Sports Culture : Restyle the NBA way

In every other sport but basketball, seeing a bunch of athletes on the red carpet usually means taking in some ill-fitting jackets, too-long pants, and all manner of flashy accessories. But the the NBA has turned looking sharp into a competitive sport all its own. Here are a few notes and features on how to restyle your fashion, the NBA way.

blake-griffin style.jpg
Look at this example of Blake Griffin’s pants just skim the tops of his shoes. That’s what you’re aiming for at the tailor, no matter how tall you are. It’s the quickest way to modernize a suit, and yet the most commonly ignored step when it comes to adjusting an off-the-rack buy.

Chris Paul proves here that a turtleneck and a pair of handsome frames will instantly make a dark suit look more expensive and less corporate. Keep these furnishings in your closet for those nights when a blue button-down just isn’t cutting it.

Let’s look at how JJ Redick look extra sharp here: He opted a suit with a bold peak lapel and then finished the look with some high-shine boots instead of standard issue Oxfords. Look at those!.

Photos courtesy of : GQ

LeBron James, Stephen Curry top NBA 2K16’s 10 highest-rated players

NBA 2K16 graced the masses with their official top 10 list, and while there are some surprises, this is a pretty solid group. LeBron James tops the ranks with a 94 overall, followed by Stephen Curry (93), Anthony Davis (92), and James Harden (92), the game’s trio of cover athletes. Rounding out the top five is Kevin Durant, who received a 91 after an injury-filled season. No. 6 is Chris Paul, who receives a 90, followed by 89 overall Russell Westbrook. This could stir some controversy, mind you, given that Westbrook is the cover athlete for the other basketball game, EA’s NBA Live. The final three spots go to Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge, all rated at 88.