By the Numbers: 3 Things Cavs did Against the Knicks and why Knicks Shouldn’t have Mocked the King

The Cavs did more than just erasing a big lead

Lebron jame layup against the Knicks
LeBron James had a triple-double in the Cavs’ win against New York.
Just when the New York Knicks thought that they could come out of the Madison Square Garden as victors against the Cleveland Cavaliers after putting up a 23-point lead, the Cavs roared and came out with the last laughter as LeBron James drained a step-back three-pointer to lift the Cavs to a 104-101 victory over the Knicks in a game which saw LeBron being shoved and even name-called by Enis Kanter. That win, by the way, improved the struggling Cavs’ records to 7-7 in the season.
So what happened? Just check out the numbers below:

The 4th Quarter Massacre

Why massacre? 
The Cavs only scored 13 points in the second quarter when the Knicks were able to build a sizeable margin. They remained flat out in the third quarter but once the fourth quarter came along, the Cavs went on full Super Saiyan mode as they outscored New York 43-25 which was capped by LeBron’s game-winning trey to complete this season’s biggest comeback win, so far. 19 of those 43 points came from Kyle Korver. In addition to this, the Cavs made 9 threes- 1 more than the baskets made by the Knicks in the final quarter, 8.

Another Triple Double for the King: Another Win

Nothing could keep LeBron James down. Not being benched by Tyronn Lue. Not by being shoved by several Knick players. Nothing. By the time the smoke cleared down, LeBron had another triple-double: 23 points, 10 rebounds (pending an official review) and  12 assists. He also had 3 blocks. 

Wade and Korver Produced

With Kevin Love clanking all night long, missing all of his 4 attempts from three, so were JR Smith and Iman Shumpert, Dwayne Wade and Kyle Korver stepped up off the bench to provide reinforcement to the King. Wade scored 15 points and grabbed 8 rebounds. Korver had 21 all in all, built on 5 of 12 shooting from deep. He was also flawless in 6 attempts from the free throw line.


At 7-7, the Cavs are now in the 9th place in the Eastern Conference. If they can keep on winning, they might be able to catch up with the Knicks who are at 6th place in no time. For the Knicks, they shouldn’t have mocked the King. Mock him and you’ll pay the price. Play and focus on the game and who knows, you might make the playoffs. Might. 

Kyle Korver: Cavs Main Dagger off the Bench

Kyle Korver
In a powerhouse team full packed with superstars, how can a mere bench player step up and establish his own role? Well, Kyle Korver has done it in years and shall do it this season for the Cavs to reign supreme.
Korver may not always produce huge number for the Cavs but he is a main weapon in every game.

Clutch Shooter off the bench

Korver is known for his killer outside shooting whenever needed, he’ll play off the bench and just catch and shoot the ball whenever he is open. 
Most of us may not like his way of playing because it seems like he’ll just shoot the ball whenever he likes to do so but the real fact behind this is not all players can do what Korver does – shooting the ball every time left open takes a lot of courage. Imagine if you missed an open shot, it is very shameful because that shot was supposed to be easy but Korver does it all the time and is not afraid of missing even the most crucial shots in the game.

Loosen Interior Defense

As we all know, he always catches and shoots and as a result, everyone knows that he really takes a lot of shot, there’s less chance that he’ll pass the ball. Even the interior defenders will break away to try to challenge his three point shot, thus even though Korver’s shots aren’t guaranteed to go in (in fact nobody’s shot is really guaranteed) there will be a higher chance that the Cavs will get the offensive board.
Korver’s style of play is a perfect one for a shooting guard, it will not only help the Cavs in general point production but will make the Cavs hit easier baskets due to a missing link in the interior defense of the opponent.
Just imagine the Cavs without Kyle Korver and picture out every scenario mentioned above. 
If his absence spelled a significant difference, then he surely is a vital part of the Cleveland Cavaliers. 
A superstar behind a bunch of superstars.

By the Numbers: Hawks Stun Cavs

Cavs drop 5 of last 6 games

LeBron James could only sigh as his team came up short against the Hawks. 
A few days ago, LeBron James ended the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 4-game losing streak by scoring a franchise record-tying 57 points against the Washington Wizards. 
That performance also enabled the King to become the youngest NBA player to reach 29,0000 career points- a record that was previously held by Kobe Bryant. The Cavs thought that their win against the Wizards will be the start of better things for the team. 
Unfortunately, they were wrong.
Dennis Schroder scored on a pair of charities with 12 seconds left and right after Isaiah Taylor missed a pair of free throws, LeBron James grabbed the rebound but Channing Frye missed on a three-point attempt and Dwayne Wade missed another attempt as the Atlanta Hawks held on for the 117-115 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. 
This latest loss dropped the Cavs to 4-6 while the Hawks finally broke out of their 8-game losing streak and improved to 2-8 in the season.
So what doomed the Cavs in the first place? Below are the numbers:

Balance Scoring from the Hawks

Atlanta got contributions from 7 players who scored in double figures. Schroder led the way with 28 points while Tayshaun Prince and Luke Babbit scored 17 points apiece. Dewayne Dedmon had 15 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks while Ken Bazemore added 14 points 7 rebounds and 9 assists. Off the bench, the Hawks got 12 points and 13 rebounds from John Collins and, 14 points from Isaiah Taylor. 
On the other side, the Cavs’ starters could only manage 51 points- highlighted by LeBron James’ 26 points. The only thing that kept Cleveland in the game was the production of the bench which got  25 points from Dwayne Wade and 23 points from Kyle Korver. 
You see the irony? The Cavs have more star power and yet they lost to another mediocre team.

