Who Should the Celtics Trade for Anthony Davis: The Possibility

Anthony Davis

The trade rumors surrounding the Brow seem to be getting louder and louder by the day

The New Orleans Pelicans have risen to 23-21 in the season, tied with the Los Angeles Clippers for the 7th spot in the Western Conference. That is despite their early struggles which include injury problems for Rajon Rondo among others. Now that Rondo is healthy and is playing like the “point god” he used to be during his stint with the Boston Celtics, he is throwing the ball towards DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis at any given opportunity, running Alvin Gentry’s offense to perfection.
However, despite the success of the Pelicans who recently dropped a game against the lowly Atlanta Hawks, the rumors surrounding star center, Anthony Davis who is set to start this year’s All-Star Game for the Western Conference alongside DeMarcus Cousins, have been as noisy as ever. A few weeks ago, Davis was included in the 8-player deal that would have sent him to the Los Angeles Lakers alongside Ian Clark in exchange for 6 players which include Julius Randle and Larry Nance Jr. Then, the possibility of seeing Davis play alongside Steph Curry and the rest of the Golden State Warriors came along as the defending champions are said to be willing to give up two stars in exchange for the Brow.
Now? Even his own coach, Alvin Gentry has said that they would be trading Anthony Davis to the Boston Celtics “as long as the Celtics will give New England Patriots along with the two planes that the Patriots just bought.”
Okay. For non-basketball-minded fans, let this pundit on wheels translate that phrase. What is Alvin Gentry is trying to say here is that the Pelicans are willing to trade Davis as long as the Celtics will send the same amount of talent n exchange for the Brow?

Question: Who should Boston send to New Orleans in exchange for Anthony Davis?

Ideally, a 2-for-1 swap should do the trick but since it would require Boston to send one of its starters, a one-on-one swap would d. Why? Sending two players: a starter and a bench player will cost the Pelicans too much luxury taxes on top of the limitation in the cap space.
Fortunately, the Celtics do have Al Horford who saw his career rejuvenated by the Celtics thanks to the arrival of Kyrie Irving. Al Horford has played 42 games this season and has been averaging 13 points and 8 rebounds per game. Plus, he is shooting 42% from the three-point territory, a rare shooting percentage for someone of his size and position.
Should the Celtics find the willpower to send Al Horford to the Pelicans in exchange for Anthony Davis, they would have gained additional star power to compliment Kyrie Irving and soon, Gordon Hayward who is expected to return earlier than originally expected. In addition to this, 9 wins will be added to the projected number of wins of the Celtics this season so it’s definitely a win-win deal for Boston all throughout.
Question: Will Boston’s front office pull the trigger on this one? Definitely!
Question: Will New Orleans stumble towards the bottom once Anthony Davis heads East? Possibly.
But who knows? Al Horford still has a few good years ahead of him and if he can stay healthy, then he can help the Pelicans hike for more wins and hopefully, avoid a first-round date with either the Warriors or the Houston Rockets. 

Los Angeles Lakers will Target Paul George and DeMarcus Cousins at this Year’s Trade Deadline

NBA writer Eric Pincus – NBA Journalist, Salary Cap Expert reported that the Los Angeles Lakers will target Paul George and DeMarcus Cousins at this year’s trade deadline.

Would it be nice to have Paul George and DeMarcus Cousins in one team?

If super teams aren’t the norm these days, I’ll be excited with the concept of having them together but these days having two stars in one team does not necessarily translate to the Larry Obrien trophy.
The Lakers has been rumored to make a big move and it looks like Magic Johnson may need to make one big one soon in order to turn around the franchise that has been struggling and figuring out what exactly the thing to do, especially when Lonzo Ball the player who they hoped to save them is not exactly living up to the hype.
The Plan A: To Get LeBron James 
Yes, LeBron James has a beautiful house in LA and the city looks nice and could really be a good place for a celebrity like LeBron James but that alone won’t be enough to execute plan A of getting LeBron James to move to LA. LeBron James and the Cavs have a nice thing going on in Cleveland and with a stacked all-star teammates from Kevon Love, Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas and others, it’s just little incentive for the King to move his kingdom to Los Angeles.
The Preparation: Get Cousins and George via trade
Arguably DeMarcus Cousins and Paul George are two of the best players in their prime this means it won’t be easy to convince other teams to give them away. Paul George is doing well playing alongside Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony and the trio had recently been solving problems that they had when they started the season. OKC is in the playoffs contention and had won 8 of their last 10 games, there is just no reason to change anything for OKC.
Meanwhile, the Pelicans had been a mediocre team even with the combinations of Cousins and Anthony in the frontcourt. It looks scary on paper but the two has done nothing in real life to scare any teams in the league. It may be time to pull the plug on the experiment.
The Lakers bargain: Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson or maybe Brandon Ingram
Unlikely that the Lakers will trade Brandon Ingram especially when Magic Johnson himself said that he was off limits but with the top caliber players that they want to trade for Clarkson and a Randle may not be enticing enough for other teams to even look at the offer.
One thing is for sure however the Lakers are interested in making things happen and that DeMarcus Cousins and Paul George are the targets and maybe the only way to get LeBron to take his talent to LA come next season.

What do you think?

Boogie in Wonder Land, Cavaliers?

If Cleveland gets DeMarcus Cousins they will be the Champ?

Demarcus Cousins Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey

The Cavaliers may not be done yet after finally getting rid of the disgruntled Kyrie Irving in a trade that landed them Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, 1st round pick for 2018 and another 2nd round pick for 2020 in exchange for Kyrie Irving alone.
Cavaliers with this trade looks to be prepared for the present and in the future in any case of King departure, but apparently, that’s not the plan.

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Prevention is better than cure

Instead of replacing him with a rookie next year just in case LeBron James decided to join Lonzo Ball in Los Angeles, the Cavaliers is now acting to prevent the King from leaving. Reports around the association says Cleveland Cavaliers are already shopping for a trade in exchange for the first round pick that they just acquired from the Celtics.
Rumors have it that the Cavs and the Pelicans are in conversation to get DeMarcus Cousins in exchange for the first round pick who can be a top 5 pick for 2018 together Iman Shumpert.
Cleveland Cavaliers has been doing really good in negotiations this offseason with acquisitions of players after another, and if they can get Cousins, it could be the icing on top of the cake and could spell the difference between winning the championship and beating the Warriors next year.
If I were the Pelicans, however, I won’t trade Cousins, especially with the rumored offer.
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Do you think DeMarcus Cousins will be a good addition for the Cavs?


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Watch Anthony Davis & DeMarcus Cousins Workout Together

When DeMarcus Cousins was traded to New Orleans, we thought New Orleans would be a team to beat, but after all the off season moves of other teams like Butler going to Timberwolves, Chris Paul to Houston, Hayward going to Boston, it looks like New Orleans may need to make another big move to be more competitive in the NBA.
 Anthony Davis & DeMarcus Cousins got their work cutout for them.
Watch them practice their post and drive moves.

DeMarcus Cousins ANGRIEST & FUNNIEST Moments – What The Pelicans Are Up For

On February 20, 2017, Cousins and teammate Omri Casspi were traded to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Tyreke Evans, Buddy Hield, Langston Galloway, and 2017 first round and second round draft picks.

There could have been multiple reasons why he was sent away.

But New Orleans must have seen through DeMarcus Cousins.

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Boogie Cousins gets a bad rap… It’s justified in some cases the guy has gone OFF more times than we can count…but he’s an emotional competitor and nobody in his organization put restrictions on his behavior in his first few years in the league, The Kings did nothing while he was building habits and now they traded him – their best player and a NBA superstar for scraps… 

The good news for us fans (most of us anyway) is that we’ll get to see the two best big men play together and give the West a needed shake up. There has been talk of Pelicans upsetting the playoffs and going all the way to Cleveland… Can they beat Golden State in a 7 game series? Not really, no. Their bench is too weak, Boogie and AD will put up a show, but as soon as they sit down – it’s over. New Orleans got talent though, if DeMarcus can find his place and deliver on his promise to mend his reputation (video link) the Pelicans will be a force to be reckoned with.As for right now – if Boogie makes it to the playoffs he and Anthony Davis will definitely test the Warriors durability and drain quite a bit of their tank, weaken the Goliath. Golden St. fan or not, you’ve got to be happy about that, blowout playoffs aren’t that fun to watch. 

youtube by: The Fumble

Demarcus Cousins Reaction and Facial Expression When he Heard the News

Considering he was in front of a lot of cameras, Cousins must have felt it’s a little late for processing, so he simply responded, “Oh, really? It’s whatever.” He didn’t seem to mind the trade as he spoke about it but his expression tells otherwise.


