Next Fight of Pacquiao: Nothing to Gain if he Fights Mike Alvarado or Konstantin Ponomarev?

Pacquiao will make some money but will not gain anything for his boxing legacy if he fights Ponomarev and most especially Alvarado.

Manny Pacquiao the greatest boxer who ever lived coming from the Philippines at age 39 has practically achieved everything any boxer could hope for inside the ring. But the 8-division champion and the current senator of the Philippines is not done and will continue his boxing career.
At this stage of his career, it would be really hard to get the right matchup for Manny and recently his promoter has been questioned for matching him up against Jeff Horn, but that ain’t exactly the worst part of it. The result of the fight that took place July last year in Australia was appalling and Manny Pacquiao himself thought that he was baited to the fight and was used as a stepping stone.
Manny Pacquiao has lost 4 of his last 10 fights and while his fight record is still decent at 59 wins, 7 losses and 2 draws, he is putting himself at risk if he continues to fight boxers who will not add up to his legacy but put his health in danger. While I must say that different fighters provide different risks, the health gamble will be the same for an aging boxer.
Since knocking out Ricky Hatton in 2009, Pacquiao had fought 13 of his 14 fights utilizing all 12 rounds except for one where he only fought for 6 rounds but was knocked out cold by his bitter rival Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012.
In 8 years with 14 fights, Manny has fought 162 rounds of high-level boxing.
In 2018, he is scheduled to have two more fights with one of them being the final one against the winner of Jeff Horn and Terrence Crawford, definitely something to look forward to. Before that, however, we are hearing rumors that he could be facing another Class B fighter or an unknown boxer who might use him again as a stepping stone.
Alvarado (38-4, 26 KOs), after losing badly against Brandon Rios, has not fought any top class boxer, even Brandon Rios was not an elite boxer. Alvarado has compiled 4 wins in a row against Class B fighters but it does not give him enough credit to face Manny Pacquiao.  We do not see this fight happening and we don’t want to see it come to fruition but anything can happen within Top Rank fighters, especially since Pacquiao mostly fights Top Rank fighters. Maybe we can blame it on Bob.
His second option/rumor is that he is helping another fighter get a name by facing Russian unbeaten and number #5 WBO ranked fighter in Konstantin Ponomarev (32-0, 13 KOs). At 25 years old, the Russian is an exciting prospect and one that he could help catapult his career much like what he has done for Jeff Horn. All of which in favor of Bob Arum’s Top Rank promotions future cash cows and superstars.
There will be other names which will be floating in the days, weeks and months to come and regardless of who the names are, there will always be some criticisms from fans and analysts not unless those names will be Terrence Crawford, Jeff Horn or maybe Lomachenko.

Who do you think Manny Pacquiao should fight next?

Chris Gavina Resigns as Kia’s Head Coach

Chris Gavina Resigns as Kia's Head Coach

Ricky Dandan takes over coaching duties

Gavina’s resignation came after Kia’ 23-point loss to Phoenix.
The Kia Picanto entered the 43rd season of the PBA fresh from a winless campaign during the 2016 Governors’ Cup. Don’t forget that they also traded their right to pick the top pick in the draft which eventually happened to be the Filipino-German and Gilas big man, Christian Standhardinger. Despite trading their potential future star, the Picanto managed to pose a threat against the NLEX Road Warriors in their season-opener before losing, 119-115. However, their next game,e against the Phoenix Fuel Masters was something that hit them the most as it was a 23-point blowout loss, their 14th straight loss.

Just when things couldn’t get any better for the Picanto, Chris Gavina will start 2018 without a team to coach as he submitted his resignation yesterday- a move that was confirmed by Joe Lipa, the team’s general manager. Ironically, Gavina’s resignation came just two days after Kia announced that he was the team’s head coach. Was.

Gavina started as Manny Pacquiao’s deputy coach- all while the playing coach wasn’t on the court. Despite the stockpile of losses, we can’t argue with the fact that Chris Gavina did his job, leading Kia to its only playoff appearance so far back in 2016 before losing to the Meralco Bolts.

Ricky Dandan is set to take over at the helm in the next games of Kia. Will he be the permanent coach or only in an interim capacity will be something that we’ll have to wait and see.


Will Chris Gavina’s resignation bring good things to the still winless Kia Picanto? It depends on the adjustments that will be made come the games. After all, Kia still has a bunch of quality players who can score at will and lead the team to wins. They just need to rediscover how they started 4-0 like they did back in the 2016 Governors’ Cup under Chris Gavina.

