Highlights: Brooklyn Nets Defended Homecourt Against the Magic

Brooklyn Breaks to the win column with a win against Orlando Magic. 

Both teams looking to go out the slump from last year and a win against each other with be a good way to start. It was back and forth action for the two teams in the end however Nets was able to hold off the Magic. Augustin missed a game-tying 3-pt FG for Magic with 3 sec left.
Nets improved to 14 wins and 23 losses, while the Magic dropped to 12 wins and 26 losses with the second-worst record in the east.
Brooklyn Nets:
Allen Crabbe 15 pts, 8 reb, 1 ast, 3 blk
Caris LeVert  15 pts, 8 ast, 5 reb, 5 to
DeMarre Carroll 14 pts, 10 reb, 1 ast

Orlando Magic:
Bismack Biyombo 13 pts, 17 reb, 3 blk
Elfrid Payton 17 pts, 7 ast, 4 reb
Aaron Gordon 20 pts (8-20 FG), 11 reb

Highlights: Brooklyn Nets vs Orlando Magic

By the Numbers: Orlando’s Magic Worked Against the Spurs

Orlando and three other things handled San Antonio their first defeat of the season

Rudy Gay played for 24 minutes but went 1 out of 6 from the field.
As if we, NBA fans, need more surprises to open the new season where super teams were defeated by small-market teams, this game between the Orlando Magic and the no-longer-undefeated San Antonio which resulted in a 114-87 win for the Magic. Given how big the gap was at the end of the game, many were surprised not because San Antonio snapped their 4-game winning but surprised at the fact that the Spurs to an Orlando Magic team that was led by the journeyman, Evan Fournier who had 25 points while making all four of his attempts from deep. So, how did the Magic kicked one of the West’s elite teams, in their rears?
These numbers will explain to you how the Spurs lost to the Magic who, like the Spurs, are opening the new season with 4-1 win-loss record:

61 Points in the First Half

In a game where the East-leading Orlando Magic led by as much as 36 points,  they scored 32 points in the first quarter alone and never looked back. The Magic continued their offensive onslaught in the second canto when they outscored the Spurs, 29-16. Orlando had 61 huge points at the halftime break and that is big for a defensive-oriented team such as the Spurs. We can only imagine the frustrations of Coach Gregg Popovich because let’s  face it, folks, not everybody can score 61 points in a half especially against a team like the Spurs. It only meant that Magic’s offense was clicking almost perfectly. 

Orlando Shot 57% in the Field

Speaking of Orlando’s near perfect performance especially on the offensive end, the percentages don’t lie either. As a team, the Magic made 57% of their 84 shot attempts which included an 11 of 23 performance from long distance. Nikola Vucevic made all 3 of his attempts and folks he’s a center, to begin with. Aaron Gordon had 16 points including 2 shots from rainbow distance. If the Magic can shoot this GOOD on a more consistent basis, they going surprise to more teams in the games to come. Remember Orlando’s 114-93 victory against the defending Eastern Conference champions, Cleveland Cavaliers a week ago? That was a game where the Magic led as much as 37 points.

Jonathan Simmons’ 17 off the Bench

If there’s one team in the league who knows the capability of Jonathan Simmons, it’s none other than the Spurs themselves. Simons spent two seasons with the Spurs, mainly as one of Gregg Popovich’s reliable scorers off the bench. Last season, Simmons only averaged 6 points per game. Now with the Magic under Frank Vogel, Simmons is now averaging 14 points per night- all while coming off the bench. Against his former team, he scored 17 on 8 of 13 field goal shooting. If anything, Jonathan Simmons may be in the hunt for the Sixth Man of the Year award this year. 


5 games. 4 wins and a defeat. While it’s still early to determine whether or not the Orlando Magic can sustain the success they are enjoying at the moment, one thing is certain at the moment: the rest of the NBA has been warned not to underestimate the Magic of Orlando. They will be either surprised or destroyed.  

Cavs Squander Beyond the Arc – 28% Outside Shooting Equals First Season Loss

Nikola Vucevic blocks LeBron James’ fade away

Nikola Vucevic conquered the shaded area, finishing with 23 huge points to lead the Orlando Magic’s triumph over Cavs 114-93.

