OMG! Shaq Proposed to a Pretty Korean Girl

Looks like everyone is making a move this offseason and Shaq is one of them.
The ever colorful Shaq surprisingly proposed to this Korean star in a variety show in Korea. We don’t know much details, but what we do know is Shaq is the sweetest big man for doing this.
Not sure if this is just for show.

The unveiling of a bronze statue of Shaq on Mar 24

To celebrate the unveiling of a bronze statue of legendary Los Angeles Lakers and NBA Hall of Fame player Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal in Star Plaza at STAPLES Center, the Lakers and AEG will host Shaqtown, a street festival on March 24 from 2pm to 7pm to take place on Chick Hearn Court and Microsoft Square at L.A. LIVE.
The festival will include a variety of interactive games including Fireball Alley, Block-A-Shaq and Plinko, a Hall of Fame Exhibit, specialty photo opportunities, a Ferris wheel, a mini Lakers basketball court and live deejay.
Additionally, fans are invited to watch the statue unveiling from 4pm – 5pm on video boards set-up throughout the street festival. The ceremony will be highlighted by speeches from Shaquille O’Neal, his teammates, colleagues and friends, and will conclude with a spectacular unveiling of the statue.
This event is free and open to the public. Parking (normal fees) will be available in STAPLES Center lots.
To celebrate the unveiling of the honorary Shaquille O’Neal statue at the STAPLES Center on March 24th, the legendary Hall of Famer teamed up with the Lakers to launch a capsule collection featuring limited edition apparel and accessories from New Era, Chalkline, PINTRILL, and Mitchell & Ness.
The 12-piece capsule includes limited quantities of a commemorative Chalkline jacket with images of Shaq in his LA Lakers uniform, PINTRILL enamel pin of Shaq’s Dunkman® logo, New Era hats made of 100% real purple suede with gold leather undervisor, and Mitchell & Ness sweatshirts, t-shirts, and tanks.
For any updates regarding this even, please check

Shaquille O’Neal Will Be Formally Inducted into Hall of Fame Alongside Allen Iverson and Yao Ming

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame will welcome three new members on Friday at the Induction Ceremony in Springfield, Massachusetts. The ceremony will begin at 6:30 pm ET and it will be aired live on NBA TV.

The presenters are as follows:

Shaquille O’Neal will be presented by Julius Erving (class of ’93), Alonzo Mourning (’14), Bill Russell (’75), Isiah Thomas (00)

Allen Iverson will be presented by Larry Brown (’02), Julius Erving (’93), John Thompson (’99)

Yao Ming will be presented by Dikembe Mutombo (’15), Bill Russell (’75), Bill Walton (’93)

Check out Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2016 for some of their best moments to commemorate their Basketball Hall of Fame induction.

Source: NBA
Photo credit: NBA

WWE’s Big Show Puts Horns And Tail On Shaq, Comedic Side Is Showing

7-time world heavyweight champion Paul Randall Wright Jr aka Big Show went to Manila for a meet-and-greet with the 30 ticket holders who won via electronic raffle on July 26, 6:30 PM, at the Mall of Asia Music Hall.

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star’s visit is part of the company’s efforts to promote their first show in the Philippines in seven years.

After the event, yours truly was able to have his picture with Shaq signed by The Giant.

“He’s a devil,” Big Show said about the retired NBA player Shaquille O’Neal as he put horns and tail on him.

The biggest athlete’s comedic side is showing. A match between Big Show and The Big Diesel is sure going to be fun to watch!

Big Show wants to Shaq chokeslam through the table when they face off according to during an interview with the wrestler.

Last July 13 and ESPYS, Big Show Shaq insisted to battle with him at Wrestlemania 33. Their funny feud started in 2009, the guest host of Monday Night Raw was Shaq and came face-to-face with the Big Show. The follow up to that feud happened when the four-time NBA champion and participated in the WrestleMania 32’s 3rd Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on April 3, 2016.

The WWE Live takes place on Friday, September 9, 2016 at 8:00 pm. Live from the Mall of Asia Arena, Manila

Manila WWE Live match card:

▶ John Cena vs Big Show
▶ Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins
▶ Finn vs. Value Chris Jericho
▶ Cesaro vs Sheamus
▶ WWE Tag Team Championship: Day vs New Gallows and Anderson
▶ WWE Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks vs Charlotte
▶ Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens
▶ Golden Truath vs The Shining Stars
▶ Neville vs Bo Dallas w / Curtis Axel

The card is subject to change.

Shaq’s Revenge On Aaron Carter!

Shaq’s Revenge On Aaron Carter! Okay so I am not a Laker fan, I am not a Shaq fan, and I definitely not an Aaron Carter fan. So why am I posting a video of two former stars? I cant really think of any reason but I am sure you are asking your self the same question. So why are you watching this again?
Shaq’s Revenge On Aaron Carter! 

Shaq’s abs of steel work out with GF!

Shaq and Barkley will be battling it out once again but this time its different. Shaq and Barkley are always giving viewers something to look forward to and this time they up the ante as they bare it all in a shirt off contest this May 15. Two former out of shape NBA players tries to get their old form back while entertaining fans. Looks like Shaq is having a lot of fun working out.  in this video Shaq was lying down as Nikki Alexander and a man walks over his abs at one point her girlfriend does the back lift. That was pretty impressive for Nikki that is but shaq is just lying down there.

Shaq’s abs of steel work out with GF!

No Dr Shaq! Small guy mentality

No more Shaq?! Shaq wanted to be called as Dr O’neal. Watch the funny conversation of Conan O’Brien and Dr O’neal as they discussed about his small guy mentality, buying a Ferrari and  getting a doctorate degree. Pretty interesting right? not really but it sure is funny. Watch Shaq and Conan video below.

Watch Shaq and Conan video below.

Shaq vs Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

Golf is not my sport,  I am still young and I can still play some hoops. Anyways you got to see this commercial by Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 game. Shaq and Tiger Woods show us how to play golf while doing Kung Fu. Oh wait who wins this? only one way to find out. Watch Shaq vs Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. 

Watch Shaq vs Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

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Get Ready for Shaq TNT commercial!

Shaq maybe retired but his antics and his voice will continue to be heard as he is now part of the TNT broadcast team. So get ready because Shaq is going to attack again. Thursday Nights Just Got BIGGER and BETTER with SHAQ. 2011-12 NBA season kicks off with 5 star-studded games on Christmas Day. Now this is NBA I cant Wait, for the mean time watch Shaq sings Get Ready.

Get Ready for Shaq TNT commercial!

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Shaq going to UFC?

by: powsalud|

Shaq retired as a basketball player in the NBA and just recently I have heard rumors that He will be trying Mixed Martial Arts. With no offer on the table yet, Shaq is willing to get it on inside the Octagon. I don’t think as a fighter of course not, if it happen then Ill be watching it for sure. Not that it will be a competitive match but for sure it will be hilarious. Maybe Shaq Fu against Brock Lesnar, should be a good comeback fight for Lesnar. Hahaha!

Why did Shaq retire?

by: powsalud|

After an amazing and entertaining 19 years career in Basketball, Shaquille O’Neal finally retires. 
He accomplished a lot of things in Basketball and his life,  a Championship, an All Star,  A movie and the list goes on. Shaq never failed to entertain the crowd, even on his retirement day He was able to make everyone laugh. We will miss you The Big Aristotle, Shaq-Fu, The Big Shamrock, The Big Cactus, The Diesel and Supeman. He retires his nicknames as well.

Shaquille O’Neal: Easy being Green

By Dan Duggan |

WALTHAM – Shaquille O’Neal never thought he’d wear a Celtics [team stats] uniform. The C’s never thought they’d be able to sign the future Hall of Famer. But there was O’Neal Tuesday, displaying his new green No. 36 jersey at an introductory press conference at the Celtics practice facility.

All it took to make the unlikely moment happen was a few phone calls, a meeting in Italy and some compromises by the 18-year-veteran.

“I wanted to be with a team that’s used to winning,” said O’Neal, who wore a suit and bow tie. “I wanted to be with a team that was one or two pieces away from winning the whole thing. I thought this was a good fit.”

The Celtics reached out to O’Neal on the first day of free agency, July 1, but figured their lack of salary cap space would prevent them from enticing the 38-year-old center to sign.

