Balls-Eye: Who Could be Jayson Castro’s Successor?

Jayson Castro

The Blur’s getting old and surely, Gilas Pilipinas is trying to unleash a beast out of someone just before Castro’s final games with the national team.

Who may it be?

Before we answer that intriguing question. Of course we must know who to replace. He is Jayson ‘The Blur’ Castro a multi awarded athlete and known as the best point guard in Asia.

If he is the best, doesn’t that mean he is irreplaceable?

He is irreplaceable, we could not deny that he’s the best one in Filipino Basketball and perhaps even in Asia but Jayson’s getting old.
We would never find an exact copy of the Blur no matter how hard we search to and through the thousands of islands of our nation but we could find someone who may not be as best as Castro, but has an all new definition of ‘best’ within him.
If there would be anyone to take over the Gilas Pilipinas as the main point guard, it would be no other than Batang Pier’s pride, Terrence Romeo.
Romeo’s performance as a guard is on the highest level, in terms of scoring, hustling, pace and the overall game play.
He could also be the nearest one to match what Castro’s known for — speed and agility. Castro was called the blur for that reason. Romeo may not be as fast as Jayson apparently but he has a better handle than Castro which would make him as effective. The downgraded pace was covered up with extraordinary ball handling skills — a talent only a few Filipino players possess.
Romeo already marked his name in the heart of the international basketball especially when he did fancy basketball against the gigantic players of China. Romeo turned into a crowd favorite due to his entertaining way of finishing plays. He also once become a 2nd unit to replace Castro in international games so there is no doubt that he is the nearest one in terms of Castro’s potential. 

NLEX Wins Despite 33 Points from Stanley Pringle

Ravena, Quinahan lead balanced scoring to go 2-0 in the Philippine Cup.

After getting Kiefer Ravena as the 2nd overall pick from this year’s draft, many people thought that the arrival of the Phenom could help the NLEX Road Warriors contend for a championship. After all, Ravena contributed in the 5-peat run of the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles in the UAAP, a run that stretched from 2008 to 2012 under Norman Black.
Fast forward to the opening conference of the 43rd season of the PBA, Kiefer Ravena has been living up the hype that was built around him as he continued his phenomenal start to his long-anticipated PBA career. On Christmas Day, the Phenom led the NLEX Road Warriors to a 115-104 victory over the GlobalPort Batang, taking advantage of the absence of 3-time scoring champion, Terrence Romeo and overcoming Stanley Pringle’s 33 points. 
Outside of Kiefer Ravena’s brilliance on the court, Yeng Guiao was able to get the most from his team like he always does. Below are the things that won the game for NLEX:

Balanced Scoring

Sure, Stanley Pringle exploded for 33 points, going 11 for 21 on the field while playing for 41 minutes but he was one of the only 2 starters of GlobalPort who scored in double figures. 
On the other side, NLEX had 5 of their starters who scored at least 8 points, led by Kiefer Ravena who had 20 points and 5 assists. JR Quinahan followed that up with his 19 points and 9 rebounds which earned him the Best Player of the Game award. Larry Fornacier had 12 points despite his shooting woes while fellow Ateneo alumnus, Juami Tiongson scored 10 points. 

25 Turnovers Hurt GlobalPort

Playing without their star, Terrence Romeo could have played a role in the Batang Pier’s defeat to open their season but they turned the ball over, 25 times- a thing that the Road Warriors took advantage of as they scored 24 points from those turnovers. In contrast, the Batang Pier only forced 16 turnovers from NLEX and only scored 15 points from those NLEX miscues. 

59 Points from NLEX’s Bench

As mentioned above, Yeng Guiao has been known as a coach who is getting the most out of his players- most especially from his bench troopers. Against the Batang Pier, the bench of NLEX exploded for 59 points- a far contrast from the 43 points of the bench players of GlobalPort. 


Whether or not Kiefer Ravena can keep up his phenomenal performance especially against the elite teams is something that we all have to wait and see. But given the fact that he’s playing under Yeng Guiao, we can all bet that Ravena is already the top bet for this season’s Rookie of the Year. And who knows, the dynamic duo of the Phenom and Kevin Alas might be the missing piece for Yeng Guiao to add another championship under his belt. 

The Kiefer Ravena and Terrence Romeo Battle: Who will win?

Kiefer Ravena vs Terrence Romeo

Both are proven scorers in their collegiate careers. Who will prevail on their Christmas clash?

