DeAndre Jordan Wants to be Traded to Houston

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

Apparently, DJ wants to be reunited with Chris Paul

One thing is certain for now: DeAndre Jordan won’t be finishing his career with the Los Angeles Clippers. In fact, he might be even playing for another team after the trade deadline. 
Why? His name has been included in a great number of trade rumor over the course of the last few months and given the fact that the Clippers aren’t winning the number of games they should  be winning even after the departure of Chris Paul, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Clippers are growing frustrated and among those who are clearly frustrated is none other  than DeAndre Jordan himself.
And now, the man of the hour has already stated what he wanted to happen- that if you will understand Stephen A. Smith of ESPN. 
Apparently, DeAndre Jordan would welcome any trade that would send him to the Houston Rockets that would reunite him with Chris Paul- someone who provided a big amount of success to the Clippers during their stint together which were highlighted by multiple playoff appearances and non-stop alley-oop plays that ignited the crowd whether they were playing at Staples Center or on the road.

Who should the Rockets send in exchange for DeAndre Jordan?

To begin with, DeAndre Jordan could make the Rockets a lot better especially on the defensive end of the game as he is the 2nd-best rebounder in the league right now, averaging 14 rebounds per game while his ability to penetrate the shaded area should benefit the Rockets as he’s shooting 66.1% from the field- the second-best in the league just behind the Rockets’ Clint Capela.
Ideally, a one-on-one swap would be the best way to handle this one. However, ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine has said that a straight swap between DeAndre Jordan and Clint Capela wouldn’t work because of the luxury tax and cap space issues. And so would Eric Gordon. 
So who’s the best guy the Rockets could offer?

Ryan Anderson 

A DeAndre Jordan-Ryan Anderson swap would benefit the Rockets because according to the Trade Machine, the Rockets would have added 5 wins to their projected number of wins by the end of the current season. On the other hand, a guy like Ryan Anderson could provide a stretched player who could play both 3 and 4 spots and can shoot threes. 


Remember those alley-oop plays ran by Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan? Those are amazing to watch, right? We might be able to see them again. The only question is: will the teams pull the trigger on this deal? 

The Peak Spot War: Hardenless Rockets vs. Raging Warriors

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry

After a very sorrowful week for the Houston Rockets, they’ll now face the team they’ve been rooting to overthrow right from the start, the team which also happened to kick them out of the no. 1 spot in the West. Will they be able to do it without Harden’s beard?
Warriors are looking for a way to completely achieve dominance. For that to happen, they must defeat the Houston Rockets and take advantage of this short-handed squad.

The good and bad side of Harden’s absence

James Harden being missing in action may both have beneficial and harmful effects on the upcoming game.
Harden would not be able to play against Steph Curry. This could’ve been a great matchup, or a face-off perhaps. It could’ve been a fierce battle between two MVP potential guards.
He’s also Rockets main outside gunner and an all-around offensive trigger. Without him, the pace would be affected significantly.

So what’s the good thing about Harden’s absence?

The Rockets still has Chris Paul on the roster which also helped hugely to defeat Lakers in a breathtaking 2-overtime brawl.
Besides, James Harden wasn’t doing well in the past games. His extreme scoring led to the teamplay stagnancy which led the Rockets 5 straight losses, 2 of which he scored over 50 points.
Maybe Rockets would improve and step right back up on its feet without the beard. They’ll find team rhythm once again and unleash winning streaks this time.

Warriors would look to dominate through outside shooting

As obvious as it may appear, of course, Warriors would even take more advantage of the splash brothers especially now that Rockets are short handed to outside gunners. They’ll root for Curry and Klay to connect swiftly from the outside while KD and Green would take care of the paint.
In fact, Draymond can also drill the hoop from beyond the arc especially during the Dallas game. Outside shooting became very vital and every miss were fatal. The game was as close as it could get until Steph dropped the three-point bomb to break away from the 122 deadlock. Green’s jolting threes were of big help and may be as dangerous as the Splash Brothers because of its unpredictability.

Rockets on Paul’s shoulders

With the beard gone, Paul’s going to suffice Harden’s productivity at the highest level he could reach. Capela and Harden didn’t work out too well recently. It’s time for him to try and find a way to awaken their sleeping beast inside.


If the Rockets would fall on the hands of the Warriors, their race to the top spot is over and Warriors would tighten its grip with the San Antonio Spurs left to take down.

The Beard is Out for Two Weeks

Question: Can Chris Paul and company keep it together during that span of time?

The Houston Rockets have been playing efficiently good during the first three months of the regular season. And ever since Chris Paul made his season debut with the Rockets, Houston was almost unstoppable. Almost. They endured a 5-game losing streak to end 2017 before finally winning a close one against the Los Angeles Lakers.
However, their win against the Lakers came with a hefty price. Their star, James Harden was hurt in the fourth quarter while driving towards the basket. The diagnosis: Harden sustained a Grade 2 Hamstring Strain which will put him out for two weeks. Harden will be the third Houston star who got injured this season. Chris Paul just recently returned from a strained left adductor while Clint Capela also missed tons of games due to a bruised right heel plus a right orbital fracture.

How will Harden’s absence affect the Rockets?

Against the Lakers on the final playing day of 2017, James Harden had 40 points and 11 assists before going down with the injury. He played for 41 minutes. If not to Chris Paul, the Rockets would have ended 2017 with a 6-game losing streak. With the Beard out for two weeks, the Rockets will have to find a way to keep on clicking offense amongst themselves without heavily relying on Chris Paul who himself is also known to be prone to get injured.
With James Harden who is averaging 32 points and 9 assists this season, the Rockets have been so effective in terms of scoring on offense as they are averaging a league’s best 115 points per game. So James Harden’s absence will definitely be a big blow for the Rockets but it will a blessing in disguise for the team because it will probably put Eric Gordon back into the starting line-up like he used to do before Chris Paul came aboard. In fact, Eric Gordon is currently the second-leading scorer of Houston this season, averaging 19 points per game while starting in 16 of the season’s first 33 games. 


Fortunately for the Rockets, they have 5 other guys who are averaging in double figures this season. While there’s no denying the fact that James Harden’s numbers will be sorely missed, they have one of the league’s best point guards in Chris Paul. It’s only a question of whether or not the Rockets will be able to win with Chris Paul leading them instead of James Harden. 

Streaking No More! Lakers Snap Rockets’ 14-Game Winning Streak

Kyle Kuzma erupts for 38 while Chris Paul gets hurt

Ever since Chris Paul made his season debut with the Houston Rockets upon fully-recovering from his injury, things have been going well for the Rockets as they didn’t lose a game in all of the games that CP3 played with the team. They went down a couple of times but either CP3 or James Harden would save the Rockets from an imminent defeat to come up victorious.
However, everything has a limitation.
As painful as it may sound especially for the fans of James Harden and company, their team’s 14-game winning streak is no more as they were defeated by none other than the Los Angeles Lakers, 122-116.
While the Rockets were able to keep it close during the latter parts of the 4th quarter despite Chris Paul leaving with 10 minutes left in the game due to a sore leg, it only proved one thing: despite James Hardens 51 points, the Rockets aren’t a complete team just yet without Chris Paul in the line-up.
So what doomed the Rockets and their winning streak?

Kyle’s Kuz-mazing 38 Points

Kyle Kuzma has been outplaying his more popular rookie teammate, Lonzo Ball and his performance against Houston is no different at all. Kuzma started the game blazing hot, making the first 6 of his 3-pointers before cooling down a bit. By the end of the game, Kuzma has already surpassed his previous career high to come up with 38 points on a 12 for 17 shooting include 7 for 10 from deep. He also had 7 rebounds and 4 assists while playing for 40 minutes.