Top 10 3-Point Shooting Centers In The NBA

Check out the NBA’s best Three-Point Shooting Centers In The 2016 – 2017 NBA Season! Usually there are only three positions in the NBA that are designated for 3-point shooting. But the changed a lot during the last few years and therefore we are also having NBA Centers shooting 3-pointers! I even think that it’s possible that a nba center can belong to the top 10 nba 3-point shooters. 
Here are the Top 10 Three-Point Big Men in the NBA: Kristaps Porzingis, DeMarcus Cousins, Joel Embiid, Karl-Anthony Towns, Serge Ibaka and Al Horford. 

youtube video by: Black9ne

Best Duo? Cousins and Rondo dominate to win against OKC!

Kings are hot and cold this season and this explains their record of 14-20, but whenever these 2 Wildcats dominate at both ends of the floor they could be the best duo in the league right now, DMC is considered to be the best Center in the league by a lot and Rondo’s talent is arguably top 5 PG. 

All right I know you are questioning my opinion, how about this for a fact:

Rondo – 13 pts (5-11), 9 rebounds, 19 assists and 5 steals. 
Westbrook – 17 pts (5-20), 8 rebounds 15 assists and 1 steal.

Maybe an off night for Westbrook? but seriously Rondo affected his game.

DMC Monster stats – 33 points, 19 rebounds and 2 blocks. 2 out 4 from 3 points. 

Ibaka led the Thunder with 25 points and 7 rebounds. 

The Thunder played without KD due to a sprained right big toe, he is still day to day as per Thunder Coach Billy Donovan. 

Here is the highlight of the crazy duo!

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Team Powcast

CJ McCollum Nasty 35pts to give Blazers a Back to Back Win!

CJ McCollum

Damian Lillard is out but his back up PG isn’t shy of taking over the Spotlight for his team. CJ McCollum played out of his mind last night to give his team back to back victories, something they haven’t seen this season. The Blazers are 13-20 good for the 10th spot for the Western Conference. Honestly the future for this team is just another all star away their bench is already good and they could potentially land a Kevin Durant next year if they play their cards right. 

Back to the victory, the Blazers out rebounded the Kings on this game 52-43. McCollum though almost had a triple double with 35 pts, 11 rebounds, 9 assists and 1 block. Cousins scored 36 pts, 6 rebounds and 2 Blocks. 

Here is the highlight of the game:

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John Wall Best PG in the east 12pts 19 ASSISTS! WATCH!


Yes i know Mr. Wall is a 2 time all star already but hasn’t been a starter yet. I think this is the year that he makes it Wall is the only Franchise pg in the east as great as Kyrie it’s not his team. Lowry may get the nod as well as Teague but John Wall to me is the best PG this year.

Yes Kyrie is great but he’s often injured, Wall on the other hand has been injured but he has been playing through it. I know that Kyrie’s injury isnt as bad as John’s. The fact that John carries this team, it takes a toll out of his body being consistently guarded heavily. The Wizards don’t have any other ball handler as good as wall or at least decent they’ve lost Pierce who was doing that last season. Last night Wall dished out 12 assists vs the Kings. They won by a score of 113-99. Gortat led them with 27 points courtesy of the glorious display of passing by Wall. With the win Wizards improve to 12-14 almost near .500 and the Kings dropped to 11-17.

Here is the highlight:

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Rondo 17 pts 13 asts 7 reb! With a behind the back dribble and a swift one hand pass to Rudy Gay! SWEET!

Rondo displayed his awesome passing ability again and yet fans from Dallas wished he played like this when he was with Dirk. I guess he prefers DMC more and they actually work well together as a team sometimes the Kings seemed like they can get to the playoffs and if they do its because of Rondo. 