When Kiefer Ravena first announced that he would be finally joining the draft, most basketball pundits, including this one, thought that it would be worth all those years of waiting because Kiefer Ravena has long been ready to turn pro owing to his vast experience that he acquired while trying out for the NBA D-League in the United States and also his successful stint with the Gilas Pilipinas which earned him his 4th gold medal in the South East Asian Games earlier this year.
During his first PBA game for the NLEX Road Warriors against the Kia Picanto, the Phenom led the way with 18 points and 12 assists to win on his first game, 119-115. Even Coach Yeng Guiao was impressed with Ravena’s performance, even saying that Ravena is exactly what the doctor ordered. And we all know that the usually hot-headed Yeng Guiao isn’t someone you can easily impress.
Up next for the Road Warriors?
They will be facing the GlobalPort Batang Pier of Terrene Romeo and Stanley Pringle. But let’s just focus on one particular match-up that we’ve already seen in the UAAP, the match-up featuring Kiefer Ravena going up against the Bro, Terrence Romeo.
To begin with, these two guards have already battled each other multiple times during their respective careers in the UAAP which was highlighted by a Finals slugfest which ended up in Ravena’s Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles hoisting the championship after beating the FEU Tamaraws of Romeo.
While Manong Kiefer may have the numbers against the Bro, this is the PBA.
In terms of experience, Terrence Romeo obviously has the upper hand in this battle of two explosive guards in the PBA. He is already a multi-time scoring champion and that is something we can expect Kiefer to do in his career. And Kiefer Ravena is also one of the few players who can engage in a scoring battle against Romeo.

So who will win tomorrow?

Prediction: The GlobalPort Batang Pier will win

Why? Experience is why. 


While Kiefer Ravena may be a rookie, Terrence Romeo may want to watch his back come tomorrow because the Phenom might make a run for the scoring championship and, the win. And we all know that Yeng Guiao always has something under his sleeves to defends guards like Romeo. Either way, this will be an exciting match-up, right? 

Balls-Eye: What if Romeo Becomes Ginebra’s Primary Guard?

Not just being on the team, we’ll also talk about the foreseen possibilities of Terrence being the ‘main’ guard of the Gin Kings or in other words, replacing Tenyente L.A Tenorio. Quite interesting? Let us go check it out.

To start, let us have a quick comparison with these two great guards we have in the league. They are both point guards of course but in terms of scoring l, Romeo has the obvious advantage. Romeo seldom scores single digit every game while L.A, on the other hand, is much more focused on team play direction. Hence, he tends to pass more for his teammates.
So, what might happen if a more offensive point guard will take over Barangay Ginebra?
The totality of their offensive force will be affected of course especially ball rotation. Ginebra focuses on team play to generate baskets but not that much anymore if Terrence will be part of their team. Yet their production will not be solely affected.
Or is that really?
We all know how Terrence scores. Most of the time all by himself but is it really him? Or its just because of the team he is in?
It may be both. Because of him being in a ‘less productive’ team, he tends to be with the leather more than anyone else. Thus, the team carved him that way, a point guard who’ll try to score individually to suffice his team’s inefficiency.

Will this change if he’s in Ginebra?

Somehow. It’s not as though Ginebra is a less productive team. Ginebra is a team that can and had win championships. Hence, they have key players that can let the team win even before Romeo became part of the roster. As a result, Romeo being in the team, maybe a veteran but still he is a newbie as a kabarangay so maybe he won’t bring his individualistic offense on the go. 
If this happens, he’ll be a perfect addition to the team, he may not score that much all the time but still, he has the intensity to double up his performance whenever the team needs. 
Romeo can cut through defense, make extra passes and score outside or basically a perfect package of a great guard for any team.

Terrence Romeo had an Inspiring Message After Winning his 3rd Scoring Champ Award

Terrence Romeo is the Scoring King once again!

Terrence Romeo with his three scoring champ award trophies
A rare sight to see but behold Terrence Romeo as he once again got honored by the PBA press corps. Terrence Romeo at 25 is in the prime of his basketball career and in just four years he has already won 3 scoring titles. From 2015 to 2017, he has dominated the league and has developed to be the face of Global Port and the PBA. 
In his recent post, he talks about winning the awards and inspiring people to keep focused. Below is the exact message on his Instagram account.  
First of all, gusto ko po mag pasalamat kay God dahil sa binigay niyang talent at strength para makuha ko ulit ang award na to. This is my 3rd scoring champ award at hindi po madali makuha ito. It has only been my 4th year in the PBA. Mahirap po ito pero sa awa at tulong ng panginoon, nagawa ko maging consistent sa loob ng nine conferences. Hindi ko po ito sinasabi para ipag yabang, kundi para maka-inspire ng mga kabataan na nangangarap maging PBA player someday. Lahat possible basta willing kang mag mag sacrifice, mag focus at mag work hard para sa pangarap mo.😊maraming salamat sa PBA press corps dahil sainyo napaparangalan yung talent ng ibang PBA player. Higit sa lahat gusto kong mag pasalamat sa family ko for supporting me and for always pushing me to give my best. And of course sa mga fans sa patuloy niyong pag suporta sakin para po sainyong lahat to. Godbless you all! #godisgoodallthetime #3straightseasonscoringchamp #workharddreambig #wearepba🏀
First of all, gusto ko po mag pasalamat kay God dahil sa binigay niyang talent at strength para makuha ko ulit ang award na to. This is my 3rd scoring champ award at hindi po madali makuha ito. It has only been my 4th year in the PBA. Mahirap po ito pero sa awa at tulong ng panginoon, nagawa ko maging consistent sa loob ng nine conferences. Hindi ko po ito sinasabi para ipag yabang, kundi para maka-inspire ng mga kabataan na nangangarap maging PBA player someday. Lahat possible basta willing kang mag mag sacrifice, mag focus at mag work hard para sa pangarap mo.😊maraming salamat sa PBA press corps dahil sainyo napaparangalan yung talent ng ibang PBA player. Higit sa lahat gusto kong mag pasalamat sa family ko for supporting me and for always pushing me to give my best. And of course sa mga fans sa patuloy niyong pag suporta sakin para po sainyong lahat to. Godbless you all! #godisgoodallthetime #3straightseasonscoringchamp #workharddreambig #wearepba🏀
A post shared by Terrence Bill Romeo (@tbvrome07) on Nov 30, 2017 at 7:50am PST


