Cruiserweight Boxer : Andrew Tabiti making a name for his self 14 wins 13 KO’s:

Andrew Tabiti 
Tabiti just won over Tamas Lodi, they are the undercard for the Javier Fortuna vs Ivan Carlos Velasquez.
Tabiti scored an impressive 2nd round TKO over Lodi in the second round with a picture perfect straight right hand punch, Lodi immediately fell to the canvass and almost went out of the ring. 
Andrew “THE BEAST ” Tabiti is now 14 wins 0 loss with 13 KO’s, Lodi on the other hand fall to 16-4 with 13 KO’s. I understand that Tabiti is still quite far away from cracking to top 10 competition but make no mistake about this guy as he is just improving every fight. This young fella is being trained by Mayweather Sr. 
Here is the KO of the year by The Beast Tabiti:
Video quality isnt great but I am sure that Tabiti will soon have his own HD quality highlight reel.
Written by:
Aldrin C.
Team Powcast