Take a look at our last conversation with Chris Gavina

Rumor: Conor McGregor is Coming to the Philippines to Challenge Manny Pacquiao

Let the Hype Begin: Manny Pacquiao vs Conor McGregor

Manny Pacquiao is busy being a senator in the Philippines and boxing has been moved to the side lately, however, rumor has been swirling around the internet about a potential fight with MMA superstar Conor McGregor.
When Manny Pacquiao posted a photo of ConorMcGregor greeting the Irishman on Thanksgiving with a hashtag #realboxingmatch #2018, naturally people are going to wonder what that is all about.
Conor McGregor last fought inside the boxing ring against Floyd Mayweather and it looks like he is going back inside the square ring for more money and Manny Pacquiao may be the best option for him in terms of revenue.
Pacquiao who had been looking for an opponent on the other side may have finally found an interesting match that could generate the revenue that he is also looking for.

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There is a 9-year age gap between the two fighters as Manny Pacquiao is already 38 years old compared with Conor who is just at 29. But it ain’t really a concern. What many boxing pundits will criticize about this fight is the boxing record and ranking of the two fighters.  Manny who currently holds 59 wins, 7 losses and 2 draws is a much more experienced boxer while Conor McGregor’s record stands at 0 win and 1 loss courtesy of Floyd Mayweather Jr.
We know that there will be a lot of criticsm for this but it won’t really stop the potential fantasy fight from happening after all boxing is also a business and a fight between Pacquiao and McGregor could make a lot more money than a fight against someone else.
Anyway, one source told us that Conor McGregor might be coming to the Philippines to challenge Pacquiao. We do not think it would be true but if it does happen then, we know it’s on!
Watch: Conor McGregor: I see fear in the eyes of Manny Pacquiao
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What do you think about Pacquiao fighting McGregor

Wow! I am excited!
It’s a money fight
Not that excited but will watch it
It’s okay
Not Interested
I’m against it
It’s crazy

built here


Boxing World Triggered by Manny Pacquiao’s Cryptic Instagram Post Directed to Conor McGregor

Is Pacquiao fighting Connor McGregor in 2018?

Pacquiao’s Instagram Post: Happy Thanksgiving! Stay fit my friend. #realboxingmatch #2018
Why would Pacquiao greet Conor McGregor Happy Thanksgiving with a hashtag #realboxingmatch?
There’s definitely something in the air and Pacquiao may be cooking something for next year.
Pacquiao who had been mum about his next boxing move just gave a hint of what could be in store for us next year.

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Conor McGregor recently fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. and lost the fight in the process however he won his biggest paycheck ever. This probably explains why we have not seen him inside the cage lately.
Pacquiao, on the other hand, is busy with his governmental responsibilities and had not fought since he lost his WBO Welterweight title to Jeff Horn in Australia.

What if Pacquiao vs McGregor happens? #PacMac

Surely, this will be a big hit for sports fans in general but it will also attract a lot of criticisms in boxing and maybe in the MMA world. While this ain’t really the kind of boxing match that we want to see we are intrigued by the concept of seeing two of the best in their own sport go at it inside the ring.

We already had a taste of it when Mayweather fought McGregor and surely in this day and age, people are always looking for fantasy matches like this and if you ask me, this may not be far from reality.
One of those fights that you probably think is stupid but you will watch anyway because it will be the talk of the town and is certainly a money maker

Looking for Money: Without Pacquiao, Jeff Horn Targets Conor McGregor

Jeff Horn Holding Lots of Money
After gaining international recognition defeating Manny Pacquiao in their last match, Jeff Horn looks at getting more money fights.
We know that Manny Pacquiao rejected the proposed rematch between the two pugilists and while Manny isn’t in a hurry going back to the ring, Jeff Horn however is motivated to show the boxing fans that he is not just a one hit star. 
Scheduled to fight Gary Corcoran on December 13, 2017, Australias WBO Welterwight champion will defend the title against Englands Gary Corcoran. Gary is not a bad match up for Jeff, however, the two boxers isn’t really a fight that could generate ticket sales and revenue. 
As early as now, if Manny Pacquiao continues to ignore them, the Australian camp is rumored to be negotiating a fight with Conor McGregor in Boxing. 
Conor McGregor on the other hand had not set any schedule both in MMA and Boxing as of yet. McGregor recently fought against Boxings number one money maker in Floyd Mayweather Jr. The widely advertised event earned McGregor not just his first experience in boxing but also his highest pay day to date. 
Jeff Horn’s camp certainly knows how to make some noise these days, and while we can almost say that this is a PR stunt, the fight which features McGregor will almost always interest the most casual of fans and could generate the kind of money that Jeff Horn is looking for.

