NLEX Wins Despite 33 Points from Stanley Pringle

Ravena, Quinahan lead balanced scoring to go 2-0 in the Philippine Cup.

After getting Kiefer Ravena as the 2nd overall pick from this year’s draft, many people thought that the arrival of the Phenom could help the NLEX Road Warriors contend for a championship. After all, Ravena contributed in the 5-peat run of the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles in the UAAP, a run that stretched from 2008 to 2012 under Norman Black.
Fast forward to the opening conference of the 43rd season of the PBA, Kiefer Ravena has been living up the hype that was built around him as he continued his phenomenal start to his long-anticipated PBA career. On Christmas Day, the Phenom led the NLEX Road Warriors to a 115-104 victory over the GlobalPort Batang, taking advantage of the absence of 3-time scoring champion, Terrence Romeo and overcoming Stanley Pringle’s 33 points. 
Outside of Kiefer Ravena’s brilliance on the court, Yeng Guiao was able to get the most from his team like he always does. Below are the things that won the game for NLEX:

Balanced Scoring

Sure, Stanley Pringle exploded for 33 points, going 11 for 21 on the field while playing for 41 minutes but he was one of the only 2 starters of GlobalPort who scored in double figures. 
On the other side, NLEX had 5 of their starters who scored at least 8 points, led by Kiefer Ravena who had 20 points and 5 assists. JR Quinahan followed that up with his 19 points and 9 rebounds which earned him the Best Player of the Game award. Larry Fornacier had 12 points despite his shooting woes while fellow Ateneo alumnus, Juami Tiongson scored 10 points. 

25 Turnovers Hurt GlobalPort

Playing without their star, Terrence Romeo could have played a role in the Batang Pier’s defeat to open their season but they turned the ball over, 25 times- a thing that the Road Warriors took advantage of as they scored 24 points from those turnovers. In contrast, the Batang Pier only forced 16 turnovers from NLEX and only scored 15 points from those NLEX miscues. 

59 Points from NLEX’s Bench

As mentioned above, Yeng Guiao has been known as a coach who is getting the most out of his players- most especially from his bench troopers. Against the Batang Pier, the bench of NLEX exploded for 59 points- a far contrast from the 43 points of the bench players of GlobalPort. 


Whether or not Kiefer Ravena can keep up his phenomenal performance especially against the elite teams is something that we all have to wait and see. But given the fact that he’s playing under Yeng Guiao, we can all bet that Ravena is already the top bet for this season’s Rookie of the Year. And who knows, the dynamic duo of the Phenom and Kevin Alas might be the missing piece for Yeng Guiao to add another championship under his belt. 

The Kiefer Ravena and Terrence Romeo Battle: Who will win?

Kiefer Ravena vs Terrence Romeo

Both are proven scorers in their collegiate careers. Who will prevail on their Christmas clash?

When Kiefer Ravena first announced that he would be finally joining the draft, most basketball pundits, including this one, thought that it would be worth all those years of waiting because Kiefer Ravena has long been ready to turn pro owing to his vast experience that he acquired while trying out for the NBA D-League in the United States and also his successful stint with the Gilas Pilipinas which earned him his 4th gold medal in the South East Asian Games earlier this year.
During his first PBA game for the NLEX Road Warriors against the Kia Picanto, the Phenom led the way with 18 points and 12 assists to win on his first game, 119-115. Even Coach Yeng Guiao was impressed with Ravena’s performance, even saying that Ravena is exactly what the doctor ordered. And we all know that the usually hot-headed Yeng Guiao isn’t someone you can easily impress.
Up next for the Road Warriors?
They will be facing the GlobalPort Batang Pier of Terrene Romeo and Stanley Pringle. But let’s just focus on one particular match-up that we’ve already seen in the UAAP, the match-up featuring Kiefer Ravena going up against the Bro, Terrence Romeo.
To begin with, these two guards have already battled each other multiple times during their respective careers in the UAAP which was highlighted by a Finals slugfest which ended up in Ravena’s Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles hoisting the championship after beating the FEU Tamaraws of Romeo.
While Manong Kiefer may have the numbers against the Bro, this is the PBA.
In terms of experience, Terrence Romeo obviously has the upper hand in this battle of two explosive guards in the PBA. He is already a multi-time scoring champion and that is something we can expect Kiefer to do in his career. And Kiefer Ravena is also one of the few players who can engage in a scoring battle against Romeo.

So who will win tomorrow?

Prediction: The GlobalPort Batang Pier will win

Why? Experience is why. 


While Kiefer Ravena may be a rookie, Terrence Romeo may want to watch his back come tomorrow because the Phenom might make a run for the scoring championship and, the win. And we all know that Yeng Guiao always has something under his sleeves to defends guards like Romeo. Either way, this will be an exciting match-up, right? 

A Wheeler’s Opinion: Both Meralco and GlobalPort are Winners if Terrence Romeo Trade Happened

Just imagine if the Bolts have Terrence Romeo against Ginebra during the Governors’ Cup Finals

Terrence Romeo wants to join a winning team.

Terrence Romeo has emerged as one of the league’s elite scorers since coming into the league back in 2013. Through his 5 years in the PBA, Romeo has received the following awards and recognitions:
  • 2015 PBA Most Improved Player
  • 3 times PBA All-Star
  • 2-time PBA All-Star Game MVP
  • 2-time PBA All-Star 3-Point Shootout Champion
  • Member of the 2016 PBA First Mythical Team
  • Member of the 2015 PBA Second Mythical Team
  • Member of the 2014 PBA All-Rookie Team
  • 3-time PBA Scoring Champion
However, one thing is still missing in the Terrence Romeo’s list of achievements: winning a PBA championship. 
No wonder why he requested to be traded during this season’s Commissioner’s Cup as rumor has it. And we cannot blame Romeo’s frustration towards GlobalPort’s lack of success. 
Why? In 5 years that they had Romeo on board, they were in the quarterfinals, 7 times, only making it to the semifinals, once. Despite numerous coaching changes, trades and other possible changes, nothing seems to have worked for the Batang Pier as they are still yet to reach the PBA Finals despite having one of the most exciting backcourt duos in Romeo and Stanley Pringle. 
Over the past few days, rumors of past attempts to trade Romeo has been raining down the social media and various sports website. Apparently, the Batang Pier first offered Terrence Romeo to the Talk N Text KaTropa for Moala Tautuaa- a deal which the KaTropa immediately turned down owing to the fact that they intended to develop Tautuaa into a stronger force, especially in the post. 
Next, it was reported that GlobalPort offered their superstar guard to the Meralco Bolts in exchange for a much heavier package: the backcourt duo of Chris Newsome and Baser Amer. But Bolts Coach Norman Black didn’t to part ways with Newsome so, nah. 
However, this trade would have worked for both sides especially for the Bolts had Romeo suited up for them during the Governors’ Cup Finals against the eventual back-to-back champions, Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings. 

2 for 1 Trade: It would have worked both ways

Assuming that there would be no chemistry issue, Terrence Romeo would have easily blended with the Bolts and would have provided Allen Durham a more consistent scoring reinforcement- something that they sorely needed in their 7-game series against the Gin Kings.
Sure, it’s heavy for Norman Black to let go of Newsome but had the deal went through, there’s a high possibility that the Bolts would have won the Governors’ Cup trophy. Mind you, folks, Terrence ended the 2016-2017 season by averaging 23 points per game. 
On the other side of the fence, the Batang Pier would have received a dynamic duo in Amer and Newsome. That deal would have allowed GlobalPort to establish a young but promising trio of Amer, Newsome and Stanley Pringle. Sure,  nobody can replace Terrence Romeo’s numbers but we all know that both Amer and Newsome are both capable players who can score both inside and from the three-point line.


Terrence Romeo is still on the trading block as rumor has it. And wherever Romeo will land come the 43rd season of the PBA, he will continue to dazzle around. He will continue to find ways to score and most importantly, Terrence Romeo will find more ways to win and it includes winning his first PBA championship. 
Who knows? We might be able to see him in a Ginebra jersey.
After all, the reason why he’s wearing #7 is that Robert Jaworksi was his father’s idol. 

Highlights: Global Port Repels Phoenix, Terrence Romeo Scored 21 Points Wearing Nike Kobe Shoes

Phoenix fell short against Global Port

Global Port Repel Phoenix, Terrence Romeo Scored 21 points wearing Kobe Shoe

Global Port had enough buffer to retain the lead and get their first win in the 2017 PBA Governors Cup.

Batang Pier was pretty much in control of the first 3 quarters scoring more than 25 points in each until Phoenix pushed the panic button and tried to come back from the game in the fourth.

Phoenix rallied and scored 32 points against only 18 of Global Port. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to extirpate the Batang Pier who piled up enough buffer to get away with the win.

Global Port import Murphy Hollaway had a monster game scoring 29 points and grabbing 20 boards. Terrence Romeo was the leading scorer again for all locals collecting 21 points.
Phoenix had a bad game tonight shooting 35% from the field, their shooters were out of range.Baguio (28%), Jazul (33%) and Wright were (0/6).

Phoenix is now 2 wins and 1 loss while Global Port captured their first win and is now 1-1.

Side note: We had a survey in our last article on what sneaker brand Terrence Romeo will be wearing tonight. Romeo wore a Nike Kobe shoe brand despite being a Peak endorser. 
The scores:

GLOBALPORT 100 – Holloway 29, Romeo 21, Arana 13, Pringle 11, Anthony 9, Grey 5, Van Opstal 4, Guinto 3, Pennisi 3, Ababou 0, Cortez 0, Mamaril 0.
PHOENIX 91 – Phelps 32, Eriobu 11, Intal 11, Jazul 10, Baguio 5, Alolino 5, Dehesa 5, W. Wilson 4, Wright 4, J. Wilson 2, Kramer 2, Hayes 0, Borboran 0.

Quarters: 26-15, 54-36, 82-59, 100-91.

Rain or Shine Captured First Win Against Global Port, Romeo Good But Bad

Rain or Shine started the game on a positive note and got a 7 point lead in the first half. They continued the good run in the second quarter but Global Port put up a good fight in the second half only to fall short with the score of 98 to 96 in favor of Rain or Shine.
Rain or Shine was shooting at a high 50% while Global Port is only at 40%. It could have been higher if not because of Terrence Romeo who was triggered happy once again taking 27 attempts and only hitting 9 (33%). He led the scoring , though, with 28 points. But that is not the only issue in this game. Batang Pier also had a problem with their import Jabril Trawick who played only for 16 minutes, shot at 20% (1/5) and fouled out of the game.  As per writing, we heard that Trawick will be replaced right away.
Rain or Shine’s import was a different story as Weatherspoon scored a team high of 25 while shooting 61%. He also got a help from tonight’s player of the game Ahanmisi with 17 points.
Watch the highlights from TV5.

The scores:

RAIN OR SHINE 98 – Weatherspoon 25, Ahanmisi 17, Almazan 15, Tiu 10, Chan 9, Washington 8, Cruz 4, Norwood 4, Ponferada 3, Yap 2, Belga 1.

GLOBALPORT 96 – Romeo 28, Pringle 21, Anthony 12, Guinto 12, Arana 3, Mamaril 3, Trawick 3, Mamaril 2, Ababou 2, Van Opstal 0, Grey 0, Maierhofer 0.

Quarters: 24-17, 50-39, 71-70, 98-96.

PBA Highlights: GlobalPort Gets Uplifted by New Recruits and Ceased the Meralco’s Winning Streak

The GlobalPort Batang Pier’s new recruits didn’t fail in their first game in the conference as they stunned the leading Meralco Bolts, 94-86, in the Oppo PBA Commissioner’s Cup Wednesday at Mall of Asia Arena.
A former NBA D-League player and GlobalPort’s new import Justin Harper, who happened to arrive in Manila a few hours before the game, scored a huge 30 points and 9 rebounds in the match.
Sean Anthony along with Bardwyn Guinto and Jonathan Grey landed for GlobalPort from a four-team trade last weekend, impressively made 18 big points and eight rebounds.
Guinto contributed 8 points and 7 rebounds, while Grey had 3 points and 4 rebounds.
Stanley Pringle in the last quarter scored consecutive points coming from a free throws and pushed the lead to GlobalPort. He also handed a tough layup resulting to a 91-86 score with 36 ticks left and manage to get their third win against the league-leading Bolts (7-2), that was only their second defeat in the conference. Pringle came up with 16 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists in the game making the Batang Pier’s standing rose up (3-6).
Even without the presence of the star guard Terrence Romeo, who currently is in training for Gilas Pilipinas, GlobalPort managed to fight hard and snapped a win.
Alex Stepheson had a monster output of 19 points and 27 rebounds for Meralco. The Bolts’ defeat from Batang Pier broke the three-game winning streak.

The Scores:

GLOBALPORT 94 – Harper 30, Anthony 18, Pringle 16, Cortez 13, Guinto 8, Grey 3, Pessumal 2, Paredes 2, Mamaril 2, Forrester 0, Urbiztondo 0.

MERALCO 86 – Stepheson 19, Chua 16, Dillinger 14, Amer 11, Newsome 8, Uyloan 6, Daquioag 2, Hodge 2, Yeo 2, Caram 2, Hugnatan 2, Nabong 2, Faundo 0.

Quarterscores: 26-25, 43-42, 61-65, 94-86.

(courtesy: youtube/Sports5)

Brownlee was Gold, Terrence was Brick as Ginebra Grabbed Their First Win Against Global Port

Justin Brownlee PBA shoots
Jumpshot from Brownlee
After a poor performance in the first game, Brownlee found his rhythm to save Barangay Ginebra and captured their first win against Global Port of the 2017 Commissioners Cup.
Global Port look poised and was in control in the first half,  scoring 58 points against 51 of Ginebra.
All turned sour in the 3rd quarter when Justin Brownlee took over the game and scored majority of his points in the quarter.
Batang Pier could not find the basket in the second half and ended up shooting at only 39% FG while Ginebra was on target with 51% team FG. Ginebra also lorded the board grabbing 12 more rebounds resulting to more points in the paint.
Ginebra players found each other dishing out 30 assists against 18 only of Global Port.
Terrence Romeo had an awful game scoring 14 points on a dreadful 27% FG ( 6/22).

The scores:

GINEBRA 113 – Brownlee 29, Tenorio 15, Aguilar 13, Mercado 13, Ferrer 13, Thompson 10, Devance 10, Marcelo 6, Caguioa 4, Jamito 0, Cruz 0, Ellis 0.

GLOBALPORT 96 – Pringle 29, Ababou 17, Romeo 14, Williams 13, Quinahan 11, Cortez 4, Pessumal 3, Aban 3, Mamaril 2, Maierhofer 0, Pannisi 0, Forrester 0.

Quarterscores: 23-24, 51-58, 85-75, 113-96.

Highlights: No Romeo, Alaska Cruised Past Global Port Plus Coach Seems to Like Import

Calvin Lay it up – Photo – Media Bureau

Alaska played as if they never went on vacation and never had an issue with their import.
It looks like Abueva and his team is already clicking like a well-oiled machine cruising past Romeo-less Global Port. Alaska was just amazing in the first half, continued to chug on the points in the second and never looked back as they easily dismantled Global Port who is obviously missing their leading scorer who coincidentally is also the leading scorer of the PBA.
After the game, Coach Alex Compton asked how many point difference to the media the moment he was seated in the press room. Alex Compton realizes that Global Port was with a big handicap not having Terrence Romeo.  The 28 points could have been Terrence Romeo’s production if he was playing.
Abueva led the locals with 15 points but their replacement import Cory Jefferson was the man of the hour impressing coach Alex Compton.

I think he is pretty good, seems like a good guy, seems like a gentleman, seems like a good fit for Alaska. Coach Alex Compton

Alaska had an interesting season acquiring imports for the 2017 PBA Commissioner Cup but at least they had it right the third time. They contracted two imports before Corey, the first backed out and Octavious Ellis had to bail out due to family emergency a couple of days before the start of the season.
The scores:
ALASKA 107 – Jefferson 28, Abueva 15, Thoss 13, Pascual 12, Galliguez 9, Banchero 8, Exciminiano 7, Enciso 6, Magat 4, Racal 3, Dela Cruz 2, Mendoza 0, Andrada 0.
GLOBALPORT 79 – Pringle 27, Williams 18, Quinahan 8, Canaleta 6, Cortez 6, Pessumal 5, Mamaril 4, Maierhofer 3, Aban 2, Pennisi 0, Paredes 0.
Quarterscores: 32-24, 59-42, 81-58, 107-79
Watch Highlights of Alaska vs Global Port:

Meralco continues to fight for 8th spot after win against Elasto Painters

Photo Credits to PBA Media Bureau

After being on the losing column a couple of times, Meralco finally found their way into the winning track after beating the talented guard loaded roster of Globalport Batang Pier on Friday at the Cuneta Astrodome.

Right after a disappointing conference finals against the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, Meralco just had a 6 straight losing skid prior to the 82-72 win against the Batang Pier.

Meralco bursted with 35 points in the first quarter against the 20 points production of Globalport and eventually got their 3rd win in this season opening conference after 10 games, it has been tough for the squad to gain back their composure after their finals series.

Newsome led the Bolts  with 19 points, 4 boards and 6 assists. This win doesn’t guarantee them a spot in the playoffs but they admit that this win boosts their morale after losing most of their games out of the 10 recorded.

Another game left for the Bolts against Star on January 28, a game that will not also guarantee them any spot in the quarter finals but also one of the must win games left in the elimination round.

Terrence Romeo spoils Ginebra come back, gives the kings second loss

Photo by PBA Media Bureau

Terence Romeo again proved how he has matured in terms of how he plays the game in the professional league from being just one of the new comers in the country’s biggest basketball stage.

Globalport Batang Pier held the Barangay Ginebra squad through out the whole game having them play catch up in most part of their showdown in Sunday at the Araneta Coliseum.

Japeth Aguilar led the Barangay Ginebra in trying to get back in the game being the only player to get double figures during the 3rd period but somehow gets some support from their main play maker LA Tenorio who sinked some jumpers and tripples that closed the gap.

Romeo and the rest of the Batang Pier players made it hard for Ginebra to continue their momentum as they outscored Ginebra in the payoff period having Romeo to score 15 points in a single quarter that spoiled the known Ginebra comeback and ended the game with a season high record of 35 points disappointing Aguilar and Tenorio’s output at 23points a piece

The scores:

GLOBALPORT 91 – Romeo 35, Quinahan 15, Pringle 12, Canaleta 10, Mamaril 6, Cortez 6, Urbiztondo 3, Pennisi 2, Maierhofer 2, Semerad 0, Pessumal 0

GINEBRA 84 – Aguilar 23, Tenorio 23, Devance 9, Mariano 8, Cruz 6, Mercado 5, Thompson 4, Caguioa 2, Ellis 2, Taha 2, Ferrer 0, Helterbrand 0

Quarterscores: 23-22, 53-36, 68-65, 91-84

Video Highlights:Terrence Romeo vs Scottie Thompson and Ginebra! Easy Work for Terrence!

Video:Terrence Romeo vs Scottie Thompson and Ginebra!  Easy Work for Terrence!

Not only did Terrence Romeo carried the Global Port Batang Pier to a win by contributing 35 points, he also left us with a few highlights that we would be watching all day.

Romeo turned trash into gold.  Barangay Ginebra turned the ball over and Terrence picked it up and quickly ran the floor against LA Tenorio and Joe Devance for a nice layup.

Scottie Thompson got a taste of the sweetest crossover courtesy of Chef Terrence Romeo.

Videos courtesy of TV5

2016 PBA Offseason Grades: GlobalPort Batang Pier

It was just a month ago after the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel won their first championship in eight years and the PBA already opened it’s 42nd season. Let us examine how each team did in the offseason.


Players in: J.R. Quiñahan, KG Cañaleta, Rey Guevarra, Mike Cortez, Mick Pennisi

Players out: Jay Washington, Joseph Yeo, Doug Kramer

Drafted Players: Von Pessumal, Jessie Saitanan


The GlobalPort Batang Pier look like a powerhouse team on paper. They’ve added another scoring option in KG Canaleta (who they basically got for nothing) and a reliable big man who can also shoot from the outside in J.R. Quiñahan plus they’ve  drafted sharpshooter and scorer Von Pessumal. They were just more of a complete team this season.

Imagine a projected starting five of Stanley Pringle, Terrence Romeo, Von Pessumal KG Canaleta and J.R. Quiñahan and a bench consisting of Mike Cortez, Rey Guevarra, Karl Dehesa, Anthony Semerad and Billy Mamaril, that’s alot of scoring option in your team who can also do it on the other end of the court.

The Batang Pier were a team to beat this season and will have a great shot in the championship.


Point Guards
Stanley Pringle
Mike Cortez
Terrence Romeo

Shooting Guards
Aaron Aban
Rey Guevarra
Karl Dehesa

Small Forwards
Von Pessumal
Anthony Semerad
KG Canaleta

Power Forwards
Billy Mamaril
Rico Maierhofer
Philip Paredes

JR. Quiñahan
Jessie Saitanan
Mick Pennisi

Head coach: Jonhedel Cardel

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BREAKING: No more "Extra Rice, Inc." as Elasto Painters dealt Quiñahan to Batang Pier for Washington

J.R. Quiñahan’s tenure with the E-Painters has come to an end. © PBA Media Bureau 

No more coach Yeng Guiao, No more “Extra Rice, Inc.”

A week after their former coach, Yeng Guiao announces that the he will leave the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters team to coach the NLEX Road Warriors, another change has come for the Elasto Painters as J.R. Quiñahan has been traded to the Batang Pier for Jay Washington.

Quiñahan has been part of the Elasto Painters team since the 2011-2012 season and won two championships with the team in 2012 Governors’ Cup and 2016 Commissioner’s Cup.

The 2x PBA All Star averaged 11.7 points, 4.9 rebounds and 1.9 assists in just 22.3 minutes of action per game in the 2015-2016 season. He will fill the lack of inside presence of the Batang Pier team.

Meanwhile Jay Washington will be playing for his fourth team in his 12th season in the PBA. The 1st overall pick of the 2005 PBA draft has averaged 8.6 points, 5.81 rebounds and 1.4 assists in 25.5 minutes per game in 2015-2016 season.

Globalport acquired Mike Cortez from Blackwater in exchange for Ronald Pascual

Globalport’s backcourt will get even deadlier with the addition of the veteran, Mike Cortez who they acquired in exchange for Ronald Pascual.

Cortez joins Joseph Yeo as a supporting players behind the starters, Terrence Romeo and Stanley Pringle.

Blackwater meantime will have the service of Ronald Pascual. He was a member of the college trio named Pinatubo Trio composed of him, Abueva and Sangalang.

While Abueva and Sangalang already made a name from themselves, Pascual failed to duplicate his collegiate exploits due to lack of playing time with his former teams.

TNT Katropa survives Globalport’s late come back, remains on top of the standings.

Photo Credits to PBA Media

The top team in the current PBA standings continues their winning momentum as they beat the Globalport Batang pier. The TNT Katropa point guard and Asia’s best Jason Castro lifted the whole team again in a showdown this Wednesday agains the struggling Batang Pier. The Katropas dominated most of the quarters in this game as they maintain their lead throughout the 4 quarters.

