Another NBA Superstar will be Playing in China

Brandon Jennings will follow the footsteps of Marbury and other NBA players who became big in China. 

China has become the land of promise for basketball players as it is the country where you can revive your popularity, increase your playing time and be a superstar without worrying too much of the salary.
China itself is one of the best markets these days in almost any industries, and companies that are serving the global market would be foolish not to try and enter the market. But entering China is not that easy unless you are a well known basketball player.
Brandon Jennings still relatively young at 27 was an NBA superstar. He has spent a good 8 years in the NBA and has been rather successful in most of them until the last three years. The stint with Detroit was his last productive season when he was averaging not less than 15 points until he ruptured his left Achilles and had to be sidelined for a while.
It was all downhill from there as he got traded and soon found himself on one year deal with Orlando and Washington where he wasn’t one of the focus on offense. He was shooting a horrible 36% and averaged 7 points per game,

New Brandon Jennings will be unleashed in China

Brandon Jennings has accepted a one-year, $1.5 million deal to play for China Shanxi. When an American with the caliber of Jennings plays for China it is almost automatic that he would be a star and would be given enough opportunity to lead the team and be the player that he was during his early years in the NBA.  Brandon Jennings should have a renewed career in China and while he still wanted to play back in the NBA, it will be tempting for him to stay in China where he could be considered as a top player and get all the attention compared in the NBA.
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Will Brandon Jennings be a superstar in China?

Wrong Choice going to China
He will be a legend in China

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Brandon Jennings Out from the Knicks to Sign with the Wizards

Brandon Jennings was not happy in New York and New York probably felt the same way as they grant Jennings with his request to be waived to play for a contending team.
Now at 27, the 10th overall draft pick by the Bucks have been to 5 NBA teams. Jennings while still young isn’t exactly the same as he was when he first burst to the NBA scene.

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He was averaging double digits in Milwaukee and  Detroit until injuries took his game away.
Jennings will be a back up point guard to John Wall as the Washington Wizards, currently 3rd in the east braces for a tough playoffs with Cleveland Cavaliers and other teams reloading their rosters as well.

Brandon Jennings could return sooner than expected achilles surgery

The Detroit Pistons could be getting a big boost with Brandon Jennings‘ return from a torn Achilles sooner than expected.

Doctors have cleared Jennings to being full basketball activities with the possibility of a late-November/early-December return.
Jennings suffered the Achilles tear during a January 24 game against Milwaukee and had surgery a few days later. He said the injury would put him on the shelf for six to nine months, so his timeframe lines up with the surgery.