Bike Maintenance Fails Most Beginners Make

If you have bought your first motorcycle, you will no doubt be excited to hit the road and enjoy the freedom and thrill that comes with this mode of transport. However, this thrill won’t last very long if you do not maintain your motorcycle properly. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the most common motorcycle maintenance mistakes people make, so that you can avoid them.
  1. Poorly inflated tyres – There is only one place to begin, and this is with poorly inflated tyres. This is an error a lot of beginners make because they are simply not used to adding air to their tyres, and so they forget about it. Plus, a lot of people don’t realise how often you need to do this.
  2. Using poor quality parts or parts that are not compatible – This is a mistake that a lot of people make, especially those with second-hand motorcycles. At Clean Harleys, you can see our preowned motorcycles, and it is always recommended that you replace any parts with a like-for-like piece. If you cannot find the exact part you need, consult with professionals, rather than engaging in a bit of guesswork. If you fit something that is not right for your motorcycle, you can end up causing more harm than good, which could mean that you have a very expensive repair bill on your hands.
  3. Over tightening bolts – Any decent mechanic will tell you that this is one of the most common errors they see. Stripped threads often occur when too much force has been applied when tightening the bolts on a motorcycle. This can also lead to broken sump plugs and damaged bolt heads.
  4. You don’t get your motorbike checked enough – You are probably well aware of the fact that cars need to have an MOT every year. They also need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in good working order and there are no issues. The same applies for motorcycles, yet for some reason a lot of people don’t tend to take maintenance as seriously. An issue with a motorbike can be just as damaging and expensive as one with a car, if not more so. So, make sure you do regular checks and if you notice a problem, take it to a mechanic as soon as possible rather than letting it get worse.
  5. Incorrect chain tension – Last but not least, we have incorrect chain tension, which is a major problem. If your chain tension is not correct, you can knacker your bike’s sprockets, which will result in the gearbox bearings being worn out prematurely. Moreover, the incorrect chain tension will also stop the rear suspension from working correctly.

So there you have it: some of the most common motorcycle maintenance mistakes that beginners make. If you can avoid the errors that have been mentioned above, you can ensure your new investment lasts for years to come so that you get plenty of enjoyment out of your motorcycle.

PhilBike Expo Marks 3 Years of Pure Appreciation of Cycling

November 21, 2016 (MANILA, Philippines) – The PhilBike Expo, the only international-standard trade and consumer cycling show in the Philippines, returns for its third annual convention this November. The event kicks off on Nov. 25 and allows cycling enthusiasts’ access to the most diverse range of local and international products and demonstrations.
Organized by Phil-Bike Convention Inc., the event has seen over 17,000 enthusiasts pack convention centers for two years. 
To mark its third year anniversary, this year’s expo shall be headlined by a few of the best in the sport today: 
Regarded as one of the biggest names in the bike trail world scene, “The Magician” Kenny Belaey is a 24-year veteran of the sport. Since his debut in 1992, Belaey has brought the sport to the mainstream as a constant innovator and professional. He is the record holder of the most medals won at the World Cup and World Championships. His latest video project, “Balance”, saw him crossing a slackline on the top of the French Alps, a feat that had yet to be accomplished by any other biker before him. 

