Scrutinizing Dubs: KD Slowly Outshining Steph

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant

Is Steph Curry still the leader of the reigning Golden State Warriors? Or is it the great Kevin Durant who lift them to their recent championships?

Stephen Curry is an original player of the Dubs and has been the core of the ever since. He plays offense well as well as leading and directing it. Steph is a full package point guard that boosted the team for a title over the Cleveland Cavaliers.
But so as KD.
Kevin Durant is an offensive monster just like Steph. just juat differ in size but in production, there is an almost negligible difference between the two. Curry has 27.8 points a game while Durant has 26.3. They both do their jobs as aces of the team especially in clutch times. They deliver winning shots in the final seconds and all varieties of ways to let their team win.
Nevertheless, it seems like Durant’s light is getting even brighter and brighter that it eventually it would make Steph a little bit unnoticeable.

Why is that so?

We all know that KD played a single season with the Dubs and already had a title with the team. Most will view this phenomema in a way that it is Kevin Durant that led the Dubs to this championship. Why? Because he spells the difference from an old to the new Warriors.
What makes his addition even more catchy is that he was crowned as the finals MVP last season. 
A clear and concrete evidence of him being the spear header of the title shot recently won.
Another thing is Durant was already a superstar way back the OKC days. He’s not just a typical player who got some skills to play. His name would echo in every corner there is in the world where basketball fans do exist. And besides, his game mixed quite well with the Warriors eversince he was added.

Would it be beneficial for the Dubs?

Regardless of whoever shines the brightest, what’a important is the team’s victory. Whether it is Curry or Durant or somebodyelse. Everyone exerts efforts just to win a single game, therefore it is not just KD or Steph. Warriors is Warriors, because of all of them. 

Scrutinizing Dubs: Warriors Strengthens Grip on Western Top Spot

Kevin Durant

The Dubs proved it all wrong. A huge missing link in the name of their ace point guard Stephen Curry won’t be a hindrance for their domination.

Kevin Durant has been leading the team well especially in scoring ever since Steph was unable to play. The recent finals MVP really got it all if there is an urgent need for a man to step up.
They only lost once in the last 10 games without Steph and managed to climb up to the top spot as they run streaks behind the struggling Rockets.

Why does Steph’s absence turn out to be beneficial for the team?

With Steph, the Warriors is an ultimate shooting squad led by him. Without him, yes the outside domination is still present but his absence gave way for offense to flow inside, led of course by KD.
Another good thing about Steph being unable to play is that it gave time for Warriors’ unnoticed guards to make baskets for the team. In their recent victory against the Utah Jazz, two guards off the bench finished with double figures. Nick Young and Patrick McCaw got significant minutes and scored 15 and 18 points respectively. These two guards were very efficient and productive. Warriors found a saving trump card in some games that Steph may experience foul troubles.


Steph’s absence seemed to go drastic at first but in the long run, it acted as an opportunity in disguise to dig deeper through the bench and let others become the offensive focus.
Kevin Durant’s been leading the offense. Not just leading but balancing it as well. Warriors aren’t just about shooting long buckets. They’ve got big men who can go head to head against stonewall defenses.

Scrutinizing Dubs: A Completely Different Team Without Curry

Kevin Durant

Steph Curry’s absence is just a huge void for the Dubs.

It is evident that the Warriors lost due to being completely lost with their rhythm, especially on the offensive end. One good example of this drastic scenario is their latest game, which happened to be their latest terrible loss.
96 – 81. Losing so badly is unusual for the Warriors but what makes this even more unusual is the fact that 81 points is very much low when speaking of the Warriors which is an extremely offensive team.
We already know that Warriors’ suddenly shrinks without Curry. What’s interesting are the possible reasons lingering behind.

1. Klay Thompson could not focus as a shooting guard and could not play point guard at least as effective as Curry.

It is indeed a fact that Klay aside from Steph is also one of the best shooters in the league, but his playing position contributes to it much and thus the position he plays would extremely affect the way and the intensity of his performance.
Without Steph as the main playmaker, Klay could not primarily focus on his own play to make shots but his time and energy are subdivided into making shots for his teammates before making shots for himself. Thus, Thompson’s outside domination and the entire play of Warriors would be adversely affected.