15 Turnovers for Houston

James Harden had 6 of those turnovers. The turnover problem could be associated with Chris Paul’s absence especially in the 4th quarter as Harden had to take over the ball-handling responsibilities- something that CP3 has done marvelously. However, we all have to keep in mind that the Lakers are among the top 10 teams in the league when it comes to forcing their opponents to commit those turnovers. 

Chris Paul’s Struggles and Departure Hurt the Rockets

Before he was taken out of the game for good, Chris Paul has been visibly struggling on the court. He only had 8 points on a horrible 2 for 7 field goal shooting. He also had 3 turnovers and only played for 28 minutes. Although James Harden had 9 assists to go along with his 51 points, there’s no other point guard who can create scoring opportunities better than Chris Paul himself.


While Houston’s latest setback doesn’t change the fact that they are still the best team in the NBA as we speak, they better pray that Chris Paul will be ready to play come the Rockets’ next game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Why? James Harden cannot do everything on his own. 

Balls-Eye: Harden Scores 28 Points on his ‘Worst’ Shooting Night

James Harden
28 points do not seem that anything went wrong but believe it or not, James Harden produced such a huge one while at the worst accuracy of his shooting against a powerhouse team like San Antonio Spurs.
Half of Harden’s points came from the free-throw line. Knowing that he’s not shooting well especially from his specialty — beyond the arc, he bolstered his aggressiveness to draw out fouls and earn his points easier from the line.
It may have been the worst night for Harden yet he showed flexibility and smart play by knowing what to do in order to provide the needs of the team in a different way in times that his comfort zone seems not really like his comfort zone.
Thanks to Chris Paul who also scored 28 points ‘efficiently’ for the help provided to the struggling Harden and also to a Clint Capela double-double of q8 points 10 rebounds.


With James Harden able to play at his best with the worst shooting, stopping his 3 point shooting is slashed out on the options to shut him down. The only way to shut him down is him being totally out of the game.
The Rockets are getting stronger and stronger. Someone would step up to fill in somebody’s gap. Rockets isn’t only about Harden clearly, there’s Chris Paul, Clint Capela and sooner or later everyone on the squad would be as good as any team’s key players. Who knows? They can be in line with super team’s maybe not with names but with skills and talents. 
With a solid performance like this. The number one spot for the Rockets is and will be tightly sealed.

By the Numbers: 3 Reasons why the Rockets Kept their Streak

The Houston Rockets are now on a 12-game winning streak

During the last few seasons, the Houston Rockets were one of the inconsistent teams in the league. They had Dwight Howard to team up with James Harden which didn’t produce a championship. Last season,  the Rockets bowed down to the San Antonio Spurs in 6 games of the West’s semifinals. While many people were questioning James Harden’s lack of capability to lead his team, we all know if given the right teammates, James Harden can make the fans of Houston proud.
And that’s exactly what is happening right now. Alongside his new backcourt partner, Chris Paul, James Harden is now leading the Houston Rockets to brand new heights as they are riding on their 12-game winning streak after a big victory over fellow Texas team, the San Antonio Spurs, 124-109. That win improved the NBA’s best record to 23-4.
So what enabled the Rockets to win their 12th straight game? Below are the numbers:

The Chris Paul Effect Continues

Like it or not, Chris Paul’s capability to play the point guard position like a god is doing the wonders for James Harden and company. The beauty of it, the Rockets are perfect this season when Chris Paul is playing- averaging 17 points per game. Against the Spurs, CP3 scored 28 points, 8 assists and 7 STEALS. Now that’s a point guard, folks.

Balanced Offense from Starters

The Spurs’ starting unit was outplayed all throughout the game. The Rockets’ starting 5 combined for 97 of the Rockets’ 124 points. Aside from the 28 points each of James Harden and Chris Paul respectively, Clint Capela contributed 18 points and 10 rebounds while Ryan Anderson and Trevor scored 12 and 11 respectively.
On the other side, only LaMarcus Aldridge (16 points) and Kawhi Leonard (12 points) were the lone starters of the Spurs who scored in double figures. 

