Jon Anick got the 209 tats but check out what we got for the "Diaz Brothers"

Before the pay checks, before fame, before the recognition. “Diaz” brothers were unfairly judged as one of those people who have a potential to be a troublesome citizens.

Until both of them got into martial arts and dedicate their whole life to this art form.

Before dedicating their lives to martial arts, before the recognition, before the fame and before the pay checks the short verse below says how it’s been for the Diaz brothers!

Grew up in the concrete jungle
Where survival was a constant struggle
Street made him develop the heart of the lion
Nature surrounded with violence
No choice but to keep them dirty hands
Coz, that’s only way to generate them ends (money)
Fu+++ the conscience, if you weak ass
You get killed fast!
Neva’ link with the weakest
See, that’s how his world revolves
Too much of a trouble involve
Like the ghost rida’ he got his soul sold
Half human, half demon
Living life for no reason
Incomplete puzzle with a piece missin’
At this stage of their lives, seems that they’ve found that “missin’ piece of the puzzle”through the form of martial arts!