IBF Super Flyweight champ Ancajas, unstoppable now: Mitra

Jerwin Ancajas with President Duterte

The Games and Amusements Board (GAB) toasted Jerwin ‘Pretty Boy’ Ancajas for successfully defending his IBF Super Flyweight belt in Belfast against hometown favorite and then undefeated James Conlan last month.

“Ancajas is unstoppable at this point. Hard work and discipline pushes Jerwin to string victories against strong contenders,” GAB Chairman Abraham Kahlil “Baham” B. Mitra said. With GAB Commissioners Eduard Trinidad and Mar Masanguid, who are both Davaoeños, Baham Mitra presented Ancajas to President Rodrigo Duterte yesterday.

Ancajas’ victory in Belfast, Northern Ireland over former undefeated Irish contender Jamie Conlan by TKO in the 6th Round is Pretty Boy Jerwin’s third successful defence of the IBF World Super Flyweight belt. He now has a record of 28 wins, of which 19 were by Knock Outs, one draw and only one loss.

In Australia, Pretty Boy Jerwin also just very recently won handily against a world-rated Japanese fighter under the fight card of Sen. Manny Pacquiao, Chairman Mitra elaborated.

“The GAB looks forward to more victories by Filipino boxers like this reunion of fellow Davaoeños Pretty Boy Jerwin, President Duterte, our GAB Commissioners and Special Assistant to the President Bong Go. The GAB boxing commission and staff work hard to  deliver support to our professional boxers as mandated,” Mitra added.

“We’ll double our efforts so that there will always be fellow Filipinos who’ll bring home pride and glory as the most competitive boxers worldwide in all divisions where they qualify,” said Mitra. The GAB was adjudged the Best Boxing Commission recently by the World Boxing Council in Azerbaijan.

“President Duterte himself is a true fan and attends fights featuring Filipinos. Ancajas’ road to Malacañang brings personal pride to the President. The courtesy call highlights President Duterte’s personal recognition of a fellow Davaoeño’s contribution to Philippine boxing. Jerwin’s visit to Malacañang breaks the nostalgia of Heroes Hall for the glory days of Filipino boxing.”

Games and Amusement Board headed by Chairman Baham Mitra Offers to Conciliate the PBA

GAB supports PBA unity, offers to conciliate – Mitra

Baham Mitra and PBA
The PBA has been quiet for sometime now, especially after a series of league shaking news and rumors. While the PBA has not announced any changes in the league or it’s opennings the public remain warry of what is to happen next especially since the separation and creation of two factions that divided the league over the status of Commisioner Chito Narvasa. Baham Mitra of the Games and Amusement Board offers to have a dialogue with the league stakeholders to help put their differences aside. Below is the official statement.  
“Just like every Filipino fan, the Games and Amusements Board (GAB) looks forward to a united league that will bring out the best of all the 12 teams. If you need the Board’s support to mend your differences, we’re ready to broker unity talks,” GAB Chairman Abraham Kahlil B. Mitra said. 
The PBA has had to adjust its league schedule to enable the teams to be at their peak condition during international matches as the Asian World Cup qualifiers and other games of Team Philippines. However, on top of such adjustments, the PBA contended with leadership issues. Five teams, namely, San Miguel Beer, Ginebra, Magnolia, GlobalPort and Kia remain loyal to Chito Narvasa while seven teams composed of TNT, Meralco, NLEX, Alaska, Rain or Shine, Phoenix and Blackwater, had a falling out with him.

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“As a governing body in charge of the PBA, our interest is to ensure that the league is united and is in full capacity to operate for the interest of the Filipino fans. I am willing to mediate,” said Mitra, a self-confessed basketball fan.

“Our lines are open and will always be available for patching up their differences, especially for the number 1 basketball league in the Philippines.  Like the rest of the country, we’re excited and everyone hopes to attend the opening night. I wish to have a quick dialogue with stakeholders and of course see the current and newest players.”
“Although Narvasa’s contract is up for extension or termination on December 31 yet, the rest of the country and the Board want the fractious league to be united again as soon as possible. Players and teams don’t need distractions. We want them to be focused on their game,” Mitra said.
“The Philippines is set to enjoy the glory days of basketball. That’s the trajectory we want for the PBA.”
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Will the PBA resolve their issue before opening night?


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WATCH: More Than 100 Attendees at the GAB Dialogue in Makati

Boxing is in Good Hands as Games and Amusement Board Works Tirelessly to Execute its Mission

MORE than 100 professional boxers, trainers, matchmakers, and stakeholders attended the dialogue conducted by the Games and Amusements Board headed by Chairman Abraham Kahlil B. Mitra at the GAB central office in Makati City last November 21, 2017. Among those present were promoters and managers Jun Gandeza, Joseph Quibral, Orlando Borcelango, Dino Olivetti, Kate Jaucian, matchmaker Art Monis and former Philippine welterweight champion-turned trainer Allan Alegria. “This is the first time that a dialogue was made primarily to inform and educate them regarding several boxing-related issues and concerns,” said Mitra.

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Mitra presented the IRR of the MOA between GAB and the Department of Health (DOH) for the provision of free diagnostic medical and neurologic examinations for professional Filipino boxers. The stages and procedures on how to avail the free medicals were discussed by the GAB medical section and some important notes on Dehydration were given by GAB Medical Officer Dr. Rolando Rivera.
It was followed by the presentation of the Guidelines on the GAB Boxer’s Relief Fund by Chief Administrative Officer Ofelina Artugue. “All active and former professional licensed boxers who sustained disabilities and sickness or those who died due to the injuries he suffered can be covered by the GAB Boxer’s Relief Fund benefits,” said Artugue. The request for financial assistance will be processed by the Boxing Division with the recommendation from the Medical Officer and will then be submitted to the Treasury.
Meanwhile, the Boxers ratings criteria were also discussed by Boxing Chief Dioscoro Bautista. Boxers were informed of how they can be qualified for inclusion in the rankings and how they can be removed as well. GAB Chief Legal Officer Atty. Ermar Benitez, on the other hand, explained the amendment to the rules and regulations governing professional boxing specifically on fights abroad.

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The dialogue was also covered through Facebook live for the benefit of those boxers from other parts of the country who would have wanted to join but could not. Also present in the dialogue were Current OPBF Light Flyweight Champion Edward Heno, former WBC World Flyweight Champion Sonny Boy Jaro, Current Philippine Light Flyweight Champion Lester Abutan, WBC International Minimumweight Champion Lito Dante, and Former WBC World Title Contender Denver Cuello and other Filipino Boxers.
Baham Mitra talking personally with the boxers
Mitra said that they are now planning to conduct similar dialogues in the Visayas and Mindanao region. “We will continuously and actively promote a transparent, dynamic and participative governance in GAB,” said Mitra.

Watch the GAB dialogue with the boxers below.


Palawan Hosts the 55th OPBF Convention: Mitra Hopes to Usher a New Era Through Transparency and Participation

“We will welcome them to the number one island and tourist spot in the world,”
– Baham Mitra Chairman of OPBF

Palawan Host the 55th OPBF Convention

OPBF Convention, November 9 to 12 in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

The OPBF conventions keep getting better and this year, the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF) Convention will hold its event at one of the worlds best islands and tourist spots in the Philippines.
With the recently concluded Boxing conventions from top boxing organizations like WBO, WBA, and WBC, it is now time for the OPBF to showcase and host delegates from members of the federation including representatives from Australia, Fiji, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, New Zealand, PAMA, Republic of China, Samoa, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga and the Philippines.
Baham Mitra, the current Games and Amusement board Chairman, a former governor of Palawan, as well as the newly named President of the OPBF is very much excited to welcome the delegates and is very optimistic in OPBF boxing. He believes that the boxing industry in the region has improved and will continue to do so in the years to come.
In his term, he looks to further improve relationships with the member countries by re-engaging inactive members and requesting them to participate, share ideas and comments. Mitra who recently had a breakthrough with Philippine boxing as he spearheaded the initiative of the athletes’ healthcare program which includes free medical checkup and CT scan for all professional boxers, a feat that has gained GAB as well as himself a commendation during the WBC convention and has earned the 2017 WBC Commission of the Year Award.
 Mitra was nothing but thankful.
“This is a recognition of all the Board’s hard work and dedication to improving boxing in the Philippines. The WBC is the oldest and most prestigious boxing organization in the world with so many countries/commission as members and it is a great great honor for GAB and the Philippines to receive this citation and award,  I think it’s the innovations we have instituted thru transparency, participation, and dedication plus of course love for boxing that was recognized”, – Baham Mitra said.
Baham Mitra accepting the Commission of the Year award at the recently concluded WBC Convention

Transparency, Participation, Dedication, and Love for Boxing

These are the things that embody the organization and the new OPBF Chairman will continue to translate these into actions and on his first OPBF convention as a chairman, he wants nothing more than to verbalize his plans and engage with all the members.
The convention proper will start on Thursday, November 9 and will be opened by Baham Mitra himself,  President of OPBF. Welcome remarks will be delivered by special Guest of Honor WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman which will then be followed by the recognition of each of the member country representatives. A cultural show will spice up lunch in the afternoon followed by an executive meeting, legal updates, and boxing rating. The first day will be capped with Gala Dinner and Awards.
Friday, November 10 2nd day will be full of seminars, starting with OPBF Referees and Judges’ seminar which will be headed by Gene Del Bianco and Steve Weisfield. A talk about Medical Aspects in Boxing will also be discussed by Dr. Redentor Viernes, GAB Chief Medical Section. At around 4 pm, the much awaited 4 title bout boxing event will kick off and the night will culminate with a fire dance show to further heat up a night full of action.
Saturday, November 11 will be the time to relax for the delegates as OPBF sponsors a tour at the world famous Palawan Underground River. A City parade and a number of surprise boxing activities are also on the itinerary.
Sunday, November 12 will be the closing ceremonies and distribution of certificates of attendance.

Powcast.net Coverage
One of the innovations of Baham Mitra and the Games and Amusement Board is to adapt with the digital market and Internet of Things.  Baham Mitra recognizes the opportunities and the challenges of today’s sports industry and has implemented a number of digital innovations to help him bring forth his vision of transparency and participation. He has started to implement social media live broadcast and real-time updates of scores and up to date news and feedback via the internet to fans, members followers alike.
Powcast.net, led by Pow Salud, a long time fan of the sport of boxing and digital sales and marketing expert is one of the prime believers of Baham Mitra in his continuous effort to innovate. As a sports blogger and a digital influencer, we believe that boxing not just in the Philippines but in the Oriental and Pacific area is in the perfect position to grow and Powcast, as part of the digital and internet industry, will be all in, supporting boxing in the region.

More power to OPBF!

5 Titles Up for Grab at the OPBF Convention Fight Night in Palawan

OPBF Brings Night of Champions in Palawan 

OPBF Convention Fight Night in Palawan
With exactly one week away from the much-awaited OPBF fight night which will be held on the second day of the 55th OPBF convention, fighters get ready for their chance to showcase their skills in front of some of the most important figures in boxing including WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman.
OPBF is one of the 11 continental federations comprising the WBC. The members of the OPBF regional groups are Australia, Fiji, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, New Zealand, PAMA, Republic of China, Samoa, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga and the Philippines.
Newly named president of the OPBF  Baham Mitra will try to impress visitors and participants as he showcases not only a great boxing night but as well as the beauty of his hometown, Palawan were he previously served as a Governor.
Brico Santig of Highland Boxing, Gerry Penalosa and  Ryuta Kato of United Boxing Promotion will be co-promoting the fight night that will headline the nephew of the former two-division boxing champ Gerry Penalosa.

Carlo Caesar Penalosa vs Salatiel Amit

For the vacant WBC Asian Boxing Council Silver Flyweight Title.
Nickname too sharp, the 24-year-old nephew of Gerry Penalosa, Carlo Caaesar is looking for a breakout performance as he contends for a belt for the very first time in his career.
Currently, with 9 wins and only 1 defeat he will be put to a test against a fighter who is looking to turned around his career after dropping 2 of his last three fights including TKO losses to Froilan Saludar and Jonathan Taconing. Salatiel Amit Alyas Pakyaw at 25  got 10 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws is not a bad record considering the fighters who defeated him are two of the best boxers in the Philippines.

