2014-2015 NBA Mixtape: Best Hustle Plays video

2014-2015 NBA Mixtape: Best Hustle Plays video

Often we see game winning shots, dunks and fancy moves on the highlight reel.  This time lets take a look back at some of the best hustle plays in last year NBA season. Check out some of the best hustle plays including dives, saves, and chase-down blocks!

Kevin Durant Pro City highlights video

by: Pow Salud|Home

Kevin Durant here, Kevin Durant there, Kevin Durant is just everywhere, playing basketball these days and Enjoying the NBA lock out Kevin Durant plays at the Pro City Pro Am in New York city. Enjoy Kevin Durant highlight videos from the Pro city. 

Watch Kevin Durant Nike Pro City Highlights videos

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Kevin Durant Pro City highlights video 1

Kevin Durant Pro City highlights video 2

Mayweather needed to concentrate on training,did not apear on court


by: powsalud|powcast.net

Floyd Mayweather Jr. did not appear for a court-ordered deposition in Las Vegas in a federal civil lawsuit alleging that Mayweather defamed Pacquiao.
The reason: Mayweather jr. needed to concentrate on training for a Sept. 17 fight against Victor Ortiz.
We all know that Mayweather jr. may not really want to attend the hearing. This is a show of disrespect and I think he feels no pressure about this lawsuit. I guess he feels that the judge might ask him, Why he wont fight Pacquiao? and he wont know how to answer it.

"X-Men: First Class" Guess who showed up?

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X-men first class shows strength in the box office by pulling in  $56 million in the opening week. This is a solid start but it  seems weak as compared to the other X-men movies in the past. Magneto‘s power has not totally evolved yet to magnetize viewers. Guess who’s famous X-men charactes showed up in a cameo role?
I like the movie and I think the story is very interesting, Michael Fassbender and  Ian McKellen did a very good job portraying their roles as Magneto and Professor X.  For some that are more familiar with the modern X-men, Magneto is initially in alliance with Professor X but later separated due to different views on how to threat ordinary humans. The acting between the two are exemplary as more emotions than power are showed in the movie. Kevin Bacon who portrayed the role of Sebastian Shaw remind me of Lex Luthor of Superman, He is pure evil. 
The movie is fast phase as they try to squeeze in all the details of the story in one film. As usual graphics and the animation were good. Overall I would recommend you to watch it especially if you are an X-men fanatics or have watched other X-men series, it will open up idea’s and make you understand the real story behind the modern X-men. For me the movie is 9/10. 
Before I forget Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) showed up, Professor X and Magento was trying to recruit him in a bar but was immediately turn down, Rebecca Romjin (Mystique ) was also in the movie.


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