2. KD Would be Offensively Inconsistent

Kevin Durant is a ferocious offensive monster and would score enormously from time to time. But without a point guard which sets him up most of the time, we could expect a great finisher to struggle and stumble at times, which was exactly what happened during the Nuggets game. Durant shot 6-17 from the field and missed all his outside attempts, 5 to be exact. Which leads us to the 3rd reason

3. Outside Shooting Significantly Drops

Steph is the main trigger to be pulled whenever outside shooting is urgent. Without him shooting impeccably, Warriors’ production would drop down and the game would probably result in a loss, to prevent this, Warriors have the instinct that they need to cover up this insufficiency. Thus somebody must take outside shots either with comfort or with force. Durant doesn’t have it that night against Nuggets but still as one of the team’s key player, he needs to do the shooting and unluckily, all five missed.


Warriors’ isn’t all about Steph Curry but a team diminished by a major role player will always turn out to be a different one in the late phase of the story.

Scrutinizing Dubs: The Chances of Climbing Up to No. 1 Spot

Klay Thompson

Would there be a chance for the Warriors to take away the no. 1 spot on the west against rival Houston Rockets? Let’s all find out.

Okay folks, now with James Harden and the Houston Rockets losing so badly twice in a row, it would seem to us like the Rockets aren’t in a really great shape perhaps as a team. James Harden was more than just great with a humongous 51 point outrage in both games that they had lost.
On the other hand, Warriors aren’t doing that great in their last match but they have destroyed the same team, the Lakers thrice in a row. Now, if you have read my recent article about the Warriors being a completely different team given the absence of Curry, you’ll see there the Dubs’ weakness and loopholes without Steph in play.
Same goes for the Rockets. In their case, they do not have their primary center Clint Capela which obviously adversely affected their overall game.
So how would it go? Who will be in the number one spot after a couple or more games to pass this season?


Given the circumstances above. Whoever team that makes a more significant streak when their absent key players come back (Capela and Curry) would ultimately take the top spot. We cannot know for sure who’s who unless both squads are in their full form. So whoever strikes hard first wins the battle this phase of the season. 
But from the looks of things, Warriors would be able to take the top spot once Curry gets back. The Dubs played more consistently than the Rockets have done especially the key players. Warriors key gunners seldom experience drought. 
Still, the best option to break this balance is a match between them. Would Warriors be able to grab hold of James Harden’s shooting and gun their own with the Splash Brothers? Or would Rockets limit their production, take advantage of outside misses and let Harden go all out for as much as every shootable spot on the court?
Why is it the best option for the battle to be sentenced directly by a match?
Of course, it is much better to judge who’s who by the scores and performance of both ends against each other. It would be the most valid and substantial. Warriors would also like redemption. They lost against Rockets this season. It will be a story of a test of will. Who’s stronger and who will prevail? The Rocket’s ultimate revenge or Warriors’ spirit of a champion?

Balls-Eye: What if Warriors Play Big Games without KD?

Kevin Durant

It’s not as though Kevin Durant is a piece of offensive machinery. Well in fact, even most highly calibrated machine that currently exist needs to shut down from time to time.

The Dubs seemed to be fine without Steph during Hornets game as Kevin Durant exploded and leveled up his performance from best to ultimate.
Well, Steph and Durant are both powerful players yet very much different in style, playing different roles in the team.

So what might happen if Kevin Durant will be the one who’s unable to play?

There’s a lot of lingering possibilities but the bottomline will be a weaker Warriors squad. Warriors may revert to a team which the Cavs had beaten in the finals — the time before they have acquired KD.
Durant averages 25 points a game and him unable to play will diminish offense this much. Or so it seemed to be?
Steph averages 26 points a game but Warriors still managed to win so its not as though the absence of a player with a high point average would dramatically decrease a team’s firepower.

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But it’s just averages we are talking about. We all know that a game isn’t just about scoring but about a holistic impact instead. A strong player’s presence is enough to shaken up an opponent if you really are a monster on the floor.

Now which has the holistic impact?

Well, It’s Steph offensively knowing that he directs the plays and dish out passes plus outside shooting but it is KD defensively, of course a bigger man would weaken the defense. KD’s presence inside intimidates the opponent’s slashers and without him, the small guys on the other end would have the esteem to penetrate and have a chance to score easier.


Steve Kerr said that Curry’s absence is good for the team in the sense that other players have some room to step up because of the open playing time Steph left. Now Durant being the team’s ace like Steph, Kerr could’ve said the same thing. 

Balls-Eye: One Bad Curry Game won’t Mean Dubs’ Collapse

Golden State isn’t only Steph Alone

Stephen Curry

After injury recovery, Steph Curry managed to play Boston Celtics but ended up being a dormant with only 9 points that resulted to Warriors’ 4th season loss, but remember that even LeBron James had a bad game against the Boston Celtics and also ended up losing, but in the end they still overthrew them to win the series. So as the Warriors, after the loss against Boston, here they are again winning two straight games.
Steph scored huge in their next game against the Sixers, exploding with 35 points. It was redemption in a flash. After a very bad game, in a blink of an eye, Curry’s ultimate form was right back in the court.

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The dubs won another game against the Nets, with Steph exploding once again with 39 points and 11 rebounds double-double performance. The splash brothers may not have connected from beyond the arc but still their waves are titanic, Klay Thomspon backed up Steph with 23 points. Despite Curry being fouled out and Nets’ humongous 42 points made in the 3rd quarter alone, Steph Curry had provided enough space for the Warriors to hold on to 2nd straight victory.
But the question is, is Steph really back?
Yes, he scored big in the next two games, but he isn’t coming from the rainbow country – his homeland. It is just a good thing that Curry sufficed the needed production in a different field, but him being lethal from the outside? Not really. In fact, it was the Nets who was raged from beyond the arc with 16 triples that berated the Dubs with only 10, which explains why they managed to catch up to just behind 7 points at the end of the game.

Stephen Curry Funniest #LODI Moments that you Haven’t Seen Yet

Stephen Curry one of the greatest shooters in the NBA is also funny guy

At 29 years old, the two time MVP and two-time champion have done a lot of things inside the court and through his eight years in the league Stephen Curry wasn’t always in his best form, sometimes he is also in his funniest form.  
In this post, we would like to share some of the funniest moments of one of the most celebrated basketball players today.  
Watch Stephen Curry best funny moments below.

Tuesday Menace: Will Harden be Able to Outshine Curry?

Stephen Curry defended by James Harden

This is a new season. We’re back to square one.

2 seasons ago, the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors clashed in the Western Conference Finals, where the Houston Rockets tasted a bitter defeat, 4 games to 1. They failed to avenge their loss last season against the Dubs.

Tomorrow, these two powerhouse teams will go head-to-head once again, back to square one.

The match up of James Harden and Stephen Curry is of particular interest in this game and up to the next games that they’ll be facing each other. Both players are unquestionably great point guards and penetrators. They even have the magic dribble that may break their defenders’ ankle. Who will stand higher against these two prodigies?
James Harden is holding on a slim lead in terms of PPG this preseason, sitting in the number two spot with 21.3, whilst Curry is right on his tail, with 20.8.  But Steph Curry’s shooting and scoring is significantly more efficient, harden makes only 37.3 % of his shots. On the other hand, Steph delivers more than half of his attempts with a 50.9 percentage.
The better point guard will be able to yield better plays for the team. Better plays are measured through assists. James Harden is more than one step ahead of Curry on this aspect. He is currently the number one player in terms of assists, averaging 10.3 per game whilst curry is nowhere to be found near, deep down in the 33rd spot with only 4.3.
Curry is more of scoring for himself than passing for his team. Yet, he was unable to put a huge deficit in point averages against Harden. If Steph would play like this tomorrow, then the only way for him to win this match up is to be efficient in his shooting, miss less for his team who relies on him as the main offensive power.

Harden’s point guard sense will be tested tomorrow against the super team. His average in terms of assists are quite high but just how good is it against an extraordinary team which thwarted them in the semis, and that is way back when Kevin Durant is still with OKC. Even LeBron James admitted that Kevin Durant was the difference of this team. His presence polymerized an all new dubs.

It’s going to be Curry’s  shooting efficiency against James Harden’s passing ability that will be tested tomorrow.

Ball Scrutiny: Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving, Who’s More Special?

The arising point guards of this generation, who is the better one? And what makes him more special than the other?

Kyrie Irving versus Stephen Curry (photo courtesy

Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry Similarly Different

They both have the dribbling skills, the crossover threat, both can shoot from the outside, dish out good plays, penetrate and carry the team with their hassle. It’s undeniable that they have ‘similar’ skills. But remember, even in geometry, ‘similarity’ doesn’t mean ‘congruency’ they may both be in the same form but with different intensities and impact of such skills. 
I  know you guys can’t wait to have a glimpse on these two being put vis-à-vis, so here we go.

Kyrie’s Fiery Start 

Steph Curry had a head start of two years – two seasons against Kyrie Irving yet, their debut in the NBA league is far different, Kyrie Irving started with a blast bagging the rookie of the year award, which Steph hadn’t achieved during his first season. Kyrie Irving surely got the attention of the majority with the smoothness of the flow of his drives made possible by extraordinary ball-handling skills.

Steph’s Late Full Bloom

But it was just a fiery start for Kyrie. On the other hand, Stephen Curry may have bloomed a bit late yet it is evident that his career sparks way brighter than Kyrie’s as of now. In terms of lifetime points, Steph thwarted Irving 13088 – 8232. In fact, Stephen Curry outscored Kyrie in everything except blocks which Kyrie had a slim lead 126-121. Curry nearly doubled up Kyrie’s performance in getting boards 2502-1290.


Of all these numbers, as a point guard, the most vital stat is the assists, it will determine your efficiency to yield excellent plays for your team. Better plays lead to a better coordination, thus a better game and eventually a victory. This may also dramatically spell the difference between the two point guards being ‘closely’ compared. Curry has 3917 total assists while Kyrie only has 2115. To give an even better comparison, let us have a look on their average assists per game. Still, Curry was more efficient with 6.8 assists compared to Kyrie’s 5.6.

Presence in the Game 

Despite the relatively huge gap between the performances of the two favorite point guards of this generation. Stats still do not fully tell the effectiveness of the player, sometimes though one may not score or do anything, his presence is a huge factor in the flow of the game. Nevertheless, it’s too early for Kyrie to throw in the towel, he already had proven something. He’s a no ordinary guard. In fact, he would not be compared to Curry if he’s not one of the best the league has as of now.

Regardless of whoever is better, the game will always be about who’s team will be the last man standing. The team that would win the championship will determine who’ll be the best leader this season. Regardless of stats.
More actions to come whenever and wherever these two fierce warriors come to go and cast disturbance against each other’s side.

Ball Scrutiny: The Warriors in the Realm of the Rainbow Country

How dangerous is the Warriors three-point shooting? What is the truth behind its firepower? Are they really the best 3-point shooters in the league?

The Dubs' Splash Brothers (Klay Thompson and Steph Curry)
The Dubs’ Splash Brothers (Klay Thompson and Steph Curry)
Shockingly, the defending champs are just sitting in the top three in terms of three-point shooting as of the last season.

It is their rival, the Cleveland Cavaliers who is in the top spot. Tying up to their performance beyond the arc is one of their toughest barricades in the west, San Antonio Spurs. Cleveland averaged 39 % while the Spurs and Warriors both with 38.4. It is quite close at first glance, but small decimal values in terms of comparing averages are relatively huge.

That explains why these three teams were considered to be the best in the league. In fact, the Warriors faced the San Antonio Spurs in the western conference finals.

But if three-point shooting, which is known to be Warriors main weapon, is not the best in the league, how come that they overthrew the Cleveland Cavaliers last season?

Warriors ‘field shooting’ spelled the difference and allowed them to prevail in the league in the last two seasons in three years, they clung on to the number one spot in terms of shooting, averaging 49.4 percent last season, whereas the Cavs drops down at the 3rd spot with 47.5 while the San Antonio skid to number 7.
The Warriors’ 3 point shooting is just a single pillar that frequently saves them from games that they are the one trying to catch up with the score of their opponent. The real deal is their two-point shooting, averaging 55.7% last season.
Now we know the real strength of the Warriors shooting firepower. But despite being just in number three in terms of three-point shooting, they still have the considered to be best shooters in the league – the Splash Brothers – Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, the Warriors still have hopes up high to be the best 3 point shooter this season. They managed to be champs even not topping the 3 point shoot-out, what more possibilities may come if their efficiency from beyond the arc will bolster?

Stephen Curry Interviews Patrick McCaw: He Wants to Play Like Steph!

With the NBA season just around the corner, training camp and media day is just a regular scene for each team. Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry takes the mic as he jokingly interviews Patrick McCaw during the Warriors Media Day.
Patrick McCaw shares his experience as a rookie champion, traveling to China and jokingly said that he would like to play like Stephen Curry.
We know that Stephen Curry is a great player but it looks like he is already honing his broadcasting skills as he may be following the footsteps of his father who is already part of the broadcast team of the Charlotte Hornets.
Check out the funny interview below:

People are Already Calling him Stephen Curry of the Philippines?

Stephen Curry is a name synonymous to basketball and to be compared or even to have your name put alongside the two-time MVP is just an honor.

In the Philippines, aside from LeBron James, Stephen Curry is one of the most popular basketball players and young kids model their game from the two-time champion.  One young player is already being tagged as the Stephen Curry of the Philippines and we have the video to prove it below.

Born 2002, the 5’11 guard has played with Adamson and Ateneo and has also represented the Philippines in under 16 basketball tournaments.

Forthsky Padrigao is getting an early exposure from the media after showing a gamut of his basketball wares, from passing, inside scoring and of course the long-range three-pointers that looked as if he had taken lessons from Curry himself.

Forthsky Padrigao still has a long way to go and but with his current skills he may just be the real deal. 

Kevin Durant Indirectly Dissed Stephen Curry with the Under Armour Shoe Remark

Kevin Durant Doesn’t Like Under Armour

Kevin Durant Don't Like Under Armour

There is no holding the former MVP back and teammate of the most popular endorser of Under Armour these days. Kevin Durant who recently was a guest in a podcast interview with Bill Simmons  just threw in a barbwire without hesitation against Under Armour and why University of Maryland which is sponsored by the brand is not attracting top caliber athletes.
“Nobody wants to play in Under Armours, I’m sorry, “The top kids don’t, ’cause they all play Nike.” – Kevin Durant
Pretty harsh words against a brand but KD who is unstoppable inside the court, shows that he can also be offensive outside.
He was later asked if he has talked to his teammate Curry about how he feels about the shoe brand and his reply was:
 “Everybody knows” that’s why so many young players leave the DMV area.- Kevin Durant
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What do you think about Under Armour Shoes

it’s the best
It’s Good
Better than Nike
it’s average
It should improve
Nobody wants to play in Under Armour Shoes

quotes 2 know


Fans Ain’t Always Right: Trade Stephen Curry and Retain Monta Ellis

Golden State Warriors Fans Did Not Believe in Curry 

Fast forward today, the two time MVP Stephen Curry has given the city two championships and they are in the position to get more. 
2011-2012 season, Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry were both donning the Warriors jersey and the Warriors fans are calling them the original Splash Brothers. During their time together, they were probably one of the best back court combinations in the NBA with the more athletic Monta Ellis leading the team and averaging 21.9 points in his last year. 
When Stephen Curry entered the NBA in 2009, Monta Ellis was running the Warriors but in his first year he automatically made an impact scoring an average of 17 points per game and following it up with 18 points in the next season. Stephen Curry has showed consistency in scoring and a glimpse of things to come.  The two guards spent a good two and a half years together with Monta Ellis always getting the upper hand in performance against the younger Curry.
While they are scoring well, their team isn’t exactly winning as they hoped so. The Warriors management then decided that they had to make a move and had to make a decision between trading Stephen Curry or Monta Ellis.  In the end, Monta was traded away for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson. The move that angered the fans then but now thankful after Curry carried the team to a couple of championships and making the team one of the most dominant these recent years. From the 2011-2012 season where they ended up with 23W-43L to 2012-2013 47W – 35L record. The Warriors made all the right moves that has set up the team to an even bigger success. 

Where is Monta Ellis?

After being traded from the Warriors, the 31 year old went on to play with three teams spending two seasons each. The Bucks and Mavericks where he averaged about 18 points and the Indiana Pacers were his performance dipped due to injury. Last year, he averaged about 8 points in 33 games. Although the Pacers signed him for four years, he was waived July 7, 2017. He had an injury and got involved with drug related issues. 
Side Note: Klay Thompson was drafted 11th pick overall the same year Monta was traded. 
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Will the Warriors ever trade Stephen Curry again?


