One Lucky Kid in Stephen Curry UnderArmour Roadshow Manila

Stephen Curry is on an adventure with The UnderArmour Team  and one of their stops includes manila. We rarely see NBA players coming into the country just to say Hi and be with the fans and seeing them in from a far makes you feel so amazed but this Kid, Dominic Tuason was able to show his amazing and unbelievable basketball moves in front of stephen curry and thousands of fans in the MOA Arena last september 5, 2015.

The MVP was also surprised when he though he’s just gonna lift and carry this kid to have a picture but when this boy showed how good he is in imitating the curry moves, the Golden State Warriors main man was blown away. And even said “I cant do that when I was 5, I was 7 and I cant still do it.” The UnderArmour Main athlete has shown his love of the game to the filipino fans, bannering his humbleness and his passion. It was a short meet, but he said he will definitely be back.

Under Armour Road Show in Manila with Stephen Curry

It’s a one day Road Show!

Basketball fans and media in the Philippines prepared themselves to see live the NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

When Curry came out to have his press conference, he was amazed inside the Fairmont Hotel in Makati because he didn’t expect the huge number of media. 
   Media preparing their cameras 

From kids, teenagers and even a group of families patiently waiting just to catch their ‘idol’ Stephen Curry. Some fans luckily shake their hands, signed their jersey’s and even shoes. 
    A teenager fan luckily signed his jersey by Stephen Curry
    Whole family wearing Curry shirt

There are some celebrities who came earlier in the Hotel to meet and greet the one and only Mr. MVP Stephen Curry. 
        Daniel Padilla 
  JC De Vera 
I, myself as a media can say that the 2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry is one of the most approachable and inspiring athlete to everyone. 

Words from 2015 MVP Stephen Curry to Gilas Pilipinas Team

Media from press asked Stephen Curry — What advise can you give to Gilas Pilipinas Team to compete in FIBA Asia?

The 2015 MVP Stephen Curry advised Gilas Pilipinas Team “To have confidence to yourself, have fun, enjoy the practice that play for the country and leave it all the floor because its such a short window of time that you have to realize your goals.”

Those all words can inspire our Gilas Pilipinas Team to play hard and do everything for our country. 

Under Armour Road Show: Stephen Curry at MOA Arena

After his media day at Fairmont Hotel, Stephen Curry delighted his fans to an Under Armour Road Show held at MOA Arena last night. Series of basketball drills were done for those aspiring athletes for both boys and girls. Curry also participated in the 3-point shootout. A 15-minute game was also made for the fans to witness Curry’s signature threes, dribbling exibition, and ankle breaking moves. The NBA’s reigning MVP Stephen Curry also made it sure that some of his fans go home with autographed memorabilias and a hand shake to his beloved fans who went to the MOA Arena just to see him.  The UA Road Show ended with the request from the crowd to see Curry dunking a ball. And he did not disappoint the crowd by throwing the ball towards the rim and dunks it with a bang.

Here are some pictures from Under Armour Road Show held in MOA Arena with Stephen Curry:

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank with hosts Gretchen Ho and Andrei Felix

Stephen Curry’s signature shoes. Under Armour’s Stephen Curry II. Available on September 07, 2015

Team Powcast – always ready for shoot

Larry O’Brien trophy is also present during Stephen Curry’s trip here in the Philippines

Stephen Curry participates with the drills

Stephen Curry playing defense

Stephen Curry looking to pass and trying to inbound the ball

Media Day: Stephen Curry in Manila

Yesterday was a big day for all Stephen Curry fans! The reigning MVP arrived in the Philippines and a media day was launched at Fairmont Hotel in Makati. Stephen Curry was here to promote his signature Under Armour shoes and to also showcase UA Road Show event in MOA Arena later that day. Media personnel from different channel and online sites waited and witnessed the much anticipated arrival of the the Golden State Warriors All-Star at Fairmont Hotel Meeting Hall.

The registration was followed by breakfast buffet and freebies were also given by the sponsor Under Armour.

Here are some pictures from Team Powcast that witnessed that said event.

Media personnel prepares for the arrival of Stephen Curry

Team Powcast all set for media day

Stephen Curry takes a picture of his Filipino fans

Host Anthony Suntay asked questions to NBA reigning MVP Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry answers question from the media

Stephen Curry enjoying his media day held at Fairmont Hotel in Makati City

A fan wearing his jersey actively watches his favorite player with the interview

Video: A kid showing dribbling & shooting skills with Stephen Curry #UARoadShow

A lucky kid was chosen to play one-on-one with NBA’s reigning MVP Stephen Curry in the Under Armour Road Show at MOA Arena. Watch the complete video on how the kid showcase his dazzling dribbling and shooting skills.

Video Courtesy: @warleighlacs