Omrri Bolivar vs Jelbirt Gomera 

For the interim OPBF Silver Featherweight Title. 

The Philippines’ Jelbirth Gomera should be thankful that he is getting a crack at the featherweight title as well as the opportunity to defend the Philippine flag as he faces an undefeated 27-year old Venezuelan. Jelbirth Gomera, a product of General Santos City had suffered three consecutive heartwrenching decision losses in Japan, Korea and recently in the Philippines. A win against Omrii Bolivar (5-0) would help rejuvenate his career.
Also on the card are two female championship bouts including Yuko Henzan vs Phannaluk Kongsang for the vacant OPBF Female Bantamweight Title and Erika Hanawa vs Sornsawan Khunmarn for the interim OPBF Female Minimumweight Title.

ABF Flyweight championship will also be on the line. 

Other bouts will include a Flyweight battle between  Jeronil Borres vs Robert Onggocan and super featherweight tussle between Ryan James Racaza vs  Junar Adante.
Powcast.net will be in the ringside as this happens and we will be calling the action live in our official Facebook page. 

GAB Reminds PBA of Controversial Trade Between SMB and Kia


Lopsided trades could turn off fans

Games and Amusements Board (GAB) Chairman Abraham Mitra today called out the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) to remind the basketball body that the GAB is looking intently on how the coming draft will be done. 

“There are complaints about the KIA-SMB deal and we are intently observing. How the PBA will handle it will determine if the next season will excite or turn off fans,” says Mitra.

“We would like to have a balance between all teams which would help competitiveness and boost sales. We want more teams to grow their fan base. Fans troop to games with star players. The danger of declining ticket sales becomes real when stars are concentrated in only a few teams, ” added Mitra. 

The trade is reportedly taking place this coming weekend but the PBA has not hinted if the KIA-SMB  will be approved or not.

“KIA, Blackwater, Global port and Phoenix seem to need more stars in their team to be able to compete with the others. As in the past, lopsided matches affect public interest, gate receipts and revenues to the government. The yearly draft is normally an opportunity for weaker teams to get better players to hopefully even up the games.”

The GAB is the government agency that regulates all professional sports in the country like basketball, boxing, football, golf, cycling, motocross, billiards, and e-sports. It is also the collecting agency of 3% of gate receipts and income from tv coverage contacts.

“We hope the coming draft will give teams with lower winning records the fair chance  to equalize themselves with the others,” he added.

Games and Amusements Board is 2017 WBC’s Commission of the Year

Congratulations to Games and Amusement Board

Chairman Abraham Mitra poses as he accepts the Commision of the Year Award
In the 55th World Boxing Council Convention at Baku, Azerbaijan the Games and Amusements Board was awarded a very prestigious commendation as the COMMISSION OF THE YEAR.

“This is a recognition of all the boards’ hard work and dedication to improving boxing in the Philippines”, says Chairman Abraham Mitra.
“The WBC is the oldest and most prestigious boxing organization in the world with so many countries/commissions as members and it is a great honor for GAB and the Philippines to receive this citation and award” added Mitra.
“I think it’s the innovation we have instituted thru transparency, participation, and dedication plus of course love for boxing that was recognized”, Mitra said.

In an executive meeting earlier with the WBC board of governors, the GAB-DOH medical licensing assistance program was well applauded when it was presented by Chairman Mitra. President Mauricio Sulaiman of WBC has asked for a copy of the moa and internal rules and urged other more developed countries to follow the Philippine example.

Those present to witness the acceptance of the award were former Gab Chairman Ramon Guanzon, WBC medical com vice chair Dr. Nass Cruz, Philippines  Premier Promoters Johnny and Liza Elorde, WBC president MauriciSulaimanan, WBC supreme council members, Vice Presidents, Board of Governors and managers/promoters from all over the world.