Breaking: John Wall Doesnt’ Want to be Traded, Signed a Max Deal with the Wizards

Breaking John Wall Do not Want to be Traded, Signed a Max Deal with the Wizards

In case you missed it, John Wall is staying with the only team he ever played with in the NBA, at least for now.

No request for trade for this young man.
It maybe hard to find loyalty in the NBA nowadays so we want to introduce you to one player that will probably and hopefully stay that way until 2023. The 2010 1st pick overall just signed a hefty contract with the Washington Wizards. He will extend to 4 years from the current two years contract which means he is tied in with the Wizards until 2023 which is a long time.
With all of the things happening in the NBA, the Wizards may have realized that the best way to prevent their stars from leaving is to sign them right away and for a long time.
John Wall has spent seven years playing for the Wizards and last year, he had his best career production with 23 points, 10 assists and 2 steals per game. With the Cleveland Cavaliers bound for break up, John Wall and Bradley Beal may have an opportunity in the east.

Highlights: Beal, John Wall Led a 26-0 3rd Quarter Run, Ties the Series with Boston 121-102

Wizards shot 44 out of 84 in the field and 88 percent in the three-point line. 
Otto Porter, Bradley Beal and Markieff Morris started scoring in the first quarter doing lay ups and power shots with help from Marcin Gortat, John Wall and Brandon Jennings. Bradley Beal continued scoring in the second quarter with a three-pointer in the right wing assisted by Brandon Jennings. Followed by Tomas Satoransky, Ian Mahinmi, Bojan Bogdanovic, Marcin Gortat, John Wall and Otto Porter chipping in with points from free throws, three-point shots and lay ups.
John Wall heated up in the third quarter leading 26-0 run amazing every fans watching. 
In the post-game press conference, Wizards coach Scott Brooks were quoted to have said, “You guys were good, I didn’t think you were going to be this good.”. Scoring 42 points over the 20 ponys of Boston Celtics “That’s probably our best stretch of basketball [this season].” Boston tried to step it up in  the fourth quarter with Isiah Thomas leading the Celtics today with 19 points, 5 assists and 1 rebound together with Al Horford, Kelly Olynyk and Terry Rozier. 
Final score, 121-102 Wizards now ties the series with Game 5 happening in Boston on May 11th.
See the game highlights below.

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Highlights: Wall, 2nd Round First Win for Wizards, Kelly Oubre Ejected After Shoving Kelly Olynyk

After Celtics overtime win last Wednesday, Wizards bounced back in Game 3, 116-89.
John Wall scored 24 points, 8 assists and 1 rebound leading today’s second round first win for Wizards.

Wizards dominated the first quarter scoring 39 points over the 17 points of Celtics leaving them with a 22 point disadvantage before entering the second quarter. Meanwhile in the second quarter a commotion between Kelly Oubre and Kelly Olynyk surfaced after Oubre pushed Kelly Olynyk to the ground. It caused him a flagrant-2 and to be pushed out of the game right before second quarter ends.

Washington already dominated the third and fourth quarter of the game with points from Marcin Gortat who garnered 13 points and shot 6 out of 12 in the field. Markieff Moris together with John Wall, Otto Porter, Bojan Bogdanovic, Brandon Jennings, Tomas Satoransky, Jason Smith and Sheldon McClellan who contributed with lay-ups, power shots free throws and dunks.

Finishing the game 116-89, their first win in the second round series with Celtics.

Game 4 on Monday, May 8.
See the game highlights:

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Highlights: Thomas, Free Throw Pushed Celtics and Wizards Game 2 into Overtime

It’s Isaiah Thomas again, this time scoring a total of 53 points leading Celtics victory in Game 2.
This may be Thomas’s career play-off high with today’s Game 2 showcasing a total of 53 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds. After leading Celtics Game 1 victory against Washington Wizards despite the passing away of his sister, Isiah Thomas is getting more better and better. Leading today’s win and even pushing the game into overtime with his free throw.
Wizards dominated the first quarter with 13 point advantage against Boston, with Joh Wall leading the game today for wizards scoring a total of 40 points, 13 assists and 3 rebounds. Bradley Beal, Markieff Morris, Marcin Gortat, Jason Smith together with Wall contributed to the first quarter points of Wizards doing lay-ups, power shots, three pointers, and free throws.
Celtics bounced back in the second quarter managing to get a 10-point adavantage against Wizards with help from Isiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, Al Horford, Jae Crowder, Terry Rozier and Avery Bradley.
Wizards was already leading in the start of the fourth quarter, with quarter three points from Beal, Wall, Porter and Smith. Jason Smith kicked start the fourth with an 18-foot jumper along the baseline. Followed up by free throws from Bradley Beal, a 2-foot cutting lay up by Kelly Oubre Jr. Dunk by John Wall, shots from Markieff Morris, Marcin Gortat and a three pointer from Otto Porter to make the score 114 against 112 of Celtics. But a foul from Marcin Gortat granted Thomas 2 free throws which Thomas used to tie the score to 114 pushing the game into overtime.
Celtics gave it all in the overtime scoring 15 points leaving Wizards with only 5 points, final score 119-129. \
Game 3 will be on Wednesday May 5th.

