Milwaukee Bucks Signed Jason Terry to Another Year to be the Leader

Jason Terry will provide veteran leadership to the Bucks

At 40 years old, there is not much you can ask from the former champion aside from veteran leadership on and off the court.
Jason Terry surprisingly played 74 games last season, the most in his last five seasons. Although he was able to play a lot of games, his output last year was the lowest of his career, averaging only 4.1 points on 43% shooting.
However, there is more to Jason than scoring points, an 18-year veteran who played for 6 teams in his NBA career may have his best moments on the court past him but he is still a critical part of the young Milwaukee Bucks Roster whose age average is only at 25 young.
Aside from occasional three-pointers, Jason Terry will certainly make more impact off the court as he can provide the guidance, experience and the championship mentality.
Jason Terry will be paid 2.3 million as a veteran minimum salary.

Watch my feet – Dwayne Wade
The game was so close and the official cannot even see a simple violation.
I saw this clip from a forum, posted by

Erik Spoelstra, Heat stroke

by: powsalud|

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra must be going crazy right now after yet another collapse game.
Game 5 was a pivotal game and Spoelstra could not do anything as he see  his team once again crumble during the most important quarter of the game.
Will He sit Lebron James in the bench in the fourth quarter this time?

LeBron James Cursed

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Wow! I saw some article on the net that Lebron James is under a voodoo spell.
Do you think Lebron knows this? Quick someone tell him so He may have additional excuses on their lost. His poor fourth quarter performance is one of the indication that he maybe cursed and He does really look like someone who is not himself. 
James ability to take over game especially in the last quarter is gone. someone need to find the cure to this spell before its to late. If you have the cure please give it to him before Sunday game 6.  King James will bestow Knight hood to whoever can cure him.

Lebron James the Houdini

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Now you see him, later you wont. Lebron James the self proclaimed King and the two time MVP scored 17 points and had a triple double game, Wow that is impressive!
What’s more impressive however is the way He disappeared during the fourth quarters of the game. This is Lebron’s second disappearing act performance in the series as He only scored 2 points during the last quarter of the pivotal game 5. Lebron James was criticized when he made the move to Miami and now He is on the brink of being the Joke of the town if they loose this series. Watch game 6 on Sunday to see if He will disappear once again.

Its raining three’s in Game 5, Thumbs up to Barea

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It was a night of pure shooting as the Dallas Mavericks drained 13 three pointers in the game. Even the smallest man on the court J.J. Barea is hitting three’s from all cylinder. It was the perfect weapon that night as Miami Heats falters in the end once again.
Miami Heat’s could not retaliate as Lebron James struggled especially when it count the most.  J.J. Barea the smallest man on the court with the biggest heart. thumbs up

Dallas defeat and destroyed Miami Heat’s confidence

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3 – 2, Who would thought that Miami Heat will be down in the series against the Dallas Mavericks? Dallas  Mavericks destroyed the Miami Heat (112-103), game 5 as they are now ready to take the championship ring against the Miami Heat Collapsing game. Dallas will fly to Miami next, but although  Heat will have the home court advantage the momentum now is with the  Dallas Mavericks. Miami Heat could be questioning themselves right now, could we really do it? This is more of an Emotional and Mental defeat to the Heat. 

Jason Terry knew it?

During the off season Jason Terry did something that most people would not do. You know the saying ” never  have the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend even wife tattooed in your body ” because you never know what will happen in the future.
Well Jason Terry did not do that, but instead he got a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien Trophy last October. but why? He was never in a champion team why do that?   
Now you know… Check out Jason Terry’s tattoo on his right arm