I am not taking away anything from DMC and Gay however we all know what they’ve accomplished without Rondo, Its fair to say that they havent had a true point guard to this date.

I really hope that the Kings make it to the playoffs IMO, Rondo can also be effective against Curry and make him defend on the other end. 

Here’s the highlight of his Amazing Performance that gave them the victory over Utah Jazz

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BEASTS! Cousins 40pts 13 reb Rondo 3ple double 23 pts 10 reb 14 assists ! DUNK OF THE NIGHT! FROM BOOGIE!

Kentucky Wildcat boys: Rondo and Cousins having a great time!

As a Celtic fan, the speculations of trading for Cousins has been around for almost 3 years now but it turned out the other way around. The Kings probably have the best PG+C combination right now, i know it may raise a lot of eye-brows but Rondo is making everyone look like a fool for not wanting him. Rondo has recorded his 3rd triple double in 4 the last games, that may not reflect on the winning record as the Kings are sitting to 3-7 right now. 

Make no mistake about it they started the season slow and the rumors that speculate around the team didn’t help them, The Kings won 2 straight games and looking to make it 3 wins in a row against the Raptors tomorrow. 

It is a thing of beauty for Rondo and Cousins clicking together at times they look unstoppable. 
There is not a lot that could guard boogie one on one, as he keeps stroking them 3’s and if he doesn’t get he goes inside. Rondo on the other hand makes everyone touch the floor and provides balance and spacing for the team.

Here is the dunk of the night video from Boogie!Courtesy of NBA Highlights Daily!

Here’s the highlight of the game a nail biting one 🙂 Great effort from RONDO!

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Rondo playing inspired B-ball again! 42 points combined with THE BIG D.COUSINS!


Rondo 21 pts 8 assists 3 steals, Cousins with 21 points and Gay with 19. If Rondo would play inspired basketball all the time they would be deadly because everyone knows how good Rondo is.

He showed he can toy around with everyone including the 2nd pick D’Angelo Russell and Cousins is just a man among boys out there over powering every body. Cousins had a double double and the Kentucky Connection surely clicked on this one beating the La Lakers 132-114. Clarkson led LA with 22 markers. 

Here is the highlight of the Kentucky Duo. Courtesy of GD’s Latest Highlights

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Jordan Clarkson Highlights 10/13 /2015: My First Year Aint a FLUKE!

Jordan Clarkson – Proud to be pinoy!
Clarkson scored 17 pts dished out 4 assists with 2 steals, even though the Lakers lost, he managed to put up a decent game and proved that his first year was not a fluke, with Russel D’Angelo injured its time for Clarkson to really step up and proved to everyone that he is the real deal.
Here is the highlight’s from the game:

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2015-2016 NBA team preview: Sac Town is on a mission to get to the playoffs.

People tend to overlook the signing of Rajon Rondo simply because he had conflict with the organization but if Rondo’s head is intact he is arguably a top 5-7 PG at least and we all know that this League is all about having a great PG . It is also a fact that Rondo and Cousins have been wanting to play for each other since both played for University of Kentucky. Cousins is the best center in the league right now and with George Karl manning the Kings it is not a reach if they would reach the playoffs and make some noise. 

Kings was able to secure Cousins and having Rondo might benefit the entire team as they were able to do good things with Collison. They also have the perfect compliment to play alongside Cousins, Willie Cauley Stein is a young version of Tyson Chandler, he might end up better and he would thrive playing with Boggie. Rudy Gay is still in his prime, sure its not on the level of Lebron or KD. But Gay is still a stud and clutch as well. I think I would let you be the judge and look at their bench and again keep in mind that their coach is George Karl. 

PG – Rondo, Collison, Stockton
SG – McLemore, Bellineli, Seth Curry 
SF- Gay, Casspi, Anderson
PF – WCS, Evans, Acy
C – Cousins, Koufos 

They are pretty much set in every position its just a matter of being healthy, well that’s been the case for most teams health is the common issue but regardless if all teams are healthy, I wont be surprise if the Kings make some noise in the playoffs this coming season.