Enchancements no more.

June 3 wednesday, UFC announced a new scheme of anti doping testing. Enough is enough they said.The UFC isn’t messing around. It doesn’t want cheaters competing in the promotion. After the incident with Anderson Silva and Jon Bones Jones turning in hot for enchancement drugs.Fighters will be tested for performance enhancing drugs (approximately) five-and-a-half times a year out of competition. As of July, first-time offenders are going on a long hiatus (one to two years). Second-time offenders are essentially being furloughed for good (double the sanction of first-time offenders). Third time offenders, well, they might as well go off to live in Dostoyevsky’s Siberia (double the sanction of second-time offenders, which in dog years is a lifetime). 

So Cheaters beware. UFC is serious this time. For more information visit http://www.powcast.net