UFC Pinoy Fighter Rolando Gabriel Dy Fight: A Must Win

I will show the world what a Pinoy fighter is – Gab Dy

UFC Pinoy Fighter Rolando Gabriel Dy is currently in Shanghai, China in preparation for his 3rd and could be his final fight in the UFC if he falls short again.
Gabriel Dy recognizes the importance of his upcoming fight against Wuliji Buren (10-4-0), as this could be his last chance for redemption. If he loses this fight, it would mean 3 losses in a row in the UFC for him. Dy was only advised two weeks before the fight but is still grateful for the opportunity to be a part of UFC Shanghai.

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It is put up or shut up time, win or go home, there will be no excuses for the son of former boxing legend Rolando Navarette as he once again carries the Philippine flag inside the Octagon.
Gab Dy recently hosted a live video session for UFC and he is nothing but thankful to everyone that has continued to support him.


Exclusive Interview with Pinoy UFC Fighter Rolando Gabriel Dy About His Fight and Legacy

A few weeks before his second fight as a UFC combatant, we caught up with Rolando Gabriel Dy during a press conference at the HID Burgers in Ortigas.
Rolando Dy is the son of former boxing legend Rolando Navarette but he opted not to use his fathers last name as he wanted to make his own mark in combat sports, and while he can choose not to be under the shadows of his father, he has him to thank for his strength and athleticism, not to mention that the young Dy also looks very much alike a prime Rolando Navarette.
The outspoken Gabriel Dy shares his insights on his upcoming fight against a Japanese UFC veteran fighter. He talked about how he would approach the fight and was very confident that he will emerge victorious. Dy, who lost in his last fight admitted that his training wasn’t completed and vows everybody will see a different and better warrior come fight night.
He also briefly talked about the legacy of his father and his own. 
Check out the complete one on one interview of Powcast.net’s Pow Salud with Pinoy UFC Fighter Rolando Gabriel Dy.

Rolando Gabriel Dy will be fighting on September 22 in Japan against Teruto Ishira

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Will Rolando Gabriel Dy have a successful career in the UFC?

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Rolando Dy UFC Debut was Anti-Climactic

Rolando Gabriel Dy, the son of former legendary boxer Rolando Navarette entered the UFC cage for the first time against a  UFC veteran and a fighter that is looking to get back to the winning column.
Alex Caceres lost his last two fights and is looking to redeem himself against Rolando Dy. 
The fight was fast and furious as both fighters enganged in back and forth action with Caceres getting the upper hand by taking advantage of his longer lanky arms. Rolando was hit with some heavy punches to the face and the body but was unfazed and was willing to engage some more.
Dy suffered an injury to his right eye due to a punch that trickled in to his eyeball. The referee allowed the fight to continue with the advise of doctor. At this point, either Dy is not able to see in one eye or he is having double vision. 
With circumstances against his favor, Dy continuous to engage in a striking battle against Caceres who was taking advantage of the situation by fighting outside and hitting and positioning himself on the injured eye of Rolando. 
At the end of round 2, and with obvious discomfort in his eyes, Rolando Dy was checked again by the doctor and was given a go ahead to fight but the referee saw something else declared the fight over.
Rolando Dy lost his first UFC fight via TKO at the end of round 2. 
Credit to Rolando Dy for obliging to continue to fight but since its his first fight in the UFC, the referee needed to ensure that young fighters like him will be able to fight another day.