moment at The Winter X Games. Colten Moore crashed landed and then went on to win gold in Snowmobile Freestyle. Whoah! what a night for the young fella! Check out the video of Colten Moore’s Crash at Winter X Games 2012 here 
look at him by the end of the video, trying to pump up the crowd. 
Like this post if you think he deserve a thumbs up!

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Taiwanese Animation Provides Some Tips For Super Bowl Commercials

I am not sure why Taiwanese Animation are suddenly famous nowadays, Its intended viewers I believe are Taiwanese for them to better comprehend the news. but looks like everybody likes it seems like we understand it better if these guys do a presentation! 
What do you think?

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Megan Fox and Mike Tyson gives you reason to speak English!

Filipino’s are good in English, Really? Well at least better than these two Brazilian boys. The boys are banished to Mike Tyson Island because they could not speak English. 
Lesson : Lean English score chicks! 
So Young boys from the Philippines you better learn English just in case you get stranded at Megan Fox Island! 
Do you know how to speak English?

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PAK YOW! Pacquiao Song by Prison Dancers

These guys made my day! Funny, creative and very Filipino Accent!
Pak Yow song by Prison Dancers.


Pak Yow

(Do the Pak Yow)
Manny Pacquiao is his name
he will punch you in your brain
you can do just like he does
when you put on your boxing gloves

(Pak Yow! x4)

Manny Pacquiao is the best
You know he can beat the rest
Sometimes when you touch his punch
His fist will eat your face for lunch

(Pak Yow! x4)

Everybody duck the rope
duck the rope
duck the rope
duck the rope

Everybody rope a dope
rope a dope
rope a dope
rope a dope


Manny Pacquiao is the king
king of all the Philippines
right jab
he can kick your ass
left punch
take off your moustache

(Pak Yow x4)

Who’s your coach?
Freddie Roach x8

Who’s your coach?
Ask yourself that question…

 Pacquiao Song by Prison Dancers

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Wow! Amazing painting using Basketball?!

I have seen a lot of art works out there and frankly I am not easily impress with some of them. Well when your use to seeing a lot of amazing stuff online it seems ordinary seeing this kind of Art. So why am I posting it then, Hmmp? Its because its sports related and I like Yao Ming. Well to give credit to the artist it was really hard painting and dribbling at the same time. 
Painting with basketball, What do you think?

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