The Best Ever: Carlos “The Big Difference” Loyzaga

Today, the best-ever Filipino basketball player passed on to the great beyond.
He was known for many things, including being “The Big Difference”, a 6’3” center whose tremendous basketball IQ, gargantuan skill set and fierce competitiveness set him apart from other Filipino basketball luminaries of his time.
He was also known for being a champion many times over, including the MICAA juniors crown, three NCAA championships, several MICAA seniors crowns, a host of National Open crowns, and multiple FIBA Asia Championships and Asian Games titles.
He is also known for having powered the Philippines to third place in the 1954 FIBA World Championships, still the best finish ever by an Asian team in the world stage (China’s highest finish is 8th, Iran’s is 19th) .
And finally, he is also known for being the only Filipino ever to be named as part of the Mythical Five of the FIBA World Championships, battling taller players at his position without fear or trepidation, earning their respect and garnering honor for the country.
Until today, his name is spoken in reverent tones, his reputation, legendary. There will never be another Carlos Loyzaga. Nor should there ever be.
To the Loyzaga family, our deepest condolences. To “The Big Difference”, thank you for your service to the country.
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