With the free agent’s options limited, his agent called Celtics general manager Danny Ainge and said O’Neal would be willing to come in on the C’s terms. That led to O’Neal signing a two-year veteran’s minimum contract, worth an approximate total of $3 million, last week.

Before the Celtics could pull the trigger on the signing, O’Neal had a meeting with coach Doc Rivers while both were vacationing recently in Italy.

O’Neal appreciated Rivers’ honesty during the discussion. The coach made no grand promises, only telling O’Neal there were 20-25 minutes per game of playing time available on a team with only one goal.

“I told him if there’s any other agendas then we’re not your team,” Rivers said. ‘But if winning is your agenda then we absolutely are your team.”

Rivers preference is to bring O’Neal off the bench to give the second unit a low post scoring option. The lineup will be determined during September’s training camp, when O’Neal will compete with fellow free agent signee Jermaine O’Neal for the starting center spot. Incumbent starter Kendrick Perkins [stats] is expected to be out until mid-February as he recovers from knee surgery.

Shaquille O’Neal might have been less willing to accept a reduced role in other situations, but he’s joining a Celtics team with a core of respected leaders that came within six minutes of winning a second title in three years in June.

“The roles I had on previous teams were different, whereas I’m much older now,” O’Neal said. “This team is a good team with or without me. Sometimes in order to win you have to sacrifice.”

O’Neal received support yesterday from Kevin Garnett, who flew in from Hawaii to greet his new teammate. O’Neal said he’s looking forward to protecting Garnett, who has “always been one of my young favorite players.”

While everything was harmonious yesterday, Rivers pointed out that things are typically smooth during the summer. The real challenges arise during the season, and there are already a few facing Rivers.

For a team prided on defense, the C’s must figure out a way to mask O’Neal’s biggest weakness – defending the pick-and-roll. Rivers knows opponents will try to exploit O’Neal’s struggles to defend the bread-and-butter play of many offenses.

The coach will also need to find a way to reintegrate Perkins when he’s healthy, though that won’t be an issue until further down the road.

For now, the focus is on what O’Neal brings to the Celtics.

“I think Doc and the people will see I still have hunger, I still can play and I’m still trying to win,” O’Neal said. “Because at the end of the day, when I close my book, it’s all about winning.”


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Shaquille O’Neal wants a new nickname: the ‘Green Monster’?

Shaquille O’Neal, the newest member of the Boston Celtics, has announced that he’s looking for a new nickname. If you think he’s just ‘Shaq,’ you haven’t been paying attention.

There’s no shortage of accomplishments in Shaquille O’Neal’s basketball legacy. Likewise, the 7-foot-1, 325-pound center has seen no shortage of nicknames.

The 15-time all-star has toured five teams over his 18-year career. All the while, fans and sportscasters have called the iconic NBA center, rapper and actor such names as “The Diesel,” “The Big Aristotle,” and “The Big Shaqtus.” A University of Phoenix MBA degree-holder, “Dr. Shaq” is a former number one draft pick turned rookie of the year. A 38-year-old father of six, “Shaq Daddy” has been crowned most valuable player. “Wilt Chamberneezy” has won four NBA titles and an Olympic gold medal and he inspired the term “Hack-a-Shaq” to describe when teams purposely foul an opponent’s poor free-throw shooters.

And, as “Shaqovic” brings his reverse pivot move dubbed “Black Tornado” to his new home with the Celtics, he’s searching for yet another name to substitute the more than a dozen he has already.

But, while Mr. O’Neal, perhaps Boston’s new “Green Monster,” may boast more than most athletes, nicknames are a long held tradition in the sports world.