GlobalPort Chooses Youth and Speed over Veteran Experience

The Batang Pier opt to leave out Cardona et al

The GlobalPort Batang Pier has been one of the inexperienced teams in the league owing to the fact that they haven’t reached the PBA Finals yet, but that doesn’t stop them from being one of the explosive teams too. 
Why? This is owing to the fact that they have one of the best backcourt duos in Terrence Romeo and Stanley Pringle. However, that duo was almost broken due to the fact that Terrence Romeo’s name has been the target of the nagging trade rumors in the past weeks- stating that apparently, Terrence Romeo initially wanted out of GlobalPort.
Fortunately for the fans of the Batang Pier, team official Mikee Romero and Terrence Romeo himself have denied the rumors with Romeo assuring the fans that yes, he is sticking with GlobalPort and is more than ready to help the team become successful starting this upcoming season which kicks off on December 17, 2017.

With Coach Pido Jarencio returning at the helm of the Batang Pier, Mikee Romero has said that his team is now on the course of assembling a much-younger core who can run on the break and score. Having said this, the GlobalPort management has opted not to renew the contracts of the following players:
  • Mac Cardona
  • Mike Cortez
  • Billy Mamaril
  • Paolo Hubalde
  • Mac Baracael
  • Rico Maierhofer
While the players above are already at the age of 30+ years old, the Batang Pier still have Ryan Arana who is 33, Sean Anthony at 31 and, Stanley Pringle at 30. 

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While Cardona and Cortez, two former King Archers under Franz Pumaren during their respective playing years in the UAAP, are still relatively useful players, they are no longer the same in terms of their consistency. And age-wise, GlobalPort needs to get younger players if they are to compete against the likes of the San Miguel Beermen and the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings. 


While Terrence Romeo and Stanley Pringle are relatively young, they do have the experience to lead a young team. With Coach Pido Jarencio back at it, they will be one of the teams to watch out for come the league’s 43rd season. Why? They have the youth and speed plus the explosiveness of Terrence Romeo. 

Terrence Romeo is Getting an Award from the PBA Press Corps

Terrence Romeo is the Scoring Champion

Already a 3-time PBA scoring champion, Terrence Romeo is lined up to get another award for the same category as he once again rules the scoring in the PBA 42nd season.
At 25, the primary point guard of Global Port is on the prime of his basketball career and can still improve. Romeo has averaged as high as 27 points per game in a season and last conference he averaged 18 points per game.
Terrence Romeo will get the Mighty Sports Scoring Champion award this Thursday at the PBA Press Corps  24th Annual Awards Night  at the Gloria Maris Restaurant inside the Gateway Mall of the Araneta Center in Cubao.
Check out Terrence Romeo’s top plays here.

ICYMI: Watch Terrence Romeo Travel the Globe with Peak World Tour

In Case You Missed It: Terrence Romeo had a Peak World Tour

Terrence Romeo Romeo is not a part of our current national squad due to injury but it does not mean he won’t be able to promote his shoe brand.
Romeo is the first Filipino basketball player to ever have his own signature shoe from an international basketball brand. Take a Peak at his world tour as he goes to the Middle East to showcase his sneaker brand and engage with fans.

Missing Link: Romeo’s Absence in Gilas Guarantees Adverse Effects but not Losses

Terrence Romeo attacking the defense of Lee Dy for a lay up finish

Next to ‘The Blur’ Jayson Castro Williams, Gilas’ best point guard would be the Batang Pier’s Terrence Romeo who already marked his name in the hearts of FIBA universe with his ultimate offensive power and the show he provides with his fancy crossovers.

Who can ever forget Terrence Romeo making a 7-footer Chinese dance and then shoot over such a huge beast from the outside. His 22-point performance in one quarter against the South Koreans and every single amazing plays Romeo has dished out that made a throng of Filipinos inside the arena and the millions in front of their TV screens be proud to say that they are Filipinos.

Romeo, with no doubt, provides a huge extra boost for the Gilas and with him gone due to an injury, it will surely affect the team performance significantly.

Player Rotation

Of course this would be the first one to be affected. Jayson Castro’s going to spend more time on the court, making it very exhausting for the veteran. With him carrying the ball to the other side against a tough full court press every single possession, it will be a huge burden for the blur in crossing the ball to the halfway mark alone. Romeo and Jayson sometimes play at the same time on the court helping out each other to catch their breath but right now he is all alone in playing the play making position.