The Hawks Got More from Rainbow Country

While the Cavs were almost blacked out from the three-point line as evident by their 10 of 36 performance from beyond the arc- including a 0 of 3 shooting from the King himself, the Hawks made 11 of their 25 attempts from deep. Luke Babbit took 8 shots from outside and made half of those attempts. Tayshaun Prince added three more long bombs. 
The Cavs on the other hand? If not to Kyle Korver’s 5 of 11 shooting from the three-point area, the Cavs would have been blown away. Among the Cavs’ starters, only JR Smith managed to hit his targets from deep, hitting 2 of his 4 attempts from that area.  


With this latest setback, Cavs Coach Tyronn Lue might want to check his back because he wouldn’t be coaching for long if the Cavs doesn’t improve as soon as possible. And if the Cavs doesn’t improve soon, it might only strengthen the possibilities of LeBron James leaving for elsewhere next season. 
For the Hawks, it’s still early for their fans to quit because given the fact that they’ve already beaten a “super team“, it shows that yes, they can beat any team. They only need to do what they did against the Cavs, consistently. 

Top 3 Aging NBA Players to Look Out

They may be old but they can still compete

In some cases, players who were able to play in the NBA for 10 years consider themselves lucky because like it or not, playing in the 82-game regular season is a huge sacrifice for anyone regardless of your height and age. There may be times when you’re feeling like you can score at any given time and there may also be times when things weren’t going your way. Health and fatigue will dictate one’s longveity in the NBA because mind you, aside from the fact that youi’ll get bumped. elbowed and sometimes, hit by the knee more than you can possibly count, you will also need worry about Father Time as well who can slow you down no matter how hard you try to avoid him. 
The 2017-2018 season is just around the corner and there are some players who will enter the season already in the final playable years. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 3 NBA players whom, despite their age, can still play at a high level given the opportunity:
Wade is still among the elite guards in the NBA 

First on the list is none other than 3-time NBA champion, Dwayne Wade. He spent his first 14 seasons in the NBA with the Miami Heat before playing alongside Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo for the Chicago Bulls. At the age of 35, Wade can still compete alongside the elite slashers and despite the fact that his numbers have went down, just averaging 18 points per game and logging in 29 minutes per game, he will still be a valuable asset to any team that he will be playing because as of the moment, Wade is still waiting for the buyout offer from the Bulls which will enable him to either return to the Heat or sign elsewhere.
Who doesn’t like watching this guy dunk?
Vince Carter is probably one of the few NBA veterans who deserves a shot at an NBA title before hanging his jersey for good. Even as he is about to enter his 20th season with the Sacramento Kings, he remains a fan favourite because of his terrorizing dunks and acrobatic moves which leave defenders in awe. His 3 seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies saw his numbers drop dramatically. During the 2016-2017 season, Vince Carter only manage to average score 8 points per game, his highest with the Grizzlies. He’s now looking to provide the leadership and the much-needed spark with the Kings, a team which too, underwent massive makeover moves over the last few years. If anything, not having won an NBA title doesn’t take anything from Vince. He has proven himself to be  one of the best and most creative dunkers that the league has ever seen. But again, he is more than just about his monstrous dunks and his fellow players know that.
Kyle Korver will remain a threat especially from the 3-point line
While it’s unfortunately true that Kyle Korver has never won the 3-point shootout, it doesn’t mean that he can’t score threes because HE CAN shoot and score 3-pointers like there’s no more tomorrow. In fact, in the 35 regular season games that he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, he made 48% of his three-pointers and in he NBA, that’s already a high percentage for a player like Korve despite his age of 36. His 10 points per game average may be a small thing but he will remain a valuable asset to the Cavs come the new season. And when the game is on the line, Kyle Korver can come through. We’ve seen him take clutch shots and we’ve seen him make many of those.

Lakers and Cavs are Interested in Signing Kyle Korver

Kyle Korver almost got a ring but the Cleveland Cavaliers unfortunately fell short.
This year, the sharpshooter is still garnering a lot of interest. The Cavaliers and the Lakers are said to be interested in the service of Korver.
Korver has been a reliable shooter at the wing and teams like the Cavaliers will be foolish not to sign him back.
On  the other hand, if Korver wants to get that coveted championship ring, he should just stay put in Cleveland.

Korver & Kutcher | Lebron and Cavs | K Love and Injury

Kyle Korver joins RJ and Channing’s Road Trippin Podcast and on this episode they talk about of course, Korver’s resemblance with Ashton and Bieber…and also with Tom Cruise?
Following that up, they also touch on Korver’s addition to the Cavs team and how it affected Channing’s role and why he is a little pretty jealous of Kyle.
Also, they talk about how LeBron James is feeling a lot better about the Cavaliers this month and Kevin Love is also back at practice.
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Hitch on and join the fun!


youtube video by: The Fumble

Finally Kyle Korver is Alive Again, 8 Three Pointers Made

Recently acquired Kyle Korver isn’t doing much after getting acquired by the Cavs because of the existing firepower in the roster but looks like the coaches was finally able to utilize the sharp shooting player and he made history once again. 

Kyle Korver knocked down eight 3-pointers tonight and won against the Pacers. This was Korver’s best performance from downtown since 2007!