DeAndre Jordan to DC: The Possibility?

The DJ Saga is gaining more noise

The NBA season is more than a month old and trade rumors surrounding different superstars have been swarming in, non-stop. After the Memphis Grizzlies announced that Marc Gasol is off the market, for now, another big man in the Western Conference is being targeted by various teams who are looking to acquire him via a blockbuster trade that will surely rock the league. His name is none other than DeAndre Jordan of the now-struggling Los Angeles Clippers.
To begin, the Clippers actually began their first season in the post-Chris Paul era on a high note until injuries to starters started to pile up. Then came along their 9-game losing streak. Then came along again, the injury that hit Blake Griffin. While Blake Griffin has been missing tons of games in the past due to his inability to stay healthy on a long period of time, this injury came at a bad time when the Clippers are already undermanned. Then, the trade rumors surrounding DJ came out. What else could go wrong for the Clippers this season?
As mentioned above, there are many teams, specifically in the Eastern Conference, who are very much interested in availing the services of one of the league’s elite rim defenders in DeAndre Jordan. Aside from the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Milwaukee Bucks, among the possible destinations for the center is the Washington Wizards. Question: Do the Wizards have enough to trade for DJ?

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The answer is yes. The Wizards do have the pieces to trade for DeAndre Jordan. One of the possible packages that the Wizards should consider will include sending Jason Smith, Marcin Gortat, Kelly Oubre and a draft pick to the Clippers in exchange for Jordan.  While this 4 for 1  trade scenario may appear to be unfair for the Wizards, it’s not. Really. It’s fair for both sides. Why? DJ is set to become a free agent at the end of the current season so trading him now will be the best move for the Clippers.


The scenario of seeing DeAndre Jordan teaming up with John Wall and Bradley Beal is yummy for the eyes but that will not make the Wizards a title contender just yet. But the DeAndre Jordan-to-DC deal will benefit the Wizards in many ways that Washington fans may not think of.

By the Numbers: Cavs Snap 4-Game Slide with 57 Points from LeBron

LeBron scores 57 while playing the entire second half 

Lebron James 57 Points
LeBron James had another MVP-like performance in a win to snap Cleveland’s recent slide.
If anything, LeBron James isn’t used to losing. Not just during the playoffs. Not just in the Finals where he is 3-5. 
LeBron James hates losing in the regular season. And yet, he just lost 4 straight. 
The Cleveland Cavaliers lost three games against relatively mediocre teams coming into their match-up against the Washington Wizards. 
And Tyronn Lue knew one thing: he won’t be coaching for long should the Cavs’ misery doesn’t end soon. Fortunately, the Cavs finally broke out of their slump. Thanks to a dominating performance by… 
You guessed it, folks. LeBron James.
The King scored 57 points, tying Kyrie Irving’s record for most points scored in a game. He also became the 7th player to reach 29,000 career points as he led the Cavs to a 130-122 win against the Washington Wizards despite Bradley Beal’s 36 points. 
So how did the Cavs come out victorious on this one?  
Below are the numbers:

John Wall hit the Wall

For a player like John Wall who has been averaging 21 points per game this season, his 13-point output against the defending Eastern Conference champions was far from what fans expected of him. 
Sure, his backcourt partner, Bradley Beal exploded for 36 points and if it wasn’t for Beal, the Cavs would have blown the Wizards away. John Wall had to bleed for all of his points as he only made 4 of his 13 attempts, missed all 3 shots from the 3-point line, and missed 7 free throws. Given how close the final score was, it would have been different had Wall made more from the free throw line. What a waste, indeed.

42 Points in the First Quarter

As they say, begin the game on a good shape. chances are, you will win it all. Both the Wizards and the Cavs started the game scoring from all angles as the Cavs ran away for 42 points during the first 12 minutes of play. 

57 Points. Plus More

As mentioned above, LeBron’s 57 points against Washington tied Kyrie Irving’s franchise record. Although he didn’t have to because he had tons of help from various players including Derrick Rose who had 20 points, Jae Crowder with 17 and Kevin Love with 11, the King was clearly unstoppable regardless of who Scott Brooks put on against LeBron. #23 made 23 of 34 shot attempts and went perfectly in 9 tries from the free throw line. Aside from that, he had 11 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. And yes, he did all of that for 43 MINUTES.

Free Throws are Precious

  • Washington: 21 of 31
  • Cleveland: 26 of 28
If you look at the disparity in the free throw numbers, both attempted and made, you’d probably say, “Damn it, Washington!” The Cavs won by 8 points and the Wizards missed 10 free throws. On the other hand, Cleveland did a great job in taking advantage of their opportunities from the line and the numbers don’t lie either:
  • LeBron James: 9 of 9
  • Jae Crowder: 8 of 8
  • Kevin Love: 5 of 5


Despite their recent losing streak, make no mistake about it, folks. The Cavs are still the best team in the East, at least on paper. While uncertainty looms around Washington owing to the injury of John Wall, we can’t just count them out of the picture. Just yet. Despite the loss, the Wizards are also one of the teams in the East that can challenge the supremacy of the King and his Cavaliers. 

James Harden & John Wall is Now Teammates, Putting on a Show!

Two of the best guards in the NBA today suited for the same team?
James Harden and John Wall franchise players for their respective teams in blue were putting on a show as they take exhibition shots after another to ignite the fans and put on a clinic.
James Harden breaking ankles, John Wall going between the legs of opponents and more…

Breaking: John Wall Doesnt’ Want to be Traded, Signed a Max Deal with the Wizards

Breaking John Wall Do not Want to be Traded, Signed a Max Deal with the Wizards

In case you missed it, John Wall is staying with the only team he ever played with in the NBA, at least for now.

No request for trade for this young man.
It maybe hard to find loyalty in the NBA nowadays so we want to introduce you to one player that will probably and hopefully stay that way until 2023. The 2010 1st pick overall just signed a hefty contract with the Washington Wizards. He will extend to 4 years from the current two years contract which means he is tied in with the Wizards until 2023 which is a long time.
With all of the things happening in the NBA, the Wizards may have realized that the best way to prevent their stars from leaving is to sign them right away and for a long time.
John Wall has spent seven years playing for the Wizards and last year, he had his best career production with 23 points, 10 assists and 2 steals per game. With the Cleveland Cavaliers bound for break up, John Wall and Bradley Beal may have an opportunity in the east.

John Wall Got His Eyes on Rihanna?

John Wall in the Wizard is leveling up their basketball game and have gotten their first division title. It is definitely a big deal for him.
John Wall think his basketball skills is up there already so it’s time to also move his dating game up and his prospect? This time he got Rihanna as target.
Will he swish this one?

John Wall has no shame, showing just how much the thirst is real in these NBA streets. But we gotta admit, Rihanna is a nice drink of water, so play on, playa. 

(courtesy: youtube/The Fumble)

John Wall Displays Wizardry and Sinks this Crazy Shot

John Wall and the Wizards are comfortably seated in the 3rd place of the Eastern Conference and is primed to be a real contender in the east and while suffering a loss to Timberwolves recently they are still pretty much wrecking havoc in the NBA having to win 7 of their last 10 games.
John Wall while almost certain they will make the playoffs, we had doubts that he can make this crazy circus shot but we were wrong. Is he a magician?
John Wall Hits The Crazy Layup As He Falls To The Ground!

(youtube by: NBA)

Powcast Top 5 NBA 360 layup

Powcast Sports brings you the Top 5 360 Layups in the NBA

Nick Young

5. John Wall 

Vs. Clippers

Video By: NBA

Vs. Knicks

Video By: watchnba201415

4. JR. Smith

Vs. Spurs
Video By: NBA

Vs. Clippers

Video By: LetsGoBasketball

3. Kobe Bryant

Vs. Atlanta

Video By: Elgin22Baylor

Vs. Mavs

Video By: jslv94

2. Vince Carter

Vs. Knicks
Video By: Brian Rondo

Vs. Heat
Video By: ballersworldmedia

1. Nick Young

Vs. Mavs
Video By: thehoopscene

Vs. Grizzlies

Video: NBA


U.S.A Basketball Team Withdrawals

USA Basketball Team Withdrawal

Here are the list of the NBA Players who withdraws from USA Basketball Team for upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics:

Point Guard: 
Stephen Curry – Need to rest due to Ankle and Knee Injury
Chris Paul – Need to rest for next NBA Season due to his broken hands last 2016 playoff
John Wall – Underwent procedures on both knees
Russell Westbrook – First player to pull out without giving a reason

Shooting Guard:
James Harden – Did not specify a reason for withdrawing

Power Forward:
Anthony Davis – Knee and Shoulder Injury
Blake Griffin – Quad Injury
Lamarcus Aldridge – Finger and Hand Injury

John Wall Insane vs Celtics 36pts, 13 assists, 7 rebs, 7 STEALS!

John Wall is making sure that he is not overlooked this year, even though he was an all star for the past couple of years. Wall is making a case of being the best PG in the east. I know he missed the last minute layup but how many PG’s out there can make it in less than 4 seconds with 2 guys contesting the shot. 

Anyway here is the insane performance by my Point GOD! John Wall

Written by:
Team Powcast

John Wall Best PG in the east 12pts 19 ASSISTS! WATCH!


Yes i know Mr. Wall is a 2 time all star already but hasn’t been a starter yet. I think this is the year that he makes it Wall is the only Franchise pg in the east as great as Kyrie it’s not his team. Lowry may get the nod as well as Teague but John Wall to me is the best PG this year.

Yes Kyrie is great but he’s often injured, Wall on the other hand has been injured but he has been playing through it. I know that Kyrie’s injury isnt as bad as John’s. The fact that John carries this team, it takes a toll out of his body being consistently guarded heavily. The Wizards don’t have any other ball handler as good as wall or at least decent they’ve lost Pierce who was doing that last season. Last night Wall dished out 12 assists vs the Kings. They won by a score of 113-99. Gortat led them with 27 points courtesy of the glorious display of passing by Wall. With the win Wizards improve to 12-14 almost near .500 and the Kings dropped to 11-17.

Here is the highlight:

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Team Powcast

MR. Wall ballin 35 points 10 dimes and 5 steals to beat the King @ Cleveland!

John Wall

If John plays like this always a lot of teams would have a problem specially if those 3’s connects in this game Wall connected 3 out 5 from downtown. The Wizards dominated the game from start to finish as if they weren’t up against a great team, the Cavs are 9-0 prior to this game and certainly the momentum was against the Wizards who lost its last 4 games. 

Wall has been quite the past few games and even had games were he was questioned if there’s still a will. This might serve a wake up call for John, certainly the way the team is built right now isnt as formidable as it was 2 years ago but it shouldn’t matter a lot as long as John performs like this. He needs to be like this if he wants his team to win, they may not win it all to be honest but moments like this often give me shivers seeing John Wall go off like crazy. To me he is the best point guard in the NBA if he plays like this, he can he just need to be consistent. 

Here is the highlight of the game:

Here is the highlight of J’wall Ballin:

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Team Powcast

Paul George Stops Wizard’s 3 game win streak ! Drops 40 POINTS! Unreal 7-8 from 3 pts

I have written a number of articles about PG13 but this maybe his statement game to inform the League that he is back and means serious business despite losing D.West and Hibbert. He is now surrounded with Jordan hill and their back up center Mahinmi. They have acquired CJ Miles and Monta Ellis. 

So Far its been PG13 who is making a lebron-like effort in doing everything he can, hold your horses lebron fans am not saying PG13 is better. Just look at the team mates that he has and right now they are sitting in the 4th spot with a 9-5 record.

The record could be better if only George was able to find his rhythm, his first for games were merely 16ppg. but he has upped his scoring and with 10 straight games with 20 pts or more per game. 

He is now averaging 25.9 ppg, 8.4 reb, 4.3 assists and 1 blk. 

Here is the insane highlight of this ridiculous game by George:

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Team Powcast

Kent Bazemore scored 25 and gives ATL a win over Wizards! 114-99!

Kent Bazemore

Kent Bazemore has been around the league and seems like this Hawks team will benefit the most as he grows older and gets better. Bazemore is putting up good numbers as of late and just recently gave the Hawks a good push to win the game over the Washington Wizards. 