Cleveland Cavaliers ended up with their first shameful season lost, shooting very poor from beyond the arc, only 7 out of 25 with 4 of it delivered in the final quarter.
But how did these poor 3 point shooting of the Cavs affected the whole flow of their game?

Kevin Love, known to be the Cavs center though he is a power forward in nature, became the Cavs weakest link against Orlando. Love took 5 three point shots but missed it all. His poor accuracy during the game allowed his man, Nikola Vucevic to defend him only from the inside thus, Vucevic did not bother to follow him whenever he breaks away from their battle in the shaded area. The paint was completely covered by Vucevic the whole time, making it harder for the Cavs to score inside.
With the Cavs having a hard time to score from the inside due to failure to isolate Orlando’s defender under the rim, Cavs last resource is their outside shooting which apparently didn’t work out for them also.
All doors closed for Cavs offense to enter. And thus they end up with a heartbreaking loss against Magic, which completely destroyed them in every battle there is in the court.
It was a great job for Orlando, completely shutting down Cavs, Jae Crowder finished scoreless after 19 minutes being on the court. Jose Calderon only with 2 points in his 14 minutes and Dwyane Wade with 5 after 16 minutes of play.
Magic 114 – Vucevic 23, Fournier 13, Augustin 12, Isaac 5, Ross 3, bench – 58
Cavaliers 93 – James 22, Love 19, Wade 5, Calderon 2, Crowder 0, bench – 45

Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers Full Game Highlights October 21, 2017-18 NBA season

All-Out Double Digit Starters: Magic’s Spell Prevailed for First Season Win Against Heat

Aaron Gordon slamming the ball

A head-to-head clash boomed as the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic tried to take each other down, The Orlando Magic were tougher, defeating the Miami Heat 116-109 in a full-throttle starter combat.

All starters on both sides finished in double figures, showing that they all deserve to a spot to start a game with their efficiency and aggressiveness.
Heat somehow had the pace of the 1st quarter. They barely allowed Magic to have a taste of the lead.

The first quarter ended 37-32 in favor of Miami.

With Terrence Ross entering the game in the place of Aaron Gordon, the game slowly slid to their side with Ross dishing out assists to Ben Simmons plus hitting a shot from beyond the arc. Magic came behind until they finally pushed the scoreboard into a deadlock at 47 by Evan Fournier’s 16 footer, Nikola Vucevic with an assist. Miami was alarmed by Orlando making a comeback and ceased the action to talk things over.
Coming off the timeout with a fire extinguisher, Miami turned up the heat on their side again with James Johnson penetrating into the defense of Orlando for a jam. But still, they could not break away with Orlando’s grip. Vucevic scored from the inside and Fournier replied to Johnson with his own slam in the hoop. Joining the squad that punishes the rim, Aaron Gordon also sighted an opening to slam the ball down with the exclamation point. Tables were turned, it was Orlando 58-55 at the half.
3rd quarter is all about the Orlando, they established a huge gap, 88-78 to drain Miami’s hope.
Magic sustained their double-digit lead until the 5-minute mark of the final quarter as Johnson awakens his team with another power jam and the Miami sizzled with an 11 to nothing run, they are back in the game down by one basket, 103-105 with less than 3 minutes to play. But it was as close as they can get, Orlando ceased their offense through the offense and they never broke the five-point barrier against Fournier, Gordon and Vucevic shooting impeccably until time had run out.
Magic 116 – Fournier 23, Vucevic 19, Ross 15, Gordon 14, Payton 13, bench – 32
Heat 109 – White 26, Dragic 17, Waiters 15, Olynyk 10, Richardson 10, bench – 28

Miami Heat vs Orlando Magic Full Game Highlights October 18, 2017

(video courtesy of YouTube/G4NBAVideosHD)

Ball Scrutiny: No LeBron, No Problem!

The Cavs isn’t just about LeBron James.

Lebron James looking at someone

 Aaron Gordon about to slam the ball against Iman Shumpert
Coach Ty Lue decided not to send LeBron James as well as Kevin Love to the court against the Orlando Magic but still snatched the victory. Finally, the Cleveland Cavaliers got their first win after 5 games. And it was even more surprising that they got the win when LeBron and Love didn’t play.

