Manila Ink Show: The Golden Boy’s Father will Come out of Retirement to Fight Again?

Manila Ink Show: 

One fighter will try to ink a new chapter in his fighting career

“El Tigre”, that is how Charles De Tomas was called during his fighting days but since then the tiger has stepped aside to nurture his son the Golden Boy CJ De Tomas.
It is unclear why the father is going back but one thing we know for sure is, a fighter is always going to be a fighter and if a challenge presents itself, Tigers don’t back down.
Charles De Tomas doesn’t have a pretty resume compared to his son. Retiring after suffering two defeats in a row, Charles compiled a record of 3 wins and 4 losses dating back to his last fight 5 years ago.
A lot of comments has been made on Facebook about his return and the recent post by the founder of UGB Ferdie Munsayac may have triggered us to write this article as I suddenly became curious about CJ’s father.
How does he fight? Has he improved now?
I guess we will find out at the Manila Ink Show on Nov 25 @ the Metro Tent!!!

Rebel FC "Quest For Glory" on August 12 Features Filipino Mario Sismundo

On the 12th of August Rebel FC are having their event titled, “Quest For Glory” which will be held at the Kerry Hotel in Shanghai, China. The event will be headlined by an Interim Featherweight World Title bout between Rodolfo Marques (Brazil) and Tatsunao Nagakura (Japan). Rodolfo is the XFC Champion and Tatsunao is a Deep veteran established in his war against current UFC stand out Doo Hoo Choi. 
The event will feature a one 4-man grand Prix tournament which includes Adriano Balby (Brazil), David Hulett (USA), Andy Wang (Taiwan) and Makoto Maeda (Japan). 
One fight that people are most excited about is the highly anticipated clash between Uloomi Karim (Pakistan) and Niu Kang Kang (China). The two had gone back and forth at the press conference in Shanghai in June. Uloomi has fought in the Philippines and won the UGB MMA Bantamweight Title earlier in 2016.
Also on the card is local Manny Pacquiao lookalike Mario Sismundo taking on Han Guojun from China. 
Rebel FC “Quest For Glory Full Fight Card:
Tatsunao Nagakura (Japan)  vs Rodolfo Marques (Brazil)  – Interim Featherweight Title 
Adriano Balby (Brazil) vs David Hulett (USA)  – Welterweight 
Andy Wang (Taiwan)  vs Makoto Maeda -(Japan)  Welterweight 
Ermek Tlauov (Kazakhstan) vs Marcio (Brazil) – Featherweight 
Anderson Goncalves (Brazil) vs Donald Njatah (Cameroon) – Middleweight 
Uloomi Karim (Pakistan) vs Niu Kang Kang (China) – Bantamweight 
Mario Sismundo (Philippines) vs Han Guojun (China) – Featherweight 
Bao Yinna (China) vs Rustam Bulatov (Russia) – Featherweight 
On what looks like a well-matched and interesting fight card. Be sure to check it out.  wishes all the athletes the best of luck!

Article Contributed By : Liam Gould 

UGB 21 Hurt Locker on July 21 and 22 at the World Trade Center

Underground Battle MMA may not be making it to the mainstream media but their event is as good as everyone else. In fact, in a lot of cases, they bring in a lot of uniqueness and character in their event that you won’t see in other MMA events.  UGB may not stay underground for long as they could hit big time anytime soon.  
On July 21 and 22, they will be showcasing their MMA event at the World Trade Center. 

UGB MMA officially signs partnership with Municipality of Puerto Galera

UGB MMA officially signs partnership with Municipality of Puerto Galera for the “Rambulan sa Galera-UGB20”. The first ever MMA Tournament in Puerto Galera. #ugbmma #powcast

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Predator Fight Series – Knockout punch by Don Tagalog!

Check out the knockout of the night by Don Tagalog, representing The Den Mnl.

The Lightweight fight between Don Tagalog and Jiwon Yang, only lasted for about 10 seconds in the first round. 

Don, came out aggressive and started throwing heavy punches right after they touched gloves. It was a flash-knock out when Don Tagalog landed a solid right cross.The referee, came to the rescue and immediately stopped the fight when Jiwon Yang fell down and lost his consciousness for a few seconds.
Jiwon Yang, initially protested the early stoppage but eventually accepted the right call by the referee. 
It was absolutely an impressive debut for Don Tagalog! 
                                                       Check out the knockout here!  

Intensity Nutrition joins venture with UGB MMA

UGB MMA Championship has just signed an exclusive partnership deal with Intensity Nutrition over 3 events as the exclusive nutrition partner of the UGB.
Intensity Nutrition are a company based in the USA. The partnership with UGB is Intensity Nutrition’s first venture into the Philippines. UGB MMA Championship VP of Operations stated ,” Leonard has been very supportive of the UGB and we will take this partnership forward to greater heights! “.
UGB MMA Championship’s next mega event will be in Dec which is believed to be involving fighters from Africa, USA, and even Afghanistan. It will feature the Strawweight and Flyweight championship belts which are presented by Intensity Nutrition. We wish the best of luck to both parties. 

UGB Champion makes his One Championship debut

UGB Champion makes his One Championship debut
Only yesterday it was reported that UGB MMA Featherweight Champion Ahmed ‘Wolverine’ Mujtaba (5-0) had been signed to ONE Championship and was to make his promotional debut on November 11 in the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
He will be facing Singaporean prospect Benedict Ang (3-0) in a featherweight bout. When asked on his views on the match up Mujtaba mentioned, ” Benedict is a fairly decent striker and knows what he’s doing on the ground. He beat my fellow countryman Waqar Umar from Synergy at One Championship in Singapore last year. I do see a few holes in his game and I will look to capitalize on them. “.
Ahmed is from Team Fight Fortress in Islamabad, Pakistan. His team includes quality battle tested fighters like Uloomi Karim, Haider Farman and Mehmosh Raza. When asked on how they were training for the camp, coach Ali Sultan mentioned,”  First of all we are looking to cover all bases thoroughly for this one. Ahmed’s strengths will always be in his grappling but we are looking to brush up on his skill sets so he can go into this well prepared. At TFF our main emphasis is always on strength and conditioning to make sure our athletes are in the prime shape. “.
You can catch Mujtaba’s fights on WWW.ONE-PPV.COM. wish Ahmed Mujtaba the best.
Article by : Steven King

Story of an 18 Years Old Who’s making a Name in the MMA World

Josh Robinson and Faizan Zan
Josh Robinson and Faizan Zan

Story of How an MMA Promoter, Full Time Student, Entrepreneur and only 18 years of age is Creating His Mark in the MMA World

Mixed Martial Arts is indeed the fastest growing sport in the world. In one case a young teenager got the best exposure possible and became a familiar name in the industry. He is none other than UGB MMA VP of Operations Faizan Fayaz. sat down with Faizan in his hometown of Singapore last week and we asked him on his introduction to the industry.

‘It was one of the craziest beginnings I must say. I was a regular 16-year-old kid going to school and fairing a little above average and was super engrossed in cricket. Until I saw this VICE documentary by Basim Usmani on MMA in Pakistan that was started by Bashir Ahmad. I watched it and found it cool but months passed and it left my thought. I was having dinner one night and One Championship started playing on a local TV channel I saw a Pakistani fighter Waqar Umar lose to Singaporean Amir Khan. I must say Amir looked fantastic in that one and Waqar not so much but I saw Bashir in the corner and I thought I’d seen him and it all traced back. I searched it all up and was amazed by this guys story while slowly watching more and more MMA.

So I decided to message him and he said we should meet up and we did. We hanged out the entire day and I must say he’s one of the most genuine people. Slowly he got me involved in the game and gave me exposure my bringing me to another ONE event and to sit in Waqar’s corner for a fight and I was amazed by it. We kept in touch and he involved me with PAKMMA. Where I met my brothers Ehtisham, UGB Pakistan CEO Ali Sultan and guys like Uloomi Karim, Ahmed Mujtaba, Mehmosh and the team. I slowly started getting involved in getting guys fights.

Then came along Mr. Munsayac (UGB MMA CEO) whom I met on social media looking for a short notice fighter. I gave Mr. Munsayac a few tips on his league and slowly we became friends and it was an instant click. We thought alike. From there he invited me to be a part of the UGB and do the match making there seeing some potential in me perhaps . We talked about plans and plans and I worked getting us partnered with WSOF Global Championship. From there we opened a gym called Ronins MMA and Fitness together and I met many good people along the way.  Mr Munsayac has been nothing short of supportive and I almost got him out of his seat when I told him I was still 17 yet he had faith and trust. Thank you to Filipino MMA, PAKMMA and PBJJF for your endless support.

Once I started training martial arts my parents objected and came to a point of cutting my phone bills, bus expenses and I only had food and basic musts. I couldn’t afford to train after a bit but Darren De Silva of Fight  G, where I met UGB MMA Champions Matt McGrigor and Brad Robinson, was always supportive of me and let me train in return for finding bouts. That was going well but everything changed when I met Josh Robinson. He taught me interesting things no one ever thought off let alone pull off. He became a key figure in my life and his partner, Samantha too. Our little subway dinners in which Josh would get me dinner half the time because I was broke (laughingly) we talked about crazy things and they became my best friends almost. Sam and Josh are the best and they are one of the most kind-hearted people I’ve met. Special mention to Amr Maher and Mike Saint Claire of Combat 360x who have been supportive of everything I’ve done. 

But yeah I’m 18, although I tell people I’m 22 so they take me a little more seriously, I’m a student in business in Temasek Poly. Meeting Bashir was destiny, without whom I would not have the life I have today. Mr Munsayac without whom I could not have achieved this much. His trust and belief is what we has brought me here. Josh and Sam for the great support and friendship. They are almost like an uncle and aunt in a way sorry guys if you read this (laughingly). To my team at Fight G, TFF and Ronins. It has been nothing but phenomenal.’, Faizan Fayaz VP of Operations UGB MMA.

Faizan could be one of the youngest promoters around starting promotions at 17. With plans of taking his work to higher places, he has no plans of stopping. wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Kudos Faizan!

Sports Babes: The 3 Ring Girls for UGB Weigh In

Hey Guys!! I know you will SWEAT and FALL IN LOVE on these 3 BEAUTIFUL and SEXY RING GIRLS for the Underground Battle 15 Weigh-In last June 23,2016 held at PRIV’E Luxury Club at The Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig. Here are the names of gorgeous ladies:

1.Ms Yza Garcia

  2. Ms. Ghen Gabriel


3. Ms. Mary Jhane Banares

UGB 15: Foreign Invasion2 : Richard " Dinamita" Camansa will Replace Jessie Salvador

UGB 15: Foreign Invasion: Richard

Unfortunate things happen in the world of sports and injury is just one of them. It’s a good thing that there are fighters who are willing to step up the plate and fight within short notice. Richard “Dinamita’ Camansa is looking to bring his explosive style of fighting against the foreign invader from UAE. Will he make his country proud?

UGB15 update:
Due to a dislocated shoulder of Jessie Salvador, he is being replaced by Richard “DINAMITA” Camansa to fight against Rohail Mobin of UAE tomorrow night at UGB15: FOREIGN INVASION-2.
DINAMITA repesents Team d’ Elements headed by Monith Pabroa, d Maker of Champions.

Underground Battle MMA 15: FOREIGN INVASION – 2 Brings Fighters from Around the World

Underground Battle MMA 15: FOREIGN INVASION - 2 Brings Fighters from Country Around the World
Foreign Invasion 2 Poster
June will be packed with MMA action once again as UGB, the official licensee of WSOF officially announces their second Foreign Invasion event that will be held on June 24 at the Don Bosco Gym in Mandaluyong. The fight card is yet to be announced but we guarantee that this will generate heavy fireworks like it always had.
While the event exhibits aggressiveness, fighting skills and some brutality, the organizers and the fighters are actually doing this event for a cause.  The proceeds of the event will go to the street children of Kalentong and Don Bosco Alumni Funds.
Fighters from the US, UK, UAE, Pakistan and Singapore are expected to face their local counterparts inside the cage. Also, the Inaugural Light Heavyweight and Strawweight Championship belts will be on the line.
Watch out for more details!

The First Stick/ Weaponized Caged Fighting Organization That We Know is From the Philippines! Meet UGB/ Juego Todo (2014)

We have seen a youtube video from “StickworldFighting” claiming to be the first mixed weapons martial arts championship organization.  We got really curious because we know that a Filipino organization/promotions has been doing it. UGB MMA has been doing weaponized fighting using stick or what we know as the arnis/Kali stick since 2014.  AltoughFrankly we don’t really care who did it fist, as long as they both promote the art.
In fact they will be having the Juego Todo tournament ( StickFighting) today at the Kapitolyo Ampitheater in Pasig, under the WSOF banner.   See Event here
Here are the highlights video of the UGB 6 featuring Juego Todo (Weaponized Caged Fighting

The Goat Locker’s sixth Underground Battle beatdown happened at Angeles city’s red light district on Field’s Avenue! Check out our video to see all the event’s highlights! Juego Todo the first weaponized caged fighting that we know of happned here.

