From Rivals to Friends, Powcast Fantasy Basketball Tournament is Now on it’s 6th Season

6th Season of Fantasy Basketball Tournament Kicks Off at Bugsys Bar and Bistro in BGC

Powcast Fantasy Basketball Tournament Managers

The 20 teams deep:  NBA Fantasy Basketball Tournament is back

October 14, 2017 – Fantasy Basketball Tournament kicked off their 6th season at the Bugsy’s Bar & Bistro in BGC. On the same day, the league also awarded last season’s winners and discussed about changes for a better and a more exciting tournament.
This year, 18 managers were retained and two newcomers will be battling it out for the 2017-2018 title and the tournament gets tougher each year as the managers gain more experience and knowldge about each other.

Powcast Managers Advice for Fantasy Managers

This year’s champ Saling Ketket is up for a new challenge as he picked last in the also recently concluded draft which happened the next day of the celebration. The former, however, seemed to not mind being the last one to pick.

Everything will balance out, Study your draft. You win the tournament by drafting correctly – SalingKetket 

Bugsys Bar and Bistro , Forbes Town

New Awards, New Fun 

While the competition becomes tougher, the league has decided to implement new set of awards and recognition aside from the Top 3 getting a cash prize. This year, the regular season number one seed will get his money back and an automatic entry for next year, given that he is not part of the top 3. The team has also decided to reward the most active mangers in terms of movements in free agency and trades, this is to promote more interactions and create rivalries. 

Bugy’s Bar and Bistro 

The celebration last Saturday also marked the second time Bugsy’s hosted Fantasy party, the first being 2 years ago. Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro is in the heart of the busy business district of Bonifacio Global City. You can find them at Forbes Town Road near Burgos Circle, along side many other restaurants.
Bugsy’s offers a wide variety of food including steaks and their newest Pinoy Lunch Favorite. We had a taste of the scrumptious big Chefs Garlic Chicken, the Pinoy Champ Sisig, Boneless Bangus, a big bowl of Nilagang Baka and who could resist the classic Kare-Kare? Even our kids and partners who came along and celebrated with us enjoyed the food and the awesome service that Bugsy’s provided. Their crew were so accommodating and friendly, we might just return again anytime soon!

Pinoy Lunch fAvorite

Fantasy Basketball in the Philippines 

We couldn’t tell when Fantasy Basketball started nor where it originated but we knew for a fact that it was inspired by fantasy baseball. It was originally played by keeping tack of stats manually on paper and was popularized in the 90’s. Now in the year of computers and mobile, many people enjoy the game and act like general managers of their own NBA teams. Today, Fantasy is mostly played using mobile phones. 
We are definitely not the early adapters in the Philippines, but we are one of the most organized and we have managers who have been playing since 2003. That’s worth 14 years of experience and expertise. Powcast Fantasy is committed to promoting fantasy sports in the Philippines and for the past 6 years, we have heavily advertised our tournament and offer new managers a chance to join the league every season. 
For NBA enthusiasts who are interested to learn more and those who want to join the league, please don’t hesitate to send as an email at If we reach at least 12 managers, we might open up a second league.’s Fantasy Basketball live broadcast:

2016-17 Powcast Fantasy Basketball Champion: Saling Ketket

2016-17 Powcast Fantasy Basketball Champion: Saling Ketket
The 5th Edition of the annual Powcast Fantasy Basketball Tournament has recently been concluded and man oh man, it was a great season!
The best tournament so far in five years, Powcast Fantasy Tournament was stacked with the best and the most active managers as well as champions from different Fantasy tournaments. You simply cannot make a mistake. 
The season long tournament was a battle from the start and Saling Ketket, our champion this year, showed that he’s primed to make up for his lackluster performance last year.  Led by his best and most consistent player Kawhi Leonard, Saling Ketket was leading the pack all season long.
The Saling Ketket Playoffs matchups did not come easy as he had to go through Red Kryptonite in a tight first round battle that ended up with 5-4 as final score. 
The second round however, Saling Ketket proved that he had a statement game crushing Jang So with the score of 6-2.  His opponent on the other side of the bracket isn’t a pushover as D’Joms also defeated the first ever Powcast Fantasy Tournament Champion Negros Piaya Kings with the score of 6-3. 
The Finals was set between two of the best teams this year, Saling Ketket and D’Joms. 
We all know what happened. It came down to the wire with both teams making moves, adding and dropping players to ensure they maintain the lead. The game could have gone the other way but Saling Ketket was the chosen one this year. 
Here’s the finals stats. 
Saling KetKet’s Final Roster
Awarding and Victory Party to be announced soon!
Congratulations Saling Ketket our 2016-2017 Powcast Fantasy Basketball Tournament Champion!

To join the next season Fantasy tournament: Please send your letter of intent to, together with your Fantasy profile. Thank you!

Darn You Sixers, I was holding on to Ben Simmons (Fantasy Manager’s Feelings)

With Joel Embiid injured and with the Sixers still at the bottom of the standing, there is no motivation to putting Ben Simmons on the court and looks like the Philly management has fooled everybody including me. I am a Fantasy Basketball player.
When they announced that Ben Simmons will be playing after All-star weekend, I thought and told myself  to hold on to this guy and maybe just maybe, I can get a good production out of him, but that apparently will be put down the drain.
According to Brett Brown, head coach of the Sixers, Ben Simmons is progressing but not at the speed that will allow him to play for an NBA regular season game. That is a real bummer.