Who shall step up?

Well, the answer is too simple – the other small guys like Pogoy and Ravena but it is not as though in a snap, they can play the Romeo level of performance. This explains why Pogoy was given a lot of playing time, the coaching staff trusts him to fill the gap left by Romeo.

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Hype provider?

Without Romeo doing some show on the floor which may indirectly boost the team’s morale every time he hits the ball in an extraordinary way, it will somehow downgrade the offensive power of the team. So who must suffice? Someone must light up the offense the way Terrence does.


Terrence Romeo being unsuccessful in joining the Gilas Pilipinas for this World Cup qualifier dramatically impacted the team – offensively. The pace, the intensity and player movement but still we have the core of the defense in the interior. The Kraken June Mar Fajardo, Japeth Aguilar and Andrei Blatche takes cover of everything under the rim.

Romeo Got Left Behind as Gilas Flies to Japan: 5 Things Gilas will Miss without Romeo

Terrence Romeo Will Not Play Against Japan

Surely missing one of the main scorers and the most popular player in the team will have a big effect to Gilas Pilipinas. What is it?
Gilas Pilipinas departs today for Japan for a game on November 24 in one of the two games scheduled for this month for the World Cup Qualifiers. Japan who is one of the Asian rivals of the Philippines will have one less player to think of as Terrence Romeo was not able to join the flight to Japan claiming an injury.
Romeo who has been instrumental with the national squad will be replaced by two young point guards in Kevin Alas and Kiefer Ravena and while these players are good, Terrence Romeo is just a one of a kind player that cannot and would be hard to replace.

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Here are the things that Gilas Pilipinas would miss out without Terrence Romeo:
1. Scoring Burst – Averaging 17 points per game, Terrence Romeo left a huge gap in the scoring of Gilas especially in the guard position. Chot Reyes is known for his dribble-drive play and Terrence Romeo is one of the significant receivers of the play as he is one of the players who is always able to create shots and make them. Terrence Romeo is one of those players that can score at will and score a big chunk in a short period of time.
2. The Killer Crossovers – Not that it is a significant contribution but his killer crossovers are well known not only in the Philippines but in the world. Terrence Romeo’s fancy moves were a regular highlight when he plays for Gilas and FIBA will surely miss it in the upcoming game in Japan.
3. Cheering Ladies – Who would forget the Taiwan stint of Romeo? He is a killer inside the court and a charmer outside. With Filipinos all over the world, Terrence Romeo is one of those players that brings lady fans wanting to watch basketball.
4. The Face of Gilas – While Jayson Castro is still the best point guard, Terrence Romeo has been the face of Gilas and had been one of the reasons while the camera is focused on the Philippines. His contribution inside and outside the court is definitely recognized and the proof of them all is the number of followers he brings with him. Romeo brings style with Gilas.
5. The Willing Shooter – Terrence Romeo is known for being a scorer, he is one of those players who is not afraid to take the big and the most critical shots of them all. Without Romeo, Gilas hast lost one dependable option.
Terrence Romeo will be missed and while we hope he would play in the next home game on the 27 with Taiwan, we are afraid that he will miss it as well.

Will Kiefer Ravena or Kevin Alas Enough to Replace Terrence Romeo

Young Blood Ravena and Alas Could Replace Terrence, Are they enough?

Kiefer Ravena and Kevin Alas

We are not saying that these two guards are anything less than Terrence Romeo but Terrence Romeo isn’t exactly just your usual point guard.
Aside from his rumored trade request, Terrence Romeo is also currently injured right now and while he comes in and out of the National Squad practice, he is still unable to play.
Terrence is a big part of the National Squad as he is one of the main gunners of the Philippines. His ability to make a shot for his own and courage to shoot under any circumstance has paid dividends and has earned him a spot in the previous Gilas squad. Without Terrence Romeo, the team would have a big space to fill in.
Two NLEX Road Warriors players, however, has been tapped and is part of the 16 man pool that will represent the Philippines against Japan and Taiwan. Kevin Alas and Kiefer Ravena could be tasked to replace Terrence Romeo in the event that Romeo fails to play for the nationals. Both players certainly have the offensive weapons and they have shown that they can deliver the goods to their respective teams.

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Kiefer Ravena is coming off a fresh stint with the Gilas Pilipinas and had taken home gold in the recent South East Asian Games. Ravena is also an incoming rookie for the PBA. On the other hand, Kevin Alas is an established guard for NLEX Road Warriors and his efficient style of plays has recently earned him a new contract with his mother team who, coincidentally, will also be the team, of Kiefer Ravena.
Both players are athletic and possess the offensive prowess to take over a game and create shots if needed. The only question would be is, if their style will be a good fit for the new Gilas team.
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Who would you replace Terrence Romeo with?

Kevin Alas
Kiefer Ravena
No one

Survey Maker


Injured or Not Available: The Terrence Romeo Situation

Will Terrence Romeo play for Gilas?

Averaging 17 points with 3 assists and almost 2 rebounds per game, Terrence Romeo has established his role in the Philippine squad as one of the go-to guys but will he be available to play?
Terrence Romeo has attended a number of practices of the Gilas Pilipinas team but never really suited up for the team due to an injury, but is it just an injury or is it because of his current situation with the Global Port management?
Reports have surfaced about his demands to be traded and this has put some bad light on the young superstar. While there are a number of new guards in the Gilas Pool, the likes of Kiefer Ravena and Kevin Alas there is no simply replacing a guy like Terrence Romeo in the lineup. 
In a recent interview, Coach Chot Reyes has said that he is still open to getting Terrence Romeo, in fact, he is still a part of the pool and the 12-man lineup is still to be decided on the very last day of submission. 
We know that Terrence Romeo wants to play for the National, this is why he is physically almost available on the practice but we know that there are things beyond basketball that need to be ironed out first and the prospect of having Terrence Romeo with the team is getting dimmer by the day. 
We are almost certain that Romeo will not be able to make it, it is just a matter of time until Coach reveals his final line up and regardless of how good Terrence Romeo is, he was not able to practice with the team, therefore, he is less likely to be a part of the final line up. 

Global Port Management Unwilling to Trade for Romeo Yet or Never

Terrence Romeo Trade or not?

Yes, there are confirmed reports that the flamboyant 25-year-old star from FEU requested for a trade. 
Yes, there are rumors on potential landing teams but none of them may be final or true as defiant Global Port Management wants to keep their young star within the team.
Just a few weeks since the news broke out, Global Port has been mum about the development. The team governor of Global Port, however, has expressed his own sentiments on Facebook and has been really clear about his position. “NO TRADE”.
Frankly, the position of power still lies in the management and they could still make some moves to rectify whatever damaged relationships if there are or appeal to the said request of Romeo in order to make him happy and keep in the team.

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If you were Global Port, would you trade Romeo?

Not Sure

Survey Maker


A Wheeler’s Opinion: Both Meralco and GlobalPort are Winners if Terrence Romeo Trade Happened

Just imagine if the Bolts have Terrence Romeo against Ginebra during the Governors’ Cup Finals

Terrence Romeo wants to join a winning team.

Terrence Romeo has emerged as one of the league’s elite scorers since coming into the league back in 2013. Through his 5 years in the PBA, Romeo has received the following awards and recognitions:
  • 2015 PBA Most Improved Player
  • 3 times PBA All-Star
  • 2-time PBA All-Star Game MVP
  • 2-time PBA All-Star 3-Point Shootout Champion
  • Member of the 2016 PBA First Mythical Team
  • Member of the 2015 PBA Second Mythical Team
  • Member of the 2014 PBA All-Rookie Team
  • 3-time PBA Scoring Champion
However, one thing is still missing in the Terrence Romeo’s list of achievements: winning a PBA championship. 
No wonder why he requested to be traded during this season’s Commissioner’s Cup as rumor has it. And we cannot blame Romeo’s frustration towards GlobalPort’s lack of success. 
Why? In 5 years that they had Romeo on board, they were in the quarterfinals, 7 times, only making it to the semifinals, once. Despite numerous coaching changes, trades and other possible changes, nothing seems to have worked for the Batang Pier as they are still yet to reach the PBA Finals despite having one of the most exciting backcourt duos in Romeo and Stanley Pringle. 
Over the past few days, rumors of past attempts to trade Romeo has been raining down the social media and various sports website. Apparently, the Batang Pier first offered Terrence Romeo to the Talk N Text KaTropa for Moala Tautuaa- a deal which the KaTropa immediately turned down owing to the fact that they intended to develop Tautuaa into a stronger force, especially in the post. 
Next, it was reported that GlobalPort offered their superstar guard to the Meralco Bolts in exchange for a much heavier package: the backcourt duo of Chris Newsome and Baser Amer. But Bolts Coach Norman Black didn’t to part ways with Newsome so, nah. 
However, this trade would have worked for both sides especially for the Bolts had Romeo suited up for them during the Governors’ Cup Finals against the eventual back-to-back champions, Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings. 

2 for 1 Trade: It would have worked both ways

Assuming that there would be no chemistry issue, Terrence Romeo would have easily blended with the Bolts and would have provided Allen Durham a more consistent scoring reinforcement- something that they sorely needed in their 7-game series against the Gin Kings.
Sure, it’s heavy for Norman Black to let go of Newsome but had the deal went through, there’s a high possibility that the Bolts would have won the Governors’ Cup trophy. Mind you, folks, Terrence ended the 2016-2017 season by averaging 23 points per game. 
On the other side of the fence, the Batang Pier would have received a dynamic duo in Amer and Newsome. That deal would have allowed GlobalPort to establish a young but promising trio of Amer, Newsome and Stanley Pringle. Sure,  nobody can replace Terrence Romeo’s numbers but we all know that both Amer and Newsome are both capable players who can score both inside and from the three-point line.


Terrence Romeo is still on the trading block as rumor has it. And wherever Romeo will land come the 43rd season of the PBA, he will continue to dazzle around. He will continue to find ways to score and most importantly, Terrence Romeo will find more ways to win and it includes winning his first PBA championship. 
Who knows? We might be able to see him in a Ginebra jersey.
After all, the reason why he’s wearing #7 is that Robert Jaworksi was his father’s idol. 

Trade Possibility: Terrence Romeo and LA Tenorio, An Elite Point Guard Swap

What if Terrence Romeo and LA Tenorio Switch Places?

Terrence Romeo and LA Tenorio Trade
One thing’s for sure, Terrence Romeo wants to be traded, the question now is will Global Port management grant his wish? 

Trading Romeo

Is very likely. Now that Global Port management themselves have confirmed that the request has been sitting on their lap since the mid year of 2017. While both parties may have all the intention to part ways, everything will still hinge on the right offer among other things. 
We heard of the rumors about Meralco Bolts potentially sending Chris Newsome and Amer. We also got some news on Star Hotshots potentially making a run by offering multiple players that includes Marc Barroca or Jio Jalalon and while these teams provided such interesting offers, we were wondering what if Ginebra joins the bid?

Ginebra Needs Youth in the Guard Spot

Ginebra’s back court is great but it is aging, especially in the point position were their leading star LA Tenorio is already at 33. Now, don’t get us wrong, Tenorio is still at the top of his game especially after winning another championship and becoming the finals MVP, again.
Tenorio, while on the surface is still looking great, he had suffered a number of injuries already and the recent that he had to endure was an elbow injury. If you ask me, this could be the final year that Ginebra could get a good return for their floor general and if I am Ginebra, I would take advantage of the opportunity while his stocks are still high.

Prime, Young and Ready Romeo

At 25, Romeo is already a superstar and the face of PBA. Having Romeo wearing the Ginebra jersey will make the even more huge following of Ginebra even greater, but that’s the least of the concern. Ginebra just recently lost Jayjay Helterbrand due to retirement, soon Mark Caguiao will follow. Sol Mercado and LA Tenorio isn’t anymore younglings and Scottie isn’t really a natural point guard. Terrence will ensure continuity in a high level in the point position. Like Tenorio, he can score at will and can make difficult shots when needed.
Romeo, however, may not have the same mental toughness as Tenorio and this is why a stint with one of the greatest coach and mentor would be good for Terrence Romeo. Tim Cone could whip Romeo to
becoming a great leader and a more focused player.

What’s in it for Global Port?

Ofcourse, Global Port needs to get something in return and LA Tenorio alone may not suffice so Ginebra may need to throw in a first round draft pick, after all LA Tenorio might be on the edge of his peak at 33.
Global Port Batang Pier needs a winner and this is exactly what they will get if they trade for Tenorio.

A champion, an MVP and a real motivator that Terrence Romeo is not, at least not yet.  This attributes take time to develop and with experience with different teams, he will bring in a culture of winning to a team that badly needs one.

LA Tenorio with Stanley Pringle could also work better as Tenorio is a much more willing passer but can still hit big shots when needed.  Ball rotation will certainly improve and other players could get an opportunity to shine.


If a Standhardinger trade happened then this trade could happen, too. We are not saying that there is a current offer in place but we are just offering potential trade scenarios that could benefit both sides.
Tell us what you think.

Confirmed: Terrence Romeo Wants Out of Global Port

Terrence Romeo is looking for a new adventure under a new team 

Terrence Romeo Wants Out of Global Port
The 25-year-old point guard who is known for being a scorer and a fan favorite is looking for a new home after an insider confirmed that he has requested to be traded since the commissioner cup this year.
Now that the word is out, Global Port is already looking for offers from different teams and recently, news about a swap between Romeo and Meralco’s Baser Amer and Chris Newsome had surfaced.
The young point guard who played for 9 games in the Governor’s Cup and averaged close to 19 points per game had a great potential and could still improve. Romeo is already one of the best prolific scorers getting two scoring champion awards and most improved player.
Romeo was drafted 5th overall in 2013 and is now playing his 5th season with the same team that drafted him.

On the Flipside

While Terrence is an exciting prospect he might be hard to manage as he has shown some immaturity in his game and his decision making is still in question. Terrence, however, might really need a change of scenario and a new mentor that can help him be mentally ready as a player.

Where do you want Terrence Romeo to go?

Trade Rumor or Humor: Global Port Terrence Romeo for Meralco’s Chris Newsome and Baser Amer

Meralco and Global Port could be cooking up a trade or are they really?

Chris Newsome and Vaser Amer could be ship to Global Port for Superstar Terrence Romeo

2 for 1 as Chris Newsome and Baser Amer could be shipped to Global Port for Superstar Terrence Romeo

Even if we have not fully recovered yet from the Kia and SMB trade that instigated one of the biggest quandaries in the PBA today, here we go again with another potential blockbuster trade that could tilt the PBA and would certainly change the landscape of both teams that are involved.

Disclosure: This is a rumor and may not be true

A sleepy YouTuber with thousands of followers uploaded a video about the impending trade that is based on a tweet. The video now has 10,000 views, a number of funny comments asking the Youtuber to go to sleep as he may be needing one.

When there is smoke, there is fire 

The rumor of Terrence Romeo being traded is not new as there had been rumors about Global Port wanting to let go of either Romeo or Stanley Pringle. While both players are exceptionally good, Terrence Romeo was the more popular of the two and would attract more suitors and better returns.
Terrence Romeo also is either the reason for Global Port’s victory and demise because of his volume shooting and ball rotation becomes minimal when Terrence is on the court because of his style of play. He is fun to watch and would be one of the reasons why you want to watch Global Port basketball.

Is this a one-sided trade?  

Terrence Romeo is 25 years old and may still be improving, a scoring champion that will definitely help any team gain more popularity while Baser Amer also at 25 years old and Chris Newsome at 28 are also in the prime of their career. Both players played exceptionally well in the season and two of the reasons why Meralco has reached the finals.
Personally, If I am Meralco, I won’t be inclined to making this trade so I am debunking this rumor unless they have plans and they really want to get their hands on Terrence Romeo.
On the other hand, Global Port would be a new team if this happens. Newsome and Amer may not score the same way as Terrence but both players can definitely complement Stanley Pringle as well as the new Rookies that they acquired (Lervin Flores) which we think will be a big part of the rotation this upcoming season.

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Terrence Romeo for Chris Newsome and Baser Amer, True or Rumor?

It’s true
I want it to happen
You guys must be smoking weed
Not true
Get some sleep
I don’t care

built here


Video: Terrence Romeo’s Skills Have Greatly Improved but his Mental Toughness Still in Question

Terrence Romeo a star that needs proper guidance 

Terrence Romeo Skills have greatly improved but his Mental Toughness Still a Question

Terrence Romeo scored 13 points in a must-win game against Blackwater but he could have done more if only he kept his cool and his mind focused on what is at stake. 

A defeat against Blackwater Elite would mean elimination for Global Port for the 2017 PBA Governors Cup. It will also mark their 4-game losing streak. 
At the start of the game, Terrence is looking like his improved self-scoring at will and doing exactly what is expected of the young 25-year old fancy point guard, until the incident with Blackwater import Bill Walker which probably made the Global Port Batang Pier scratch his head in disappointment. 
Watch the video below. 
No matter how many times you watch the video, there seems to be nothing that Bill Walker did for Terrence Romeo to react the way he did. There were also no initial interaction or incident that may have led to his unnecessary actions. 
Romeo was doing well shooting 5/8 and he also got 4 assists, so we are clueless as to why he reacted violently against Walker. According to our sources, he was frustrated and admitted that he got angry because Bill Walker tried to knock him with his hips.
Let’s look back at the time when he was the one giving the hips. 
Terrence Romeo is a very talented man and his potential is very high but his mental toughness and focus still needs a lot of work. We know that this ain’t the first time Terrence had a meltdown and this attitude is not only going to affect himself but also his teammates. In the game against Blackwater, he could have helped the team win but instead, he was thrown out the court for the not being a sportsman.
Terrence Romeo averages about 18 points this conference, he can consistently score up to 25 points in a single season. He has been the most improved player, an all-star MVP and much more. These accolades are just a glimpse of how great Terrence Romeo is as a player and if you ask me, he will do a lot more if he can control his emotions and maintain his focus. 

Let me leave you with this compilation of Romeo’s antics

Watch: Terrence Romeo Scorched the 2nd Quarter, But Was Shut Down the Rest of the Game

Terrence Romeo was red hot in the second quarter 

Shooting 6/9 from beyond the arc, Terrence Romeo showed offensive brilliance as Gilas Pilipinas tried to match the total team offensive onslaught of the Korean squad who as a team has been shooting really well.
Terrence, who played 24 minutes against Korea, was heating up big time and taking over the game until his coach sat him down. Koreans also did their part as they put down Terrence and he never produced a single point again.
Anyway, let’s watch Terrence Romeo’s intensity below. 


Highlights: The Persistent Scorer, No One is Stopping Terrence Romeo from Taking the Shots

From 1/7 FG  to Team Leading Scorer, Terrence Romeo scored 17 points

Photo by:

Terrence Romeo has a scoring mentality 

Gilas Pilipinas and Iraq was having a bad start as both teams had miserable shooting night in the first half of their match-up. Terrence Romeo was one the players responsible for the shooting slump as he ended up the first half with just 1/7 FG. 
Most players would shy away from shooting in the second half and would accept a bad night but not Terrence. He ended throwing 8 more shots in the second half and taking them during the critical points in the ball game. 
It was a good gamble as he was able to convert them to points and surprisingly ended up as the team leading scorer with 17 points.  Romeo was defiant in accepting defeat and was very confident that he could turn his game around, his scoring mentality paid off as he was able to help his team get past Iraq with the score of  84- 68.

Here are some of Romeo’s highlights during the game against Iraq.
Terrence high off the glass layup against defender.

Terrence Romeo Steals and Reversed the shot

Terrence Romeo Channels his Inner Stephen Curry with this Shot!

Oh my Gosh! The reaction of the commentator after Terrence Romeo hits the critical long bomb that gave the Gilas Pilipinas a much-needed score late in the fourth quarter.
Gilas Pilipinas was riding on the hot shooting of Terrence Romeo who was at 5/7 from behind the arc.

