Irish Ninja vs American Ninja!

The much anticipated title bout between the reigning welterweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos vs Connor McGregor was forced to be canceled due to foot injury that Dos Anjos suffered during the last stage of his preparation for UFC 196.

As expected “Cowboy” Cerrone and his camp were quick to express their willingness to take the fight at a short notice. Donald “Cowboy “Cerrone who just came from a 1st round submission victory is known for taking and winning a short notice fights.
Another good named came out, the former welterweight champ, Showtime Pettis! This would have been an epic stand up fight had this fight pushed through.
Now!! Looks like the fan made promo video made an impact “somehow” to make it official!Nate Diaz vs Connor McGregor was officially announced by Dana White himself Tuesday evening!
 The ultimate fighter winner vs the current featherweight champion. Both are good in stand up and can definitely jujitsu their way off victory! 

As Nate Diaz once said, American Ninja vs Irish Ninja! Who you got?