Terrence Romeo and the rest of Globalport played catch up ending the 1st half trailing by 16 points.
And after 3 quarters, they were able to bring it down to 10points deficit. The Batang pier import  Glover scored 38 points while Romeo who made triples during the 4th quarter to try to snatch the lead from TNT contributed 33 points but was not able to sustain as Castro continues his scoring spree.

Castro Scored 37 points along side Ranidel De Ocampo who handed 17 points to survive a late Globalport come back. Final Score 122-120 TNT win.

The scores:

TNT KATROPA 122 – Castro 37, De Ocampo 17,  Fonacier 14, R. Reyes 11, Madanly 10, Williams 8,  Ammons 7, Rosales 7, Tautuaa 6, Rosario 5, Carey 0, Rosser 0.

GLOBALPORT 120 – Glover 38, Romeo 33, Pringle 25, Washington 9, Taha 5, Salvacion 3, Semerad 3, Dehesa 2, Yeo 2, Mamaril 0.

Quarters: 35-18, 70-52, 96-86, 122-120

Best Player of the Game : Jason Castro 37 points 8 assists and 6/11 3pt FG

Terrence Romeo Man on a Mission beats ROS! 33 Pts 5 Assists BEAST!

Terrence Romeo in Albay 8/27/2016
It is no doubt that Terrence Romeo is the best player to create a 3 point shot for himself. I understand that there are “better” shooters out there but man oh man he is very great in creating space to launch a mid range or a 3. If their team makes it to the semis I believe that Romeo should get the nod as the best player of the conference. Romeo never gave up and delivered when it mattered however it was Taha who sealed the game for them delivering clutch basket and a split from the Charity stripe. With this win Global Port improves to 3-4 tied with ROS.
Here is the game highlight from Albay courtesy of sports 5.
 Written by: Aldrin
Team Powcast

Mahindra banks their 2nd win against Globalport.

Good sign for the Mahindra Enforcers as they clinch another win in the PBA Governors’ Cup.
For a young team who struggled in most part of their previous campaigns in the league, it is now paying off that they’ve been getting those W’s in this conference.

Their import James white lead the team in getting this 2nd win with 28 points together with Ramos with 16 and Revilla with 11.

The enforcers’ win streak and consistency will be put into test as they face the San Miguel Beermen on July 27 at the Araneta Coliseum.

MAHINDRA 108 – White 28, Ramos 16, Revilla 11, Taha 10, Agovida 8, Pinto 8, Canaleta 7, Zandi 7, Guinto 5, Aguilar 2, Bagatsing 2, Ballesteros 2, Yee 2, Digregorio 0, Elorde 0, Jaime 0.

GLOBALPORT 98 – Sutton 34, Pringle 19, Dehesa 13, Fortuna 9, Semerad 9, Banal 6, Isip 3, Kramer 2, Mamaril 2, Taha 1, Pascual 0.

Quarters: 20-20, 45-43, 70-69, 108-98

PHOTOS: Never Say Die! Ginebra wins over Globalport (93-81)

GINEBRA 93 – Aguilar 21, Harris 14, Mercado 12, Devance 10, Ellis 10, Tenorio 10, Caguioa 6, Helterbrand 3, Cruz 2, Marcelo 2, Mariano 2, Thompson 1
GLOBALPORT 81 – Pringle 26, Sutton 18, Romeo 15, Yeo 8, Isip 5, Taha 4, Kramer 3, Dehesa 2, Banal 0, Paredes 0, Pascual 0

Quarter scores: 25-30, 44-47, 62-61, 93-81
For more photos visit: 

Photos by: Aldrin Alejo

Is Terrence Romeo on His Way to Star Hotshots?