Jose Calderon bolstered his play off the bench, finishing with 18 points including 4 treys. Kyle Korver also contributed 11 points off the bench and another double digit off the bench contribution from Ante Zizic with 10 points. Cavs’ starters aren’t that explosive, Dwyane Wade was the only one to dish out double digit production.

The Cavs major players only had minor minutes during the game yet they ended up with a win. How did this become possible?

Bench Team Play

Star players tend to carry the team by themselves but bench players are more likely to execute a team play impeccably, they do not hesitate to pass, their offense will not be focus on one man, their aim is not to get one man open, but just find any open man and let him take the shot.

False Anticipation

Orlando Magic least expected that the Cavs will attack not with their main men. Thus they are unprepared because their anticipation before the game is different from what the realm turned out.
Magic’s effort ended up in vain especially for their starter Aaron Gordon, scoring 21 big points but ended up as the loser. All Orlando starters scored double figures but they were one step short in bench production – which was the Cavs winning dagger. Thus, it result to an unfortunate loss against the Cavs which is not in their true form.
It still isn’t  a bad game for the Orlando Magic. Despite the lost, it is evident that they had a tight and great performance. Looking at the statistics of the game, they outscored the Cavs in almost every aspect except for one, free throw shooting.

They gave away too much fouls giving the Cavs a hoard of easy baskets to keep them within striking distance and finally, bench’s team play prevailed, 113-106 in favor of the Cavs.

Ball Scrutiny: Cavs vs Orlando Match Up Forecast

Lebron James driving against Aaron Gordon

So, how will it go?

Everyone is expecting another sizzling hot performance of the Super-Team Cleveland Cavaliers. And if this team will be fortunate, the expected explosion will be guaranteed to spell their victory.
Full Team Effort for Orlando is a must in order to stop, if not, to catch up with the Cavs’ offensive firepower. Evan Fournier has the highest Point Per Game (PPG) last season but with only 17.5 for Orlando. Meaning, nobody in their squad averages 20 and above. It is a major disadvantage knowing that the Cavs have a LeBron James and a Dwyane Wade which have PPG above 20.
Nikola Vucevic must cover Kevin Love at all costs. Love can shoot from anywhere and even beyond the arc. Isolation plays will be much easier for the Cavs and will be a major disadvantage for Orlando especially against devastating penetrators like Derrick Rose.
Aaron Gordon will experience extreme pressure, playing the power forward position, he is likely to be marked by LeBron and will be the first-line defense against the Cavs which focuses their offense mainly on James. How long can the rookie keep his feet?
Will Kevin Love finally have his hands heated up from beyond the arc? How will Vucevic defend Love’s play? Will the Cavs ignite to full power? Or will it just end up with another shameful loss to berate the Cavs ultimate form even before the season officially starts?
Every victory is but significant for the Cavs especially when they let their true starters to play to keep their threatening impact alive until the finals until they avenge their loss against the Warriors.

No Monster in the Shaded Area: Orlando Magic Collapses Against Mavericks

Nowitzki about to shoot a freethrow

Dallas Mavericks thwarted the inside crushing mechanism of the Orlando Magic, limiting their production in the shaded area by only 26 points in contrast to their monstrous 44 points under the rim.

The last 2 wins of Magic was made possible by their huge points in the paint, but now, they’d banged into a great wall inside that not just equal them but also dominated them from within their comfort zone – the shaded area. 
Despite the clear defeat of the main weapon of Orlando, still they managed to keep a close game tho they lost by just 3 points. 99-96. They kept up with their 3 point shooting, delivering 17 shots as compared to Mavericks with only 11. 
Magic’s offense slacked off a bit due to the pressure defense of Dallas, forcing them to commit turnovers. Dallas has 5 steals in total compared to Orlando with just 4. 
Orlando Magic’s loss against Dallas Mavericks isn’t a total failure because they found an effective away to compensate when their inside isn’t working, they can connect from the outside in order to keep up. It’s just they fell one step short.