Take a look at Terrence Romeo as he channels his inner Stephen Curry.

Watch: Best Player of the Game Terrence Romeo and His Amazing Numbers

Terrence Romeo Bang!

Terrence Romeo did not disappoint in his first game of play in the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup as he led the team to its first victory against powerhouse and defending champion China. The game ended with the score of 96- 87 and it was a statement for the undermanned Gilas who controlled the game.
Gilas Players were on target but no one else shined bright Global Port’s very own point guard, Terrence Romeo.
Romeo was playing a man possessed and was very confident as he shot the lights out especially during the critical moments of the game. Gilas relied on the play making and the outside shooting of Terrence Romeo and he delivered the goods on time.
Take a look at the amazing stats of Terrence Romeo tonight:

Minutes: 21:30 minutes

FG: 9/14 ( 64%)
3PTS: 5/7 ( 71.43%)
Assist: 4
Steal: 1
Total Points: 26

Highlights: Global Port Repels Phoenix, Terrence Romeo Scored 21 Points Wearing Nike Kobe Shoes

Phoenix fell short against Global Port

Global Port Repel Phoenix, Terrence Romeo Scored 21 points wearing Kobe Shoe

Global Port had enough buffer to retain the lead and get their first win in the 2017 PBA Governors Cup.

Batang Pier was pretty much in control of the first 3 quarters scoring more than 25 points in each until Phoenix pushed the panic button and tried to come back from the game in the fourth.

Phoenix rallied and scored 32 points against only 18 of Global Port. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to extirpate the Batang Pier who piled up enough buffer to get away with the win.

Global Port import Murphy Hollaway had a monster game scoring 29 points and grabbing 20 boards. Terrence Romeo was the leading scorer again for all locals collecting 21 points.
Phoenix had a bad game tonight shooting 35% from the field, their shooters were out of range.Baguio (28%), Jazul (33%) and Wright were (0/6).

Phoenix is now 2 wins and 1 loss while Global Port captured their first win and is now 1-1.

Side note: We had a survey in our last article on what sneaker brand Terrence Romeo will be wearing tonight. Romeo wore a Nike Kobe shoe brand despite being a Peak endorser. 
The scores:

GLOBALPORT 100 – Holloway 29, Romeo 21, Arana 13, Pringle 11, Anthony 9, Grey 5, Van Opstal 4, Guinto 3, Pennisi 3, Ababou 0, Cortez 0, Mamaril 0.
PHOENIX 91 – Phelps 32, Eriobu 11, Intal 11, Jazul 10, Baguio 5, Alolino 5, Dehesa 5, W. Wilson 4, Wright 4, J. Wilson 2, Kramer 2, Hayes 0, Borboran 0.

Quarters: 26-15, 54-36, 82-59, 100-91.

Terrence Romeo is back Creating Highlights after Highlights, While Wearing a Nike Shoe

Terrence Romeo the all star guard of Global Port in his first games showed us what we have been missing for awhile. Although they lost the game, Terrence Romeo gave us with a number of highlight moves that left us wanting for more.
Side note: Terrence Romeo is an endorser of Peak shoes, however, at the game against Rain or Shine he wore a different shoe brand. According to our sources, he wasn’t feeling comfortable with the shoe that Peak was asking him to wear.
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Should Terrence Romeo be penalized for wearing other brands of shoe?

He should wear Nike
He Should wear Adidas
He Should Wear Under Armour
Peak is a great choice

Do Riddles


Rain or Shine Captured First Win Against Global Port, Romeo Good But Bad

Rain or Shine started the game on a positive note and got a 7 point lead in the first half. They continued the good run in the second quarter but Global Port put up a good fight in the second half only to fall short with the score of 98 to 96 in favor of Rain or Shine.
Rain or Shine was shooting at a high 50% while Global Port is only at 40%. It could have been higher if not because of Terrence Romeo who was triggered happy once again taking 27 attempts and only hitting 9 (33%). He led the scoring , though, with 28 points. But that is not the only issue in this game. Batang Pier also had a problem with their import Jabril Trawick who played only for 16 minutes, shot at 20% (1/5) and fouled out of the game.  As per writing, we heard that Trawick will be replaced right away.
Rain or Shine’s import was a different story as Weatherspoon scored a team high of 25 while shooting 61%. He also got a help from tonight’s player of the game Ahanmisi with 17 points.
Watch the highlights from TV5.

The scores:

RAIN OR SHINE 98 – Weatherspoon 25, Ahanmisi 17, Almazan 15, Tiu 10, Chan 9, Washington 8, Cruz 4, Norwood 4, Ponferada 3, Yap 2, Belga 1.

GLOBALPORT 96 – Romeo 28, Pringle 21, Anthony 12, Guinto 12, Arana 3, Mamaril 3, Trawick 3, Mamaril 2, Ababou 2, Van Opstal 0, Grey 0, Maierhofer 0.

Quarters: 24-17, 50-39, 71-70, 98-96.