6 tips on how to be a Sneakerhead| The man behind Shoe Fiend Los Angeles tells us how to be a sneakerhead.


We had a chance to talk to one of the sneaker dealers in the sneakers community from Los Angeles California, Earl John Verzo, the owner of Shoe Fiend Los Angeles granted us with an interview over the social media and we asked a few questions and tips on how to be a sneakerhead based on how they started their shop from being a hobby to being a business that offers a lot of services.

“I started getting involved in the sneaker community way back in 2013 when I got curious about buying and reselling and trading shoes without realizing that I’m addicted to it already.” Earl shared how he it turned out to be a hobby to an addiction in collecting and selling kicks.

“My First pair was a Nike Air  Shox VC 3 back when I was on my 6th grade. I was only 12.” He surely is one of them sneakerheads who started in an early age.
“My favorite sneaker would be the OG Nike Jordan 1 Breds, because of the history behind it. It is the most single iconic shoes of all time it revolutionized the sneaker game. Everytime MJ would wear it on the NBA Court he was getting fined and Nike would cover the fees just for him to continue to wear em. It’s basically the shoe that started it all, it will never go out of style, the older the Nike Air Jordan 1, the higher the price it gets.”

Here are some tips that he gave out to all the aspiring sneakerheads or collectors as they call it.

1. Make sure that you are financially capable of collecting shoes before you start.

2. Make your priorities straight. (God, Family and Responsibilities.

3. Self discipline and Respect.

4. Do your research upon buying (shoe prices changes constantly, watch out for this.)

5. Make sure to do a legit check before buying to a private seller. (Avoid getting scammed)

and Finally,

6. Enjoy your shoes, wear them, stock them. But don’t let it hinder you.

These tips are the basic steps into getting involved in to the sneaker game and this guy surely knows everything about it.

Now, more than anything else, we got curious on how they were able to put up a very successful online sneaker shop. This part of the interview makes this article a good one and very helpful to anyone who wants to start their own sneakers business.

Shoe Fiend Los Angeles started as a joke. when my friend told me that I was too addicted to shoes. he kept on seeing me on numerous post on Facebook buying, selling, and trading shoes. I did not took it as a joke but instead I made it to my reality. Shoe Fiend Los Angeles started as a local shoe group based in Los Angeles, California. Is an Online Market Place where you can Buy Sell Trade your Shoes For Free. We provide News releases for the upcoming shoe craze that will be released. We help out our fellow sneaker head to achieve there “grail” (the shoe shoeheads and sneakerheads want the most for their collection. the shoes they will do anything for. including selling or trading their whole collection for it.) We also feature Shoes that are on sale that you can get for a steal price. And Any Sneaker Related Post. Shortly after Making the Group I realized to make my Online Shoe Store and Started Branding. Started Going to Local Shoe Events on the Los Angeles Area 4 events on 2015 I even attended at The Sneaker Carnival last year hosted by sole academy here in the Philippines at the MOA Grounds. 2016 by a long shot is the biggest I had my own Table at Sneakercon in Los angeles which was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s a two day event and had 40,000 Attendees each day.  Went to Laced Locked and Loaded in Rowland Heights, CA  and even Lace’em up in Hollywood, CA. “

Shoe Fiend Los Angeles is an online shoe store that produces Shoes from Nike, Jordans, Adidas, Yeezy’s And other hot shoes that are on the market. They work with a top notch Graphic Artist to represent  themselves with the right logo and carefully selected the Quality of the shirts with the Help of the owner’s Sister who is A Fashion Designer. Which Produced as the Shoe Fiend Los Angeles “The Usual Shirt”. They Also have Shoe Cleaning Product Called  “Crisp Cleaner”.

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Phone/Viber: 626-324-0947
Facebook: ShoeFiendLA
Twitter: ShoeFiendLA

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