Here are some of the most clever and memorable courtesy Google, ESPN and the rest of the World Wide Web:


“The Round Mound of Rebound” “Sir Charles” – Charles Barkley

“Phi Slamma Jamma” – Univ. of Houston men’s basketball teams (early 1980s)

Earvin “Magic” Johnson

Michael “Air” Jordan

“The Human Eraser” – Marvin Webster

Dominique “The Human Highlight Film” Wilkins

Pete “Pistol Pete” Maravich

David “Skywalker” Thompson

“The Mailman” – Karl Malone

“The Croatian Sensation” – Tony Kukoc

“Larry Legend” “Basketball Jesus” – Larry Bird

“The Human Victory Cigar” – Darko Milicic

“The Professor” – Grayson Boucher

“LBJ” “King James” – LeBron James

“AK-47” – Andrei Kirilenko

“Starbury” – Stephon Marbury

“Dr. J” – Julius Irving

Agent Zero – Gilbert Arenas

Bill “The Owl Without a Vowel” Mlkvy

“Two Time” – Steve Nash


“The Big Tuna” – Bill Parcels

Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch

O.J. “The Juice” Simpson

“Purple People Eaters” – Minnesota Vikings’ defensive line (1970s)

“Steel Curtain” – Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive line (1970s)

“Sweetness” – Walter Payton

“He Hate Me” – Rod Smart (XFL)

“The Galloping Ghost” – Red Grange

Jake “the Snake” Plummer

“The Bus” – Jerome Bettis

“The Assassin” – Jack Tatum

“Broadway Joe” – Joe Namath

“The Minister of Defense” – Reggie White


“The Chicoutimi Cucumber” – Georges Vezina

“The Great One” – Wayne Gretzky

“The Miracle on Ice” – US Olympic team defeats Soviets (1980)

“CuJo” – Curtis Joseph

Dave “Cementhead” Semenko


“Hands of Stone” – Roberto Duran

“The Thrilla in Manila” – match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazie (1975)

“Iron” Mike Tyson

“The Greatest” – Muhammad Ali


“Charlie Hustle” – Pete Rose

“Shoeless” Joe Jackson

“Teddy Ballgame” “The Kid” “The Splendid Splinter” – Ted Williams

Rich “El Guapo” Garces

“The Bambino” “The Sultan of Swat” “Babe Ruth” – George Herman Ruth, Jr.

“The Say Hey Kid” – Willie Mays

“The Big Unit” – Randy Johnson

Leroy “Satchel” Paige

“The Big Hurt” – Frank Thomas

Jim “Catfish” Hunter

“Fat Elvis” “Big Puma” – Lance Berkman

“Mr. October” – Reggie Jackson

“The Yankee Clipper” – Joe DiMaggio

“Hammerin’ Hank” Aaron

“The Flying Dutchman” – Honus Wagner

The Wizzard of Oz – Ozzie Smith

“Wild Thing” Mitch Williams

William “Mookie” Wilson


“Lefty” – Phil Mickelson

“The Golden Bear” – Jack Nicklaus

“Tiger” – Eldrick Woods

“Lumpy” – Tim Herron

“Boss of the Moss” – Loren Roberts

“The Pink Panther – Jesper Parnevik

“The Shark” – Greg Norman

“Grandmaster Funk” – Fred Funk

“Boom Boom” – Fred Couples


Roger “Federer Express”

“Mosquito” – Juan Carlos Ferrero

“The Punisher” – Andre Agassi


Florence “Flo Jo” Joyner


“The Flying Tomato” – Shaun White



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Suprising Shaq Song for Justin Bieber

 What is happening with Shaq?

Is it because he does not have any contract yet, Is he just a fan, or is he gay now?

You gotta see this shocking and surprising video. Justin I love you!

Goodness Gracious giant Shaq loves Justin Bieber, you know how I know?, check out Shocking video as the diesel, superman , big Cactus and now Justin Bieber biggest fan sing a song for him.

Shaq attack!!!



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Multiple Nicknames; Dwindling Openings

There was a time, in the not-so-distant past, when Shaquille O’Neal rumbled across the country collecting nicknames and championship rings by the bundle, his career one great, giddy joyride, set to his own thumping soundtrack. He was the Diesel and the Big Aristotle, the Big Cactus and the Big Witness and always the life of the party.

Except the greatest, giddiest free-agent party in N.B.A. history is proceeding without him. Shaq is the Big No-Show, which prompts the question: Is it time for the Big Farewell?

Twenty-three days have passed since the free-agent market opened. Sixty-five players have signed new contracts, including 13 centers. Darko Milicic got $20 million. Johan Petro got $10 million.

Yet O’Neal — the Most Dominant Ever, according to the syntactically awkward title he gave himself — is unemployed. Is this the end? Possibly.

This limbo is largely self-created. O’Neal, according to team executives, is seeking an $8 million salary. He wants a two-year deal. He is 38. He has trouble staying healthy. He can be helpful in spurts, but he is no longer the menacing figure who once ruled the paint.

I don’t know who takes him,” said an Eastern Conference scout, citing O’Neal’s diminished production.

Potential suitors keep drifting away.

The Dallas Mavericks had interest, but balked at O’Neal’s salary demands. Instead, they re-signed Brendan Haywood for $55 million over six years, traded for Tyson Chandler and signed Ian Mahinmi.

The Atlanta Hawks were similarly intrigued, and similarly spooked by O’Neal’s price tag. They are working to re-sign Jason Collins as their third center. The O’Neal talks are “dead,” according to a team official.

The Boston Celtics needed a veteran to fill the void while Kendrick Perkins recovers from knee surgery. They found a younger, cheaper O’Neal — Jermaine, 31, who signed for two years and $12 million.

The Houston Rockets needed insurance for Yao Ming. They signed Brad Miller.

Miami needed an enforcer behind LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the so-called SuperFriends. Instead of calling Superman, the Heat called Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Jamaal Magloire.

In Cleveland, where he spent last season, O’Neal is superfluous. Without James, there are no title hopes and no need for an aging All-Star center.

“I think he can definitely help a contender,” the Mavericks’ owner, Mark Cuban, said in an e-mail message. “It just didn’t work for us once we signed Brendan.”

There should be a soft landing spot for O’Neal, a future Hall of Famer: a contender who can offer one last shot at a title. The problem is that O’Neal torched the most fertile ground.

He would surely welcome a return to Los Angeles, where he won three championships with Kobe Bryant. But O’Neal alienated everyone from Bryant to staff members to the owner, Jerry Buss, before demanding a trade in 2004.

In theory, O’Neal could be a backup and mentor to Dwight Howard, the Magic’s All-Star center. But he has repeatedly insulted Howard and mocked Orlando’s coach, Stan Van Gundy. Nor would he be easily forgiven for calling Orlando “a dried-up pond” when he bolted for Hollywood in 1996.

The Heat provided O’Neal his last breath of postseason glory, a furious sprint to the title as Wade’s co-star in 2006. That bridge was burned, too, after O’Neal’s trade to Phoenix in 2008. He derided the Heat’s medical staff, ripped the roster and — as he has done in nearly every city — complained about his role in the offense.

Even O’Neal’s generally amicable departure from Phoenix last year was tinged with controversy — an allegation that he stole a television-show concept from Steve Nash, the Suns’ star point guard. No one in Phoenix is pushing for a reunion.

If O’Neal is determined to retire with a contender, he might be out of options. The San Antonio Spurs are not interested. The Denver Nuggets are inundated with outsize personalities. He is too big for Utah, too demanding for Portland and too risky for Oklahoma City.

This has always been the Shaq package: muscle, mirth and bouts of mayhem. In his prime, he was worth the gamble. In his twilight, teams must hesitate — especially at a cost of $8 million.

To make that sum, O’Neal needs a sign-and-trade deal with the Cavaliers. That, too, is a complicating factor. And the longer O’Neal holds out for his price, the fewer jobs that remain.

Allen Iverson, another fading superstar, miscalculated the market last summer and had to wait until September to find a job. He signed with the Memphis Grizzlies, a middling franchise in a small market, for $3 million. It is hard to envision O’Neal doing the same.

Yet it still seems unlikely that O’Neal will remain unemployed. Although he averaged just 12 points and 6.7 rebounds last season — both career lows — he shot .566 from the field and can be an effective deterrent in the lane.

After losing the last 29 games of the season to a thumb injury, O’Neal returned for the playoffs, looking rusty but fit. He accepted a small, defined role and seemed fine with it.

A rival executive said O’Neal looked “better than I’d seen in a long time.” But he no longer commands double teams or scrambles game plans.

If he retires now, after 18 seasons, O’Neal will leave with four championships, three finals most valuable player trophies and 15 All-Star appearances. He is fifth on the career scoring list, with 28,255 points, and second in field-goal percentage, at .581. His ticket to Springfield is ensured.

In his prime, O’Neal boasted of sending All-Star centers into retirement — Hakeem Olajuwon and Patrick Ewing, Rik Smits and David Robinson, Alonzo Mourning and Vlade Divac. Now he marks the time by watching inferior big men snap up roster spots: Aaron Gray and Timofey Mozgov, Tony Battie and Ben Wallace.

On his Twitter page, O’Neal still lists his location as “Cleveland/Everywhere.” In the background is a promotional graphic for his TV show, “Shaq Vs.” His last N.B.A.-related tweet came on July 1, the day free agency began: “Yup, I got 720 days left.”

The Big Optimist is still waiting for that final payday. But the Big Farewell might have already begun.


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Shaquille O’Neal hits Las Vegas to take on Shane Mosley in boxing ring

tweetmeme_style = ‘compact’;

source: Brett Okamot |

Video inside

Shaquille O’Neal refused to answer any questions regarding Lebron James during a press conference Thursday inside Caesars Palace.

Considering the 38-year-old NBA star is planning to step into a boxing ring to take on former world champion Shane Mosley on Friday, O’Neal figures he’s got bigger things to worry about.

For the second year in a row, O’Neal has come to Las Vegas to shoot an episode of ABC’s ‘Shaq VS.,’. which pits the 7-foot-1 basketball center against world class athletes in their own sport.

Last year, O’Neal dropped a decision loss to Oscar De La Hoya. He’ll look to grab a win this time against Mosley, who he said is a close friend of his.

“For myself, it’s an honor and a dream come true,” O’Neal said. “A long time ago, the great Wilt Chamberlain challenged Muhammad Ali. That fight never happened, so I’m the first professional basketball to actually have two fights against pro fighters. It’s just beautiful for me.”

Despite the efforts of one reporter at the press conference, O’Neal made no comment on the situation regarding his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate James, who announced Thursday he is signing with the Miami Heat.

When asked what it would mean to Cleveland fans if James were to leave, O’Neal responded immediately with a statement on Mosley.

“I think ‘Sugar’ Shane is a first-ballot Hall of Famer and I will be there at his induction,” O’Neal said. “Thanks for being my friend, Shane.”

“Shaq VS.” debuts Aug. 3 on ABC. In addition to fighting Mosley, O’Neal has arranged to race NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and will take on professional eater Joey Chestnut in a hotdog eating contest Saturday at Serendipity 3.

He’s also added some slightly less competitive episodes for this year’s version, including a dance-off against pop singer Justin Bieber and a cook-off against celebrity chef Rachel Ray.

Whereas some of the challenges are designed to be more fun, it’s clear that O’Neal is taking his trip to the boxing ring serious.

He’s enlisted the help of boxing trainer Freddie Roach, who trains WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao. Roach also helped O’Neal train for last year’s fight against De La Hoya.

“Well last year with Oscar, I thought we won the fight,” Roach said. “I thought the judges were off. This year, he’s going to lock (Mosley) and cut the ring off.”

Despite a record of 0-1 when it comes to boxing, O’Neal feels so cheated by last year’s decision he’s added a new wrinkle to Friday’s version to motivate him more.

“If I win, I can put a tattoo on me that says I beat ‘Sugar’ Shane,” O’Neal said. “If I lose, I’ll walk from one end of Caesars to the other in a pink bikini and fly home to Orlando.”

Friday’s fight is located at The Roman Plaza at Caesars Palace and is free and open to the public. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.


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Josh Smith could be traded because of Shaq

tweetmeme_style = ‘compact’;


Shaq might be old but he still got some game left in him in fact Atlanta Hawks  is considering trading Josh Smith if they are able to acquire the service of Shaq.

Shaq on the other hand seriously considering playing  with the Hawks, The 2 year contract deal is what he wants and if he agree to play with the Hawks it will set a chain reaction and could possibly move Josh smith on the trading block.

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The Replacement of Stoudemire

Paul Pierce will not be in Celtics uniform anymore? 

Stoudemire and Wade in ” New york State of Mind “ 

Gilber Arenas ” Agent Zero no more “

26 reasons to sign with knicks, Lebron James song 

Chicago dares King James 


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