A Tour at Gabriel ‘Flash’ Elorde Memorabilia at the 17th Elorde Awards, Banquet of Champions #elorde

I was not even alive yet when Gabriel ‘Flash’ Elorde was wrecking havoc inside the boxing ring.
With 89 wins, 27 losses (4 KO’s) and 2 draws, there is just no other boxer like him today nor anybody who could match up to his fight records. That’s a total of 118 boxing fights.
There’s not much videos to refer to his dominance in boxing as YouTube was still nonexistent at his time but it’s great that his family were able to preserve these memorabilia for the future generations to remember him by.
Let me take you down to memory lane in this video.

Powcast Vlog: 17th Elorde Awards

The date was March 25, 2017. Boxers from all over the country converge for a night of fight and recognition for the best of the best that Philippine boxing had to offer. The annual awards night was headed by none other that Liza Elorde, the daughter of the Great Flash Elorde.
The event started with a number great boxing matchups followed by a luscious dinner while the awarding ceremony was going on. 
Here are some of the event highlights: