Road to Recovery

Carlos Condit on his injury last year.

Carlos Condit describes how he was ‘lucky’ to tear ACL late in his career. FC welterweight contender Carlos Condit has been sidelined from MMA competition for over a year since tearing his ACL against Tyrone Woodley at UFC 171.Despite the injury he stayed positive trained hard for his upcoming fight with Thiago Alves.

In an interview from Fox News Carlos said “It’s part of the sport. After it happened, there was no changing it,” “I wasn’t going to be able to re-grow my ACL back overnight. I was where I was with this and I just had to accept it. I had to stay focused on getting back. Honestly, I kind of felt in a weird way lucky because it was 12 years into my career that this happened. It could have happened a long time ago and really set me back,” Condit said. “At least I’ve accomplished quite a bit in the sport before this happened and ultimately something like this is inevitable in a sport like MMA.”

Despite this he feels good and fully recovered and is more than ready for his upcoming fight with Thiago “Pitbull” Alves on UFC Fight Night 67

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