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The Superkids are Japanese prodigies made up of Yu Shoji (14) and Takumi Isogai (15). This dynamic duo has been making a name in the Flatland scene with their cutting edge and flair for pushing innovation to its limits. Shoji is the first place winner of the 2015 Voodoo Jam and the second runner-up for the 2014 FlatArk Novice. Isogai was the first place winner of the 2014 FlatArk Expert and came in at eighth place for the 2016 FlatDev Pro.
Accompanying the Superkids is their mentor, Viki Gómez, who is returning to PhilBike for the second year in a row. Hailed as one of the best in the world, the 35-year-old Spaniard is known for his constant creation of new tricks that combine flow and rhythm and surpassing the limits of imagination. The Red Bull athlete is a three-time Champion of the Flatland World Circuit Series, as well as a three-time Red Bull Circle of Balance Champion. He is also a two-time winner of the European X-Games.
Rounding out this incredible line-up is a special, one-day only performance from Canadian, 
Geoff Gulevich. With a career that started at the age of 12, the Rocky Mountain Bicycle ambassador is among the best in his field, combining passion with a strong sense of perseverance that sets him apart from his peers. He is the fourth runner-up for Jumpship 2011, and came in fifth for both the Red Bull Rampage 2010 and the Crankworx Joyride 2011. 
The event will bring together over 100 brands from the world of cycling and fitness, giving enthusiasts and first-timers alike, the chance to check out the very best and latest that the industry has to offer.  To complement these brands, the PhilBike Expo offers unique, indoor interactive features that will get the adrenaline flowing. 
To top it all off, the event will include a selection of fun games, contests, and raffles that will give attendees the chance to bring home brand new mountain bikes as well as a collection of other exciting prizes.
To purchase tickets, visit Tickets are PHP120 for one day, and PHP200 for two days until November 21, 12:01PM only. Regular prices of PHP150 per day shall apply on site at the SMX Convention Center.  Children ages 12 and below are entitled to a 50% discount while toddlers 3ft. and below enter for free. 
– 30 –
About PhilBike Expo

The PhilBike Expo is the country’s first and largest trade and consumer show dedicated to the promotion and development of cycling and related industries. Organized and produced by Phil-Bike Convention, Inc. (PBCI), PhilBike is now on its 3rd year of bringing together different cycling categories under one fun and interactive event. 
For more information on PhilBike Expo, follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: I I

Why Should We Legalize Keirin Race in the Philippines?

Why Should We Legalize Keirin Race in the Philippines?

Betting on dreams is the business of gambling. There is a prospect of becoming a millionaire overnight even just a few thousand pesos richer. Indeed, the poor majority seem to find a real bargain in betting, no matter what odds of winning are. Keirin, in the eyes of the law and government is illegal. Why Keirin race? What is illegal here is its “operation” needs congressional franchise  the necessary permit or authority to operate the game or business.

However, the act of betting is not evil or illegal. Lets take the case of an ordinary store that operates without the necessary license. This business operation is illegal due to lack or absence of the necessary license. However, buying from this store is not illegal. The act of betting is a social act aside from an act of personal desire to win some money. The choice of money of riders that compete with one another in the veledrome is something that generates discussions and exchanges. It is not something that is done in secrecy behind closed doors. What is so terrible about? If the poor and destitute to put their last savings- and their last hope- into bet on three numbers, lotto or fighting cock, they do so out of their own free will. The illegality of keirin obviously doesn’t stop people from betting.

This may be the first step towards stamping out culture of corruption among law enforcement officers and local officials. What is more immoral is to discuss about it, talk about it or argue about it without offering any alternative or affirmative action that would ease the burden of poverty to the majority of the people in the country.   Never mind those moralists who, more popish than pope, opposed legalization of Keirin race in the Philippines, yet offers no solution to alleviate the suffering of the people. To make Keirin legal will be dependent on our lawmakers. Is there any business entity in operation today that can provide its workers with these amount of P 300T daily or P9M a month?

The factor of moral value attached to the game of Keirin and to any game for that matter, is dependent on the players. Roughly 11% of the country”tms labor force is unemployed. The more employment means more revenue for the government from income taxes. As an operating business, approval of the Keirin Race project provides jobs to plenty of unemployed masses, People who are in dire need of work to earn a living for their families. As men of intellect and freedom, we know our limits; we can tell if it is enough or more than enough; we can tell when to go on or when to make halt. Can anyone point out a person who committed suicide for losing Keirin? Abandoning his or her family? There are more families broken and more businesses that have gone bankrupt because casinos. The legalization of Keirin race in the Philippines will ensure that proper revenues will go to the government which may be utilized to support operational and administrative activities of law enforcement agencies for the promotion of peace and order.

Written by: Manding Bautista-  0977 401 5591

Breaking News! The Philippine Collegiate Cycling Association will soon launch an organizational meeting for National Track Cycling Competition

Breaking News! The Philippine Collegiate Cycling Association will soon launch an organizational meeting for National Track Cycling Competition

The Philippine Collegiate Cycling Association (PCCI) will soon launch an organizational meeting with the objective of selecting the best university athletes and ORGANIZING , rebuilding the National Track Cycling Competition ( KEIRIN ) to represent the in international competitions such as the Olympic, Asian Games, SEAGAmes or Summer Universiade, World University Championship and Asian University Championship.

The Integrated Cycling Federation of the Philippines ( ICFP ) and FESSAP, the sole national university sports association recognized by the Philippine Olympic Committee ( POC ) and International University Sports Federation (FISU), is calling the various university leagues affiliated with POC and the FESSAP such as the State Colleges Universities Athletic Association (SCUAA), Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc (CESAFI) and NCRAA and schools like Letran, Philippine Christian University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines and Technological University of the Philippines, University of the East, Far Eastern University and Roosevelt College and others colleges from Bicol and Baguio to taken part in the nationwide search.

Interested parties may contact the PCCI secretariat in Roxas District Quezon City, Manila and look for Mike Tampengco president, or e-mail their registration forms through Armando Bautista at

The proposed cycling competition includes veledrome, National Student Criterium and Major Tour during summer.

The PCCI has been accredited association as POC and FESSAP for cycling since 2012

Alaska Ironkids 2016 in Subic

Alaska IronKids Philippines is an annual sporting event that aims to promote the healthy and active lifestyle among children through the winning combination of proper nutrition and physical activity. The Alaska IronKids Race Series is just one of many sports development programs that Alaska conducts yearly to engage children to come out and play.
Last March 5, 2016 at Subic Bay Alaska Ironkids Triathlon series was held.  Children ages 6-14 years old compete with different categories (6-8 years old, 9-10 years old, 11-12 years old, and 13-14 years old).
Once again, the Borlain sisters ruled the Ironkids with Samantha first place at age 13-14 years old category, Tara first place at 11-12 years old category and Chezka is also first place at 6-8 years old categories.
6-7 years old
1st place – Connor Hodges
2nd place – Gabriel Gaw
3rd place – Ythanmathew Orellana
1st place – Franchezka Borlain
2nd place – Zurielle Kenzie Galo
3rd place – Kyle Enialle Toledana
9-10 years old
1st place – Mark Grist
2nd place – Juan Miguel Tayag
3rd place – Michael Gabriel Lozada
1st place – Kira Ellis
2nd place – Ana Maria Mempin
3rd place – Justicia Marie Earl Tan
11-12 years old
1st place – Zedrick James Borja
2nd place – Eric Almendral
3rd place – Johann Carlos Manubay
1st place – Tara Borlain
2nd place – Micaella Barlin
3rd place – Alison Ann Noble
13-14 years old
1st place – Juan Francisco Baniqued
2nd place -Joe Bernared Sarmiento
3rd place – Joshua Alexander Ramos
1st place – Samantha Borlain
2nd place – Everly Janarie Macalalad
3rd place – Pia Francesca Sarez
Pioneering athletic programs like the Alaska IronKids Philippines Triathlon has managed to take children away from their video game consoles, cellphones and cable TV remotes and out into the sun to swim, bike and run in triathlon races. Alaska’s sports programs hope to encourage children to get into organized sports while learning positive values like hard work, discipline, determination and teamwork.

For general information about the Alaska IronKids please visit; Alaska Milk Corporation visit; and for live Twitter updates follow @ALASKAsportshub & #AlaskaIronkids.

