Youth Sports Advocacy Athletes are now champions in their respective school

6 of our YSA Athletes are now champions in their respective school. 🙂

Brief history: After their YSA journey, Jm Mora, an 18 year old coach have been training his fellow youth athletes. Few months after, these athletes have tried out for their school’s volleyball varsity team and now they are CHAMPIONS!! 😀

CONGRATULATIONS Jaimee Rose Gumawa Bacolod Hanzgabriel AzcuetaOlga Toledo Angel Banagbanag Kian Azcueta and Coach Jm Mora. Your YSA Family are proud of you! 🙂
Photo Courtesy: Coach JM Mora

What is Athlete’s Social Responsibility (ASR)? How can you be a part of it?

What is Athlete's Social Responsibility (ASR)? How can you  be a part of it?

ATHLETE’S SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (ASR) – the responsibility of athletes to give back to the community by sharing their passion for sports to the youth
YSA’s 13th Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) Awards experience paved the way for the organization’s realization of its true potential to be an instrument of social change through sports. Volunteerism has been the backbone of YSA’s success and we were inspired to promote volunteerism more.
Through our advocacy, athletes had the opportunity to volunteer and share their experience to our aspiring youth athletes. Everyone in the group actually saw the development of the athletes and the community. As much as we want to go around all over the Philippines, we can’t because YSA can’t do this alone. We need more athletes to help out and give back to their own communities. We need more athletes to realize that they should be socially responsible to commit to the idea of Athlete’s Social Responsibility. Hence, the birth of this project – Athlete’s Social Responsibility (ASR).
YSA defines ASR as the responsibility of athletes to give back to the community by sharing their passion for sports to the youth. It is not just about teaching the youth the required skills but also instilling good values to them through play and at the same time unleashing their potentials. Through ASR, we aim to make athletes become socially responsible and to start creating positive social change in different communities.
WHY ASR should exist?
1. There are many young people who are interested in sports who don’t have the opportunity to learn and this could mean a lot of potentials that are waiting to be unleashed. The more youth who do not have access to sports also means more youth are being deprived of the benefits of playing sports.
This is where we see athletes as instruments in spreading the power of sports to the youth. By encouraging athletes to take part in ASR, they are also helping the youth do away with bad habits and sedentary activities.
2. Many athletes do not see their potentials to affect social change. Through ASR, we want them to realize that there’s more to life than winning games and becoming the best athletes that they can be. We want them to realize that they can use sports to inspire the youth not just to become good athletes but also become champions in life.
3. ASR simply supports the fact that sports can unite people. By instilling the value of volunteerism to the athletes and using sports to make the youth become better individuals, we believe that ASR will contribute in nation building through sports.
HOW can you support ASR?
1. To become a socially responsible athlete you just need the following:
1. Passion for sports.
2. Willingness to share it.
3. Time to share it to the youth.
Start with the youth in your community. YSA only started with 3 kids and now we have more than 100 aspiring young athletes in one community and counting. Don’t wait for the right time to give back, make time for it. Start with what you have wherever you are.
2. Help us promote ASR by sharing our photos and videos on our Facebook page
3. Join the ASR Challenge by joining our Facebook volunteers’ group.
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