Blasting Start

One of the reasons why the Rockets were able to run away to another victory was the fact that they started the game by scoring 31 big points in the first quarter alone while limiting the Spurs to 16 points.


Will the Rockets continue their streak? As of posting time, they are up against the Milwaukee Bucks. Can they extend their streak to 13? That’s up to their backcourt duo. 

By the Numbers: Houston Take Down Hornets for 11th Straight Win

The Rockets are now 12-0 with Chris Paul in the line-up

While the rest of the NBA are hyped about the Cleveland Cavaliers’ recently rediscovered dominance that was also recently ended by the Indiana Pacers, one team from the Western Conference is also on a streak of their own as they have just nabbed their 11th win in 11 games. 
That team is none other than the West-leading Houston Rockets. 
This is after the Rockets- at one point only leading by a point, went on to score game’s next 25 points- a scoring run that went between the end of the 1st quarter and the early goings of the second, en route to another dominant win over the Charlotte Hornets, 108-96. 
So what enabled the Rockets to keep their winning streak alive? Below are the numbers:

The Chris Paul Effect

As mentioned above, the Rockets have yet to lose a game this season when Chris Paul is in the lineup and IS PLAYING. And he made sure that his presence was felt all throughout. Against the Hornets, CP3 played one of his best games this season, leading the Rockets with his 31 points, 7 rebounds and 11 assists. Having a guy like  Chris Paul helped the Rockets in a game that saw James Harden only scoring 21 points on 8 for 22 field goal shooting. 

Defense in Threes

Sure, the Rockets were shooting 37% from beyond the three-point line but they also forced Charlotte to only make 19% of their attempts from downtown. That’s a big difference, folks. The Rockets also limited the Hornets’ three-point attempts to 21- where Charlotte only made 4. On the other hand, Houston attempted 45 tries from deep, making 17 of them. Now, who said Houston cannot defend?


This win enabled the Rockets to win their season series against the Hornets at 2-0. Their next game? Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs. Are going to in? Yes. 
Chirs Paul is why. 

The Houston Rockets are Blasting Off

And they don’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon

James Harden and Chris Paul

Anyone who says that James Harden and Chris Paul cannot play together should probably keep their mouth shut because if they haven’t noticed just yet, the dynamic duo of Harden and CP3 is one of the reasons why the Houston Rockets are the best team in the NBA right now with a 21-4 record. Yes, they are better than the defending champions, the Golden State Warriors and even defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this season.
Ever since Chris Paul made his season debut after fully recovering from his injury, things have been well for the Rockets as they have yet to lose a game with Chris Paul in the line-up. And heading into their next game against the Charlotte Hornets, the Rockets are riding on a 10-game winning streak.

Question: Just how good are the Rockets?

For starters, James Harden has been playing another MVP-worthy season as he’s currently the league’s leading scorer- averaging 32 points per game while also averaging 9.5 assists per game- the second-best behind Russell Westbrook. Clint Capela, who exploded for a good number of dunks off dishes from James Harden in their last game against the New Orleans Pelicans- is the league’s best shooter right now, making 67% of his field goal attempts and also among the top 5 in blocks per game.
As a team, the Rockets’ 115 points per game ranks second behind the Warriors’ 117. They’re also the number 3 team in terms of steals per game, averaging 9 steals per night.
But more than anything else, it’s Chris Paul’s mere presence on the floor that has been doing the wonders for Houston. In the 11 games that he played so far- all wins, CP3 has averaged 14 points and 9 assists per game. He has provided James Harden the stability at the point guard position as CP3 is only averaging 1.9 turnovers per game- the lowest in his career.


If anything, the Rockets are having one of the best seasons in franchise history. At the pace that they are playing right now with a backcourt duo of James Harden and Chris Paul leading them, this pundit on wheels doesn’t think any team can catch up with the duo. Not even the Warriors. 

