Willie Marcial as PBA Commissioner?

willie marcial pba commissioner

Marcial opts to stay quiet until OIC stint is over

One of the many questions that the PBA needed to answer heading into the board members’ first board meeting for 2018 which is set on January 26, 2018, is: Who will be the new PBA commissioner to take over from now-resigned Chito Narvasa?  There are many names that have been included in the list of possible candidates to take the league’s top post which includes Rebu Saguisag, Charles Chua, among others. But now, even Wilie Marcial, the long-time chief of the PBA Media Bureau, also acting as the OIC upon the effectivity of Narvasa’s resignation, has his name included in the possible candidates to take the top post.
Apparently, several parties are said to be making the big push for Willie Marcial to be formally named as the league’s new commissioner. After all, Mr. Marcial has gradually started implementing changes in the PBA which includes allowing more physicality to come into play during games. And that’s not surprising if Marcial’s name is included in the choices because like it or not, Marcial’s plans for the league sounds better for the PBA and for the fans in effect.
However, Willie Marcial intends to wait until his stint as OIC is finished by the end of the month before making any further moves,  noting that he doesn’t know if the board will eventually give him the post of commissioner.

Question: Is Willie Marcial as commissioner good for the PBA?

As mentioned above, Willie Marcial has managed to keep the ground running upon Narvasa’s departure and has implemented noteworthy changes in the short period of time that he has been the league’s temporary caretaker. 
So if you are one of the board members, would you still look elsewhere for a new commissioner if your OIC is doing a great job? 
This pundit on wheels isn’t saying that Willie Marcial should be the next PBA commissioner but for the sake of the continuity of good things that have been happening in the PBA right now, this pundit thinks that the board should consider naming Marcial as the commissioner because it will benefit the league and it can definitely help repair the strained between the PBA and the basketball-loving Filipino fans. 


While Willie Marcial has indicated earlier that he only intends to help in the selection of a new process, hearing him say that he will rather wait for the end of his OIC stint before making any further plans, says one thing: that he would welcome the league’s decision if it decides to name him as Chito Narvasa’s successor.
But then again, the call is up to the board itself. 


A Wheeler’s Opinion: Will there be a PBA Lockout?

PBA planning session became a vacation

The Narvasa Saga is far from being resolved with a month go before the season starts. (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)
With barely a month to go before the 43rd season of the PBA kicks off, the standoff between two groups, one that wants Chito Narvasa out, and the other one that wants him to stay, is far from being resolved as the league headed to Los Angeles for their annual planning  session in preparation for the upcoming new season. Unfortunately, due to the lack of proper quorum as 4 PBA board members have yet to show up in LA,  the planning session is questionable, for now.
Why it’s important for the PBA board members to show up?
For starters, one of those who are absent is incoming Chairman Ramoncito Fernandez which means without Fernandez, there was no formal transfer of chairmanship from outgoing Chairman Mikee Romero. In fact, Fernandez was supposed to preside over the meeting whose agenda included that of Chito Narvasa’s status as PBA commissioner.
While it was reported that Fernandez would try to come by last Monday, the refusal of the majority of the board to show up put the future of the upcoming in question as aside from the tenure of the commissioner, there were other agendas included in the annual planning session which included the league’s calendar for the new season which also covers the format, the schedule and of course, the limitations for imports.
With no closure on the Narvasa Saga so far and with a month to go before the new season opens, what will happen to the PBA?

Nope. No lockout- Dioceldo Sy

There is nothing worry about a lockout, PBA fans. At least if you ask Blackwater owner, Dioceldo Sy. That is despite the fact that Sy mentioned about the 8 teams who are against Narvasa, excluding themselves from the 43rd season, should Narvasa stay- a scenario that may lead to a lockout.
According to Mr. Sy, the five teams who want Chito Narvasa to stay, are now “more or less” agreeing on having a search committee who will finally search for a new commissioner. 
Although it’s still far from being resolved, Mr. Sy hopes that the standoff between both sides will be overcome December 17. The Blackwater owner also added that the league will give fans the assurance that there’ll be indeed a 43rd season. 