Pacquiao May Fight Amir Khan in Dubai This Year?

Pacquiao wants to fight this year, will it be his last?

Earlier, there were rumors that the fight would take place in the Philippines but unfortunately, this would be far from happening unless there is someone with a really deep pocket who would sponsor and match the potential money, Pacquiao would earn if he fights again in Australia or in other countries.
According to a reliable source, Pacquiao’s team may be looking at fighting Amir Khan again in Dubai. This is not something new as even before Pacquiao was scheduled to fight Jeff Horn, they were already trying to make this fight happen and according to reports back then, it’s either the investor has backed out or it was a bogus one and Bob Arum isn’t really buying in any of it.
In another attempt to make it happen, Team Pacquiao is said to be flying to Dubai with Manny Pacquiao to negotiate the deal.
Pacquiao recently denied Jeff Horn of a rematch from their controversial fight and it looks like the champion from Australia will never get it at all.

What should be the next move of Pacquiao?

Fight Amir Khan in Dubai
Fight Jeff Horn Again
Chase Juan Manuel Marquez
Rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr



Did Pacquiao Make the Right Choice Passing Up on the Rematch with Horn? What’s next?

No Pacquiao- Horn Rematch, at least for now 

Pacquiao Manny on the ring with wife

In an expected yet surprising move, the Filipino boxing icon pulled out from the rematch with Jeff Horn.

The rematch between the two fighters may much more be anticipated than their first meeting because of the controversial decision when they met the first time. You may recall that the 29-year-old Australian defeated the 38-year-old eight division champion in a controversial decision that outraged the boxing community all over the world. The undefeated, then unknown boxer Horn did well against Manny Pacquiao but not nearly enough to defeat the WBO welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao at least in the eyes of the majority. However, the judges saw the fight differently and Jeff Horn got his moment of glory in front of his hometown fans.

 A rematch clause that will not be exercised, at least not yet. 

November 2017 was the original date of the rematch. There were already reports that the fight will once again be in Jeff Horn’s turf but after a number of conflicting reports and conversations, we found out that Manny Pacquiao is stepping away from the rematch and will be focusing on what could be his full-time job after boxing, to be a full-time senator. There were also reports that Manny wanted the fight in the Philippines and not in Australia. 

Senator Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao has decided to forego the rematch as he is prioritizing his fight outside the boxing ring. The Fighting Senator has been busy with his senatorial commitments among other things and by the looks of it, boxing may no longer be a priority as he now focuses on bigger and socially relevant battle that will affect the lives of Filipinos.
Manny has already earned his spot in boxing history and has cemented his status as one of the best boxers of all time and while retiring on a winning note would be preferrable, there is no need for him to further risk his health especially in a fight that may have no bearing on his legacy. A win against Jeff Horn doesn’t prove anything aside the first fight being a farce.

My Prediction: Pacquiao will call it a career and retire healthy.

Arum: Pacquiao vs Horn Rematch Would Likely be Held in November

According to Top Rank CEO Bob Arum a rematch would likely be held in November, with the Docklands Stadium in Melbourne, the likeliest venue. 
A return to Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium where the first fight was held was unlikely because of the possibility of rain. “If it was Brisbane, I couldn’t do it in Suncorp because of the risk of rain. You have to do it in 14,000 seat-arena.” Arum said
“But in Melbourne, you have a place that’s bigger than Suncorp, which has retractable roof so we don’t have to worry about intense heat or rain.”
There will be an immediate rematch between Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquaio and the newly crowned WBO Welterweight world champ Jeff Horn because there is a rematch clause in contract and both sides want to do it again with the venue being the only issue for the fight. 
Jeff Horn believes that the rematch with Pacquiao will settle the controversy once and for all. Even the WBO confirmed him as the winner after re-scoring the fight.
“I feel like I’ve defended the title already and and I’ve only had it for a week”

“I kind of feel it has been put to bed and that I definitely won the fight because it has been rescored”

“But people are always going to have their own opinions and you’re not going to be able to change those. So i guess only way you’re going to be able do it is to have rematch. And I think I would do better a second time.”
Manny Pacquiao hints boxing fans that he will continue his boxing career in a post to twitter:

“I love this sport and until passion is gone, I will continue to fight for God, my family, my fans and my country”

Roach is not Even Thinking About the Possibility of Pacquiao-Crawford Fight

After Manny Pacquiao’s shocking defeat to Aussie fighter Jeff Horn last week at Sun Corp in Brisbane Australia , possible collision against Terrence Crawford became more impossible according to Roach. Even if Pacquiao gets revenge to Horn on their rematch Roach is not even thinking the possibility of Manny Pacquiao – Crawford fight. There is a rematch clause in Pacquiao’s contract with Jeff Horn which could force an immediate rematch bout with Horn. 

