The First Inter DEFTAC Jiu-jitsu Tournament Set on March 25 #DEFTACNATION

DEFTAC: the team that started the Jiu-jitsu and MMA movement in in the Philippines, Southeast Asia’s first Brazilian Jiu-jitsu team and concurrently Asia’s largest and most successful Jiu-jitsu organization, will be holding its first inter DEFTAC Jiu-jitsu tournament this Saturday, March 25th at The Palace Pool Club. The said event is entitled the 2017 DEFTAC RIBEIRO-JIU-JITSU NATIONALS and will be held in cooperation with Wrestling Association of the Philippines, IkiroFightwear, A-Game Sport Philippines, Gatorade Philippines, Lifeline Ambulance, Healthy Foodie Manila, and BAMF Mixed Martial Arts Center.
DEFTAC was established in 1996, and for more than two decades, we have successfully dominated as overall champions at every competition held in the region. Every year for the last 7 years, Team DEFTAC has reigned as Pan Asian International Overall Champions and just last year, Dumau International Open Overall Champions. DEFTAC has the distinction of producing the most National and international Champions in MMA and Jiujitsu/ Grappling in the region.
Our team is founded and home to the first home-grown Filipino black belt, our head coach Professor Alvin Aguilar, as well as 6 other home grown black belts and 20 brown belts – making us the only team in the Philippines with the over 25 highest ranking jiu-jitsu practicioners. We are also home to hundreds of National and International Jiu-jitsu champions, including Asian Open Champions our founder Alvin Aguilar and Kat Siozon; first Filipino Jiu-jitsu World Champion Maybelline Masuda and Worlds Silver Medalist, Kimberly Custodio. In the last 2 years, we have focused all efforts to ensure that our growth is sustained through spreading out our sphere of influence; bringing our jiu-jitsu, our team and our family around the whole country. – We embarked on a mission we call, #DEFTACNATION, which turned to creating leaders out of our hundreds of members, and sending them to cover and teach in all areas and regions throughout Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Much to the success of this mission, we’ve managed to create 45 chapters across the nation, making us legitimately and the largest affiliation and most successful team in Asia. –  Now that we have the numbers, we’ve grown large enough to hold our very own in-house tournament, which we have dubbed the 2017 Deftac-Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu Nationals. It will be featuring competition between the best of our team and family from all 45 chapters in all 5 jiu-jitsu belt ranks; it’s never been done before, and we’re looking at making this historical event huge!
The DEFTAC Jiu-jitsu program, is headed by Prof. Alvin Aguilar who is also the founder of the URCC and the current WAP President. The team’s international Jiu-jitsu affiliation is under one of the most dominating brothers ever in the history of Jiu-jitsu, the Ribeiro brothers. Both Saulo and XandeRibeiro are multiple times world champions. Alvin says he feels he never knew Jiu-jitsu until he trained with Saulo and Xande.
The team has been dubbed as the factory of champions but what sets them apart from other teams is “that we all treat each other as family, our goal is to make ourselves and everyone around us better” To date they have more 45 chapters and they have an ever increasing student base. Every chapter treats and helps each other. Everyone moves and acts in one direction. All chapters help one another especially when others visit in all areas around the Philippines. They have the distinction also of winning the largest tournament in the region (Pan-Asians) for the last six years. They decided to skip this year to prepare and mold each other better for other international competitions given they keep winning the Pan-Asians despite the adverse calls against them in the tournament.
DEFTAC will continue to grow and improve because like its founder says “if you arent constantly improving then you are going down” stay tuned for more great things from DEFTAC as we will make this a DEFTAC nation
There are 265 registered competitors for the 2017 DeftacRibeiro Jiu-jitsu Nationals hailing from different regions in the Philippines; all from One Team, One Family: DEFTAC.

Rising Featherweight Brian Ortega

Sunday, June 07, 2015- the replay of UFC Fight Night 68: Boetsch vs. Henderson was on and saw Thiago Tavares’ forehead broke by lesser known fighter for me at that time named Brian Ortega. It was a big TKO win for the unbeaten Gracie BJJ black belter and BBS (Black Belt Surfing) owner who I learned just coming back from a suspension due to failed post-fight drug test in his rookie year. Triangle City or T-City still gained a new fan in me with how smart, creative and skilled he is.

Ortega did it again at UFC 195: Lawler vs Condit. They won’t call him ‘T-City’for nothing. Diego Brandao was triangle choked by Brian. Without that beautiful finish, Brandao dominated and could’ve won it by decision.

Clay Guida showed his veteran presence over Brian Ortega at UFC 199 – Rockhold vs Bisping. I was scared I knew he was about to lose the fight until he made that knee to the head. T-City knocked The Carpenter out.

His come from behind victory and beautiful finishes amaze me all the time.  Can’t wait for his next fight. Now ranked no. 10 in the UFC Featherweight Division. Brian Ortega is only getting started.

BJJ Seminar by Renowned Filipino Black Belt Fritz Rodriguez

A select group of BJJ nerds had the pleasure of attending a seminar conducted by Prof. Fritz Rodriguez.  Prof. Fritz shared his knowledge with fellow Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast at the Fight Factory gym in Acacia Town Center Taguig.  
It’s rare to acquire knowledge from an internationally recognized athlete even moreso from a fellow Filipino.   
If you get a chance to join his future seminars here and abroad please do so! Definitely time and money well spent!

A New Addiction Has Emerged in The Philippines

I first tried it in the 90’s, when my cousins told me they were doing it and it was the “cool” thing to do.  Like most teens I tried it because I wanted to impress my older cousins and I wanted to be “part of the group”.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, it was really no big deal. Looking back at it now, 16 years later, I realize that first session with my cousins was the start of a lifelong addiction.

Since then I would do it in spurts. Never really went out of my way to find it but when I did come across people who do it, it was that much easier for me to join in. I tried it again with some people I met in University but that didn’t last very long, maybe a couple of months.  When I started working I came across some people that were really heavy into it, these guys were seriously addicted. Although I joined some of their sessions, I didn’t allow myself to get hooked.  I had a lot of other priorities at that time and I didn’t want to lose my focus.

This year, 2015, at 36 years of age I’d have to admit that I’m a full-blown addict.   It consumes my thoughts day and night.  It affects every aspect of my life now. My work my personal life, the way I deal with problems the way I interact with people.  Everything.   I find myself sneaking out at night, sometimes 6 days a week to join a session. I’d be gone for hours. 

It’s sounds bad, I know, but jiu-jitsu has really made a positive impact in my life.  I always encourage my friends and family to try this art.  People from all walks of life practice Jiu-jitsu.  I haven’t met anyone that’s regretted putting on that BJJ Gi! 

An estimated 2,000 people attended the event over the course of two days.  The organizers awarded a bronze, sliver and gold medal winner for each division.  Not all participants received a medal however as the great Rickson Gracie once said, “Sometimes you don’t have to win. You cannot win. But that has nothing to do with losing.”

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu scene in the Philippines is definitely thriving.  Don’t be the only one left standing, find the nearest gym near you and sign up to Slap, Bump & Roll!

This past weekend at Commercenter in Alabang it became apparent that I’m not alone in my addiction.  Filipino men and women across the country attended ArteSuave Manila to test their skills against other BJJ practitioners.  Those that didn’t compete came to watch  and support their teammates. 

It was amazing to see the diversity of BJJ practitioners that attended the event.  They had competitors as young as 19 and some almost in their 40’s.  Participants that are professional MMA fighters in the local MMA scene and even some UFC fighters.   I saw engineers, students , lawyers and business men all giving 110% to taste BJJ glory.