Poll Maker


Stephen Curry & Kyrie Irving Mocks LeBron James’ Workout

Before anything else, we would like to say congratulations to Harrison Barnes for finally tying the knot!
Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving was invited to the celebration and the two competitors looks like they’re having a blast. The two were having fun fooling around especially when Steph Curry mimicked the workout video of LeBron James.
Check out the video and see for yourself.
They probably had a drink or two already.

Steph Curry Throws Away Someone’s LeBron’s and Catches Alley-Oop From Wife

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry is having the time of their lives in China.
Under Armour is currently sponsoring the Asia Tour for Stephen Curry and aside from collecting memories, fans are getting some highlights.
Watch a fan sink a long three pointer from way beyond the arc and Stephen Curry rewarded him with the new UA shoes after he has thrown away the LeBron sneakers the fan was wearing.

Stephen Curry in Korea: Got Scared Doing Push ups on a See-Through Skyscraper Floor

Stephen Curry is doing his Under Armour  Asia Tour and one of his stopovers included South Korea.
We all know Stephen Curry as the fearless three point shooting machine but during the South Korean leg of the UA, Tour Stephen Curry freaked out while doing a push up on a see through floor. Not as tough after all. 
You know we were just joking, right? I would have probably pissed my pants if it had been me.

Warriors finish off the Cavaliers in 5; Durant Caps his MVP Performance with a 39-point Game

Golden States Warriors dominates anew as they dismantled the Cleveland Cavaliers via 129 – 120 home win to claim the NBA Championship.

Kevin Durant finally won his first championship after a decade in NBA. He finished the game with 39 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists and he took home the Finals MVP Award. While his buddy, Stephen Curry managed to collect 34 points, 6 rebounds and 10 assists.

But it was Andre Iguodala who sparked the Warriors of the bench as he finished the game with 20 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists. It was a big help for them as Klay Thompson was struggling in the game and finished with 11 points only.

LeBron James collected 41 points, 13 rebounds and eight assists in 46 minutes of action while Kyrie Irving and JR Smith finished the game with 26 and 25 points each.

Tristan Thompson also managed to have a good game with 15 points but it was Kevin Love who the Cavaliers missed a lot in this game as he only managed 6 points on 2 out of 8 shooting.

This is the 2nd title for the Warriors and they finished the playoffs with an impressive 16-1 record.

Photo credits: OWNERS

Kevin Durant with the dagger! Golden State Warriors are just 1 win away from sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers

Starting today, Kevin Durant will be a forever villain for the Cavalier fans. Not because he is a dirty player but he just basically shattered the hearts of millions of Cleveland fans.

With the less than 2 minutes to play, Cleveland had a 4 point lead but it was not safe at all and Kevin Durant took over the game by scoring 7 straight points together with a huge 3-point shot over LeBron James to gave the Warriors a 1 point lead and since then they never look back.

LeBron James had a chance to tie the game but his shot was blocked by Andrei Iguodala and then Steph Curry buries his 2 free throw to seal the deal.

Here are the top performers of tonight’s game:

Golden State 118:
Kevin Durant: 31 Pts, 8 Rebs, 4 Asts, 1 Stl, 1 Blk. (10-18 FG, 4-7 3pt)
Klay Thompson: 30 Pts, 6 Rebs, 2 Asts. (11-18 FG, 6-11 3pt) 
Stephen Curry: 26 Pts, 13 Rebs, 6 Asts, 2 Stls. (8-19 FG, 5-9 3pt)
Draymond Green: 8 Pts, 8 Rebs, 7 Asts, 1 Stl, 1 Blk.
Andre Igoudala: 7 Pts, 5 Rebs, 4 Stls, 1 Blk.
David West: 7 Pts, 1 Reb.
Cleveland 113:
LeBron James: 39 Pts, 11 Rebs, 9 Asts, 1 Stl, 1 Blk. (15-27 FG, 4-7 3pt)
Kyrie Irving: 38 Pts, 6 Rebs, 3 Asts. (16-29 FG, 0-7 3pt)
JR Smith: 16 Pts, 1 Reb, 2 Stls. (5-10 3pt)
Kevin Love: 9 Pts, 13 Rebs, 1 Ast, 6 Stls.
Kyle Korver: 8 Pts, 1 Reb.

Photo credits: AP Photo/Tony Dejak