Terrence Romeo is one of the most explosive guards in the PBA right now. With his killer crossover moves, stunning three point shots and clutch jumpers, you will surely love the way this guy play. The GlobalPort Batang Pier star is currently in the top five for Most Valuable Player award this season and is only behind Sean Anthony, Greg Slaughter and June Mar Fajardo. With the resurgence of Terrence Romeo and Stanley Pringle, the Batang Pier have a very bright future. But the question is, will he stay as a Batang Pier for a long time? 
In a tweet by the sports writer Snow Badua, Romeo will be transferred to the Star Hotshots. A fan tweeted Badua “Idol dpo b pwede si romeo saka si pringle sa gins para fast and furious 2.0?” 
Badua replied “Sa Star si Romeo eh. Dun siya dadalin, kaso sana pag andun na siya amging mabait na siya sa fans. Dami reklamo eh” tweeted by Snow Badua. 
The Star Hotshots recently acquired his FEU pal RR Garcia from the Phoenix Fuel Masters along with Rodney Brondial and Keith Jensen from the Batang Pier. Are the Hotshots forming a new Simon-Yap combination with Garcia-Romeo tandem? Star will be a force to reckon with in the future if this deal falls through. 

Jay Washington on the Move Again?

Jay Washington is being offered by the Globalport Batang Pier to the other teams. After two conferences with the Batang Pier, the 11 year veteran is on the trading block again. According to Snow Badua, the Batang Pier is looking for a team which will take Jay Washington.

Washington averages 8.43 points, 6.14 rebounds and 1.5 assists in 28 games with the Batang Pier this season. The 2005 1st overall pick has averages of 11.94 points, 6.72 rebounds and 1.68 assists so far in 11 years of his PBA career.

Star Hotshots Acquires Garcia, Jensen and Brondial

The Star Hotshots have strengthen their lineup as they acquired RR Garcia, Rodney Brondial and Keith Jensen in a three team trade with GlobalPort Batang Pier and Phoenix Fuel Masters.

The Star Hotshots have traded Yousef Taha and Ronald Pascual first to GlobalPort Batang Pier and received Jonathan Uyloan and Keith Jensen in return. Then they send Uyloan and rookies Mark Cruz and Norbert Torres to the Phoenix Fuel Masters for RR Garcia and Rodney Brondial.

The Star Hotshots boosts their back court line up as well as their small front court with this trade, GlobalPort gets a shooter and a scorer in Ronald Pascual as well as a towering defender in Yousef Taha while the Fuel Masters strengthens their Center Position with Norbert Torres but still have a crowded backcourt with the addition of Uyloan and Cruz.

GlobalPort, Mahindra Finalized Deal

The GlobalPort Batang Pier and Mahindra Enforcers negotiation are finally done. This time, Blackwater Elite enters the picture.

In the first report that was sent to the PBA office, GlobalPort traded Jonathan Uyloan, Paolo Taha and Roi Sumang to the Mahindra Enforcers for Karl Dehesa and Mike DiGrigorio. It was a done deal until Mahindra Enforcers backed out of that deal because they don’t want to part ways with promising Mike DiGrigorio.

In the revised deal, the Batang Pier will send Paolo Taha and Roi Sumang to the Enforcers for Karl Dehesa and a 2018 second round pick then Sumang will be transferred to the Elite for rookie forward Keith Agovida while Jonathan Uyloan and Mike DiGrigorio will stay on their respective teams.

Phoenix swaps Fortuna for GlobalPort’s Draft Pick

The Phoenix Fuel Masters has made their first move in their first conference as a PBA team. The Fuel Masters sent Jeric Fortuna to the Batang Pier in exchange for a future draft pick. The said pick is a 2018 second rounder. The Fuel Masters needed to unload Fortuna because of their crowded backcourt players led by RR Garcia, Josh Urbiztondo, Chico Lanete and Emman Monfort. 

Fortuna will be reunited to his college coach in UST, coach Pido Jarencio. The Batang Pier boosts their point guard position which they were lacking with Stanley Pringle and Terrence Romeo at their backcourt. The two are both combo guards, while Fortuna is a pure point guard.