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Uncertainties of the weather condition with an early morning rain shower Februaty 7, did not stop the huge preparation made by Mike Tampengco the holding the 2 important events celebrations here . at Gapan Nueva Ecija, when the Sun shines at exactly 7 oclock in the morning, timing of the arrival of the big groups of cyclists who answered the sending -off the 2 big guest of the occasion, Chris Velayo and Emeng Pascual both are aspiring for the mayoralty position.
All the participants from the more than hundreds of different categories joined the controlled paced biking signalling the start of the event in the 20 kilometers circuits road in the middle of the rice farm land, cheered by the thousand of local spectators, as they passed in the area,
The huge preparation includes the roasting of 5 pigs and other delicious food, aside from performances of the live band while you are enjoys eating the different delicious food menu prepared together with other hundred or maybe thousand of people as guests in the celebration of 2 occasions, the birthday and the Padyakan ni Mike Tampengco.
Aspiring mayoralty candidates both promises to built a track oval if not velodrome in Nueva Ecija aiming to become Nueva Ecija a “Cycling Hub :in the Philippines, and produce more champions in cycling sports.

 The results:

 1st: Nicanor Ramos         1: 15:00: 00
 2nd: Edgardo Ramos       1: 19: 59:00
 3rd: Edel Viola                  1: 20: 48: 00

 1st: Mario Ramirez           1: 10 :00 :01
 2nd: Jayson Gregorio       1: 11: 34 :00
 3rd: Nilo Valdez                1: 12 : 30 :00

 PCCI:(  National student event )
 1st: Mark Joseph Viola                (Average of
 37.5km/ph in 75km distance)
 2nd: Jazztine Calanoc
 3rd: Rogelio Visconde

 MTB results; not included, also the women’s event

ThrowBikeManila Ep. 06 – City Heritage x Weekend Adventure, February 6

Curated City Heritage tour for weekend warriors and inspired by Adventure. Join us for a Bike and Walk tours to 20+ Landmarks at Intramuros, Escolta & Malate.

✅ Visit Ruins around Intramuros’ walled city on a Bamboo Bike
✅ See Escolta’s Vintage Architecture and go inside Heritage buildings
✅ Try Erra’s Ramen at Malate (or new places at Binondo) for lunch
✅ Explore 20+ more heritage landmarks in one day.
✅ End the tour with Manila’s 360 sunset view and new found friends.

PHP 900.00 Registration Fee includes 2 hours Bambike Rental, Bottled water, Jeepney transfer, Token to volunteers and proceeds to biker projects that we feature and support.

Faustine Luell Tupas Angeles Jr., Founder of Pedal for HIV, will also join us this Saturday to share how they spread HIV/AIDS awareness in the Philippines through cycling.

Proceeds from the registration fee will support “HIV Positive Poster Tour de Pilipinas” project where they’ll be visiting different key areas in the country to provide lectures about HIV, work with local groups in their campaigns to prevent HIV transmission and to end stigma & discrimination.

Nueva Ecija Governor Resty Umali to Grace Padyak Para sa Kalikasan on Feb 7


Preparation for Mike Tampengco’s “Padyak para sa Kalikasan” on February 7, has been set according to the technical committee headed by Ka Noel Vicencio of the organizing Philippine Collegiate Cycling.

“We are glad to meet and welcome  all the participants in this year’s edition of my event here at Gapan Nueva Ecija,”  Mike Tampengco said.

The preparations include the road rehabilitation to ensure the safety of all participants aside from the foods, added Tampengco.

Governor Resty Umali and 2 LGU’s was invited to grace the occasion that will start 6:00 am, that is participated in by  various bikers nationwide aiming to dramatize the effect of climate change and the growing  concern of the importance of using the bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation aside from physical fitness.

More than 150 medals 100 big trophies especial designed by the organizer is at stake aside from the cash prize in the 8 categories prepared in the 20 kms circuits roads in the middle of the rice farming place and scenic view in the area, experience the cool climate , and the smile of  morning sun in the middle of the two mountain, and there will be a tent for guest and enjoy the hospitality food while watching the race.

The categories:

1. Open Elite
2, Executive,
3. Master,
4 Amateur,
5. Women,
6. National Student,
7. MTB Trail,
8. and FUN BIKE

All interested cycling enthusiast individual, group or  clubs, and Teams  are welcome enjoy the different varieties of foods prepared starting at 6:00 am on February 7. Sunday.

The event is being supported by Mike Tampenco, Pow Salud’s Powcast Sports,  Bose sound System, Excellent Noodles,  Savory,  JAC motors,  All Bike stores, the municipality of  Gapan, PNP, Red Cross, Tampengco construction and Supplies, and volunteers  from Gapan.


·         Nuvali: Feb. 14
·         Eagle Ridge: April 24
·         Pradera: June 19
·         Clark: August 21
·         Timberland: March 127
·         Pintong Bukawe: May 1
·         Mt. Balagbag: July 17
·         Mt. Balagbag: Feb. 28
·         Pintong Bukawe: June 26
·         Mt. Tapulao:  August 7
·         Ipo dam: Oct. 9
AXC CUP (Mt. Bike Race)
·         Base Kamp/Maarat: March 27
·         Norzagaray: April 10
·         La Mesa: August 28

Padyak Para sa Kalikasan, Fun Bike Event on February 7

 Mike Tampengco



February 7, 2016- NUEVA ECIJA


For the use of the participating Individual, cycling enthussiast, cycling clubs.



Assembly time :  5:00 to 6:00 AM

Take part and be the solution to the problem!

“MIKE TAMPENCO”  power to the Bikers- Bike for a cause – Fight against CLIMATE CHANGE” is 20 kilometers fun/advocy ride ( controlled pacing with an average speed of 20 to 25 kms /hour ), It is a positive awareness and consciousness symbolically using bike to promote; individual and collective action towards the campaign for the national solutions to “CLIMATE CHANGE”.

Lakbay- Sikad for bright minds in the future !

Aside from having fun the 1st Mike Tampengco’s   Power to the Bikers – Climate Change ” is a benefit ride will correspond to a P 400.00 ( four hundred  Pesos ) registration fee and the sponsors to fund the Community outreach projects , promote wellness and protection of environment in local communities and in local schools.

1,  Open- Team competition
2. Executive competition
3. Master Competition
4. Amateur Competition
5. MTB Trail Race
6. Phil Collegiate Cycling Competition
7. Women  Competition
8. Fun Bike – Bike for all


1. No safety helmet, No Ride, present your helmet during registration and wear it throughout the ride.
2. Registrations, will be determine by the organizer and will announce later the officials venue routes for the category competition.
3. Fill out the Registration Form, this will be your stubs for breakfast, giveaways, and raffle number.
4. The category race or the competitions, will be release by the chief commissaire according  to  the program  set by the organizer . Do not overtake the marshalls.
5. Always wear your helmet!
6. Follow the chief Commissaire ‘ instructions, There are marshals, they are properly identified by their jerseys and /or flags.

7. Other  Policy:

                  a. Medical Reasons- Notify Marshals or Ambulance. The rider will attended by
                      medical personnel. They will determine if rider can move on, ride the
                    ambulance or be rushed to the nearest hospital. The bicycle will be placed on
                    the SAG WAGON ( Support & Gear ) truck – a claim number will be given to
                    the owner.

                    b. Mechanical Reasons- Notify a Marshall. The Marshall will decide if it is a
                        minor adjustment than can be done by the road side, other wise, the rider
                        and bicycle will be loaded on the SAG wagon which has the bike

8. WRISTBAND will be given to all participants, these will entitled the rider for claming the food, water bottled and giveaways
9. All riders will be given finishers certificate.

10. Happy Biking.!!!
ALL interested participating bikers.
Check of ID & Distribution of race numbers:
On Line- place  of registration, a week after the deadline Participating biker/s ,Group or Team’s delegation should bring official’s ID and their registration copy.


Mike Tampengcos’s residence. Nueva Ecija
PARTICIPANTS –   At the venue, the day before the start
Opening Ceremony


Participating BIKERS have to line up according to the categories signed up, the categories are color coded, for easier identification , 30 mins  before mastering.


Only athletes who had registered according to the event categories,  who had comply of the Rules and Regulation of the organizer are entitled to take part in the Mike Tampengco Padyak  para sa Kalikasan -Fun Bike event and competition.
The organizer accept no responsibility or liability for bodily or personal injury or property loss or damage that nay be incurred by the riders or officials. Please make sure that your self covered by insurance before joining the event.