LeBron James to Houston: A Real Chance?

Executives believe Houston has a real chance in landing LeBron 

Lebron James and James Harden

Ever since the possibility of LeBron James leaving his beloved Cleveland Cavaliers next season, for the second time around, has popped up, the scenarios as to where LeBron James would be playing next have been flooding the NBA. 
Initially, the most probable destination for the King would be the Los Angeles Lakers to team up with Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma. Then, the Philadelphia 76ers have indicated that they would be making a push to sign LeBron James at the end of the current season. 
Now? Another team from the Western Conference has appeared to be another candidate to win LeBron’s services- that if you will believe the league executives. That team is none other than the Houston Rockets.
The Houston Rockets are enjoying a big amount of success as evident by their 20-4 record- the best in the West. They are on a 9-game winning streak and Chris Paul has been playing like a “point god” alongside James Harden ever since CP3 returned to action after sitting out tons of games due to injury. James Harden has become the league’s leading scorer as he is averaging 32 points per game. The Beard is also averaging 9 assists per game- the second best in the NBA next to Russell Westbrook. As a team, the Rockets are the second-best scoring team, averaging 114 points per game. So, you could just imagine how powerful the Rockets would become if  LeBron James goes to Texas next season.
LeBron James is having another MVP-worthy season, leading the Cleveland Cavaliers in 4 of the 5 departments. However, despite their recently ended 13-game winning streak, the Cavs are still in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference with a 19-8 record. And, injuries are piling up anew, forcing LeBron James to play extended minutes. If the Cavs struggle anew this season like they did during the season’s early weeks, then it will only cement LeBron James’ departure from Cleveland, again.


Realistically, the Rockets are the best team to land LeBron James next season assuming that LeBron leaves the East. Why? Chris Paul is one of the King’s friends and the King has always said that he wanted to play alongside CP3. And talent-wise the Rockets are definitely the team LeBron should consider to play for especially if he wanted to improve his 3-5 Finals record. After all, if this move happens, the Rockets will have one of the best super teams that have been assembled in recent memory, right? 

Clippers Replaced Chris Paul with The Best Point Guard from Euroleague

After the departure of star point guard Chris Paul, the Clippers were scrambling for a replacement, but could there be any player that can even come close to the production of their previous point guard?
There are probably a few that can match up to the all around production of Chris Paul but some of them are either not available or too expensive for the Clippers.
Signing Milos Teodosic for $12.3M  for 2 years is actually a bargain as Milos is one of the greatest players in Europe averaging 16.1 points and 6 assists, he could give a new look to the Clippers. 

Milos, while highly effective in Europe, may not work right away in the NBA because of different styles of play but if Clippers management is dedicated to making him the main point guard, I could see him flourishing and immediately producing the same number he was producing in the Euroleague.  
Personally, I think this is a great acquisition for the Clippers.
Check out some of the accolades of Milos Teodosic Euroleague
EuroLeague champion (2016)
EuroLeague MVP (2010)
3× All-EuroLeague First Team (2010, 2015, 2016)
3× All-EuroLeague Second Team (2012, 2013, 2017)
6× VTB United League champion (2012–2017)
2× VTB United League Playoffs MVP (2014, 2016)
2× PBL champion (2012, 2013)
2× Greek Cup winner (2010, 2011)
2× Greek Cup MVP (2010, 2011)
2× Serbian Cup winner (2005, 2007)
FIBA Europe Player of the Year (2010)
Euroscar Player of the Year (2016)
FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship MVP (2007)

What do you think about this move?

Chris Paul is Traded to the Rockets for 3 Players and a Draft Pick

Another historic trade just happened.
Chris Paul is packing up and will be going down Houston to team up with the Bearded One.
Chris Paul spent six years of his career with the Clippers. He averages 19 points per game for six years and has been one of the most consistent point guards in the league today.  The move makes Houston Rockets one of the contenders once again in the West and the backcourt can arguably be the best in the NBA today.
After six years of falling short with their goals, the Clippers organization has changed its gear and is probably going to be on rebuilding mode again after the pieces they brought years ago could not deliver them to the promise land.
Clippers received Patrick Beverley, Sam Decker, Lou Williams and a 2018 first round pick.

Chris Paul Made a Young Man Really Happy with Another Assist

The 31-year-old veteran point guard Chris Paul has been in giving mode all his career.
The 2017 playoffs are no exception as the 9x All-Star continues to play consistent ball averaging 27 points and 10 assists in the first round of the best of seven series ball game against the tough Utah Jazz.
The Clippers won game 6 and there are different ways to celebrate their victory especially now that the they could get a momentum shift with the homecourt advantage as game 7 will be at Staple Center.
Clipper vs Jazz is the only match-up in the first round that will go to game 7 as both teams are eager to make a run for the coveted championship trophy.
After the game 6 win, Chris Paul rewarded a Clipper fan by giving him his pair of sneakers. Count that as another assist for Paul!

Chris Paul: Watch The Best Guard’s Best Plays in the NBA

The 31 year old former Wake Forest stand out (It’s March Madness in the US, so let’s use that as reference), the 9x All-star and NBA All-star MVP has amassed a lot of awards and broke a lot of records and while we have no doubt that Chris Paul  is a very capable guy there is one thing that he hasn’t accomplished yet in the NBA and that’s winning a championship. 
Chris Paul has only played under 2 teams, first being the Hornets who drafted him 4th overall in 2005 and the Clippers who he has been playing for since 2011.  While we are waiting for Chris Paul to be a champion let’s look back at his best plays each year in the NBA. 

Chris Paul is one of the best point guards there is in the NBA and he is worthy of an NBA championship. Too bad that won’t happen while Lebron and the current Golden State Warriors are around. Well, at least he has a championship in the Olympics.

(youtube by: NBA)

The Story of Shammgod

The Shammgod was a popular crossover move in basketball. It was first spotted way back 1980 from Danko Cvjetićanin also known as El Killer del Perimetro. He was a player from Croatia and a 2-time Olympic Silver Medalist.

But the Yugoslavian forward Dejan Bodiroga is credited by popularizing the move.

Bodiroga was drafted 51st overall by the Sacramento Kings in the 1995 NBA Rookie Draft, but he decided to stay in Europe. He is considered one of the greatest basketball players to never play in the NBA.

El Latigo was Bodiroga’s signature move or the “The Whip” in english.

The name “Shammgod” was came from God Shammgod when he made it as his trademark move.

Shammgod was a 6’0 guard from New York City. He was drafted 45th overall by the Washington Wizards in the 1997 NBA Rookie Draft and just play two seasons for the team; and decided to move on to play internationally.

He used the move while playing for the Providence College in the NCAA Tournament.

Manu Ginobili was the first to use the move in the NBA regularly.

Chris Paul does the Shammgod against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Kyrie Irving also does it against the Boston Celtics.

Tracy McGrady also does it, this time not in the NBA, but in the CBA against Yi Jianlian.

And finally, kids have begun to take notice.

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Basketball Culture : Durant Style

“Everybody brought it this year. It was easily the most stylish NBA All-star weekend in history,” says GQ style Correspondent Kevin Durant who knows the designers, the outfits, the hits and misses. Look on who he ranked and commented on as the most stylish player in the league’s most stylish weekend.

5. James Harden
“I’m crowning him the Christian Louboutin king. He has different kinds of them—from hard bottoms to sneakers. He’s consistent. Plus he was killing it with the bow ties and vests all weekend. Definitely fresh.”

4. LeBron James 
“LeBron stepped out with the leather pants and leather shirt under a blazer. He puts things together well. At his dinner and before the game he sported a bowtie. I think a lot of guys in the league are about to start going the bowtie route. Plus his suits always fit really well.”

3. Dwyane Wade
“With D. Wade’s dressing game, it’s mostly about fit. Everything with him always fits very well. Of course it’s tailored but the way clothes lay off of his body is perfect. He’s always out of the box—this weekend for sure. Leather pants, metallic gold shoes… It was a hit.”

2. Chris Paul
 “CP does a really good job of mixing casual and dressy clothes. He can pull off chinos, sneakers and blazer better than anyone in the game. Looking at guys like him makes me re-evaluate my closet, man. It’s cool how he mis everything together.”

1. Russell Westbrook
“I see Russell every single day, and I love his style. He’s off the wall with the shirts, everyone knows that. But the best thing about him is that he doesn’t have a stylist. It’s crazy. He just has a really good eye. And he didn’t disappoint this weekend. You saw every side of him, from camo suit pants to Air Jordans.”

Photo courtesy of : GQ and teenvogue

Sports Culture : Restyle the NBA way

In every other sport but basketball, seeing a bunch of athletes on the red carpet usually means taking in some ill-fitting jackets, too-long pants, and all manner of flashy accessories. But the the NBA has turned looking sharp into a competitive sport all its own. Here are a few notes and features on how to restyle your fashion, the NBA way.

blake-griffin style.jpg
Look at this example of Blake Griffin’s pants just skim the tops of his shoes. That’s what you’re aiming for at the tailor, no matter how tall you are. It’s the quickest way to modernize a suit, and yet the most commonly ignored step when it comes to adjusting an off-the-rack buy.

Chris Paul proves here that a turtleneck and a pair of handsome frames will instantly make a dark suit look more expensive and less corporate. Keep these furnishings in your closet for those nights when a blue button-down just isn’t cutting it.

Let’s look at how JJ Redick look extra sharp here: He opted a suit with a bold peak lapel and then finished the look with some high-shine boots instead of standard issue Oxfords. Look at those!.

Photos courtesy of : GQ

U.S.A Basketball Team Withdrawals

USA Basketball Team Withdrawal

Here are the list of the NBA Players who withdraws from USA Basketball Team for upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics:

Point Guard: 
Stephen Curry – Need to rest due to Ankle and Knee Injury
Chris Paul – Need to rest for next NBA Season due to his broken hands last 2016 playoff
John Wall – Underwent procedures on both knees
Russell Westbrook – First player to pull out without giving a reason

Shooting Guard:
James Harden – Did not specify a reason for withdrawing

Power Forward:
Anthony Davis – Knee and Shoulder Injury
Blake Griffin – Quad Injury
Lamarcus Aldridge – Finger and Hand Injury

Ridiculous Battle Between CP3 and WestBrook with 65pts Combined. Who Won?

Their teams went toe to toe last night and both of these guys wanted the W for their respective teams but in the end it was OKC who irked out a heart stopping game with a score of 100-99. 

Westbrook ended the night with 33 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists.

Paul had 32 points, 10 assists, and 5 rebounds. 

Both played so intense but remained calm under pressure. The last minute of this game is playoff like experience and believe me, you should be ready because this is way to exciting.

With the win the OKC Thunder now seats at third place with 19-9 win loss record while the LA Clippers dropped to 16-13 win loss good for the 4th spot enough distance between these two teams. 

Here is the highlight of this crazy epic battle:

Written by:
Team Powcast

Reggie Jackson Dropped 34 pts, 11 rebs and 7 assts against CP3. Cp3 was held to 13 pts 5 reb 12 assts.

Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson outplayed and outhustled CP3 last Monday Dec 14, 2015. He almost gave his team the Big victory over LA Clippers, but was spoiled by Jamal Crawford’s late game winner 105-103. Jackson made Paul look like he was the all star and was playing out of his mind. Drummond also scored a big double double with 20 pts and 15 rebounds. The Clippers was headed by with Blake Griffin 34 pts and 7 rebs. Crawford the hero of this game added 14 pts.

The Pistons are a bit under the radar this season with 14 wins and 12 losses surprisingly they are not even in top 8 while if they are in the West they would have the 6th seed tied with Dallas. Does this mean that the East is slightly getting better or its a bit to early to tell. Nevertheless it is still a good sign for Detroit Pistons for having a good 1,2,5 just need to work on 3 and 4. 

Here is the highlight of the amazing display of over all skills by Jackson.

Written by:
Team Powcast

Prepare for the Los Angeles Clippers this coming season!


It maybe a bit too soon to tell but this roster should already determine that the Clippers are determined to win it all, Last year they fall short after losing to the Rockets but they were able to dethrone the San Antonio Spurs, thanks to CP3’s Heroic moments. With the experience that they were able to get last year, I am sure that this will only make them even more ready for the years to come. Steve Balmer and Doc Rivers formed a beautiful roster that on paper is really something to look forward to. 

PG – Paul /  Rivers / Crawford / Prigioni
SG- Reddick / Stephenson / Wilcox
SF – Pierce /Johnson / Josh Smith / Dawson
PF – Griffin / Josh Smith / Glen Davis
C – DJ / Aldrich / Davis

Yes, I know that Stephenson weren’t able to give his best last season but I am sure that he is determined to prove to everyone that he is after all “Born Ready”. Pierce’s addition maybe a little overlooked but he is what they lack a clutch player that can take big shots and bring it when needed. Its amazing that they also got Josh Smith from their rival, Houston Rockets. that may also be the factor why DJ decided to stay.

I wont be surprise if the Clippers gets the #1 seed from Western Conference barring any injuries from starting 5. 

One thing is for sure, Everyone will have their eyes set on CP3 because this might be his year. 

What are you waiting for ? Clipper NATION ALL IN! 

Chris Paul and Bar Refaeli on a trampoline,Sports Illustrated

Chris Paul and Bar Refaeli on a trampoline, Sports IIllustrated photo shoot. Nothing much to say on this one! Enjoy! Video of Sports  Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot.

Chris Paul and Bar Refaeli
Video of Sports  Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot. 

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Avril Lavigne sold his house to Chris Paul?

Located in a private community called Bel Air Crest the Mansion includes 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, a wine cellar, 10-car garage, gym, sauna and a covered outdoor living room. Looks like the newest Clippers’ i staying for sometime in LA. Avril Lavigne reportedly is selling the house for $8.5 million.

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CP3 Foundation Basketball exhibition Highlights

NBA lock out produces a lot of exhibition games this year this is good for the fans as they get to see their favorite star in the flesh. Recently Chris Paul’s CP3 foundation held an exhibition game which feature yet again an all star cast. The CP3 foundation game include players like John Wall, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and as always you will find Kevin Durant in these games and lets not forget Chris Paul himself . 
Watch the insane dunking and the highlights at the CP3 Foundation Basketball exhibition game and you will hope that NBA lock out will be resolve.
Are you tired of these exhibition games?


CP3 Foundation Basketball exhibition Highlights 

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FIBA Cleared NBA players to play overseas at their own risk!

by: Pow Salud|Home
FIBA Cleared NBA players to play overseas at their own risk. Good news or bad news for the NBA players?

FIBA cleared NBA players to play overseas even if they are under contract, as long as they promised to return to the NBA once lockout ended.This seems like a good news as it will pave way for them to earn extra cash during lock out and it will help promote basketball worldwide. Not bad.

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On the other hand this could mean that the end of the NBA lock out is still a long way to go. NBA players and owners are still busy playing chess instead of basketball as both  parties try to outplay each other to ultimately gain leverage and make their point. Players like Deron Williams is one of the early player that signed to play overseas and the likes of Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul could be next.

Do you think its wise for the NBA players to  play overseas?