The lost of DeMarre Caroll may raise eyebrows on why the hawks let him walk, but as early as now offensively Bazemore could be better than Caroll and that’s what he has provide thus far. 

The Hawks has won 7 straight after losing its first game, they are 7-1 and is leading the Eastern Conference of the NBA.

Here is the highlight performance of Kent Bazemore:

Written by
Team Powcast

Man on a Mission, Mr. JOHN WALL! 22 pts 6 assists, 3 stls and 5 BLOCKS! and the winning basket!


How many pg’s can get a block per game well there’s not a lot amazingly Mr. Wall got 5 blocks on this game and the game winning shot what more can you ask from a player. These are the type of games that makes a player legendary, sure Wall hasn’t sniff the finals yet but I believe the East is not just about Cleveland. Make no mistake about it Washington and Wall is on a mission. Wall together with Bradley Beal combined for 46 pts to help the Wizards beat a young and deadly Orlando Magic squad 88-87. 

Caution: PG playing insane defense

Courtesy of Free Dawkins:

* NBA articles will be written via team colors.

Written by:
Aldrin C.
Team Powcast

John Wall donates $400,000 to D.C. center

The Washington Wizards guard John Wall reportedly made a $400,000 donation to the organization, which will go toward the opening of a second center in southeast D.C. The group serves children and families living in crisis shelters or transitional housing.

Wall spent his Monday morning at Bright Beginnings, Inc., a child-care group in Washington D.C., bringing more than a smile.

“It is evident that John Wall is sensitive and concerned about the plight of homeless children in D.C., and he wants these children to succeed,” Bright Beginnings executive director Dr. Betty Jo Gaines said in a statement.

John Wall plans to help Wizards land Durant in free agency

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall said he’d be happy to assist the franchise in its attempt to land future free agent Kevin Durant.

The Oklahoma City Thunder star will be the most coveted free agent on the open market next summer and the Wizards, Durant’s hometown team, expect to be in the running.

“There’s gonna be an opportunity to throw a pitch at him to try to get him to come back home,” Wall said.

And while Durant’s recent appearance on the Washington Redskins’ sideline for their Thursday night game against the New York Giants may have reignited the “KD2DC” movement, the former MVP has never wavered in professing his love of Oklahoma City.

“I love it here, man. I love my teammates, I love the city, I don’t really think about anywhere else. I hear it all the time, don’t get me wrong, and once you hear it you’re kind of like [looks up, thinking]. But for me, I love staying in the moment, and I’m one of those guys that would love to stick it out with one team my whole career.” Durant said.

John Wall alley-oop to himself is unbelievable

John Wall alley-oop to himself is unbelievable

John Wall undeniably a superstar in the NBA but is he also a super-hero?

John Wall is apparently fast enough to throw himself a full-court alley-oop – he was so fast!. (Wall’s speed earned him the No. 1 spot in Dime Magazine’s ranking of the 25 Fastest Players in the NBA.)

See what I’m saying, wait a second! Is that Redbull? This is another one of those marketing videos! darn it! 


NBA All-Star point guard’s first adidas signature shoe highlights quick play and fashion-forward style

 Inline image 1

MANILA, Philippines – adidas today unveiled the J Wall 1 signature basketball shoe and apparel collection – the first in a line of signature products designed for Washington Wizards NBA All-Star point guard, John Wall. The J Wall 1 features a sleek, bold design inspired by Wall’s quick on-court play and fashion forward off-court style.
“Coming off my best season in the NBA and now launching the J Wall 1 that has my own logo is an incredible feeling,” said Wall. “I feel really blessed to have my own signature line and I think my fans and basketball players are going to love playing in this shoe.  It’s also a shoe with great colors and materials that you can dress up off the court which is really important to me.”
For the first time ever, the new John Wall logo is featured on Wall’s signature footwear and apparel. The John Wall logo consists of his initials, “JW” and is designed with the “J” crossing-over to the “W” to represent his quick playing style and ability to cross over defenders. The cross-over element is also representative of Wall’s off-court style and how he transitions from a fearless player on the court to a laid back, fashion forward person off the court. In addition, the “JW” within the logo pays homage to Wall’s late father, John Wall Sr., who passed away when Wall was nine years old.
“We designed and engineered every aspect of this shoe to compliment John’s quick style of play on the court,” said Robbie Fuller, Global Design Director, adidas Basketball. “Our close collaboration with John allowed us to deliver a shoe that will help him improve performance while telling his unique, personal story through the John Wall logo and details throughout the shoe.”

 Inline image 2

To compliment John’s quick, aggressive style of play, the J Wall 1 midsole features full length adiprene+ cushioning for enhanced responsiveness, comfort and superior heel to toe transition. Wall’s quick style of play is supported from the full length lateral FITFRAME which allows for a more controlled surface for Wall to plant against during explosive cuts. A unique air mesh textile upper offers supreme comfort and breathability and is finished with rip-stop overlays for enhanced durability.
In addition to performance elements, the J Wall 1 features details reflective of his game and style. These details include the John Wall logo featured prominently on the tongue, while the logo’s cross-over inspiration is carried throughout details of the shoe, including the pattern on the tongue and toe cap. The outsole features a map of the United States with “Wall” written across the left and right shoe, highlighting Washington DC with lines connecting to every NBA city on the map. Details on the map include the Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty, St. Louis Gateway Arch, Golden Gate Bridge and Seattle Space Needle to represent Wall’s fans in Washington DC and across the country.

 Inline image 3

Alongside the J Wall 1 signature shoe, the J Wall signature apparel collection includes T-shirts, shorts and hoodies, all featuring the new John Wall logo.   
The J Wall 1 launches in leading adidas and sports stores in the Philippines on November 1 for Php5995 in two different colorways. Additional colorways will launch throughout the NBA season.

CP3 Foundation Basketball exhibition Highlights

NBA lock out produces a lot of exhibition games this year this is good for the fans as they get to see their favorite star in the flesh. Recently Chris Paul’s CP3 foundation held an exhibition game which feature yet again an all star cast. The CP3 foundation game include players like John Wall, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and as always you will find Kevin Durant in these games and lets not forget Chris Paul himself . 
Watch the insane dunking and the highlights at the CP3 Foundation Basketball exhibition game and you will hope that NBA lock out will be resolve.
Are you tired of these exhibition games?


CP3 Foundation Basketball exhibition Highlights 

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John Wall first pitch -That was horrible

by: powsalud|

We have seen many celebrities and other sports stars threw the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game, but you have not seen the number 1 overall pick in the NBA and the point guard of Washington Wizard baseball pitch. As many would say John Wall sucked at it and Mariah Carey is better than him. What a disgrace, haha the commentator has only one thing to say- John Wall that was horrible.

John Wall Ejected

John Wall Ejected
John Wall vs Zydrunas Ilgauskas

John Wall got irritated by Ilgauskas long elbow, gives Ilgauskas a right hook in the ribs


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NBA All-Star weekend: Rookies 148, Sophomores 140 (final)

The Rookies defeated the Sophomores, 148-140, in a dunks-filled Rookie Challenge contest at Staples Center on Friday night.
Sacramento center DeMarcus Cousins led the Rookies with 33 points, while Wizards guard John Wall handed out 22 assists. Wall was selected the game’s most valuable player.
The Thunder’s James Harden led the Sophomores with 30 points.

Clippers rookie star Blake Griffin finished with seven dunks in the game, including five in a seven-minute span in the second half. But with three minutes to go in the game a “We Want Blake!” chant swept Staples Center as Griffin was on the bench. Despite the pleas, he did not return to the game.
Griffin’s most impressive dunk came after a Wall bounce pass that rose to the top of the backboard and Griffin grabbed on the way down before finishing with a right-handed slam. Griffin, who played only 13 minutes in the 40-minute game, scored his 14 points on dunks.
Griffin will compete in Saturday’s slam contest and will play in Sunday’s All-Star game. He was the only rookie to make the All-Star squad.
–Barry Stavro

John Wall can fly

Watch this sick alley hoop finish by the 1st pick overall draft pick of the NBA this year. John Wall is pose to have a break through career and is expected to carry the Washington wizards to new heights. Will he be able to help his team,  or is he another over hype player, What do you think?