The officials and or Marshall on the road,  shall determine if the bikers  had to be carried or rush to the nearest hospitals, or carry to the SAG WAGON, as to do not delays the smooth flow of the event, so that transportation arrangement  can be made both to and from the organizer.
All participants of the event shall arrange and report to the organizer. .

New Tri-Event Called Rafthon Could Be The Next Big Thing from CDO, 2nd Year

New Tri-Event Called Rafthon Could Be The Next Big Thing from CDO

We met with the man behind Rafthon and we absouletly think that this event will be big. We will be coming out with a series of press releases for the events.  For now, we would like to show you the trailer from last years event.  For more questions and sponsorship inquiry please reach out to

Pilipinas Duathlon Series Championship! Register Now

Pilipinas Duathlon Series Championship! Register Now

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye!

Let’s spread some multisport love on Valentines day Duathletes. Invite your friends and family to take the first step to multisport experience. Join the newbie-friendly first leg of the Pilipinas Duathlon Series 2016 on Feb. 14 in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa.

Please read through race information below:


Venue: Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Date: February 14, 2016
Race Distances: 4km Run-25km Bike-4 km Run
Day and Time: Sunday, 6am
Race Categories:
Elite (Male & Female)
Age group:
– Male: 15~19 yrs, 20~24, 25~29, 30~34, 35~39, 40~44, 45~49, 50-54,55-59,60 and above
– Female: 15~19 yrs, 20~29, 30~39, 40 & above
Relay (2 to 3 Members)

-All Male


Pilipinas Duathlon Series Championship:

To add a little more fun and excitement into this friendly competition, elite and age-group winners will be awarded points according to his or her finish position in each race. Current and former Triathlon and Duathlon National team members who are still actively racing are categorized as elite racers. Racers with the most points in their respective categories at the end of the series will be declared series champions! If two top racers finish on level points, the one with more victories wins. Series champions will receive trophies, special prizes and bragging rights! Racers are required to join a minimum of three legs including the final leg to qualify for the series championship.

Registration: Submit filled-up entry form with your fee at Registration Center mentioned below.

Participants may also pay through:
– BPI (Anna Marissa Remigio, S/A No. 0429-3165-61), or
– PNB (Anna Marissa Nagtalon, S/A No. 1002-8030-0012)

Email at or Fax entry form and deposit slip (clear &/or enlarged copy) with name to Fax #: 932-9071

Keep receipt/bank deposit s& submit during registration.
Or Register at the following Registration Centers:

Life Cycle Bicycle Shop (Greenhills)
Unit GS-101. Ortigas Ave. Greenhills, San Juan City
Tel: 02-5842862/ 02-5842442

Velocipede Bike Shop: Unit B, Royale Place Arcade (Beside Ever Gotesco Commonwealth, Quezon city),Tel: 02-3518488

Cycling Zone: Shell Pacific Gas Station, Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa,Tel.: 02-809-6736
Paulina’s Cycle Center: Cluster B, Blue Bay Walk, Metropolitan Macapagal, Pasay City,Tel: 02-869-0823
Unison Bikes: 172 D. Tuazon St. cor. NS Amoranto St., QC
Tel: 02-5249621/02-4130927
Trek Bicycle Store: 3Oth Ave., Two Parkade, Bonifacio High Street, Makati City,Tel: 02-553-2445/0906-2263266
Unison Bikes: 581 Quintin Paredes St., Binondo, Manila
Tel: 02-2425053/2425061/5599142

Registration Fees/Schedule: (Inclusive of race pack, race shirt, finisher’s medal, Breakfast, Timing Chip)

Individual: P1,500
Relay: P3,000

Individual: P5,500
Relay: P11,000


RACE PACKET DELIVERY (Optional for registration thru email)
+ P150 (Within Metro manila)
+ P250 (Outside Metro manila)


For Inquiries please contact:
Thumbie Remigio
Mobile phone: +632-917-8486243

Popo Nagtalon Remigio
Mobile phone: +632-908-9086621