If we fight Terrence Crawford right now, he’s very athletic. He’s very mobile. He’s like young Manny Pacquiao. I don’t think we want to fight guy that at this point  Roach told Sports Illustrated.

Terrence “Bud” Crawford is the reigning WBO/WBC and The Ring Light Welterweight King. He has unblemished record of  31 wins with 22 knockouts. Crawford is set to face Unified WBA/IBF Light Welterweight champion Julius Indongo (22-0,11 knockouts) of Namibia on August 18 in Omaha Nebraska. The winner of this fight will grab all those titles and will be the undisputed champ in Jr Welterweight division.

Boxing News Magazine Features: Manny Pacquiao Misadventure in Australia

Titled The Twilight Zone, BoxingNews Magazine put the controversial decision between Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn fight to the rest as they tackled and dissected the fight that took place July 2, 2017 in front of 50,000 screaming fans. 
The Magazine, of course, had different topics about boxing but the Pacquiao-Horn was front and center as the public continues to question the outcome of the fight. 
My personal take: As a boxing fan it’s hard to see Manny Pacquiao retire and retire on a losing effort. Jeff Horn in most eyes was supposed to be an easy fight but it proved otherwise. Manny Pacquiao has been on the Twilight years of his career and the fight with Jeff Horn just validated that the once invincible fighting machine has aged and was no longer the same as he was years ago. And while he can still stand in front of the best in the world and give a good fight, the result of the fight, however, may not be leaning to his advantage. 
Manny Pacquiao will always be a champion, there is no point in risking his health for a rematch but then again who doesn’t want to see Manny Pacquiao take revenge?  


After Game and Amusement Board and Manny Pacquaio himself protested the twelve rounds unanimous decision of Jeff Horn held at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane two weeks ago, the World Boxing Organization (WBO) officially released their statement regarding Pacquiao-Horn scorecards. 
WBO officials backs and again declared Jeff Horn as the winner of WBO Welterweight Title.
World Boxing Organization (WBO) Official Statement: 

“The Jeff Horn vs. Manny Pacquiao bout results were controversial causing disputes among fans. For this reason, transparency is so important. The WBO does not have power to reverse the Judges’ decision based on discretion as it can only be revoked when fraud or a violation of Law has occurred, which is not relevant in this case.
“Based on this, five (5) anonymous, competent Judges from different countries were asked to watch the bout without sound. Then, the independent results were tabulated to ascertain clearly the rounds each fighter won using an average scale based on 60, 80 and 100 per cent.
“To determine the winner of each round, 3 out of the 5 officials have to be in agreement. “Upon the analysis, the findings stated that Pacquiao won the 3rd, the 8th and 9th by 100%; the 5th round was won by 80%; and the 11th round by 60%. Horn won the 1st, 6th and 12th rounds by 100%; rounds 2nd, 4th, and 7th by 80%; and then, the 10th round by 60%. From the results, it can be established that Pacquiao won 5 rounds while Horn won 7 rounds.
“The next step of the analysis was to combine the independent Judges with the Bout Judges to find the percentage agreement by round. Upon doing this analysis, the findings of the Judges stated that Pacquiao won the 3rd and 9th by 100%; the 8th round was won by 87.5%; no rounds were won by 75%; the 5th round by 62.5%; and the 10th and 11th were even rounds.
“On the other hand, the Judges findings stated that Horn won the 1st, 6th, and 12th rounds by 100%; by 87.5%, he won the 4th and the 7th; the 2nd was won by 75%; none were won by 62.5%; and the even rounds were the 10th and the 11th.
“The analytical method used was also used in the decision of Algieri- Provodnikov and Paquiao-Bradley. Based on this analysis, Jeff Horn was the winner of the bout.” 

GAB Calls for a Review of the Pacquiao vs Horn Fight and a Sanction for Referee and Judges

The Battle of Brisbane was one of the best boxing match that we have seen in recent years. A young and hungry fighter against a legend of boxing.
Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao was a scintelating action packed fight. Jeff Horn the underdog showed the world that he is deserving of the fight against Pacquiao.  Jeff Horn swarmed Pacquiao all rounds but Pacquiao was throwing the more effective punches. 
50,000 people were bare witnesses of the fight inside Suncorp stadium in Brisbane including the Local governing body from the Philippines who regulate boxing events and licenses of pro boxing events.
Because of the call of the fans, the organization, headed by GAB Chairman Baham Mitra, sent a formal letter to WBO calling for a review of the fight and calls for sanctions for judges and referee if there are irregularities  that is found.

My Favorite Reaction from a Celebrity on the Pacquiao vs Horn Fight

With all of the people reacting on the controversial decision of the Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn fight, my all time favorite is that of Kobe Bryant.
Kobe Bryant and Manny Pacquiao go along way, both athlete has endorsed Nike and Kobe has been a common face to Manny Pacquiao’s training at the Wild Card gym in Los Angeles.


Watch Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn Face to Face at Weigh-In

One more night and it is Fight Night!
The biggest fight in Australia is just within 24 hours and we are all excited to see once again the 11 time champion in 8 division takes on Australia’s undefeated challenger Jeff Horn.
Both fighters weigh-in and below are the results.
146 lbs Manny Pacquiao
147 lbs Jeff Horn

Former of Opponent of Pacquiao Recalls His Pacquiao Fight- What Just Hit Me?

Chris Algieri was undefeated when he first fought Pacquiao in 2014.
Three years later, he only entered the ring 3 times and lost two of the 3 fights against Amir Khan and Errol Spence Jr.  Currently at  33 years old with 21 wins and 3 losses at the tail end of his career, Chris is in the crossroad of his career.
Fight Hub had an interesting interview with him as they discussed his opponents and Manny Pacquiao’s punches.

Pacquiao’s Warning to Jeff Horn: Do Not Be Like Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao answers questions from the media about his fight against the undefeated Australian challenger  Jeff Horn.
8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao recently held a media workout in advance of his upcoming July 2 showdown with welterweight contender Jeff Horn. Check out the scenes as Pacquiao spoke to the media about Horn, the fight, and much more.

Bob Arum Talks About Pacquiao vs. Horn To Air Free On ESPN and GGG vs Canelo

After 11 years in the United States, Manny Pacquiao’s fight will once again be shown for free thanks to the new partnership of Top Rank with ESPN.
Manny Pacquiao will be facing an undefeated yet unknown fighter for the US and it just makes sense for this fight to be shown for free in the US.  On the other side of the world, however, the fight will continue to be a pay per view attraction as it is expected to bring crowd from the Asian region to Brisbane, Australia.
Watch  Bob Arum’s interview below.
Bob Arum sits down with Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman of First Take to talk about the Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn fight airing on ESPN and to weigh in on the Canelo vs. GGG fight.

Does Manny Pacquiao Still Got the Knockout Power? Freddie Knows!

Freddie Roach is back in the Philippines once again to guide his long time student in his fight against another undefeated opponent in Jeff Horn.
On paper, Jeff Horn does not present a real danger to Manny Pacquiao. He has only fought 7 times and has not faced anybody with a Pacquiao caliber.
We have got to remember however that he’s got the world as prize if he wins against the legend that is Manny Pacquiao.  He has the opportunity to be an instant superstar if he finds the right solution to beat Manny Pacquiao. Regardless how Jeff wins it will be the talk of the town.
On the other hand, Manny Pacquiao is an established legend of boxing and while his opponent may not present a big danger, the expectation of the fans is high and if he loses, it would damage his legacy.
Everyone is calling for nothing short than a knockout win while it’s not close to impossible. 
We are see Manny Pacquiao will have a calculated aggression in this fight. This could mean that he would still be careful and wary of a punch. Jeff Horn is a young guy after all and one punch can turn everything around.
While we can all argue if Manny Pacquiao still got the knockout power, we say, why don’t we just ask the master.
Let’s listen in to Freddie Roach  talk about Manny Pacquiao’s knockout power.

How Does it Feel Like to be a Sparring Partner of Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is at the tail end of his training for Jeff Horn and he is looking great.
We recently visited him on his training session and asked one of his Filipino sparring partners.
Leonardo Doronio is a 28-year-old professional boxer, he has some successes early in his career but had piled up a number of losses after. To say the least, Doronio has not found his luck yet in boxing.
As of the moment, however, he has found a new way to gain more experience straight from a boxing legend. Leonardo Doronio shares his experience of sparring with Manny Pacquiao.