A Look Back at One of the Greatest PBA Players: Alvin Patrimonio

Alvin Patrimonio: 4 Time MVP The Captain

Alvin Patrimonio Purefoods

One of the reasons why you followed and cheered for Purefoods team back in the days.
Alvin Patrimonio was a household name, now at 50, he continues to serve the same team that he played for over 17 years.  Now a team manager, he is never far from the game but for those younglings that have never known or seen the captain back in the days, here’s your chance.
Alvin Patrimonio was born on November 17, 1966. He studied at Mapua and went on to play for Purefoods TJ Hotdog, now called Star Hotshots, in 1988.
Together with Jerry Cordinera, Jojo Lastimosa and Glenn Capacio, they made up the core of Purefoods Hotdogs which was the newest ballclub in the PBA back at that time.
At the start, the Captain showed brilliance in basketball and at 6’3 he seemed undersized playing the forward position but he was able to make up for it with his rugged play and intensity, it also helped that there were not as many tall players back then when he was playing.
Patrimonio held a number of records including the most consecutive game played at 596. He also bagged 4 MVP awards which is tied with JunMar Fajardo and Ramon Fernandez.
Patrimonio is also 12 x All-Star and is part the PBA 25 Greatest Players but his most important achievement is when he helped bring a total of 5 championships to Purefoods.
There is quite no one else in the league right now like him and honestly I am not sure there will be anymore 6’3 forward who can dominate the league like what he has done during his years.
Here is a look back on some of Alvin Patrimonio’s highlights:

Justin Melton Proves that his dunking skills were definitely not a joke after KC Montero challenged him as he recalled the failed blindfolded dunk attempt last PBA dunk contest

     Justin Melton in #DameTimeManila

      By Sean Benedict B. Curate I curate.sean@gmail.com

         MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Justin Melton of the Purefoods Star Hotshots proved the
       doubters wrong that his dunking ability was not to be belittled of.

(Photo by Sean Benedict Curate)
       Melton performed a windmill dunk after KC Montero recalled the viral video of 
       him dunking while being blindfolded in front of NBA Superstar Damian 
       Lillard who’s currently visiting the Philippines to share his #NeverDoubt journey in 
       #DameTimeManila at Araneta Coliseum with his fans here in the country.
       Melton said that the video was just a prank. His knees were already tired during that time,   
       so he decided to not take the dunk seriously and told his teammate Joe Devance to help
       him carry out the prank. Melton performed the dunk by coming up short, after jumping 
       while aiming to touch the rim. 
       KC Montero then challenged Melton to prove to Lillard and to all basketball fans who were
       also on the #DameTime event that his dunk on the viral video was just clearly a prank,           
       having Melton left no other choice but to perform a real nasty dunk. Melton was assisted        
       by his teammate Alex Mallari by preparing the things needed before executing the dunk, 
       Mallari held the ball. While Melton was preparing for a takeoff, Melton suddenly jumped from his feet 
       and grabbed the ball from Mallari and took it to the rack to put a monster slam that made the crowd wild.
       With that slam, Melton showed everyone that he was “The Real Deal,” and one of 
       the league’s elite high flyers.

       See the video below:

(Video by Royce San Antonio)

The “Never-Say-Die” team is back!

The game between Ginebra Gin Kings and Purefoods Star Hotshots was definitely an amazing gift to the fans.
It was tight ball game until the 4th period when the Star Hotshots took the lead by as many as 18 points.
The Gin kings slowly cut the lead and made an 8-0 run in the last two minutes of the ball game.
With a minute left, the Gin Kings drained 3-point baskets courtesy of Aguilar and Mercado to outscore the split free throws by Yap and Melton.
Down to the last 14 seconds of regulation, the hotshots were still in a good position to win the game however at this point of the ball game the Ginbra Never-Say-Die spirit came alive!
Sol Mercado hit another huge 3-point basket to cut down the lead to 2 points 80-78.
Coming off a time out the hotshots committed a crucial turn over. The Gin Kings intensified the pressure defense and forced Mark Baroca to lose the ball which lead to an easy lay-up by the rookie Scottie Thompson.
The MOA Arena erupted! As the game is tied. With 3.4 seconds remaining in the ball game, coming out of a time out, Raffie Reavis once again was assigned to inbound the ball.
The intensified pressure defense by the Gin Kings made the Hotshots to commit the same crucial turnover as James Yap failed to secure the ball off the in-bound pass. Sol Mercado stolen the ball but unfortunately did not make the lay-up.
During the overtime period, both teams traded 3-point baskets. While it is the season for exchanging gifts, Baroca and Tenorior exchanged 3-point baskets.
The star point guard even gave out two 3 treys. During the 2:13 in the OT period, Sol Mercado hit a huge 3-point to tie the game at 86 apiece.
Alex Mallari joined the 3-point exchange by connecting from beyond the arc. 89-89, 1:36 left.
Gin Kings played the next possession patiently, they shared the ball 7 times before Sol Mercado found himself open beyond the arc then hit another cold blooded trey!!
The game is tied at 89 apiece and the Hotshots failed to make a basket with 30 seconds left in OT.
The Gin kings got the last possession with 16 seconds left.  Marc Baroca fouled L.A. Tenorio, the initial unsportsman foul was quickly changed to a regular foul.
The Gin Kings called a time out to orchestrate the clutch play with 4.1 seconds left in the game.
Sol Mercardo secured the leather off the in-bound pass from L.A.Ternorio then he quickly dribbled closer to the basket.  Mark Baroca had to provide help defense and Tenrio was left open.
The man of the hour Sol Mercado made a quick bounce pass to his open teammate, and there’s  the dagger! L.A Tenorio who was momentarily open made a buzzer beater!
The Gin kings are moving on to the knock out round against Global Port Batang pier while the Purefood Star Hotshots ended their campaign.