Don’t Sleep on Lou Williams Just Yet

Lou Williams Los Angeles Clippers

Don’t count the Clippers out just yet, either.

The Los Angeles Clippers have been on the rise after starting the season in a horrible way. At 17-19, the Clippers are currently just outside the playoff picture of the Western Conference and they have come a long way. Despite injury problems that hit 4 of their starters, the Clippers have appeared to have finally figured it out as they are riding on a 4-game winning streak.
Despite losing Chris Paul who is now playing for the Houston Rockets, the Clippers have returned to their winning ways and that’s thanks to one guy: Lou Williams.
In 35 games, Lou Williams has only started in 7 of those games as he is proven effective as a solid scorer off the bench. And his numbers aren’t lying either. He’s the second-leading scorer of the Clippers, averaging 21 points per game- second to Blake Griffin’s 23 points per game average. But as mentioned, Lou Williams is an established scorer. In the Clippers’ win against the Memphis Grizzlies, Williams scored 33 points.
During the final week of 2017, Williams averaged 28 points and 4 assists per game while helping the Clippers go 3-0. That was enough for Williams to earn his 2nd Western Conference Player of the Week recognition in his career. On New Year’s Eve, he scored 40 points, marking the first time a bench player scored that much since he first accomplished the same back in 2016 when he was still playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.


Rumor has it that Lou Williams may be traded this season. If this is true, then the Clippers may be throwing away the lone bright spot that is keeping their season interesting. After all, Lou Williams is one of the front-runners to win this season’s Sixth Man of the Year plum. 

The Clippers’ Trouble: How do they get out?

Injury problems plus trade rumors are piling up. So are the losses

One cannot simply help but feel bad towards the Los Angeles Clippers and their recent struggles. Why? The Clippers were used to be one of the West’s top teams and have been a consistent playoff-bound team for the last 7 years. Now?
Milos Teodosic is injured. So is Danilo Gallinari although reports are now saying that Gallinari is returning soon. But one injury that hit the Clippers the worst is the one that hit Blake Griffin. 
Next, there’s the nagging rumor surrounding DeAndre Jordan’s future with the team as 4 teams are now interested in acquiring the center via a blockbuster trade. Despite his free throw shooting percentage, DeAndre Jordan remains as one of the league’s elite centers and defenders so it’s no surprise teams will try and try to acquire him.
Then there are also some people who are asking: Why is Doc Rivers still coaching? Many people are blaming Doc Rivers for the Clippers’ struggles. It might be unfair for them to do so but if you look at it, they might have a point. So how do the Clippers get out of their problems?

Settle the DeAndre Jordan Issue

Once and for all,  the Clippers’ front office should decide what they are going to do with DeAndre Jordan- whether they will be entertaining trade offers or not. Why is this important?

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Regardless of which path the Clippers will take, it will allow everyone to move on and focus on playing the game itself. This will also help DeAndre Jordan too because once the issue surrounding his future has been settled, it will help him regain his focus towards the game.

Stay Healthy. Get Healthy Players

One of the problems that have been hampering the Clippers this season is their inability to stay healthy in the long run. One may say that the Clippers are cursed with this injury problem. If the Clippers can stay healthy and probably get new players from the free agency or even trades, they can make a big push for the playoffs.


To simply tell you how bad the Clippers are this season, they are at 8-14, only half a game better than the Lakers. While it’s still a long season, the Clippers may need to act quickly and smart if they want to maintain their playoff streak. Dealing with the DeAndre Jordan situation might be the first step. 

Update on Blake Griffin’s Injury: It’s Bad

Blake Griffin has sprained MCL, could be out two months

The 28-year-old primary player of the Los Angeles Clippers could be out for more than two months after the team confirmed that he sprained the MCL in his left knee.
Test results on Tuesday showed no structural damage to the knee, according to the Clippers. But the Clippers is approaching them cautiously as they have already been ravaged by injuries starting from their newly acquired point guard Patrick Beverly to the backup point guard Milos Teodosic and one of their primary scorer Danilo Gallinari.

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Griffin has been averaging 23.6 points and 7.9 rebounds this season, his loss would mean Montrezl Harrel would need to pick up some of the load and DeAndre Jordan who had been in the center of some trade rumors had to also produce more.
Blake Griffin signed a five-year deal this year worth  $173 million maximum contract.

After Losing Chris Paul, Clippers Re-Sign Blake Griffin for a Hefty Price

The Los Angeles Clippers is in a tough situation and losing another star will have a big impact in the franchise.
Blake Griffin at 28 year old has been consistent as he averages 21 points, almost 10 rebounds and 4 assists per game. Practically still a young player the Clippers decided to lock him in for another five years worth a maximum of 178 million dollars.
Blake Griffin is one of the players who benefited from the assists of Chris Paul and it would be interesting to see if he could maintain the same production without the star point guard.

Clippers is Dismantling? Griffin to Miami

Clippers in a way was a super team that fell short in making it to the top. Not that the team and the players are not performing well, but its just too difficult to shine in the stacked Western Division Conference.
Recently, a former teammate of Blake was quoted saying that Blake might go to Miami Heat. 
Miami isn’t a bad team but going there won’t translate to being the top team right away. The Heat is still in a rebuilding mode and aside from a warm weather, there should be nothing else to expect for Blake if he decides to go to Miami.

Blake Griffin to Miami? Team Mate Gave a Hint!

Blake Griffin is one of the biggest topic in free agency. A lot of speculations that he might not sign with the Clippers or he might be traded. 
Like most players, they are in search to get the elusive Championship ring and these days the proven formula is simple, join a super team!
Last year, the lob city combo was closed to being separated as DeAndre almost sign with the Dallas Mavericks.
Recently, Blake Griffin’s former teammate Jared Dudley talked to ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz about the star L.A. Clippers’ pending free agency.
During that particular edition of “The Basketball Analogy” podcast, Dudley mentioned that Griffin could go to Miami Heat.

Celtics Wants Everyone Including Anthony and Griffin

37 wins – 20 loss. Not a bad record for the Celtics. They are currently running second to Cleveland Cavaliers who is only 2.8 games away from them.  It’s not like they need another good player to be in the playoffs this year…
But it isn’t what’s on the mind of the Celtics right now, and it looks like they are making the move to ensure that they stay competitive and contend in the East for a possible match up against the heavy favorite Cleveland Cavaliers. = “%%CLICK_URL_UNESC%%”; new innity_adZone(“a57e8915461b83adefb011530b711704”, “52317”, {“channel”: “SPORTS_RECREATION,MEN,LIFESTYLE”, “width”: “300”, “height”: “250”});

A lot of speculations that Celtics have been pursuing top grade NBA players including Andre Drummond, Blake Griffin and Carmelo Anthony. 
Adding one of those players could give Celtics the boost they need to stand a chance against the rest of the NBA teams who have seemingly created an All-Star line up in one team. 
Who would be the best fit for the Celtics?

Sports Culture : Restyle the NBA way

In every other sport but basketball, seeing a bunch of athletes on the red carpet usually means taking in some ill-fitting jackets, too-long pants, and all manner of flashy accessories. But the the NBA has turned looking sharp into a competitive sport all its own. Here are a few notes and features on how to restyle your fashion, the NBA way.

blake-griffin style.jpg
Look at this example of Blake Griffin’s pants just skim the tops of his shoes. That’s what you’re aiming for at the tailor, no matter how tall you are. It’s the quickest way to modernize a suit, and yet the most commonly ignored step when it comes to adjusting an off-the-rack buy.

Chris Paul proves here that a turtleneck and a pair of handsome frames will instantly make a dark suit look more expensive and less corporate. Keep these furnishings in your closet for those nights when a blue button-down just isn’t cutting it.

Let’s look at how JJ Redick look extra sharp here: He opted a suit with a bold peak lapel and then finished the look with some high-shine boots instead of standard issue Oxfords. Look at those!.

Photos courtesy of : GQ

U.S.A Basketball Team Withdrawals

USA Basketball Team Withdrawal

Here are the list of the NBA Players who withdraws from USA Basketball Team for upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics:

Point Guard: 
Stephen Curry – Need to rest due to Ankle and Knee Injury
Chris Paul – Need to rest for next NBA Season due to his broken hands last 2016 playoff
John Wall – Underwent procedures on both knees
Russell Westbrook – First player to pull out without giving a reason

Shooting Guard:
James Harden – Did not specify a reason for withdrawing

Power Forward:
Anthony Davis – Knee and Shoulder Injury
Blake Griffin – Quad Injury
Lamarcus Aldridge – Finger and Hand Injury

Prepare for the Los Angeles Clippers this coming season!


It maybe a bit too soon to tell but this roster should already determine that the Clippers are determined to win it all, Last year they fall short after losing to the Rockets but they were able to dethrone the San Antonio Spurs, thanks to CP3’s Heroic moments. With the experience that they were able to get last year, I am sure that this will only make them even more ready for the years to come. Steve Balmer and Doc Rivers formed a beautiful roster that on paper is really something to look forward to. 

PG – Paul /  Rivers / Crawford / Prigioni
SG- Reddick / Stephenson / Wilcox
SF – Pierce /Johnson / Josh Smith / Dawson
PF – Griffin / Josh Smith / Glen Davis
C – DJ / Aldrich / Davis

Yes, I know that Stephenson weren’t able to give his best last season but I am sure that he is determined to prove to everyone that he is after all “Born Ready”. Pierce’s addition maybe a little overlooked but he is what they lack a clutch player that can take big shots and bring it when needed. Its amazing that they also got Josh Smith from their rival, Houston Rockets. that may also be the factor why DJ decided to stay.

I wont be surprise if the Clippers gets the #1 seed from Western Conference barring any injuries from starting 5. 

One thing is for sure, Everyone will have their eyes set on CP3 because this might be his year. 

What are you waiting for ? Clipper NATION ALL IN! 

Blake Griffin vs Marvin the Martian in a dunk contest!

Blake Griffin vs Marvin the Martian in a dunk contest!

Jordan Super.Fly 4 Commercial

Blake Griffin and not LeBron James could be in the anticipated Space Jam 2. We’re kidding, we don’t really know, but this commercial is a tell-tell sign that he could be in the movie, he’s funny and child-friendly and not to mention he can slam and jam! Just check out this epic slam dunk battle between Marvin the Martian and the super talented human being, Blake Griffin.
The Dunk to End All Dunks – starring Blake Griffin, Marvin the Martian, and the out of this world Jordan Super.Fly 4.

Crawford between the legs alley oop pass to Griffin! crazy

Crawford between the legs alley oop pass to Griffin for a windmill dunk! No, this is not a dunk contest, I know you were all frustrated by it, not to worry Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin are here to make up for the shortage of highlights during the 2013 Slam dunk contest, now that’s a dunk worth watching. Check out Jamal Crowford and Blake Griffin dunk below.

Clippers, Men in Black and Snoop Dogg party Video!

Clippers, Men in Black and Snoop Dogg party! Yes sir, its a party over here. It’s Halloween and the Clippers dress up for the occasion. Check out Blake Griffin and the rest of the Clippers dress up as Men In Black, well not really everyone. Matt Barnes is dress up as the Joker. Check out the photos of Snoop and Clippers Halloween costume party.


Blake will join all Allstar event, I’m talking 3 point. etc..

Blake will join all All-star event, I’m talking 3 point shootout, skills challenge, celebrity game, dunk contest, even the rookie game, I know it doesn’t make sense so why don’t I let Blake Griffin tell you. Blake Griffin is talking NBA 2K13 basketball, and yes I am excited as you are, ain’t no stopping me from getting that game, just like ain’t no stopping Blake from being one of the endorser of 2k Basketball, even Kobe. 

Blake will dominate all All-Star events

Blake Griffin in High School

Blake Griffin is probably one of the most athletic basketball players in the NBA and probably the world. We know the Blake Griffin of the NBA, the guy who fiercely dunks on anyone and just disregard the danger and his opponent. Blake Griffin who is a slam dunk champion probably was not as athletic or as good basketball player before, everybody has to start somewhere, right? 
For Blake Griffin it was different, starting from his high school days, he was already dunking over everybody.

Watch the Blake Griffin in High School dunkaton!

Blake Griffin NBA Jam style highlights!

Blake Griffin is a monster when it comes to dunking the basketball. We are all witness to his high leaping and full power jam. You can’t blame it if some one create a video like this for him. Its true that some of the dunks are unreal. Totally insane and unbelievably like the video game. If you are a fan of NBA video games you will be able to relate to this famous basketball game called NBA Jam. Watch Blake Griffin dunks. Boom-shakalaka!
What do you think of his dunks?

Timothy Mozgov Gets His Revenge On Blake Griffin Video

Do you still remember the viral dunk of Blake Griffin well its not a pretty experience for Timothy Mozgov as it was one of the most played highlights in the NBA. Timothy Mozgov Gets His Revenge On Blake Griffin by blocking him and almost injuring the high flying Clippers player,  he also got an air ball for his free throw.
What do you think?

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