Will ‘The Kill’ Chope on top, ground and pound then choked out Morteza Minbashi

When it rains, it really pours! The fighters let all the kicks, elbows and punches pour out at the World Trade Center, Manila tonight, August 12, 2016.

Will Chope put his opponent Morteza Minbashi on the gound, pounding him in the head bleeding. ‘The Iranian Fighter’ tapped out as he gets choked out by ‘The Kill’ in round one.

Before the main event, frenemies Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos went up the cage. They did not however throw down inside as what the crowds thought who went really wild. The two thanked the fans and acknowledged the fighters.

Anthony Palanca and Kevin Park exchanged punches in the early round. The crowd laugh everytime these flyweights make fun and tease each other during their battle. The Korean has  lot of energy taking punches from the Pinoy fighter and his takedown defense was good. Palanca after the third round was announced as the winner via unanimous decision.

Sem Bicaldo’s debut fight was successful even though Oyo ‘The Headhunter’ Cruz dominated him on their ground game in the second round.

Below are the results of URCC at Dutdutan 16:

Will ‘The Kill’ Chope def Morteza ‘The Iranian Fighter’ Minbashi in round 1 by submission (RNC) tap out

Anthony Palanca def Kevin Park in round 3 by UD

Sem Bicaldo def Oyo ‘The Headhunter’ Cruz in round 3 by SD

Jomary Torres def Krisna Lindaga in round 3 by UD

Will 'The Kill' Chope on top, ground and pound then choked out Morteza Mombashi

URCC – Celebrity Match on June 25!

As what Akon says in his song ” I tried so hard, but the trouble seems to follow me”.

This must be the perfect song to describe the current situation of the controversial actor Baron Geisler who has been involve in physical altercations lately.

First one was the altercation with UP film student. In the viral video circulating online, Baron went out of control got physical with UP student.

But personally i didn’t find it interesting, it was the case of “Baron Geiesler being Baron Geiesler” until again he got into another physical altercation with an Indie film actor Kiko Matos.

The beef started inside the bar where baron and Kiko were caught having an altercation.
Both men were supposed to shake hands however Kiko Matos swung a punch to Baron Geisler but as shown on the viral video it didn’t land clean at all.

URCC founder Alvin Aguilar offered both men a chance to squash the beef once and for all inside the cage. Acording to the latest news the celebrity fight is now confirmed and set to happen in URCC Fight night on Jun 25 at the Palace Pool Club.

Barron Giesler has a Taekwondo background, video shows he is a black belt. I wouldn’t be surprised knowing that he is a brother of a former TaeKwondo National team member Donnie Geisler.

Even though he looks rusty on the video you can tell that Baron has a pretty good Taekwondo forms. On the other hand, its rumored that Kiko has a Muay Thai Background but based on what I’ve seen  i’m not convinced at all but we’ll see inside the cage!