Richard Hamilton planning to a comeback?

Richard Hamilton

3x NBA All Star and former 2004 NBA Champion Richard “Rip” Hamilton was aiming for NBA return. The former Detroit Pistons Star told the CBS Sports that he was currently training hard and preparing himself for a comeback.

“I’m giving myself thirty days where I am really hitting the gym.” Hamilton said. “I’m working on my game. I’m in the weight room. I’m running my two, three miles a day. And I’m trying to see if my body can hold up. If my body can hold up after these thirty days, I will be making a comeback.”

“If I get the opportunity where I can come in and earn my minutes, I think that I will be able to make an impact on someone’s NBA team.” He added.

Hamilton also added that one reason he wants to make a comeback is because of his kids and the chance to win another championship.
Rip Hamilton also said the reason why he want to have a comeback in NBA.
“I’m actually doing it for my kids and for myself, too, to get an opportunity to make one more run at it,” Hamilton said. “And if there’s an opportunity, where I could go out and win another championship, I’m all for it.”
Source: CBS Sports