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Thomas With a Lost Tooth Opened up the 2nd Round for Boston After Sister’s Funeral

After speaking for his sister’s funeral, Thomas Isaiah flew all the way from Washington to lead the Game 1 victory of Boston Celtics, 123-111.
Isiah Thomas managed to score a total of 33 points leading Celtics with a 123-point victory against Wizards. Boston played it off well scoring great percentages on field goal, three-points, and free throws. With Jae Crowder, Al Horford, Avery Bradley and Kelly Olynyk scoring double digits together with Thomas.
Wizards also played it well tonight even  with Markieff Morris spraining his ankle inside the game. Bradley Beal scored 27 points leading the team together with Otto Porter, Marcin Gortat, John Wall, Kelly Oubre Jr. and Bojan Bogdanovic. Game 2 will be on Wednesday, May 3rd.

Side note: Isaiah Thomas lost his tooth from a nasty elbow from Otter in the first quarter.

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Hawks Balanced it out in Game 4, Ties up the Series with Wizards with 2-2

Washington Wizards seemed to have a good start in Game 4 with Atlanta Hawks. Handling easily every attacks and blows Hawks was giving, making Wizards lead with 38-29 early in the second quarter. But then suddenly when Wizards thought they got the hold of the game, Hawks heated up and went on a 14-0 lead to take the lead and change the game.
Then, Kent Bazemore and Dwight Howard stepped in the game making it more difficult for the Wizards to get a point. But the Wizards was really determined, getting back at Hawks and catching up to all their point disadvantages. In the end, that was all the Wizards can do. It was clear that Atlanta Hawks definitely took the Game 4 of this series with other Hawks scoring double figures like Prince, Howard, Hardaway, and Bazemore. Paul Millsap and Dennis Schroder took over the last five minutes of the game ending the night with 111-101.
The series will go back to Washington on Wednesday for Game 5 of the series, who ever wins will just be one win away to the Eastern Conference.

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It’s the Beal and Wall Show! Wizards Leads the Series 2 – 0 Against Hawks

April 20, 2017, coming in to you from the Famous Verizon Center in Washington, let’s welcome our tonight’s host Bradley Beal and John Wall!

Tonight they will show how to take down a Hawk with awesome shooting!

This is how I imagined the game between the Hawks and the Wizards. One of the best backcourts in the NBA is showing that they are ready for the big show by leading the Wizards to a game 2 victory infront of the home crowd. Beal scored 31 points while John Wall scored 32.
Hawks tried to fight it off but the Wizards held on and had a strong fourth quarter scoring 35 points and taking it gome with a score of 109 -101.
Hawks is missing some outside shooting in game 2 as they shot 20 from deep and only made 4. Why did they had to let Korver go, he is just sitting on the bench now in a Cavs uniform.
Two more to go, but this time Wizards would have to take their magic down south in Atlanta.

Game 2 final score: 109 – 101, Washington. The Wizards leads the series 2 – 0.

Effective Teamwork: Together Wizards Put Down the Hawks to Take Game 1

114 – 107. This was the final score of the game as the Wizards defended their home court against the visiting Hawks to take game 1 of their playoffs series.
Hawks with their eyes on the prize was well within striking distance most of the game but the Wizards used some magic as they scattered the offensive loads which made it hard for the Hawks to identify the mark.
Wizards played a collective game with six people scoring in double digits. John Wall ( 32 points ), Bradley Beal ( 22 points ) and Markieff with 21 points.  The scoring was contagious especially in the 3rd quarter when they poured in 38 points.
Dennis Schroder and Paul Millsap score 25 and 19 points respectively but were not enough as the 3rd quarter burst of the Wizards proves to be too much to counter in the fourth and final quarter.
Wizards takes the first game of the game of 7 series.

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Highlights: Charlotte Hornets Lost Sting Against Washington Wizards

April 4 – Washington Wizards defended home court against Charlotte Hornets with a score of 118- 111. Hornets have lost 2 games in a row and has dropped to 36 wins to 43 loss. Meanwhile Washington is on top of the Southeast division at 47 wins and 31 loss.
Leading the Hornets in points is Kemba Walker at 37, Cody Zeller with 10 boards with Batum dishing out 8 assists. 
Wizards got a boost from John Wall who lead the team in both points at 23 and 13 assist. 
Watch the highlights of Charlotte Hornets vs Washington Wizards below.

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John Wall Insane vs Celtics 36pts, 13 assists, 7 rebs, 7 STEALS!

John Wall is making sure that he is not overlooked this year, even though he was an all star for the past couple of years. Wall is making a case of being the best PG in the east. I know he missed the last minute layup but how many PG’s out there can make it in less than 4 seconds with 2 guys contesting the shot. 

Anyway here is the insane performance by my Point GOD! John Wall

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John Wall Best PG in the east 12pts 19 ASSISTS! WATCH!


Yes i know Mr. Wall is a 2 time all star already but hasn’t been a starter yet. I think this is the year that he makes it Wall is the only Franchise pg in the east as great as Kyrie it’s not his team. Lowry may get the nod as well as Teague but John Wall to me is the best PG this year.

Yes Kyrie is great but he’s often injured, Wall on the other hand has been injured but he has been playing through it. I know that Kyrie’s injury isnt as bad as John’s. The fact that John carries this team, it takes a toll out of his body being consistently guarded heavily. The Wizards don’t have any other ball handler as good as wall or at least decent they’ve lost Pierce who was doing that last season. Last night Wall dished out 12 assists vs the Kings. They won by a score of 113-99. Gortat led them with 27 points courtesy of the glorious display of passing by Wall. With the win Wizards improve to 12-14 almost near .500 and the Kings dropped to 11-17.

Here is the highlight:

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MR. Wall ballin 35 points 10 dimes and 5 steals to beat the King @ Cleveland!

John Wall

If John plays like this always a lot of teams would have a problem specially if those 3’s connects in this game Wall connected 3 out 5 from downtown. The Wizards dominated the game from start to finish as if they weren’t up against a great team, the Cavs are 9-0 prior to this game and certainly the momentum was against the Wizards who lost its last 4 games. 

Wall has been quite the past few games and even had games were he was questioned if there’s still a will. This might serve a wake up call for John, certainly the way the team is built right now isnt as formidable as it was 2 years ago but it shouldn’t matter a lot as long as John performs like this. He needs to be like this if he wants his team to win, they may not win it all to be honest but moments like this often give me shivers seeing John Wall go off like crazy. To me he is the best point guard in the NBA if he plays like this, he can he just need to be consistent. 

Here is the highlight of the game:

Here is the highlight of J’wall Ballin:

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Paul George Stops Wizard’s 3 game win streak ! Drops 40 POINTS! Unreal 7-8 from 3 pts

I have written a number of articles about PG13 but this maybe his statement game to inform the League that he is back and means serious business despite losing D.West and Hibbert. He is now surrounded with Jordan hill and their back up center Mahinmi. They have acquired CJ Miles and Monta Ellis. 

So Far its been PG13 who is making a lebron-like effort in doing everything he can, hold your horses lebron fans am not saying PG13 is better. Just look at the team mates that he has and right now they are sitting in the 4th spot with a 9-5 record.

The record could be better if only George was able to find his rhythm, his first for games were merely 16ppg. but he has upped his scoring and with 10 straight games with 20 pts or more per game. 

He is now averaging 25.9 ppg, 8.4 reb, 4.3 assists and 1 blk. 

Here is the insane highlight of this ridiculous game by George:

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Kent Bazemore scored 25 and gives ATL a win over Wizards! 114-99!

Kent Bazemore

Kent Bazemore has been around the league and seems like this Hawks team will benefit the most as he grows older and gets better. Bazemore is putting up good numbers as of late and just recently gave the Hawks a good push to win the game over the Washington Wizards. 

The lost of DeMarre Caroll may raise eyebrows on why the hawks let him walk, but as early as now offensively Bazemore could be better than Caroll and that’s what he has provide thus far. 

The Hawks has won 7 straight after losing its first game, they are 7-1 and is leading the Eastern Conference of the NBA.

Here is the highlight performance of Kent Bazemore:

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Man on a Mission, Mr. JOHN WALL! 22 pts 6 assists, 3 stls and 5 BLOCKS! and the winning basket!


How many pg’s can get a block per game well there’s not a lot amazingly Mr. Wall got 5 blocks on this game and the game winning shot what more can you ask from a player. These are the type of games that makes a player legendary, sure Wall hasn’t sniff the finals yet but I believe the East is not just about Cleveland. Make no mistake about it Washington and Wall is on a mission. Wall together with Bradley Beal combined for 46 pts to help the Wizards beat a young and deadly Orlando Magic squad 88-87. 

Caution: PG playing insane defense

Courtesy of Free Dawkins:

* NBA articles will be written via team colors.

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HEAT WIN with Gerald Green’s 28 pts with a sick block as well Vs Wizards, highlights inside

I understand its just a couple of games, but with this pick up you can see that the heat found a gem in Green. He is the reason why they won back to back so far and putting 19 pts the other day and now scored 28 pts on 5-8 3 pts. 

Green showed that he is a better catch and shoot player now over the years he has always been touted as over rated as if he was drafted #1 he was picked #18 for crying out loud. Now that he has matured Green is poised to help this Heat Squad to a better winning record and make noise in the playoffs. The Heat has found a gem in Whiteside now Green is an additional fire power for the Heat.

Oh and did i just say that he did a sick block over Gooden check out :40 seconds mark on this video

You may say I am so high on Green, well be the judge!
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