Lockout or not, the PBA board members have a month to deal with their differences and settled them once and for all because regardless of what decision they make. Regardless if Chito Narvasa stays on or not, it’s the PBA fans who will suffer at the end of the day. 

A Wheeler’s Opinion: What Should Chito Narvasa do?

To stay or to leave. That is the question

Chito Narvasa has said that “If it’s for principle, I’ll stay,” (Photo by the PBA Media Bureau)
With the MVP Group moving to remove Chito Narvasa as PBA commissioner by the means of not supporting a contract extension for the latter, it appeared Mr. Narvasa has been booted out. 
But hold it, folks. Mr. Narvasa has, of course, found allies in the SMC Bloc in the ranks of team owners together with the owners of GlobalPort and Kia- two known associates of the SMC Group in the PBA. 
Now, the Narvasa Saga has clearly divided the teams because, on one side, the MVP Group wants Narvasa out of the picture owing to what the group has called an unfair move of Narvasa to divulge an information about a TNT official who submitted the draft application of Christian Standhardinger on the latter’s behalf.
In addition to this, many who were in favor of removing Narvasa at the helm were already against the already controversial trade involving San Miguel and Kia which includes Standhardinger. On the other side, a group wants Narvasa to stay on board because he is still enjoying the support of the group, the SMC Group.
Here’s the catch, folks: Chito Narvasa said that the team owners who were against his decision to approve the said trade have 10 days- per league rules, to do something about it. And yet, according to Narvasa, those who were against his decision, didn’t do anything and went straight to removing him
Now, it’s already given that the Narvasa Saga, which was born straight out of the Standhardinger Saga, has divided team owners but Narvasa’s statement that he’ll stay if it’s for his principle has angered many PBA fans judging from their comments in the social media. 
Some were blaming Narvasa’s actions for the free-falling number of fans watching games live. Some were even stating Narvasa’s apparent selectiveness in sanctioning punishments and fines to players and coaches. In effect, most of the PBA fans want Narvasa out of the picture, too.
So, if you were Mr. Narvasa, what are going to do? He has two options at hand:


To prevent escalating things and give the PBA a fresh start heading into the league’s 43rd season, Chito Narvasa should leave especially if the 7 teams who signed the resolution not to extend his contract for another year, wouldn’t support him if he stays. Stay and his tenure will be filled with friction. Leave and he’ll give the fans what they wanted. Who knows? His leaving might encourage to watch the games again. But then again, easier said than done. 


Chito Narvasa can stay on board, of course. 
According to Robert Non, Chito Narvasa is still the PBA commissioner as of the moment due to the various violations that the MVP bloc has done. For starters, the 5 teams failed to attend yesterday’s meeting at the league office owing to the reason that the notice was only sent to them last October 30 which is, according to Mr. Non, is a clear violation of the 7-day rule when serving notices. 
In addition to this, the supporters of Narvasa are also stating that those who want Narvasa out of the picture failed to get the needed number of votes which is 8 of the 12 teams, to terminate Narvasa’s  contract. And most importantly. Non, the governor of the San Miguel group, said that Narvasa enjoys the confidence and trust of 5 teams which, by the gray areas in the league’s by-laws, is sufficient for Narvasa to remain.


There’s no doubt that the Narvasa Saga is far from over and with both sides throwing statements after statements, expect this saga to be in the air for a long period of time as the PBA prepares for the new season.
As for Chito Narvasa, if it’s true that he only does what he thinks it’s beneficial for the PBA community, the decision to leave or stay is up to him alone but wouldn’t be beneficial more for the league if he leaves? Why? His relationship with the 7 teams has already been strained and even though he still has the support of the 5 teams, it will create more chaos.
But then again, what’s the PBA without drama, right?