Our Grand fathers has been doing stick fighting, it is only right that a Filipino would think about putting it inside the cage, but we don’t know for sure who really did it first. What matter to us is that the Filipino martial arts continue on and be a part of the mainstream culture.
Arnis, also known as Eskrima and Kali, is the national sport and martial art of the Philippines. The three are roughly interchangeable umbrella terms for the traditional martial arts of the Philippines (“Filipino Martial Arts,” or FMA) that emphasize weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives, bladed weapons and various improvised weapons. It is also known as Estoque (Spanish for rapier), Estocada (Spanish for thrust or stab) and Garrote (Spanish for club). In Luzon they may go by the name of Arnis de Mano, Pananandata (use of weapons), Sinawali (Pampanga, “to weave”), Sitbatan & kalirongan (Pangasinan), Didya and Kabaroan (Ilocos region). In the Visayas and Mindanao, these martial arts have been referred to as eskrima, kali, kaliradman and pagaradman. Kuntaw and silat are separate martial arts that are also practiced in the Philippine islands. Arnis also includes hand-to-hand combat, joint locks, grappling and weapon disarming techniques. Although in general, emphasis is put on weapons for these arts, some systems put empty hands as the primary focus and some old school systems do not teach weapons at all. source (wikipedia)

WSOF/ UGB MMA Affliction Weigh-Ins yesterday, Fighters Measures Their Opponents. ( Photos)

WSOF/ UGB MMA Affliction Weigh-Ins yesterday, Fighters Measured Their Opponents. ( Photos)
Photos by : Albert Montalban

The Calm before the pain. Yesterday the World Series Of Fighting/ UGB MMA 14 Affliction weigh-ins happened .  Some of the fighters faced their opponents for the first time and you can feel the tension as they try to size them up for the much anticipated fight tonight.

WSOF/ UGB MMA 14 will be happening at the Kapitolyo Ampitheather tonight featuring talented and up and comming MMA fighters from around asia and the world. If you don’t have your tickets yet, grab them now!

Student in the day, Fighter at night

Born in Pakistan, Mehmosh Raza spent much of his childhood between Ireland and England, before returning to Islamabad, Pakistan, where he is currently pursuing a degree at Millennium University.
Training out of Team Fight Fortress Islamabad, he is one of the most elite wrestlers from the team. With sparring partners such as UGB MMA Championship Featherweight Champion Ahmed ‘Wolverine’ Mujtaba and WSOF GLOBAL fighter Uloomi Karim.
Upon being asked how he manages his time this was his reply, ‘ Look, it’s simple. If you are hungry to do something, you can get it done no matter what. For me it’s school in the day, training at night’. With this ‘no excuse ‘ attitude Mehmosh Raza is out to prove his skills on his professional Mixed Martial Arts debut against Filipino prospect (3-1) Jeoray Orao. Despite the opponent being more experienced Mehmosh is determined to spoil Jeoray Orao’s night.
Watch the bout live at

WSOF Global: Underground Battle MMA 14: Affliction! BUY TICKETS NOW:

World Series of Fighting in the Philippines is back for the second time this year. After Invading Circuit Makati last January, they are now set to rumble  this March 19, 2016 at the Kapitolyo Amphitheater in Pasig.

In our main event we have the Czech wizard Jarda Jartim of Legacy Gym Boracay, one of the premier camps in the region taking on the hard hitting Iranian lion Morteza Minbashi. This will be a super fight. In the co main event we have Team Quest’s Taniera Terry against local warrior Jaypee Ezpinoza Which fighters will take home the glory!!!

This will be another sure fire and explosive MMA event!


Last Event Highlights: UGB 13: Foreign Invasion

WSOF Global: Underground Battle MMA 14: 

Affliction Ticket Sale


Venue and Map:

Where: Kapitolyo Amphitheatre, Pasig
When:  Friday, March 19, 2016
Time: 7:00 PM
Mode of Payment: Credit Card, Paypal
For cash or bank deposit, please send us an email with your name, mobile and desired tickets

We will be sending an E-ticket on your email or facebook. 


UGB MMA 14: Affliction Ticket Options
UGB 14 Gen Ad P250.00 PHP UGB 14 VIP P500.00 PHP