Will Lonzo Ball be a Good Fit in Philly?

Most of the fans think that he will go to the Lakers. Even him wants to go to the Lakers.
But with him considering working out with the Sixers, do you think it will be a good fit for him to play for Philly?
The Sixers is like a sleeping good team waiting to explode. After all those years of building and getting top picks, I have no doubt in mind that they are due for a breakout season anytime soon.
With players like Embid and Simmons in the roster, its hard not to imagine the Sixers playing better basketball especially when they get another chance to get another potential star player in Lonzo Ball.
While there are a lot of upside to having Lonzo in the Sixers roster, there are also questions such as Ben Simmons who plays point guard, who actually never played yet can counter each other and could end up not utilizing their full potential. 
The Sixers in recent years have traded for big players but it ended up not working and even letting go of some of their precious picks to other teams.  
What do you think, should Sixers draft Lonzo?

Joel Embiid Tribute to Tripple H, Yes he did it! One of the reason why he is an All-Star

Joel Embiid Tribute to Tripple H, One of the reason why he is an All-Star

We can all argue that there are other players worthy of the spot, probably other big men better than him but no one else can do this.  Joel Embiid making some noise not only because he is playing tremendously, certainly not because his team is doing well but also because he is an entertainer and he got that quality that people want to see and follow, He is a darn charismatic player. NBA All-star is for the fans and I can already imagine how much fun it would be with him participating. He got my vote for the all-star.

Check out this video.

Shaquille O’Neal Will Be Formally Inducted into Hall of Fame Alongside Allen Iverson and Yao Ming

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame will welcome three new members on Friday at the Induction Ceremony in Springfield, Massachusetts. The ceremony will begin at 6:30 pm ET and it will be aired live on NBA TV.

The presenters are as follows:

Shaquille O’Neal will be presented by Julius Erving (class of ’93), Alonzo Mourning (’14), Bill Russell (’75), Isiah Thomas (00)

Allen Iverson will be presented by Larry Brown (’02), Julius Erving (’93), John Thompson (’99)

Yao Ming will be presented by Dikembe Mutombo (’15), Bill Russell (’75), Bill Walton (’93)

Check out Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2016 for some of their best moments to commemorate their Basketball Hall of Fame induction.

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