Mavericks 99 – Smith Jr. 16, Barnes 14, Nowitzki 10, Ferrell 9, Matthews 7 bench – 43

Magic 96 – Augustin 24, Simmons 19, Vucevic 9, Afflalo 6, Isaac 5, bench – 33

(video courtesy of Ximo Pierto)

Nail-Biting Clash: Orlando Magic Survives all out War with Heat

Domination in the Shaded Area is definitely Orlando Magic’s strength.

Aaron Gordon top score with 19 against Miami Heat 

Magic ousted the Miami Heat 93-88

Orlando awakened the scoreboard by a Terrence Ross’ transition layup out of a steal from Dion Waiters.  Magic operated the inside well as they score their initial points in the paint. Meanwhile, Miami swiftly connected from the outside by Waiters and Rodney McGruder to counter Magic’s offensive stance but the inside crushing game of Orlando, lead by Jonathan Simmons ousted Heat at the first 12 minutes, 28-22.
Sticking with the initial sight of ignition – the outside shooting which worked well in the first, Miami cracked the scoreboard apart with a humongous 15 to nothing run. Josh Richardson and Wayne Ellington joined the deadly 3-point shootout to break away from the stunned Orlando, 40-31. The first half ended 54-49, a turned table in favor of the Miami Heat initiated by Waiters, Richardson and Whiteside which already are in double figures at the half.
Heat continued to threaten Orlando Magic by another run, 9-0 in at the early 3rd but they could not break through Magic’s reach as they operate a bit outside their comfort zone, shooting on the perimeter and from the outside with a perfectly augmented inside play. Gordon and Elfrid Payton kept their prey within striking distance 73-68.

The Jonathans

Magic’s Jonathans (Simmons and Isaac) dashed through at the very start of the final quarter, delivering baskets. Jonathan Isaac drew a crucial shooting foul committed by Justise Winslow beyond the arc and delivered all 3 free-throws successfully, taking a 4 point lead at 77-73. Josh Richardson sizzled and hammered down the ring plus another jam by James Johnson.
Out of nowhere, Arron Afflalo yielded 8 points in less than a minute, 2 long balls and one perimeter jumper to bag an 88-79 lead for Magic with less than 3 minutes to play.
Heat ain’t running out of steam yet, going head-to-head for an 8 to nothing run to bring the game to as close as being down only by a single point at 87-88 as the game approaches the last minute. Isaac makes a 10-point jumper, forcing Miami into a timeout to carefully sketch out the final 48 seconds.
Magic’s defense shaken up the Heat attack, Bam Adebayo was forced to take the shot and the crucial possession went to Orlando’s way by forcing Miami into a 24-second violation calling a timeout for the last 25 seconds of play.
Test of resistance to pressure, Walton fouled Kailin Lucas right after the inbound, Lucas completes the 2 free throws to push their lead to a 2 possession deficit. 

Orlando survived the all-out war against Miami, 93-90.
Orlando – 93 
Gordon 19, Ross 11, Fournier 9, Payton 6, Vucevic 4, bench – 44

Miami – 9
Richardson 19, Waiters 17, Whiteside 17, McGruder 9, Olynyk 2, bench 19

(video courtesy of Rapid Highlights)

Inside Crusher: Orlando Magic Doubles up Mavericks Production in the Shaded Area

Magic picks up 1st preseason win

Orlando Magic devastated Dallas Mavericks, showing who’s boss in their own land, 112-89 in Amway Center, Orlando.
Terrence Ross unselfish play kept the Orlando Magic play on fire. Ending the opening quarter with absolute domination, 31 -20. It’s not about missed shots, for there is offensive rebounding firepower for the Orlando as Salah Mejri and Jonathan Simmons tips in easy buckets.
Mario Hezonja lights up the first bucket of the 2nd bout with a long one out of a Jonathan Isaac assist to start a quick 6 to nothing run for Orlando. Mavericks barely manage to keep in track by a Seth Curry assist to Jeff Withey for the long ball but were easily dusted off by Yogi Ferell three-pointer to push the lead at 41-28. Everything thrown by the Mavericks will be answered back by the raging Orlando Magic, deficit getting swollen at the half, 64-46 in favor of Orlando.
Nothing just worked out in the second half for the Mavericks. They had the rebound advantage, but fail to convert good possessions into points. Magic took advantage of the 17 turnovers of Dallas compared to them, only 11, to win the basketball action in transition. leading 13-6 in fastbreak points.
The inside offense spelled the huge difference between the two teams and it cost the game for the Mavericks. Orlando crushed the Mavericks from underneath the rim, doubling up their interior production at 48-24.

Magic 112 – Gordon 17, Vucevic 14, Fournier 8, Payton 2, Ross 2 bench – 69
Mavericks 89 – Smith Jr. 13, Powell 11, Curry 9, Mejri 6, Dozier 3 bench – 47

Spurs Impact Player Jonathan Simmons is Signing with Orlando

Jonathan Simmons isn’t exactly the man on the Spurs roster but given an opportunity, this 6’6 undrafted player can become a big contributor to any team.  Simmons was averaging 6 points last and playing an average of 17 minutes per game could do a lot more if given more playing time.
Simmons was a free agent this season and has expected the Spurs to offer him another contract to make him stay but we were all wrong.
The Spurs renounced his rights and the Magic took the opportunity to grab him for a 3 year 20 million contract. Simmons could very well be given enough minutes behind Terrence Ross and may be up for a big break.

Great signing by the Orlando Magic.

Former Sixers Draft Pick to visit Manila

The 10th overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft and current Orlando Magic, Elfrid Payton and former WNBA player Sue Wicks will visit Manila to participate in the Jr. NBA Philippines 2017 National Training Camp. They will be helping not only players but also coaches during their stay.
The National Training Camp of the Jr. NBA will be held at the Don Bosco Technical Institute May 12-13 which will determine the participants from different provinces and cities in our country, for the annual Jr. NBA Alumni All-star Game.  Their will also be festivities by the NBA in SM Mall of Asia Music Hall on May 14 where Elfrid Payton and Sue Wicks will also have an appearance.
Elfrid Payton was the selection at No. 10 of the Sixers but only lasted for 15 minutes. The Sixers and the Orlando Magic, who had the 12th pick, completed a trade. The Sixers got Dario Saric, one of the top three candidates for the 2016-17 NBA Rookie of the Year award.
Sue Wick is a former basketball player in the Women’s National Basketball Association  playing for the New York Liberty from 1997 to 2002. She currently serves as a collegiate basketball coach.Wicks was inducted in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in June 2013.

Brandon Knight and Dee Brown will visit PH for NBA Fit

Phoenix Suns guard Brandon Knight and Boston Celtics former guard Dee Brown will visit the Philippines for the NBA Fit Week starting July 19.

Knight and Brown will lead the training of elite Filipino athletes and coaches in this year’s Gatorade NBA Training Center.

“I’m looking forward to participating in NBA FIT Week and teaching talented young players in the Philippines the importance of fitness and nutrition both on and off the court,” Knight said. “Being a great player is the product of maintaining good workout, eating and sleeping habits.”

Brandon Knight averaged 19.6 points, 3.6 rebounds and 5.1 assists last season for the Suns.

“I’m excited to visit the Philippines for the first time and experience the passion that Filipino fans have for basketball.” Brown said. “Having had the opportunity to work in the NBA, WNBA and NBA D-League, I look forward to sharing my coaching knowledge and providing valuable insights on fitness and conditioning to help athletes and coaches elevate their games to the next level.”

Dee Brown  averaged 11.1 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 3.7 assists over his entire career. He is the 1991 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion and also known as for his famous dunk called “The Dab Dunk”. He also played for the Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic.

The Gatorade NBA Training Center will be held at the Gatorade Hoops Center in Shaw.

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This Day on the NBA: Tracy McGrady was traded from Orlando Magic to the Houston Rockets.

Tracy McGrady Magic Rockets

On June 29, 2004 (America) and June 30, 2004 (Philippines), McGrady, Juwan Howard, Tyronn Lue, and Reece Gaines were traded to the Houston Rockets in a seven-player deal that sent Steve Francis, Cuttino Mobley, and Kelvin Cato to the Magic. Initially viewed as a fair trade, it has come to be seen as one of the more lopsided trades in NBA history. McGrady would play in several All-Star games as a Rocket; Orlando traded Francis after less than two seasons.
Check out his top plays in Orlando Magic:

Source: NBA

NBA Trades: Serge Ibaka has left OKC, Orlando acquires him in a multiplayer swap

(Artwork by Sean Curate)

It has been a great journey for Ibaka’s NBA career with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He was drafted to Seattle SuperSonics in 2008 with the 24th pick. The team’s name just changed to Oklahoma City Thunder, six days after the draft.

Ibaka was a great fit for the Thunder, because of the threat he imposes to the paint. He was a consistent shot blocker after averaging 1 block in 16 minutes of action in his early years in the league.

He was a Starter in the Thunder’s rotation, had career-highs in OKC with 21 points and 22 rebounds last February 2015.

But all things must come to an end.

The trade was finalized on June 23, 2016.

Ibaka was traded to Orlando Magic, after the Thunder management decided to let him go in exchange for Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova and 11th pick of the 2016 NBA Draft Domantas Sabonis.

Thunder Send Ibaka to Magic for Oladipo, Ilyasova and Sabonis

Victor Oladipo against Serge Ibaka

The Oklahoma City Thunder have decided to let go of their defensive big man Serge Ibaka. The Thunder send Ibaka to the Orlando Magic for Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova and recently drafted Domantas Sabonis, the 11th overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft.

The Magic got a serviceable defensive big man in Serge Ibaka who can also knock down three point shots. Ibaka, a three-time NBA all defensive first team, averaged 12.6 points, 6.8 rebounds and 1.9 blocks, his lowest output since his third year in the league. With the resurgence of Steven Adams and Enes Kanter, Ibaka has fallen out of favor in the thunder’s rotation.

 Meanwhile, the Thunder got a combo guard who can provide scoring aside from Kevin Durant (assuming that he is coming back as a Thunder next season) and Rusell Westbrook in Victor Oladipo and a proven stretch four in Ersan Ilyasova. Oladipo, the second overall pick of the 2013 NBA draft averaged 16 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.9 assists in his third season in the NBA while Ilyasova will provide spacing and scoring off the bench for the Thunder.

The Thunder also got a diamond in Domantas Sabonis, the 11th overall pick of the 2016 NBA draft. Sabonis is the son of the legendary player Arvydas Sabonis. The 6’11 power forward has averaged double double of 17.6 points and 11.8 rebounds in his last year in Gonzaga as a sophomore. He has also a good shooting stroke, can knock down threes and perimeter jumpers. He is expected to have a hard time and fight for big man rotation with Ersan Ilyasova, Enes Kanter, Steven Adams and Mitch Mcgary.

AMAZING! NBA dunk contest 2016 highlights and some ideas.

The Dunk contest these year was too good these two guys had to do 5 completed dunks to win the competition. Will Barton from Denver Nuggets got a great entrance but the nerves got into him and never really got his groove. Andre Drummond made both of his dunks but that wasn’t impressive enough. So it was between Gordon and Lavine, Honestly both are great dunkers and all but I would have given it to Gordon. I know that any given day Lavine can pull off a dunk from the free throw and just add something to the mix. Gordon’s dunk on the other hand was just on another level.

 Just check out the highlight of this dunk ITS FREAKING SICK!!!!!!

This is what Lavine Did

Last Dunk for both I gotta give it to Lavine but should have been something more, I know most of Gordon’s dunk was with the Mascot, While Lavine was from the Free Throw Line . I just think that there’s a lot of dunkers who could do what Zach Lavine did. I don’t know if there would be the same for Gordon’s Dunk. But this has been the most entertaining dunk contest since Vince Carter and Jason Richardson.

I hope to see Lavine’s Team mate next year my boy Andrew Wiggins.

Here is the highlight of the entire dunk contest:

Written by:
Team Powcast

Man on a Mission, Mr. JOHN WALL! 22 pts 6 assists, 3 stls and 5 BLOCKS! and the winning basket!


How many pg’s can get a block per game well there’s not a lot amazingly Mr. Wall got 5 blocks on this game and the game winning shot what more can you ask from a player. These are the type of games that makes a player legendary, sure Wall hasn’t sniff the finals yet but I believe the East is not just about Cleveland. Make no mistake about it Washington and Wall is on a mission. Wall together with Bradley Beal combined for 46 pts to help the Wizards beat a young and deadly Orlando Magic squad 88-87. 

Caution: PG playing insane defense

Courtesy of Free Dawkins:

* NBA articles will be written via team colors.

Written by:
Aldrin C.
Team Powcast

Hornets wins over Magic in pre-season match-up

Charlotte Hornets newly acquired guard Jeremy Lin had 17 points, Jeremy Lamb added 16 and leading the team to a 106-100 victory over the Orlando Magic in their exhibition opener.

While Orlando Magic reserve big man Andrew Nicholson made the most of his 21 minutes, scoring 23 points and grabbing eight rebounds.

Hornets forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist left in the second quarter with a right shoulder injury after going to the floor following a foul in the second quarter.

Former Magic coach Jacque Vaughn returning to Spurs

Former Orlando Magic coach Jacque Vaughn is returning to the San Antonio Spurs in a player-personnel role. Vaughn will replace Trajan Langdon, who recently accepted a front-office job with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Vaughn was fired as the Magic’s head coach in February, finishing 58-158 in two-plus seasons of undertaking the rebuilding project.

Vaughn has a longstanding relationship with the Spurs’ organization, where he served as an assistant coach (2010-12) and played the final three seasons (2006-09) of his 12-year NBA career.

NBA BIGS: Trending right now ! which teams will benefit from them ?

That’s right its a hot commodity right now. Bigs that are good enough to make teams better. Today, I will be sharing some of my insights about NBA Free agents mainly Bigs! 

Brook Lopez

Nets – It is hard to imagine that he would leave Brooklyn, because this is the only team that can sign him for 5 years. The Nets need to keep Lopez as much as possible because they won’t win anything if they let him go. 

Greg Monroe

Pistons – Assuming that Kevin Love would walk. Monroe would thrive playing with LBJ, Just look at what Mozgov has achieved this past season. Monroe is equipped with low post moves and the only knack for him is that he doesn’t have a consistent jump shot. Other destinations for Monroe would be Denver, Bucks, Celtics and LA Lakers.

Tobias Harris

Magic – Harris is the youngest here at 22 years old he brings a lot of +/- to a team. Harris is the one of the plays that can give you 17ppg 6-8reb per game and a 3 pointer. Orlando would do everything to keep him, however if he demands more money i could see a team like Dallas or Memphis(if they have cap space) or Lakers to go after this young stud.


Wizards – assuming that there would be a team willing to take Nene’s reasonable contract , the Wizards should let him walk, Nene isn’t a pushover whatsoever but is not the same as before. Both him and Gortat are effective underneath. Nene isnt a great defender as well. The Pistons might be a good fit for him or Dallas depending on how they play their cards. 

Scott Skiles: Hired by Orlando Magic as the new head coach, will it be a Magical run?

                                                                      Scott Skiles

“We found the right guy.
– Magic GM Rob Hennigan on hiring Scott Skiles” – per NBA.com
The Orlando Magic has hired Scott Skiles to be their 12th head coach, and hopefully bring the Magic back. 
According to multiple sources and of course to GM Rob Hennigan, Skiles is the right guy for the job to develop this young and inexperienced team, the core of the group are Elfrid Payton (21 yrs old), Victor Oladipo (23), Aaron Gordon (19), Nikola Vucevic (24). and Tobias Harris (22). They also got the 5th pick in this years 2015 NBA DRAFT. 
Skiles just for the record and not just an ordinary one was part of the inaugural team for Orlando Magic, He got a 6th man kinda role and spent 5 seasons there, as for the record that i mentioned, well it maybe easy to pass but dude dished out 30 assists in a game. He did that to help the Magic win over Denver Nuggets on On December 30, 1990. 
For his coaching career he has a record of .506 winning percentage (443-433) as for his playoff record as a head coach its  .428 (18-24). Scott had coached 3 teams prior to Orlando. (Suns 1999-2000, Bulls 2003-2007, Bucks 2008-2013) . He was 2nd in coach of the year in 2010 behind the eventual winner Scott Brooks of (OKC Thunder). Skiles is known for his defense as a coach and he was also responsible for the growth of Andrew Bogut and the peak of John Salmons. He also drafted Brandon Jennings. Skiles has a lot of room to work with, as I mentioned earlier they have the 5th pick and Tobias Harris is a restricted free agent that they can use as a trading piece or not. My Verdict its a good hiring because Skiles is a great mentor and the players they have are known as two way players lets just hope that they would be in harmony for that Magic team to be Magical again.

We love you Dwight song video!

Will Dwight Howard leave Orlando? Only time will tell. Dwight Howard will be a free agent by the end of the season and He can do what he wants by then, the predicament here is with the Orlando Magic side. If Dwight  Howard leave them by the end of the season they will be left with no premier player and a large some of money, well money really is not the issue. Orlando Magic would need the to sign new players in the free agent market  next season which means they need to gamble on a new unknown man on the other hand they can trade Dwight Howard now and at least get a good player from a specific team they want. Lets Watch some fans sing a song for Dwight Howard.

We love you Dwight song video!

Not so good!, We love you Dwight! We love you! we Love you!

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Dwight Howard scold his teammates?

Orlando may be loosing its way with 4 losses in a row but they should be more concern about the escalating attitude of Dwight Howard. Not only its affecting their chances of winning, he is also affecting the feelings of his teammates. 
Dwight Howard preach his teammate? 
Big Baby don’t look happy!

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Bulls fight off Magic charge for 102-99 victory

Derrick Rose
By KYLE HIGHTOWER, Associated Pres
ORLANDO, Fla. – Derrick Rose had 39 points and five assists and Luol Deng added 15 points to help the Chicago Bulls hold off the Orlando Magic 102-99 on Sunday.
Orlando’s Jameer Nelson appeared to tie it with a 3-pointer at the buzzer, but an official review upheld an initial call of no basket. Ryan Anderson led the Magic with a career-high 28 points, Jason Richardson added 24 and Nelson had 17.

Chicago won its seventh in a row and for the 19th time in 21 games. The Bulls also kept alive their chances of finishing with the NBA’s best record, which would give them home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.
The Magic’s loss drops their record to 1-3 without center Dwight Howard. He sat out Sunday, serving his second suspension of the season after picking up his 18th technical foul.
A possible second-round playoff preview was spoiled not only by Howard’s absence, but also that of Magic sixth man J.J. Redick and reserve Quentin Richardson. Redick missed his 15th straight game with a lower abdominal strain. Richardson served the first of a two-game suspension for shoving Charlotte’s Gerald Henderson in the face in last week’s win over the Bobcats.
But thanks to hot outside shooting, the Magic didn’t seem to miss a beat without them.
Chicago led just 80-77 entering the fourth quarter, after fighting off several runs by Orlando in the third.
The Magic forced six ties over the first eight minutes of the final period before Brandon Bass’ free throw and Jason Richardson’s layup gave the Magic a 94-91 lead with 2:46 to play.
A pair of free throws by Rose trimmed the lead to 94-93, and his dunk off a Magic turnover gave Chicago the lead back again, 95-94, with 2 minutes left.
Chicago led 97-96 when Rose lost the ball out of bounds, turning it over to Orlando with 49.7 seconds remaining. The Magic turned it back over to the Bulls during a loose-ball scramble following a missed shot, and Taj Gibson was fouled with 14.2 seconds left. He hit 1 of 2 at the line, but Chicago was able to chase down the rebound.
The ball found its way into Rose’s hands, and he hit both free-throw attempts to make it 100-96. Richardson finally got a 3 to go in with 2.7 seconds left, but Boozer hit two more free throws to push the lead back to 102-99 with 2 seconds to go and set up Nelson’s final attempt.
A free throw by Gibson with 5:01 to play in the second quarter gave Chicago its largest lead of the half, 44-34. But the Magic responded with a 15-6 run over the final 4:44, including a 3-pointer at the buzzer by Nelson, to trail by just a point at 50-49 entering the third quarter.
Notes: Chicago hit 10 of its first 11 field goal attempts and shot 70 percent in the first quarter. … With Howard out, Anderson made his 14th start of the season. … Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said that while Miami Heat president Pat Riley would get Executive of the Year honors, Bulls vice president of basketball operations John Paxson and general manager Gar Forman should win it. “They made a lot of changes and they were below Miami in the standings,” Van Gundy said. “Now they are above Miami in the standings, so how could you not go with those guys?”






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