Michael Page’s Flying Knee Fractured Cyborg Santos’ Skull

The MMA journalist Nick Strickland posted on twitter on July 17, 2016 that “Cyborg Santos currently in surgery for a fractured skull. According to the doctors. Cyborg has a depressed fracture from the knee MVP landed. Surgeons currently working on him.”

Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos was the former husband of ‘Cris Cyborg’. He battled with Michael ‘Venom’ Page in welterweight bout at yesterday’s Bellator 158: Daley vs. Five in London.

Their fight became the main attraction of the event because after Santos fell from Page’s brutal flying knee, Michael put a Pokemon hat on then rolls a Pokeball at KO’ed Evangelista.

Santos reportedly remains in care and Cris Cyborg plans on creating a GoFundMe to support his ex-husband and his family at this difficult time. The Invicta Featherweight Champion who also signed in UFC have asked people to say a prayer for Santos on her instagram account earlier.

Let us pray that everything will be alright and a speedy recovery to Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos.