UFC 197 on back burner?

UFC 197 main event “might” be put on a back burner following another legal woes by the former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones to make the situation worst, there was rumor spreading about Cormier’s leg 

Jon Jones was pulled over and received multiple citations.  In the video below you can see Jon Jones as he goes off on the police officer. Jones was allegedly cited for drag racing. I thought the video was like a verbal grappling, Jon Jones tried to talk his way out and let his emotions got the best of him. In the end he had to tap out by signing the papers.

On the hand the current Light Heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier is rumored to be injured. It’s been spreading over the internet that Cormier was spotted at a wrestling tournament and based on the “unconfirmed” report, it’s seemed that the champ’s left leg was hurt.

DC’s camp hasn’t released any statement as of yet. Jon Jones on the other hand might have a rematch in the court with the police officer anytime soon.

Jon “Bones” Jones and Daniel “DC” Cormier rivalry never run out of drama which I think spice things up.

In UFC 197 scheduled on April 23 the MMA world witness how will the drama end between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier.